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my return was accepted on feb 2 but the IRS website still doesnt have my expected return date???

  • I am getting the same problem.....mine transmitted on Feb 2.....was accepted at 1300 hrs by IRS is showing accepted and acknowledged on turbo tax but when I enter my information of "where's my refund" I get nothing.
It's good to know not to enter it many times.  I have done it several times a day.

I did call the IRS, they informed me that this is normal, and I should call them only if it has been more than two weeks.  Sure I don't want to wait that long, but it seems that many people that filed on the day I did are having the same issue.  From all I have read, it has more to do with the IRS's new systems than it does an actual issue with an individual filing (my own included).  

There is more detailed infromation provided by Tubro Tax... I found a article from the IRS stating the issue was on their end, and to expect between 10 and 21 days.

So if we all filed on the 2nd, we should wait until the 12th and complain on the 23rd.
  • Same here, filed on 2/2 and nothing in the irs "where is my refund" site. A co-worker filed on Satturday 2/4 and already has her refund.
  • Uuuuggghhh. . . . it sounds like Feb 2nd was not a great day to file electronic claims, I get the same thing and wish I could just verify that all was okay.
  • ya i did it on the 2nd to still geting nothing
  • I also filed on the 2nd and the "Where's my refund" says they don't have my return.  I resubmitted through Turbotax and it says it won't send because it was successfully e-filed already.  I'm worried it's lost in the IRS system and just floating around not being processed, only time will tell.
  • It's now the 12th, and there is no further information on my return.  I filed and was immediately accepted by the IRS on the 2nd of February.  

    This is frustrating.  I know people that filed on 3rd and have been paid already, but I don't even have information on my status other than ACCEPTED.  At this point I feel really let down by TurboTax and confused about what's going on at the IRS.  

    I feel that if it was a problem with only the people on this date, then we should be made aware of something, without having to claw through all this information to get an answer, and if the problem was with the IRS, why does it seem to only be effecting people on this date using TurboTax.

    TurboTax informed me when I initially put this in, that it should be out today, so I feel I should at least be contacted to be informed as to why my status hasn't changed in 10 days; seeing that this is not normal.
  • I filed with Turbo Tax on February 4th to this date I have not received an email from Turbo Tax, nor does the IRS know me. My return was accepted on 02/04/12, but no information since. What's up with Turbo Tax? My daughter filed with H&R Block online she has already received her return, received emails from H&R on the same day she filed! Not happy with Turbo Tax keeping us out of the information loop!
  • For years I have used Turbo Tax.  As a military family - never knowing where we would be, or being stationed overseas, it has always been there for me.

    I will say it has not been all peaches and cream HOWEVER every year that there is an issue - it has ALWAYS been on IRS's end.  There are times I have even had my refund deposited YET IRS where's my refund AND calling in - they showed no record of my return.

    Obviously this was NOT the case since I HAD had my refund deposited.

    This year I filed on the 3rd - accepted the 5th.  Still no record with IRS.  If the refund dates are correct, I expect to see my return on the 15th - or if an issue with amount of returns, no later than the 22nd.  If nothing by then - then I will hunt - but I have never had to hunt.

