how do I pay turbotax

is it deducted from my return or do I need to pay with a debit/credit card?

    Paying by credit card, debit card, or a prepaid debit card card will save you the 29.95.

    The 29.95 "Refund Transfer Fee" is only for those who CHOOSE to pay by having their TT fees deducted from the Federal refund.  That fee is charged by University National BAnk of St. Paul that handles it as an intermediary.

    To save the 29.95 you can decline that optional fee and pay upfront with credit card or debit card.
    OR you could buy a pre-paid debit card/"moneycard" at a grocery store, drug store, and some other retail stores.  You can use that to pay for it, too, and would be much cheaper than 29.95.
    • that is bologna it is just another way corporate america is going green and forcing us to use cards and i believe that is not cool
    • After they deducted the Pay for doing my taxes I never did get a copy for the amount and what my return amount would be.  It has already been forwarded to IRS and they got to know the correct return.  Thank you

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    You can pay from a credit/debit card, however you can choose to have it deducted from your refund.  Keep in mind, however - there will be an additional fee of $29.95, for what they call a "Refund Processing Service".  if you're willing to spend a few extra to make things easy, go with that.
      Please, for your own protection, do not publish any personal information in your questions.  The forum is viewed by the Internet community, and can be picked up by search archives, etc.  There's no way to know if your post had already been archived on the Web, but if there is concern that your ID has been compromised, then watch for any signs of ID theft and consider use of credit alerts, credit-monitoring agencies, etc.

      As for your question, you can view your return any time in your TT program.  It will show you how much of a refund you are getting.   The actual amount will be lower if you chose to use the Refund Transfer Fee option.

      Here's how you can review what you were charged:
      In the top right of the TT program is a TOOLS icon.  Click it, and in the popup choose "My TurboTax Fees."

      And here's a quick way to see a tax summary and a quick view of two pages of your 1040:

      In the top right corner of your TT program is a TOOLS icon.  Click it.
      In the popup choose "View Tax Summary"
      That should tell you some info about your return.
      Then at the top of that summary is a tab "View Form 1040".
      Click the tab and you can look at the actual 1040.  There is a tiny scroll bar along its right side, so you can see both pages.  (This is not your complete return, just the 1040 part.)

      To view/print/save an actual copy of your entire return, here's how to do that:
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        I was impressed to see your detailed explanation to the individual, regarding their error in posting personally identifiable information. As an IT student, the primary point being drilled in our heads is the REAL threat of dangers we face in networking, particularly using the internet.
        It's amazing to see how naive we can be, in our efforts to communicate on-line.

        PEOPLE - when it comes to on-line posting, LESS IS BEST!!
        When dealing with a trusted source, It is best to be prodded for additional details when necessary.
        Don't be so careless in providing anymore personal information than necessary.
      • This is all BS.  Free return is a joke.  No thanks, the only reason I used Turbotax was to get the 48 crowns for CastleVille, & I'm sure there would be an excuse for not giving them to me.  Let's see, OH YES,, can only get the reward if you can e-file which you tell me I can't do.  If I do have a State refund coming I'll get the tax forms and do it myself.
      • What was the amount I paied turbotax
      • nanakay:

        I don't work for TT, so I can't tell you what your final bill is.  Here is how you can see your charges:

        In the top right of your TT program is a Tools icon.  Click it, and in the popup choose "My Fees".  That should show you an itemized list.

        Current charges (not counting sales taxes) in Online Deluxe are:

        Federal preparation with free efiling: 29.95
        State preparation with free efiling: 36.95

        An additional fee of 29.95 is charged by University National Bank's SBTPG if people choose to have their TT fees deducted from their Federal refund.   That processing fee can be avoided by
        1) not choosing it, and
        2) paying upfront with a credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card/"moneycard" that can be purchased at many retail stores.

        If you were charged the 29.95 Refund Transfer Fee and need to remove it before efiling, here's how to do it:

        NOTE: A fee increase in the TT products is scheduled for March 24.  Users who PAY prior to that will be able to use their products at the current rate, even if they have not yet efiled by then.
      • just charged me $105 to file?? aren't taxes supposed to help us hard working citizens?
      • nothappy54:

        If you're using the Deluxe edition, I'm not sure why your total is $105.  Check your fee and see the itemized fees by clicking on the Tools (hammer/wrench) icon in the right upper corner, then in the popup choose "My Fees."
      • How to find your fees…
        Log in to your return
        Click on Tools Icon...(2nd icon on top right side)
        Click on $My Fees
        A window will pop up that shows the fees

        And to have the fees deducted from your federal refund is an EXTRA 29.95 Refund Transfer fee. Or you can pay with a credit card and avoid the extra charge.
      butter ball:

      This is how you can talk to Customer Service in Chat or Phone.
      There are at least 4 departments, depending on the type of question you have--billing, software, tax issue, etc.

      Here's how you get routed to the correct one to speak to a representative by Phone or Chat.
      Read all the steps before going to the link at the end of this message.

      You will first arrive at a page that says CONTACT US.

      You MUST choose a topic on the LEFT (choose one close to your problem), then a topic on the RIGHT to get the page to expand and make the contact boxes appear. That routes you to the correct support department. If you don't choose something in both columns, the contact boxes lower in the page will not appear.

      In your case, I would choose BUYING/BILLING/ACCOUNT on the left, and QUESTION ABOUT CHARGES on the right.

      You can disregard the help articles. Those steps above were just to get the page to expand and route you to the right support department.

      By then the page will have expanded. SCROLL DOWN a little to see the Chat or Phone interfaces.

      You will now see contact boxes for CALL US or CHAT, with expected wait times.

      Support hours: 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific, Mon-Fri.

      For screenshots and help on accessing the phone and chat interfaces, see the article below:
        How to pay the Turbo Tax Online fees……..

        Here is info on using REFUND PROCESSING FEE to pay the Turbo Tax fees…….

        WARNING!  There is an EXTRA 29.95 service charge for using the REFUND PROCESSING service.  So try to use a credit card and avoid the fee.

        How to find your fees…..
        Log in to your return
        Click on Tools Icon  (2nd icon on top right side)
        Click on $My Fees
        A window will pop up that shows the fees
          You can have it deducted from your return but there is an additional fee on top of what you will be paying already. It would be easier in the long run to use the credit card and you get your money faster.
          • how can i pay turbotax ,i need a phone number or adressed
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