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If you're direct deposit is rejected by your bank how long will it take to get a papercheck sent to you?

I chose to have my refund deposited onto my walmart moneycard under the impression that I could have a maximum of 10,000 deposited onto it. I was later informed that the most that the most that could be added onto it by deposit was 7500. My refund is a little over that. So if they reject my direct deposit (which they probably will) how long will it take the IRS to issue me a paper check?
  • The IRS should issue the paper check instantaneously after they get confirmation from the bank that the DD was rejected due to being over their limit for DD. You will probably receive your check within a week from the day they issue the check. When is your DD set to be made, or do you know yet? Keep an eye on WMR, it will update to when they mailed the check.
  • I'm suppose to get the deposit on 1/25. I didnt know if they would issue the check once the deposit was rejected or wait until the 27th. I learned an important lesson with all of this though.
  • How long was it before you received the paper check from the IRS, was it a week or longer
  • My refund was approved on 2/2/13 & sent on the 6th dd! My bank rejected it due to the wrong account number.. Now WMR is saying it's being processed. Is this good or am I being audited?
  • What does WMR say if t you put your info in?
The IRS suggest the check can take between three and four weeks to arrive but that does not mean you may get it sooner.  If your deposit has not been rejected yet have you tried calling the bank that handles the card to see if they would raise your deposit limit?  There should be a customer service number on the back of the card.
  • I have. They refuse to
     previous years they have but not this year
  • It usually takes about 3 business for the returned ACH transaction to get back to the depositor. I work for a payroll service and we make an effort to the person a live check the next business day. Who knows how long it could take for the IRS, especially this time of year.
  • oh man thts a bad hit...from my expeiance it cld take 2-3 weeks...smh..good luck..why cnt u have it deposited to ur bank account?
Walmart cards have a daily limit and a maximum limit that can be deposited on it. 

Getting the correct info on what those amounts are, is impossible, as I have yet to find anyone give the same answer twice. 
  • @taxpro I finally was able to talk to somebody that could speak clear English and was in the main California office. The limit during tax season is $10,000. There automated system states you cannot DD money in another person account accept in the case of a joint return u can DD in the spouse account. I let them know they were falsely advertising and that I'm sure I wouldn't be the only customer angry about this!
  • That is good information to know. It seems you finally got an answer, that for the past 5 years, I got varying answers to.

    I know the IRS also has its own rules on if they will transmit or not, with the names on accounts.  A second card holder does not show up, so if you are DDing into the card, make sure the primary name on the return is the same as the primary account holder.
  • Does anyone had the check rejected from the bank account for this year and got their mailed check already? How long did it took? I was suppost to get DD into my account but something happened and my account was closed :'( so my refund will get rejected, in WMR says my check was supposted to be deposit in my account 02/13. Today 02/14 WMR says the refund is send...Now how long I would have to wait for the DD to be rejected since the account is closed and how long would it take for me to receive the mail check?
  • Will take about 3 days before IRS knows of the deposit rejection. Then can take up to 6 weeks for a mailed check, however it usually only takes about 2.
  • Is there any way I can track if they know about the rejection or if they already mailed the check?
  • You can call your bank and the IRS to find out if they have received the funds back yet. The bank can also provide you with a tracking number and even if someone from the IRS tries to say they don't see it returned yet, you can give that tracking number and they should be able to tell you the status. The IRS will give you and answer they are required to give that it can take 4-6 weeks to receive the paper check via mail once it is returned by the bank but I think it should come sooner. I am in a similar situation where somewhere in the processing our account number was entered incorrectly by the IRS and it was rejected by the bank. This was the 6th. Still waiting but hoping to get our check by Wednesday. We have  been on the phone with the IRS and our bank everyday and was finally able to get somewhat of a straight answer yesterday. Good luck!! I'll post when we receive our check to better provide a time frame:/
  • Thanks a lot! Did you check "wheres my refund" page? Did it change the date that you were suppost to get the refund since now you are getting a check? Mine says it was send to my bank account on the 13 but it still says the same thing! I'm just wondering if the IRS website would actually change the date after they mail the check to let me know its on its way...
  • WMR has not changed the date on mine yet. It was supposed to be DD on the 8th and rejected. On Monday WMR once again shows processing with no DD given.
I have a moneycard and the rep stated that there is a 10.000 dollar limit for tax refunds. You should be fine. Did you get your DD?
  • I am also having the same problem and now I can't change the DD info. Walmart Money Card told me 7500 was the limit and mine is also a little over that. Who said it was 10,000?
  • I receiv ed an email a week ago stating they had increased the limit for tax returns and it is 10k. I have not received my deposit yet. Im one of the ones that stuck in limbo. I was told I would receive my return by 1/31 and I haven't yet.
    theres so dd in sight for me either :(
  • have you recieved your refund yet? just curious to know because i also have a prepaid card and it was rejected and sent back to the irs. i was wondering what was the time frame to be issued a check in the mail
  • Can you tell me if you got your check yet? I left out one digit on my account and they are sending back. i was suppose to get dd on 2/15 but I checked my account number and I messed up. I just wanted to know how long it took for them to issue your check. Thanks
  • the same thing happened to me this year. How long did it take to get your check???
  • I would love to know how long it takes to get a paper check too...seems they Walmart money card sent mine back too.
  • @TJ do you know the reason they sent it back?
  • i was given like 4 different reasons. I think Wal-mart money card couldnt give me a straight answer. everybody i spoke to gave me a different reason and I spoke to 2 supervisors who went to "investigate" the isssue and still a different answer! I'm so frustrated!
  • I am curious to as to how long it really takes to get the paper check! The IRS messed up our account information somewhere in the process so it was rejected by our Walmart Money Card but I keep getting the generic by the book answers from both Walmart and the IRS!! Extremely frustrating!! We need our refund which is why we efiled. This is ridiculous!!
  • My situation.. married filing husbands name is first on refund.. my walmart greendot is in my name. wich according to their criteria the only time you can have a dd made to another persons card is if your married filing joint return..wich i was!  greendot supervisor said that since MY NAME wasnt first on refund and/or my husbands first on card it was irs wheres my refund says its being curious does anyone know how long it will take snail mail? because my refund cant be dd into any account once rejected. was rejected on wmmc on tusday was my 2 bussinesday wait.
  • @irebbert...I threw a fit at Walmart money card from situation was like a previous post a joint return and hubs name was first and card in my name. Their automated system states that if a joint return it can go through, and I threw a huge fit about that told them they were falsely advertising and what gives them the right to play god with ppl's money! Anyway I asked to speak to supervisors and they tried telling me their were nine in the office. I told them obviously u can't help me I want somebody who can. After arguing with the person on Monday for 2 hrs he finally put me through to a Management office in California. He was helpful and he gave me an "export trace number" to give the IRS and said to give the refund 48 hrs to get back to the IRS before calling. I will be calling this afternoon!