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Does Turbo Tax charge for e-filing my state return

New York State
    The charge is to prepare your state return.  E-file is free.  Click on Tools, then My TT fees.
      You might want to try your State's website, most states if you qualify let you file for free.  See the following from your state

      Note:  If already prepared a State return the only way not to pay for the return is to delete it, see the following on how to delete a state return
        AL, AR, AZ, GA, IA, ID, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, MS, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI,
        SC, VA, VT, WV. are the ONLY states that offer free file. It took me forever to figure out why turbo tax charge when they said it was free; it obviously only for certain states!
        • be careful which edition you choose.  if you simply log in to TurboTax, you may not get the free edition.  if you use a prvious login, you may not get the free edition.  go to and create a new login if you qualify for a free return to make sure you get the option which is right for you.