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The "tuition billed" portion of my 1098-T is incorrect because it does not include tuition that was billed, but was paid by scholarship.

My Tuition Billed box 2 reads 7640.50, and box 5 (Scholarships) reads $12,960.  It is true that I got $12,690 in scholarship, but my total tuition was over $20,000, and I actually paid the $7640.50, after the scholarship was applied.

When I enter what was on the 1098-T, it looks like I had a net gain and I don't get any tax credit. This doesn't make any sense.  Shouldn't Box 2 have the full amount of tuition before the scholarship was applied?

    1098-Ts are often filled out wrong.  Just fill out the Education form showing how much you actually paid.