it's been 3 weeks still no refund and now u can't call the irs

  • I want to know when is my money comin
  • i know i just filed mines on march 28 and nothing didnt come yet
    + i heard that the irs was backed up with taxes application
  • i filed for my refund in Jan and i received the state in a few weeks but its now march and theres no federal. im in the marines and we are counting on that money. i do have student loans and i need to figure out if it might had been intercepted , but wouldn't they at least notify you?i really just want to find out if it was intercepted so i can see who it actually went to. PLEASE HELP WIFE IS ON MY CASE FROM 2000 MIKES away
  • I filed my tax's in late feb. and still no refund and I cant call the IRS, what is going on
  • I filed my federal and state on March 7.  Both has been accepted.  Got the State refund a week later but still don't have the Federal refund.  "Where's My Refund" site does not give any dates as to when to expect the refund.  All it says is "Your form has been accepted and is being processed".  Tried calling the IRS but all I get is recording.  It's been five weeks and still no status.  Does anyone know what is going on?
  • I efiled in January and still no refund. I haven't found any way to get any answers. Does anyone know what to do??
  • I filed 3-21-12 and It shows the same as above " being process... blah  blah... blah.. they give numbers to call and they go nowhere... What is the hold up... I spoke to someone today that used an accountant and she filed about a week ago and already got her check... Is it becuase we used Turbo Tax... What is going on  .. Someone please tell me who to call...
  • I filed my taxes on Feb. 24th. No notification from Turbo Tax OR the IRS AND they are impossible to connect with. I'm much better off paying some tax company the $100.00 dollars they require than Turbo Tax. What a bunch of losers. I'm never using them again!
  • Thats crazy we all have similar stories,, I efiled in jan nd i recieved my state but still no federal,, what to do??
  • all  know that the irs was backed up over last minute tax returns
    cause every body want to filied thier at the last minute
  • I efiled my return on march 8th, return was accepted and yet still today I checked where is my refund and all I get is being processed.  Should have used taxact and not this turbo garbage.  My neice did her tax with taxact and got her refund within a week.
  • I did my Taxes Late Jan and I recieved both my refunds, now I had to amend my taxes because of school and that was backin March 16th and I have not recieved that one yet, however Turbo Tax says they were accepted the next day but still have not heard anything, and when I check wheres my refund it states they can't give me information... WTH!!! I really need that money and soon..
  • It's been over 6 weeks and still no federal! I was approved on February 20th and received state on March 14th. EVERY time I check the IRS site. I keep getting the same message.......processing, should receive within the 6 weeks! Ok, what now? No email, letter, customer service line or nothing! I even got an email from a bank stating the IRS was using their service and my money will be direct deposited to my bank and give the bank 2-3 days to post.  It has been 8 weeks and 2 days! Think I'm a happy tax payer? Heck Nawl!
  • I filed feb 16th and was given date of march 6th nothing then got cp05 letter on march 19th stating they dont need any info to wait 45 more days which is up on may 2nd still nothing on wmr or no other letters from irs this is so messed up over 2 months now good luck i wont use tt again
  • The problem is with the IRS, not Turbotax. Google "IRS refund Delays" and you will find lots of articles about the problems with the new IRS antifraud system.
  • I also have this issue. I filed in Feb 2nd with Turbo Tax and it's been 2-3 months and nothing. I keep checking where's my refund and it says it's accepted and being processed. And it's bull crap, you can call the irs but they won't let you talk to a person, some crappy automated thing that says the same thing as the website. Does any one know how we can find out when we're going to get our refund? I've been needing my tax return for a while for gas and things. I've even stopped checking the bank, maybe once every week now. It's bs, the irs or turbo tax or who ever should email us or snail mail us and let us know what's going on.  A lot of people need their money.
  • I filed jan 20 and still no refund... I recieved my state 2 weeks later. I have bills to catch up on... I will not use turbo tax next year because they cant help or assist you in getting any extra information.. You cant get info from the I.R.S and the turbo tax app cant even help you track ur refund...I recieved a letter in the mail saying if I dont recieve a refund within 60 days from the letter contact the I.R.S but I'm still waiting today is day 60 and its the weekend... This sucks ppl are filing and dn really work have gotten refunds and here I m a mother of 4 no refund.
This is a report from the GAO, the federal office that oversees IRS results:

"Two separate IRS errors resulted in the delayed processing of almost 14 million returns and affected some 12.5 million refunds in January and February, the Government Accountability Office said in a report released March 22.
The report revealed the extent and depth of a rash of delayed refunds that caused a public outcry earlier this year.

\Between January 16 and January 26, a programming error in an automated compliance system caused the IRS to hold many more returns than expected for additional review, resulting in delays in processing about 6 million returns, the GAO said. The glitch affected 80 percent of returns in that time period, many more than the 12 percent the IRS estimated would be affected, and 5.5 million refunds were delayed by more than a week, according to the report. IRS officials said the problem was resolved by the end of January.

A separate malfunction affecting the Service's Modernized E-File (MeF) system resulted in processing delays for 7.8 million returns, of which 7 million were refunds, from the start of the filing season through February 7, the GAO said. IRS officials said the problem was resolved by that date and the backlog of returns was processed by February 18. IRS asked transmitters to temporarily stop using MeF because of the problem, the report said."

The IRS is still backlogged with processing all these earlier returns.  They have not met expectations for getting the returns that were incorrectly pulled for review through the system.  They have not been able to use the new software as expected, which continues to cause delays.  Whether you were affected was pretty random, as the system performed well for some days and not well on others.
  • i filed on the 27th of feb and i have received 2 letters sayin the 45 days so i'm still waitin bills stackin up crazy i'm mad should have stayed with h@r block
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