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Do I report my dependent child's social security benefits?

How do I report my child's Social Security benefits?
    Social Secutiry income for your dependent child is not reportable income on your return.
      there is a place on tax forms to report it. It is usually not taxable.
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      If your dependent (like your child) gets soical security it does not go on your return.  It would only go on their return if they are required to file one.  If they only get ss then they don't have to file a return.

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      • My husband died in 2009, so pretty much the only income I receive is me and my two daughters "death benefits" from social security.  Can I claim that as income for the earned income credit?
      labdog1--- you are wrong. you do NOT report child's SS benefits on your return. if you reported their SS benefits hopefully, IRS caught your error and fixed it
      • You do not have to claim it on your taxes because it's not your income, it's the child's.

        Your child would only have to file a return of their own if they earned other income but only if they meet the criteria of the following formula:

        Divide the amount of the benefits by 2 then add $15,000. If the result is greater than $25,000, then they have to file a return.
      As I said above....You don't include their income on your return. It would only go on their return if they are required to file one.  If all they have is social security they don't have to file a return.
      • i had the same problem.  They told me not to include it this year because it didn't count whether or not I put it on there.  It wouldn't change anything but of course , the IRS tells you that you have to keep up with it in case they audit you.
      YES, I have received Survivor Benefits for my daughters and it does have to be claimed on my return. You will get  tax due bill if you do not claim it on your tax return.
      • Where would I report my children's benifits? I don't want to receive a tax bill later but can't find where to input their figures..
      • Sorry but that is incorrect. You do not report your child's survivor benefits on your tax return.
      Sorry no.