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Traditional IRA to Roth Conversion -- Form 8606, Line 2, Basis Calculation

I used the 2009 basis from my 2009 Form 8606 to determine the dollar amount to convert to a Roth in 2010, thinking I wouldn't have to pay taxes on that piece again since it was already nondeductible over the years.  That was a partial conversion, so now I have two IRAs -- one traditional; one Roth.

What basis do I put on the 2010 Form 8606, line 2?  It asks for total basis in all "traditional IRAs."  Now that I've converted the old basis amount to a new Roth, is my remaining basis in "traditional" IRAs down to zero?  

Turbo Tax has carried over the 2009 basis onto the 2010 Form 8606, line 2.  And working through the calculations on the form, has determined I owe tax on 70% of the converted funds.  It would work out to $0 if I could zero out line 2.  How should I handle this?
    You should not be entering data directly on the 8606.  The interview process will complete that form as required.
    There is a common misunderstanding about withdrawals and conversions from Traditional IRA accounts.
    You cannot selectively withdraw or convert only "basis" in your Traditional IRA accounts.
    Considering ALL of your Traditional IRA account(s) together, if you have a combination of: 1) previously-deductible contributions; 2) earnings; and 3) non-deductible "basis"; . . . in your Traditional IRA account(s) . . . then a withdrawal and/or conversion from any one or more of the accounts will be proportioned based on those three values.
    It is impotant to complete the interview process through the point where you are asked what the 2010 year-end TOTAL balance in ALL your Traditional IRA accounts was (including any 2010 contributions you did or will make in 2011 before April 18, 2011).  The purpose of that question is to determine what, if any, basis remains in all your Traditional IRA accounts in order to calculate what portion of your 2010 withdrawal or conversion was taxable for 2010.  It is also used to carry forward any remaining basis to 2011.