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Form 3922

I joined my present work march of last year, and enrolled in the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. I did not make any sale of the stocks I got and bought in 2011, still I received the form 3922 from my employer. I understand they have to report this to the IRS and I will use this form information to determine the "basis" cost of the stocks, if and when I sell them in the future - so far good.

In my 2011 tax returns, do I have to report the information on the 3922 form to IRS, or is the form 3922 for my information only? If I have to report it, where do I enter this information on my Turbo Tax Premier software, as I could not find anything - all the sections talk about "sale" which I do not have yet?
  • I forgot to mention that I do not have a 1099B form which shows anything relating to these stock purchases from the brokerage my employer uses. So, I think this is for information only and I do not have to do anything for tax year 2011?
No, you don't report the 3922 information.  Just keep the information for your records for when you eventually sell the stock.