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how do i fix the error: Car & Truck Expenses Worksheet (2001 Ford Expedition): Depr allowed or allowable-1 is too large. For disposition calculations, depreciation cannot exceed business basis

I traded in my vehicle in Aug. 2011 for another vehicle and I keep getting this error.  I've gone through the whole schedule C section and cannot figure out how to fix this.  Should I file with this error?
  • See an answer saying use advice above - but there is no advice -do  I just request more details?
I used the advice above to right click and select override.  Since the offending depreciation was for a car I dispose d of with no profit or loss, I entered $0.  This is not a real tax issue bt a software glitch.  Since I am not claiming any depreciation, the amount I am eligible to claim has no effect on the return.
    Try deleting the form Car & Truck Worksheet and reenter it.

    In Turbo Tax online, go to the Home tab, scroll down and click on "Delete a form" link, select the forms you want to delete carefully!
    • I sold a vehicle that we used partly for business use and paid off the note.  Then bought another vehicle with another loan.  There was no trade in or other actions.

      The TT online software gives me the following:
      Schedule C (Maternity Gowns and Childrens Clothing) -- Car & Truck Expenses Worksheet (Chevrolet Suburban): AMT dep allowed/allowable-1 is too large. For disposition calculations, depreciation cannot exceed business basis. Please see Tax Help for this field.

      AMT dep allowed/allowable: 303

      I deleted the Car & Truck Worksheet and reentered the vehicle, but No Luck.
      What can I do to correct this?  Thanks
    • I have the same issue - TurboTax said "it had enough information from prior year to compute my depreciaition" and yet gives me this error as I try to wrap up and file.....

      .....what gives? I bought my '91 Honda 6/6/2009 for $1500 and sold it for scrap 10/24/11 for $200....Turbo tax is filling in deprc. amt as $1500 - doesn't seem right, but what should it be? If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be trusting Turbotax to compute it for me!!!!!

      And - when I go back to correct error - I think figure should be zero, not the $1500 TurboTax is entering, it won't let me get anywhere to change it.

    • I have the same problem. Traded in my 2006 Honda for a 2012 and the same error messages come up as other have listed above. Deleting the form does not work.  Anyone there to help?!!!
    • I'm having the same issue. I tried adjusting values in the expense forms, but it keeps telling me the same values in the error checking, but there is no option to change the error!
    • PROGRAM bug!! I opened up a chat with tech support who transferred me to tax advice support. This help went to phone (they called me!) and the CPA and I spent an hour plus resolving it. She got me the actual Turbotax software download (I normally use it online) - and we went to the form and right-clicked in the offending field and chose "Override." That was the only way we could fix the error and file. Any changes or deletions online did nothing - needed the actual software downloaded. She was sending issue to tech support for a fix - program bug!
    • After 1.5 hrs in a chat and 40 minutes on the phone with an expert I got this issue resolved without using the desktop version. The expert did have me remove the asset and re-enter it (in my case fully depreciated) and then delete the worksheet (which is regenerated automatically). The error finally stopped coming up and he assured me of the logic of the end numbers calculated even though they had ranged widely as I worked through the error correction multiple times.
    • I'm having the exact same issue regarding a vehicle trade in... Maybe I'll wait it out a week and see if the bugs fixed? Irritating at best!
    • I'm having the exact same error and don't know how to resolve it.  How long will it take Turbotax to fix the bug?
    • I have the same situation.  I went in and overrode the numbers to make it equal to the line #33 amount and I still get the 2 errors when I run error check
    • I am having the very same error....will it really take over an hour on the phone to resolve??? Anyone got a better solution?
    • I had the same problem.  I had a BMW that was used for personal and business since 2010 and was totaled in an accident in April 2011.  I bought another vehicle in May, also for personal and business use.  I tried to delete the worksheet once before.  This is the 2nd time it gave me the error.  What can I do?
    • I have the same problem. I've always taken standard deduction on my car.  I sold it last year and now TT keeps giving me error on car & truck expenses worksheet: depr allowed or allowable-1 is too large.  I have never depreciated it!!  And since i have always taken standard deduction on it, i shouldn't be!!!  It tells me depr allowed is 2,053.  NO!  Help!
    • Does anyone have a  real solution to this ?
    • Same thing.... annoying!
    • I dislike TT!!
    • Same thing - I've deleted both the forms and the worksheets twice and the same error still keeps coming up.  Is the calculation actually incorrect? or is the fact that it is catching it as an error incorrect?  No one seems to be able to tell me, so I'm not sure if I should just file as is even though it says there's an error.
    • I just gave up and deleted the form altogether.  Wasn't much of a deduction.  I just hope I don't get audited since this will be the first year I DIDN'T take the deduction!
    • I had the same problem and I could not get the mobile app to work properly so I figured out these steps on my own.  Sign in online, Go to your State section and completely delete it. Then go back to Federal and delete the asset( in my case it was a vehicle) and finish your federal up to the review part where it says everything looks good then use the Smart Check. After performing the smart check and everything looks good, return back to Federal and re-add the asset.  Add all of your expenses and input the amount it automatically gives you for the 179 in the 179 box. Then start a new State form which should automatically carry everything over without a problem.  Wrap up everything and file your taxes.  I just used this method and all went through and my taxes have been filed.  Cheers
    when using a trade-in to get a new business vehicle and you used standard mileage deduction there is depreciation figured in that calculation. so , you did take some depreciation even when you used the standard mileage.
      I sold vehicle and bought a new one.  Had to delete sold vehicle from income and then add it back.
      • this error is still coming up. Anyone else know what to do
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