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less than 5 at a time yes or no

On the Error Check section, I have a Schedule C question:

On the Car & Truck Expenses Worksheet: Less than 5 at a time - 1 must be entered.

My options are "No entry", "Less than 5 at a time Yes", and "Less than 5 at a time, No".

I have no idea what is expected here...

Can anyone help?
    The question is asking if you used less than or more than 5 vehicles in conjunction with operating the business.  So if you had a fleet of 10 vehicles the answer would be no, in you case if you only used one vehicle the answer would be yes.  If you scroll down the return a bit you will see the question which is longer than the short description turbo tax provides.
    • I just have to say... this is a really poorly worded wizard, it gives an error with zero feedback telling the user to choose "no entry" "less than 5 at a time, yes" or "less than 5 at a time, no" ... The question is missing though. The form is below the error, but no highlight on the form as to what area of the form the question is in reference to.
    • Oh, thank you!
    • They obviously haven't fixed it. I had to figure out what they were asking by searching for the question. I can't find it on the form either. I'm trying to use a MAC and on half the screens it only shows half and I can't scroll back and forth ... I have to reload a few times to see the left side. I always used to like Turbo Tax but now they are charging for anything beyond the VERY basic, and it has one really glaring calculation error, has missed a major deduction, takes me through TONS of ridiculous question steps ... I am NOT at all impressed and I don't think I'll be using or recommending it to anyone ever again. Thanks for the help here though!
    • These comments are from 3 year ago and they haven't fixed it!!! This software sucks.
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