    Good wishes for us all that it will be as it had in the past.  I would rather they keep processing refunds than shut down to update any day.
  • I also filed on 2/4 and the IRS has no clue who I am or what I am talking about I advised several times TT has documented it was accpeted and yet there is no record of ever receiveing a return TT needs to come off some real responses regarding that because right now where I stand the IRS is making it seem as though the information received from TT was false and as a customer I am highly pissed off with all of the games...
  • I too filed on the 2nd. Well I called them yesterday about something else and they told me to wait 2 more weeks that they are behind. They could not pull my taxes that I just filed up. Something to do with there computer system. To me it sucks.They have no problem taking money from me but when I am owed I guess I am sol...
  • I filed late on the 4th and was accepted on 5th, as of today WMR gave me a date ,the 28th, but I still am not sure how good that date is.  According to another IRS site it says that I should get my refund on the 15th .  We will see or maybe it will be somewhere in the middle.
  • I also filed on the second and the wheres my refund site has no recollection of my return. never had this problem before w turbo tax, but its been  12 days and nothing...all im asking for is information.
  • Just curious. Of those who r have filed and cannot get a response from the IRS. Did ur filing status change this year? I filed on Feb 3 and my status on turbo tax says accepted but the IRS WMR has "no information". I called my state tax & revenue and they told me that they get suspicious when the filing status changes so it took longer for them to process. Does anyone know if its the same for the IRS? Im wondering if thats whats halting mine.
  • My was also accepted on the 2nd, and now it is the 15th, and I still am seeing, "The IRS has no imformation about your refund. What's up with this.
  • I have been checking mine as well. The IRS deposit schedule shows that if we file on the 2nd we should have it on the 15th. The IRS website is telling me there is no information available as well, but there is an announcement on their website saying the "Where's My Refund" site is having problems and is not updating properly. I checked my account this morning and the money is not there. My bank updates by 6am.
    Considering the IRS website is having problems, it bothers me that Turbo Tax is not being more supportive and they are not providing additional information. All I see is "Your return has been accepted". I have used Turbo Tax for years. Reading that H&R Block people already have their money bothers me even more. I will have to think twice before using them again..
  • I filed on feb 2nd and still  don't have any info on my taxes. They told me the 15th i would have them well guess what there not in my bank again. This is rediclous being that i use Turbo Tax more than ounce but i'm gonna rethink that next year. And you get no help from them.(turbo tax).
  • i filed feb 5 an still have no exspected refund date it was suppose to be direct deposited today bust still nothing
  • we filed on the 3rd, accepted on the 3rd. Same thing IRS WMR website gives no information and we get nothing... checked bank today and no direct deposit...  wish someone would let us know something....
  • I also filed and was accepted by irs on the 2nd.  there is no record of my return through where's my refund online, i called the irs last week and they told me they had my return and they were processing it and it takes 10-21 days for completion and that's all they could tell me.....what's about the 8-10 days turbo tax promised me????
  • I filed on the 2nd and same issue. I never get my state back before my federal. This year I already have my state and my federal seems to be lost in cyber space. I am getting worried. IRS refund status site seems to be down today. Hoping it will be back up soon, and money is in the bank even sooner.
  • this is bullmess the irs doesnt have a problem when they take our taxes everyweek or every pay period but its always a problem when it comes to getting a return from them well hopefully this will end swiftly and everyone will get their return soon,   LIKE TODAY YEAH HOPEFULLY
  • I filed on the 01/31/2012 the DD is the 02/21/2012 ? Maybe its any ones guess!
  • I don't think it has to do with filing on the 2/2.  I filed and it was accepted on 2/7 and I don't have any info either.  I read that there is an issue with "Where's My Refund", but that everything should be expected 10-21 days following the accepted date.
  • I don't think it's just on Feb 2. I filed my on Feb 8 and received an email from turbotax that irs had accepted both my return and when I checked my status on the irs website no information was found on mine as well. My sister file hers on the same day I did, too. She found out when she'll be getting her refund whereas, mine is still no information on it.
    I am also getting frustrated as well. I just want to know what is going on here.
its taking the irs system longer to update your info on wheres my refund. dont worry it will show up. dont check to much cause there system is very sensitive on how many times you check daily. only check once a day or it will not show you anything
    they're probably collecting interest on all our money!
    • i efiled on 2/3  and was accepted the same day  still nothing at all    my son filed a week later with H&R Block  and was suppose receive his refund on the 15th  and   he still hasnt got his either...  so  its not only  those using tt
    • Seems like we're all swimming in the same ocean.... Would love to see what Uncle Sam would do if we decided not to pay taxes.. the least they can do is give us our money back in a timely fashion. I'm sick of checking WMR and being told they have no information on me.. I filed on Feb 2 and both accepted the same day.
    • I also filed my federal with turbo tax on 02.04.12and it was accepted the same day.
      It is now the 17th and IRS website still says no information.  I havent received my state taxes either.
      I helped my friend file her taxes with turbo tax last friday and this friday the irs website shows
      her that her money is being direct deposited on tuesday and there was a delay. Hopefully
      mine shows up on tuesday too since my return was accepted a week before hers and if
      she gets her before I do, not good...  Come on turbo tax you need to take back your claim
      of 8 to 10 days and refund us back our money we paid extra for since I'm on day 15
      and still not showing any information on the irs website.... Whats the deal?????????????

      Also I think it helps to know the state when you guys say you received your state tax refund,
      each state process them differently, I'm in New Mexico and nothing..
    • I filed on the 4th and still have not received my return as well. It's already the 18th. The IRS says they have no information, and it's already been received. It's a little frustrating honestly.
    • I too am having this problem, as well as reading allot of the same story of filing. However, I don't see TurboTax commenting on any of this. Is something screwed up on the TurboTax side? I have been waiting over two weeks going on three, since I have filed. I have always received my state taxes within a few days of filing and no less than two weeks for federal.You all need to tell us, your customers, what is up and what the screw up is! My returns were accepted by IRS and the state of Ohio on 2/15. Please be honest and tell us what has happened and what TurboTax is doing to straighten this mess out.
    • I filed my taxes on 2/3/12, they were accepted within a few hours, but WMR claims they have nothing and that I must have entered something incorrectly.  I would like some answers.  I have used tt for years and this is getting ridiculous!  I filed my friend's taxes with tt on 2/4/12 and he had his direct deposited on 2/14.  Why is there problems with just some of our refunds???????
    • Filed on Feb 2nd, finnaly got a date of March 6th! Are you kidding me. Really, a month, to get money you paid for to get in 7-10 days from TTand it's even past the 10-21 days the IRS says they process returns. Ridiculous. I feel like I got robbed. Not happy with this situation at all.
    • We also filed on 2/2/12 and have received an update from the IRS of "Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by March 6, 2012."  TurboTax is a service that my family will NEVER use again.  Even though it is not technically their fault per se it is going against an advertisement they have posted all over their website when signing up to do your taxes "get your refund back in 6-20 days".  And now that a lot of us are expecting some sort of recourse for this insane delay they want to just shut us down and was down right rude to me when I called in to politely ask for either a full/partial refund.  Next year I will take my family to H&R block or even a slightly more expensive CPA.  FUCK turbotax, they will never over charge me again for doing my own taxes without any help from them but a program to do it myself.  Congratulations TT you've lost a customer because of your disgraceful customer service.  I know that any admins that come in and read this won't give a shit, they will just smile and read on seeing another "crazy dumb customer" but other people who might read this as a review will think twice before shelling out $79 just to do it themselves and get no support when it is needed.

