I filed my taxes on 1/29, they were approved on 1/31. I was given a DD of 2/11. Didnt come... They said wait 2 weeks. When I check the WMR status it says "Your tax refund is being processed". I waited the 2 weeks on 2/25 I called the IRS they claim in was in the error department and could take 6-8 weeks from the 4th of Feb. I called a week later when WMR status says call and give reference # 1301 still no answer just that I must wait until its finished being "PROCESSED". I continued to call each week until the 3/4 and a man told me I should have had a letter in the mail by now or my refund should have been refunded to me. Since neither have been done he was attaching a note that they had until April 4th to finish it and if they havent then I must call the tax advocacy group? WTF?!?!? I am so mind boggled its a DAMN TAX RETURN NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. I was also told that no problems have been found on my return but it was still in the corrections department. If there are no errors then what is there to correct. In the mean time TT contacted me about payment because I havent received my federal refund yet, I don't know how the heck I owe them money when I didnt get what they promised me a refund? How am I responsible to pay for something that the IRS says is likely all there mistake to begin with. It is not about the $ it is about the point of all this mess and how TT didnt do what they were suppose to.  I am BEYOND frustrated and I want help and some answers. Please HELP ME!
    Once your return is filed by the IRS, TTax is done. They have absolutely no control over what the IRS says, does, or doesn't do. TTax has met their obligation to the fullest extent of their agreement with you when you installed the software, or used the on-line version. (I am not a TTax employee, and TTax employees are not a constant presence in these "USER" forums.)
     If it helps, I looked for code 1301 on the IRS error codes page, and it falls in a range marked "reserved". Go Figure. However, on other websites I found a description for 1301 that seems to be constant:
    1301 Fact of Filing Electronic return received more than 3 weeks ago; no other information See IRM, Return Found/Not Processed

    I interpret the above as the IRS saying "we lost your return but acknowlege that we have received it. We're to busy now to look for it, and will try to find it later when we do have time, and feel like it"
    I also interpret it  as "We lost your return, now we've found it and haven't got a clue what to do"
    • Are you repaying the first time homebuyer credit this year?  The one from 2008?  The IRS has had some issues with processing returns that have the repayment and 5405 this year.  The e-mail you received was sent out in general for anyone who has had a return that is either taking longer to process or for some who have not received a refund because theirs was garnished or held by the IRS, but if you contact TurboTax to inform them about the IRS delay on your return and the reason for the delay, the TurboTax rep should be able to note your account and help you out.  Do you have the contact information from that e-mail where you can call TurboTax?

      Just in case you have not yet seen the IRS newsroom:

    • i have emailed tt.  i realize they did three job but if i don't get my money. why should they? especially if the IRS is correct about it being a error on there part. regardless of all that,  i had nothing extra on my tax return.  no first time home buyers credit NOTHING.
    • If you have facebook and can come and join our group that is in the same situation...this facebook page was only created about 3 weeks ago and there is already 2066 likes......alot of people been waiting since Jan....2011 Tax Refund Delays (5405 form, 1301 or 1481 Error codes)
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