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I bought a home and Turbo Tax is asking for the points/origination fees I paid at closing. My point total (box 2, 1098) is different than my Origination Fees on my HUD-1 (line 803). Which one do I put in?

My 'points' are listed in box 2 of my 1098.  It is less than what is on my HUD-1 as my Origination Fees (line 803).  Do I enter the 'box 2' number, the line 803 number on my HUD-1 (Origination Fees), or do I add them, or not put anything?  Please help!
    Points, which are deductible, are found on line 802 of the HUD-1 statement. Amounts on line 801 are not deductible since they are not points but lender's fees.
    • I don't know where to find the points paid. I am looking at intrest paid which is line 1 of form 1098 but where is the points.
    line 803 may contain appraisal feels and/or lender credits.  Nothing on this line is deductible.
      Points may not be on that form.  Look at the settlement form from your mortgage loan.
      • bsch4477, you keep ignoring the line 803 question.  It's been asked many times, but you keep talking about lines 801 & 802.  But what about 803?