      And as a side note "#2 enter span protection answer - What is the opposite of good?" Turbotax is not an acceptable answer.
    • You're right.  You are a "crazy dumb customer".  (And I don't work for turbotax).   How can you blame turbotax for a delay when it's the IRS that is in control of your refund.   Sure, maybe they advertise returns in 6-20 days but that is probably what the IRS says it normally takes.  In this case the IRS isn't living up to it's end of the bargain, and guess what -- they don't have to.  They are the government so can wait as long as they want.   Sometimes life doesn't go as planned - that's life, get used to it.
    • That is comical.  I work for a company that has to use outside organizations and companies and guess what, when we promise a customer something, and advertise that, and it doesn't go right, we take care of it.  Because it is not the customers fault.  Secondly, its not just a problem with the IRS, its already been announced that this years tax customers from Turbotax from Feb 2 until feb 8 were not included in the priority refund return system that normally takes place.  They are the only online provider that lost that license, HR block, Jackson Hewitt and Tax Pros have all received their refunds from state and federal.  

      Where I come from, if you advertise it, you uphold it.  If you can't you take care of the customer, ALWAYS.  So from someone who paid for their service and expected results to the person arbitrarily trolling when they just used the "Free" edition, please know your facts before you try to one up someone.  It just makes you look bad and takes away from the validity of the post.
    • my  return was accepted feb 3 still have no expected date i believe turbo tax is not telling us something somebody  screwed up and now they are playing pass the buck .mighty strange it seems like its certain days when filed are lost or hung up but others received theirs after a week from turbo tax and others. last year using turbo! more like hurry up and wait .
    I filed on the 8th and have received no answer. Then today I received a note from one of our 1099's saying that the IRS had changed the EIN of several major retirement plans and so if our taxes were already filed it was ok, but they might come back later... and if we had not filed we should use the newly issued number.
    UGH! Why would they go changing this during tax filing season?
    Do it before Jan 1st or after April 15th!

