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I recentley filed with turbotax and was supossed to get direct deposit, to get it faster now that i go to where's my refund it says that my check will be mailed Feb 11. why?
    I filed my taxes with TurboTax for 2010, requested that it be on a NEW Direct Deposit card.  IRS stated TT did not send over any direct deposit information for them to upload the monies on.  Turbo Tax I really wish your company would investigate this issue, and STOP SAYING its the operator problem with entering the WRONG IFNORMATION......But for the ones who have a STATE return, my information did go through for the state direct deposit.  THANK GOD!!!  Ok, I will post later if I have any new information!!
    • I filed using a different tax software. Not tt. It sounds like there is alot of problems going on through turbo tax's software this year. I am scheduled to have a dd tomorrow on the 4th. I did pay for my efiling up front and it was way cheaper than I was expecting. I used tt for a couple years in the past and ive always had my refund fees taken out by sbbt and it was always expensive. I am happy with this new company I filed through. Ill just wait and see. I did receive my state refund today though..:) Good luck to everyone on receiving their refunds on time......
    • well its good to know i'm not the only one having this problem. I thought I screwed up but when i looked over my copies i had done everything right. I'm sorry you all are having this problem too. THANKS  ALL FOR THE ANSWERS AND COMMENTS
    • Same thing happened to me. I did not enter my bank information at all. Turbo tax is the one who handled the bank information since it was their bank. I will never use tt again. I have to wonder A: what else did they enter wrong and B: Will I be charged the same fee even though i am getting a paper check
    • TT screwed up and didn't send the routing info properly, plain and simple. They are downplaying the mistake, but they have shafted countless users who were expecting direct deposit. I'll never use them again!
    It's likely you entered some bank info incorrectly. If your efile is accepted, you will simply have to wait for a check. If your efile is rejected, you can edit your bank info and resubmit it. Here's more info:
    • i went over my copies and all my banking info is correct, could it be because i have turbotax fees being taken out of my return?
    • HATE to correct you- but NO its not LIKELY she entered it wrong- the same thing happened to mine and it was a TURBO TAX era- verified by IRS- non transmittal of dd info- check the boards FAR TOO MANY ARE HAVING THIS ISSUE.....
    • YOU didnt mess up TURBO TAX has done it again-
    • Answer Us!!!...............?????????????????
    • they cant TT has told them to give the same routine answer even though thousands of peoples DD have not been correctly submitted- tell them THEY did something wrong or it was the IRS-
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