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TurboTax won't install on my computer.

I keep getting the 3.5 framework error message
    JTRCOL, this error occurs when there is an issue with your Microsoft .NET Framework.

    I have provided a link to a TurboTax support article with an established fix for this issue.

    Once on the support article select the link "Click here to obtain the .NET Cleanup Tool." This will take you to an external support page, here you can download the tool to repair your .NET framework. You can trust the source, Aaron Stebner is a Microsoft employee and this fix has been verified.

    Best of luck JTRCOL, hope this solves the problem.
    • Thanks MatthewF.  I just bought a Mac this morning!  Can I install this CD in my new MAC instead? (after I convert all my PC files this week)  I also have four years of prior Turbo Tax on this old laptap... will they convert over?
    Yes the cd has both the pc and mac versions on it.  You can just copy your .tax2009 file to the mac and it should be able to transfer the info into 2010.