    Also, they are auditing WAY more people in the middle income ranges, and that delays your refund too..
    • I feel like a complete idiot for paying Intuit and their bank $89 so I could QUICKLY have my refund deposited into my account fast like they advertise on EVERYTHING you read.  I am damn pissed off I have to pay for this service.  I will not do it again next year !!!!  Intuit - Turbotax take note !!!!
    • My return was filed and accepted on Feb 5, to this date the IRS has no clue who I am or when I may get my refund.  I can tell you that Turbotax will not be getting my money again.  H&R Block is who I usually use, and I will be using them again.  Never had problems like this with them.  Turbo Tax I hope you're reading these messages.....
    • Same problem here.  Filed and accepted on Feb. 2....WMR doesn't find me....we need answers!!!!!!
    • So I filled mine on the seventh after paying $20 once I did that turbo tax sent me a message saying that it was accepted and it will be here on the fourteenth and it's obviously not here yet. Which I m a little worried about that. But what I Am freaking out about is that turbo tax said that the IRS accepted my w2 and yet they still do not know who I am, now I becoming very upset with. I m calling them tomorrow to get to the bottom of this and I am praying that it's just a mix up and not something more serious. So I guess turbo tax just got them selves another sucker!!!!!!
    • Please let me know if you finally get anything...ease my mind a little.
    • Dell, submitted on 2/4 accepted 2/5 no info as of yet.  efiled, 8-10 days stated by turbotax is a lie. I will never use this sit again.
    • has anyone who filed on 2/3 had any luck with their return?? this is the 1st and prob the last time I use TT.. Shouldve went to Jackson Hewitt again.. uggghhhhhhh... the IRS has no clue about my return at all..They sure know who I am each week when they deduct my paycheck!!
    • For the person that asked about a change in filing status, we have NOT changed.  Been filing joint/married for 27 years.  I efiled on Feb 3 with TT, accepted on Feb. 5th, and still as of today the IRS site says they have no information.
      I used to sing the praises to TT to everyone I knew, but never again.  As for TT says it is an IRS problem?  Not so believable as everyone I know that DID NOT use turbo tax and filed around the time we did has received their refund.
      Hello H & R Block for 2012 taxes!
    • I feel like everyone else.  I filed on the 2nd of Feb. and it was accepted the same day and the IRS as no information on my taxes at all.  I've been using TT for 7 years and next year I'll be going to H & R Block.  This makes no sense.  Every year there's something new with the IRS system.  I'm starting to wonder if they are doing this out of spite!!!!!!!!
    • i submitted mine in the 2/3/12 i have been waiting and waiting patiently it is the 16th now and my patients grow very thin i am getting really pist off i have bills to pay and if this continues might be the last time i ever use turbo tax because my friends filed same day thru other places and got thiers awhile ago and i should have gotten mine by now
    • I filed on the 2nd and nothing on this end. I have a few friends without bank accounts, that filed the same day or within a day or two of me filing and they received their federal check in the mail already. I never get state before federal, and state was deposited on the 8th. I am extremely frustrated, the IRS would not allow us to say "I will pay my taxes this month, within 10-21 days", so why make us wait for money that's owed to us? I contacted the IRS a week ago and was told it was being processed and I should receive it by the's the 16th, nothing. I set up a payment to come out for today thinking my money would be deposited days I will be eating that overdraft fee as well as any other charges that might occur.
    • I filed the 3rd, and still have not received my refund or got a status as to where it is at. I am very disappointed this time. I'm made to feel as though there is something I did wrong when I did not. I too have used turbo tax for years, and feel that turbo tax should look into this matter since we are paying them to handle our tax returns.
    • I filed on the 3rd and was accepted within the 24 hour window.  I still have not been given a DD date for federal and they say they cannot provide any info at this time (10-21 days) is what the website keeps saying.  BUT  I did however receive our State refund back on the 14th with no email stating that is was happening, I just logged in to check my checking account and there it was.
    • I filed on the 2nd also and it was accepted at the IRS, they have no info on the site as to when we should get our return.  My daughter filed with a different  tax company the same day and received hers last Saturday.  Other people I talked to that filed through another tax place have also received theirs.  I have been using TurboTax for years and  am now starting to feel very dissapointed and probably will use a different company next year.  I know they are saying it isn't their fault and the IRS is to blame but it just seems odd other people who filed the same day at different companies have received theirs and we are all still waiting.  :(
    • Did my sons taxes on Feb 2nd also. Got accepted on the 3rd, still no date on "WMR". Did my taxes on Monday Feb 13th got accepted on the 14th. Checked "WMR" on the 16th and got a deposit date of Feb 28th. So not sure why i can't get info for Feb 2nd
    • i filed my on Feb. 4th and they were accepted on the 4th but i received an email on the 6th. i still can not track my refund. please let me know if anybody who filed but they couldn't track their refund had received it yet.
    • I filed on the 3rd, processed on the 4th, confirmed on the 4th. IRS has none of my federal info. I got my state return on the 10th.

      The other half filed on the 5th, processed on the 6th, confirmed on the 6th. IRS has proccessed and paid out for her. She got her state return also on the 10th.

      The IRS must just randomly grab a name out of a bag and complete that person's.

      I've gone on the Where's my Refund site, read and called. All answers are the same. Wait until 21 days then call, or check again.

      Glad to see others are dealing with this bu!!$h!#!
    • I also filed and was accepted on the 2nd! and still nothing.
    • filed and accepted on Feb 3rd and all i get when i go to the irs website is they can't find me.
      thank god i'm not the only one though i messed up.
    • Filed on the 1st. Finally got something off "wmr " today it says I will get it on the 14th. Ha!
    • I did my taxes on feb. 3 and still no word on the IRS where is my refund site. Called today and nothing. Couldn't even talk to someone at the IRS. I called last week and they said Feb. !5. and now nothing!!!!! I have already had my states processed. Someone should be able somewhere to give one a straight answer on where your paperwork is at in the process.
    • It's not Turbotax that's causing the issue. I have used them for years for not only my returns, but several friends as well. This year I did mine and received my refund within 2 weeks. Same with my sister's. I filed for one of my friends on 2/2 and she's got this same issue. (IRS/WMR has no info even though turbotax says accepted) However, I did another friends taxes on 2/12 and IRS/WMR says it will be deposited 2/21...
    • I filed on the 4th and havent got anything excpt to say it was acepted and wheres my refund has nothing about it.
    • i did mine on feb 3 and nothing!!!! i still check and it still shows there is no refund for me!
    • accepted the 2nd of feb and JUST TODAY wmr finally gave a date, but its march 6th, i hope this date changes, thats redic.
    • I feel better reading these posts. I also filed on the second and the IRS site is stating that my return information is not recognized. My girlfriend filed through turbo tax on the forth and received her refund today!! Still waiting.
    • I also filed on the 2nd amd have been checking wheres my refund and have not got an answer. My friend filed on the 8th! and she checked for a date on wheres my refund no only did she get a date, the 17th, but she also recieved her money on that date. This is really really rediculous this was my first and possibly  my last time using turbotax. I NEED ANSWERS!!
    • I filed ours on the third was accepted late on the third. Information finally came up today with a DD of March 6th. That is over a month from my file date!! WTH!!!!
    • Also filed and was accepted on the 2nd.  Still nothing, nothing, nothing.  Just to know they have it would give me peace of mind!
    • My return was accepted on Feb 3, each and every time I have gone on the IRS "where's my refund" status page, they show nothing to reflect that I have even filed.  I called the IRS about 20 minutes ago, and they show that my return was accepted BUT no date of deposit.  The response they gave me was that it can take UP TO 3 weeks to deposit.  So, If I don't have anything by this time next week, I guess I will be calling again.  FYI the # to call is 800-829-0582 ext. 362.  

