Won't let me efile this return

I am trying to e file my federal return but it just keeps coming back to start for free.
  • having the same issue... wondering if something is wrong on their site? (seems to be a bit buggy at the moment.) if this isn't resolved soon, I may have to rethink next years' filing options
  • Could you please elaborate a little bit on the issue you are seeing.  What error message do you get?  What kind of return are you trying to file do you know?

    Thank you!
  • Why can't we file????  It keeps coming up to the Free Edition, Deluxe Edition and so on.  Is it to early to efile?
  • I filed my taxes on line but i just realize that I entered the aound of my 1098 wrong. how can i refiled my taxes again
  • I have the same problem.  I'm ready to efile, and purchased and downloaded the Deluxe with free state for $59.90 (mailed to me every year) and I get at the end, ready to efile and my options are (Start for Free), or please purchase one of the following, deluxe, premier, etc.  I have already purchased and downloaded the program so not sure why I can't get past this option. If I hit efile, it forces me to choose one of the above to purchase.
  • Me Too! Getting pretty irritated!
  • I am having the same issue when I reload a saved 2011 I get the start for free error.  Yesterday it was an error as I go to hit pay it gave me an error.  i called and they said IRS was updating.  What's the issue today?  I don't get it!  Can anyone help me?
  • This may be the 1st and LAST time I use turbo tax.
  • ok, so its not just me, e-filed federal but can't efile state! seriously if i knew this was going to happen I wouldn't of spent $90.00 on software. i keep getting the start for free page and then nothing. how does this get fixed?
  • I purchase the basic program from your office. WHen I try to file the return it takes me back to purchase the program again so it will file the return. It will not allow me to proceed.
  • I am having the same problem.  Why couldnt they keep the old format where you could just efile.  What is with this signing in BullS&*t.  This is too much of a hassle.  Hopefully they have an answer soon.

    Also, if they plan on keeping this new format.....I will likely try new tax products next year.  What a god awful idea.  Each year they are adding more crap to this program.  Now we have that 3 coupon icon popping up.  Its bad enough they rip people off with the fees and extra services they offer that most people using this product do not need.
  • Same problem here. How about an answer from the TT monitor?  Please.
  • I guess it's just not me then!  I have used Turbo Tax SEVERAL years and never had a glitch!  Why can't I E-File?  I bought the Deluxe Version and am supposed to get 5 Federal e-files and 1 state.  I am ready now, what gives?  Is it the Feds that are not accepting any returns yet?  If so, when can I file?  I don't want to see an ad to purchase something I already own, besides, only half the picture shows up.
  • I am having the same problem. Plus I am unable to sign in create a password or user id.
  • I have never had a problem with Turbo Tax why am I suddenly having the problem of not being able to efile it keeps taking me to the purchase it again option
  • Same problem... is there a number we can call and have a chat with them?
  • I am also having this problem. It acts like it's taken me to the turbotax.com home page and is offering me to file via the web site by starting a new return.  I HAVE FINISHED THE RETURN AND I WANT TO E-FILE. FIX IT.
  • I am getting the same error as well. I finished entering all the data and am ready to efile. When I go to Print and file, and click I get a screen (half) with choices about "starting for free" and purchasing the free, delexe,etc.  What is going on? This is so frustrating. I see that a lot of folks are having the same issues, but thier is no response from Turbo Tax.

    I have always used Turbo Tax and been happy, this is so frustrating!
On 1/30 there might have been intermittent problems with processing payments for state returns.  That issue should be resolved today.  If you could please try again, and let me know if you run into issues.  You can also access chat lines from turbotax.com to chat with one of our support folks.

Thank you and I hope this helps.
  • Ok, I did all the filing, and it says my refund status is pending, but when I went to sign out it says I did not e-file, when it clearly shows that I did! What is going on?? Did it e-file or not??
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