sbbt says the first and where's my refund says the 7th. why is that?

    the wmr always posts 6 days ahead of when you are supposed to recieve it. Because sometimes it takes the banks a few days to post and this prevent everyone bombarding the irs phone systems. If it says the 7th you should recieve it on the first unless you have delays or problems with your taxes.
    • i was a 31st but now it gives me an actuall deposit date of the 30th
    • mine went from the 25th to the 1st to the 7th. Why does the date keep changing if the taxes were accepted ?
    • mine went from 1/25 to 1/31 to 2/27 WTF is going on, need my money.
    I was told by my mothers accountant that if your were processed on the new system than you can expect delays! However if you received a DCN than you are processed on the old legacy system and can expect regular processing time. Too bad that if you were processed on the legacy system than you can only expect a deposite on Wensdays and Fridays.... For those that are on the new system that is why your dd dates keep changing or you are thrown further back in processing dates! Good luck to you all I know how hard it can be waiting for your money when you need it the most!
    • @ NDHarris... Thank you! I had pretty much gathered thats what happened to me yesterday, when someone on a different thread said that "maybe thats what happened" I checked my returns, and do in fact have a DCN, which means Im on the Legacy system- WMR has ALWAYS been late for me- and it is saying its processing and I should receive a refund by 1/31, which means it will more than likely be there tomorrow- and thats my original date from TT :)

    • where did you find  your dcn?
    • @ Dona- log into TT and click print/file and open your taxes to view them... on the top of one of the first couple pages, I see DCN and a whole bunch of numbers- hope that helps :)
    • thankx ndharris1... i was under that same assumption, all the diff articles and questions and comments seem to point to the MEF system that was having problems, b/c the fraud filters were catching a ton of returns they sent for further investigation. i have been processed under the legacy system, and am hoping my dd will not be affected by the problems. i was accepted on the 19th, have 3 diff dates, but wmr says bu the 7th, and sbbt says they expect my dd the 1st. this is my third year using tt, and i have had no problem....  i have my dd put on my green dot visa, and my money is there when they say... fingers crossed it wi8ll be here next week. good luck to you all!!!
    • Ive talked to sbbt and irs. I was accepted on the 19th, wmr says the 7th. Sbbt said irs only deposits into their systems on wed. Irs told me I was processed and would be deposited on the 8th. She said there not supposed to give us the exact deposit date but she gave me mine. She also said wmr updates on the weekends. She told me also it didnt matter what system you were processed on the new system to prevent identity theft delayed alot of returns on both systems. I guess we get it when we get it. She said i have been completely processed but am just waiting for wed when they deposit to sbbt because thats the only time they deposit to them,
    One answer Blind leading the blind.
    • lol
    • mine says the same thingthis is all messed up
    • mine went from 2/1 to 2/7 to 2/21.  I think they really need to get it together.  People file returns this early because they need the windfall.  I know we are no different.
    • I was told where's my refund wouldn't be working properly for at least until after the 8th of feb.
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