      It seems that the dates of Feb 1 - 5, were not the "BEST" dates to e-file.  Don't know who is to blame,
    • I filed on the 5th accepted on the 6th and one day it says expect my return by 2-28-12 and today it doesn't know me.  I used H&R block for someone else's taxes and they got their refund today and their accepted date wasn't until the 8th after the 11:00 am deadline.  I"m so frustrated, my family needed that money for food and gas to get to work. UGHHHHHH
    • I did my returns on 2/4 accept 2/4...waiting...waiting. No update form WMR...Called IRS they did say they had my refund and it was still being processed. I called another IRS phone line 800-717-7228 it gave me DD of 2/15....NOTHING YET. This my first time with TT...I will be going back to HR BLOCK. I got my state back in 3days. Glad to have those funds but Geesh I got thing to do with my federal. A lil up set at the IRS.
    • I as well submitted on 2 Feb.  Was told to wait 7-10 business days.  It is now the 17th and there is nothing.  I called the bank and there is not even anything pending for a deposit.  I go to the IRS website and there is nothing in their system.  Turbo Tax tells me the IRS has accepted this return.  WHERE IS MY REFUND?
    • Just to add to the confusion... I submitted my Fed return on the 4th, My state tax on the 7th.   Turbo Tax still lists both as accepted - but the IRS tells me to expect my return on March 6 and the state just told me the refund was released for deposit...

      Again - TT still has two statuses of accepted.
    • The IRS is currently experiencing tax refund processing delays – up to one week for some returns. This delay affects returns prepared through any tax preparation method, including TurboTax. Click here to read the IRS bulletin.

      As a result, the original estimated federal tax refund date provided to you may have changed. State tax refunds are not affected by the IRS delay.

      For the most up-to-date information regarding the status of your federal tax refund, wait at least 72 hours after your return has been accepted (4 weeks if you mailed it), and then go to the IRS "Where's My Refund" page.

      Note: You may be told that you never filed if you look up your refund status before your return has been accepted or if you do not wait the full 72 hours after acceptance.
    I think the issue is both with turbotax and the IRS. But its more of an issue if you filed with turbotax. I filed my return with turbotax on feb 2 and got accepted that same day. Til this day the IRS WMR has no info on my return. However my NY state refund has been processed and on their website I am due a DD on feb 22nd.  My mother filed her return through a local agency on feb 6 and received her federal refund this friday feb 17, although WMR says they have no info on her return. So Im starting to think its an issue with the IRS for those of us who filed through TT.
    • I filed on the 15th next day federal states thats that its been  acceepted but state is still pedning.   when went to irs they stated they got my federal but anticipated date will be march 6,  the reason for using Turbo tax was for the short wait of 7 days,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i thought thats what I paid for.....

    • Ok so I also filed on the 02/02/2012 from TEXAS and still have not received my return as many . When I called it states not later than the 02/23/2012 hopefully I receive by then. If you any of you receive by then and filed on the 02/02/2012 let me know that you all have received thank you..
    • I'M very unhappy with this service I paid $60 to have a fast income return...accepted the 3rd and still nothing. Theyre sure quick to take our money but dang having to give it back is a totally different story.
    • I filed on the 1/31/12 dd on 2/21/12 now wmr says with in six weeks no more 2/21/12 now what???????
    • I filed my taxes and my son's taxes on feb 4th.  when i check the irs site there is no info for mine however my son's is listing feb 22nd.   this is an irs problem and not a turbo tax issue.   i spoke with an accountant  and was told (dont know if it is truth) that so many people filed early this year do to poor economy and such that the irs was simply not prepared for the onslaught.  i have used turbo tax for 10yrs and have never had this issue always had my refund within 10 days.
    • I filed on the 2/2/2012 and its states that by the 4th govt accepted it. I also check the IRS site and still tells me nothing about my refund....anyone else have anything about resolving this matter? What number should i call to find out from the IRS?
    • Jnpeace-i can't agree with you anymore! If you can't hold up to something YOU ADVERTISE then you need to TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS. This is ridiculous. Filed and accepted on the 3rd and no one knows shit!! Wmr says should have it by the 21st (tom) BY the 21st. Well, its not here on the 20th so doubt its gonna be here tom!! I've used TT for 6 years and after this shit I'll NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!!! I've always recommended them to others but NOT ANYMORE!!! A simple "I'm sorry for the delays" on their home screen would be too freaking hard to ask for, huh??? Go figure!!! 1 mad chick right now!! And btw the IRS AND TURBO TAX ARE AT FAULT!!! Its right infront of your faces, good grief.
    • same here filed on the 2nd accepted same day and nothing......this is crazy i paid 89$ to have to wait over 21 days....never again will I use TT
    • i filed on 02/02/12 and it was accepted the same day at 4:12 pm it is now 02/20/12 and i havent received anything I am so frustrated WMR doesnt tell me anything about my status. If any one gets their refund can you please keep me updated.
    • E-filed on the 2nd.. Its the 21st.. IRS WMR says no record of my return. Thought I was getting audited. Comforting to know I'm not the only one
    • I filed my income taxes around the same time about February 3. I received my state without the IRS knowing where my refund was. I'm still waiting on my Federal and the IRS can't tell me where my refund is. I'm worried because this is my first time filing taxes.
    • Yes, if anyone that filed the week of the 2nd (I filed then) receives their refund I would love to know.  I filed my state at the same time and it has already been deposited.  However, I'm still waiting for my federal.  My boyfriend filed about a week after me and just received his refund- it would be nice to have my refund!!
    • I submitted my refund on the 4th and it was accepted on the 5th.  IRS still doesn't recognize me... I'm giving it until 21 days and then calling IRS to see what's up.  I just want to make sure they received everything and I'm good to go.  Also, while I'm a little disappointed to have read that other who filed after me with other places such as H&R Block have received their refunds, I don't think it is TT's fault, it's the IRS who is behind.  TT did state that somewhere so I don't really think that it's their fault.
    • I filed on the 1st. Just got updated for a 2/23 deposit. we will see
    • I filled my taxes on the 4th and have not recieved any info from Irs. My son filed 2 or three days later and has recieved  refund on the 19th. Oh well, I am waiting patiently. What other choice is there???  (both with TT)
    • this is crap im thinking of sueing tt for false advertising , its like about everything else these days all talk no action, ill never use you again turtle tax.........
    • Filed on the 4th, accepted on the 4th..WMR still has no info..made me nervous that there was an issue w/ my return, nice to know I'm not the only one...weird that it seems to be from the same week! If I don't have my return by the 27th I'm calling I guess.
    • my  taxes were accepted on feb. 2nd when i go to irs it says i may have entered it in wrong but everything is right. i guess i should have mailed it in it would be just as fast,it makes me mad that i paid for this 3 weeks have gone by with no year i will not use turbo tax
    • So I filed on 02/02/12 and I have not received my reuturn I call the irs and they said to check on the 23rd i check WMR today and it says my refund has been accepted and should receive it by march 6 wtf is that about!! I am so mad, and its hard to keep patient because turbo tax always gave me my refund within 7 days for the past 3yrs. My mother in law and sister in law both filed in late january with tt and got theirs on the 7th day. I guess the first week of february was a bad week to file.
    • everyone who filed  on the second will get there by or on march 6th i did mines on the second of feb and this morning wmr states march 6th good luck people guess i wont be doing tt next yr
    • So just wanted to back up the info that was given on here... I checked mine this morning after several attempts and I filed on Feb 2 as well... yep not getting my refund til March 6-- according to WMR! Im sooo mad-- I have bills to pay and this is rly putting me in a bind!
    • My wife and i e-filed  and our return was accepted on January 25th, 2012 and we were to have our refund by Feb 8th if deposited or the 15th if check by mail. As of today, Feb 22nd we have not received it and we contacted the IRS and they told us that even with e-filing it is a minimum of three weeks . Not only did we not get our refund rapidly we are being charged by Turbotax for filing rapidly. Talk about a rip-off. If they take my money once i get my refund i will be reporting to the BBB and no longer use them again.
    • I filed feb 2 and havent got anything on wheres my refund untill this morning and its saying I should get it by March 6. This makes no since because I also did my dads taxes the same day just a couple hours later than mine and he has a dd of Feb 24. Im so frustrated with the irs!
    • I must admit that I'm way past frustrated at this point and very much regret using Turbo tax. I also e-filed my taxes on 2/2. The IRS has yet to recognize me as well. My girlfriend filed her taxes the next morning 2/3 using Tax Slayer and had her refund deposited on the morning of 2/15.  I'm more frustrated with turbo taxes lack of help and interest in our problems. I had to dig just to get an answer. Turbo tax released a statement saying the IRS is experiencing one week delays and we should have our refunds by the 2/24!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I FILE USING TURBO TAX. I'm just wondering did anyone in this community receive their tax return as of yet? For everyone whose saying its not turbo tax fault I believe your completely WRONG!  Turbo tax apparently has/had a conflict with the IRS site for more then a couple weeks! Its taken almost 3 weeks for the IRS TO RECOGNIZE Turbo Tax users. I do believe we should all be issued an apology at the least !! Now we'll wait more then a month for our tax return which due to be released on 3/6!!!
    • I filed on 2/2 as well.  I JUST logged into the Where's my Refund and FINALLY have a direct deposit date of March 6.  Now, I'm not banking on that date by any means, but i feel better at least seeing a date.  At least i know they have my return now!
    • Same here. I filed on 2/3, and was accepted in 45 min.. My DD date also changed from 2/15 to 2/28, and this morning it says 3/6. This really sucks...
    • I have been using tt since 1994 this is the very first time i have had this issue of dd date and a month later still no refund. I help alot of ppl with their taxes on tt online all filed or were excepted 2/2/12 but no refunds yet. We all had to pay for quaranteed fastest refund 7-10 days. So tt are you or the irs refunding  these fees? That's a whole lot of money for not having refund back for over a month. Feb 2nd- till march 6th. Who pays for this. Do Not let TT or the IRS get away with this
    • Mine was accepted on the 1/30. Checked the IRS website and said it was being processed. Check tonight and said nothing except that it will take up to six weeks. Uggg I want my money back from TT and the bank. I could of paper filed or e-filed on another site for free and waited six weeks to get my return anyway.
    • for those who have used turbo tax and havent received the refund when you check on where's my refund, make sure you have the amount of the federal and not the federal and state combined.
    • March 6th must be the magic number because I filed mine on Feb. 16th and thats the date WMR has listed for my refund.  I too was hoping for an earlier refund!!!
    • I found an article - thought it was from this year - but it was from last year of people having the same problems when filing at the beginning of February.  And it was TT fault!!  Wish I knew about it before I filed this year.
    • Turbo tax does not guarantee you will hove your refund within 8 to 14 days like I keep reading. The IRS takes 10 to 21 days to process our returns. I too filed on 2/4 which was the week effected by the delay. No one can guarantee your refund will be available on a certain day or report them and they will no longer have a job as a tax prep. But I have spoken with the  IRS and most returns that were excepted on this date will be dd today, tomorrow or on Monday.. Hope this helps.
    • I received my refund today. 20 days after being accepted and $145 less tt fees. All I can say is FINALLY!
    I filed on 2/4. Nothing as of yet and the IRS website also is not recognizing any of my information. I will never use TurboTax again. Most of my friends used the H&R Block website and the majority of them received their refunds within 7-10 days.
    • The same story here. Filed on 2/11 accepted the same day but in turbo tax's defense. It is out of there control is is an IRS problem. I have been using turbo tax for 8 years now and never ever had a problem getting my taxes with in the time frame they told me. They can't help it that the economy sucks and everyone needs money. So much so that the IRS can't keep up with everyone. I will continue to use tt after this incidence.
    • i filed on 1-22 and my date was 2-1 but no refund yet damn irs get it right
    • I filed and submitted my return as of 02/16/2012, was stated in the IRS website and TT phone app that my refund should be direct deposited anywhere from 02/23/2012- 03/02/2012, and on the morning of the 23rd it was in my bank. So from what I gathered, it seems that all those that filed on Feb 2 is having this problem, not really sure. I hope you all get it soon-- I've used TT for the past 5 years, and aside from the added features and prices- the refund was on time.
      Good luck to all.
    • I filed on 2/4 and my return was accepted the same day.  The "where's my refund" site has no information and I have yet to receive my refund.  I've used TT for the last 10 years and it's never taken this long to get my $.
    • I used Turbotax, as well, and was told my return was accepted on 2/3. I have checked "where's my refund" numerous times daily with no info. Today is 3 wks n still nothing. Can't get anyone on phone @ IRS to ask. Emailed Turbotax about the issue. No response! My son used Turbotax n filed earlier n got his refund n 2 wks-dir dep. Sooo annoying!
    • Im am in the same boat. I filed and accepted on January 29th. Initially the "Where's My Refund" stated Feb.14th as my anticipated date but when I checked my account nothing was deposited. I checked the IRS site again and it said I will receive my refund on Feb. 21st...STILL nothing deposited! Now when I check the IRS site is states "Your refund has been accepted and being processed".

      To add to my frustration I received an email from TurboTax today (2/24) stating I had "insufficient funds" for my return and they were unable to deduct my tax fees for using their program, however, when I filed my taxes I was quoted by TurboTax for a return LARGER than $19.95.

      Has anyone received this email also?
    • My taxes were accepted on 2/5, I have nothing showing up on wheres my refund and cant get anyone from IRS on the phone. I know my taxes went thru b/c I got my State taxes back weeks ago. If I had a date showing I wouldnt feel so nervous.
    My return was accepted on 2/7.  Just checked the IRS site and it says my refund is scheduled for direct deposit on 2/28.  Y'all may want to check now as it appears the IRS is up and running now.
    • I too filed on 2/3 and it was accepted the same day. As of today, 2/28, still no refund and the WMR site says only that it can take up to six weeks to get my dd.
    • I was accepted on 2/1 and was quoted DD date of 2/15 on automated phone line- still nothing.  When I check WMR- it says it could take up to six weeks and now when I check the phone line... it says the same thing.  It has been 4 weeks and no one seems to have any answers or a Direct Deposit Date.
    • Mine was accepted on 2/12 and it stated that it would be dd on 2/28. I tried calling today as I expected it to be deposited today and I haven't been able to get in touch with anyone at the IRS. Not sure if this is TT fault or not but I'm disappointed that they haven't said anything in regards to all of these previous posts.
    • I filed back on Feb 7th, and the IRS "Where's my Refund" kept stating I would receive Feb 21. On Feb 21st after receiving no deposit, I checked it again, and all it says is, your return has been received and is being processed! I am disappointed, really needed that deposit!
    • i filed on the 2/5 and 45 mins it was accepted i had a dd date of 2/28 well no dd so i called irs and i was told it was compleated and wating to go out this morning i checked it and know it is telling me that it is being processed and i called again today and i was told that i would have it 4/22/2012   this is bull shit irs and turbo tax need to get there shit fixed people that did h and r got there money 7 days later i will rethink useing turbotax next year
    • I was told that there was a math error calculating my taxes, according to the IRS. I would call and see if this is the case. My tax refund is way bigger than Turbo Tax calculated, but I now must wait 4 more weeks to recieve it. Call the IRS and find out, maybe they can be of some assistance!
    • Mine were accepted on 1/25 and I still do not have my DD. When checking WMR I get a default message of your refund will be issued within six weeks of being accepted. This is crazy. I have no offsets, no errors and lol, no answers.
    • filed and accepted on JANUARY 31st, was supposed to be DD by feb 14th.  No answers and my return is not all that complicated, have 2 kids and a house, thats it.  Will I use turbotax again, don't think so.
    • filed on 2/12, accepted 2/14 estimated dd of Feb. 22. ... then it changed to 2/28...then 2/20 to 3/5... now it's 3/7 and all it shows is "accepted, being processed" with no due date. I wish I had known tt and irs would be having "issues" that delayed us over a month before paying for a crappy service with an explanation of "oops our bad, hang in there and smile while we screw you over". That's what it's done, screwed us over. No vacation booked, no bills paid...all riding on our "rapid refund with direct deposit". THANKS TT AND IRS for making us your bitch and smiling. Thanks!
    • I filed Feb 3 it got accepted same day. took forever to get information finally said Mach 6 well that day passed now it says it is being processed. I am very upset over it that it has taken over a month to get a refund why did we rfile we might as well sent through mail and not paid for it to be done thinking we would get refund faster. Not a happy camper.
    • My return was accepted by IRS on 1/25/12.  Nothing on the IRS website except  you will received your refund within 6 weeks.  Well yesterday was 6 weeks and nothing still.
      I will never use TT again as i filed for my son using Tax Act and he received his refund in 1 week. I think my refund is stuck in a deep hole somewhere
    • I filed mine on 01/25 and still nothing is showing up on the IRS site. I tried calling and of course all you get is automatic answering. Ugh its so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • filed on 2/ the state money promptly....but it's now april 1st and i still dont have my federal return money!!!!!!! and i paid for rapid refund.......this is BS...why should I have to pay them when they haven't sent me any money?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!
    • I filed mine on Jan 22. Its now April 4 still dont have it .
    • Same situation here, accepted March 7th and originally had a refund date on the irs "where's my refund" but it changed to processing with no refund date. Here it is one month later and no refund. I paid extra for direct deposit to get my refund faster. TT should refund that fee. I don't care if it is a "bank fee". I actually got a email from TT today stating they were about to debit my bank account for their fee that is supposed to come out of my REFUND!!! Everyone I know uses H&R Block and got their refunds within days. I've used TT for at least ten years but they don't yank on the irs's chain like Block will and this has me very ticked off because I NEED MONEY!!! H&R next year........
    • Obviously the problem is still not fixed. My state return was accepted 3/19 and I have heard nothing. When I call its always automated. When I use the website, they just say no information. My brother-in-law filed and got his return in a week. This is so completely ridiculous and wrong when I have paid money to do all the work myself and get a rapid refund and still have nothing!!! No way I am using TT next year and I will spread the word!!
    • I had my accepted in January and I still haven't received it