what time is direct deposit ON JAN 25

    I just got off the phone with the supervisor of the ACH department of SSBT! She said that if SSBT has received your refund from the IRS, they start sending deposits out at 8AM PST! So hopefully we will be in luck sometime this afternoon! Hope this helps.


    Ednizia Barber ID# 10978
    ACH Supervisor for Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
    • I have the same situation with SBBT, they said they sent it yesterday 1/24, however my bank has Nothing, not even in pending status. SBBT was very unhelpful...Frustrated!
    • i to was suppose to recieve my federal in my bank account today...still as of 1045 am nothing and called bank and they see nothing...i checked wheres my refund it shows todays date and when i go to the santa barba website it shows they have it and deducted fees not sure whats going on but little frustrating they charge thses fees and dont release ur funds......
    • Last year I had my money deposited onto my rushcard n it was there at 7 am. sbbt is saying they received my money yesterday but i still have nothing on my card. my dd always post right away =( anybody know  when sbbt should be releasing the funds?
    • I have today a sa DD. The IRS deposited the money to the SBBT acount on the 24th and then they DD it to my bank. I still do not have it in MY bank yet but I belive my bank does their DD threw out the day so anytime today or tomorrow morning I should see it.

      I originally was accepted on the 19th after 11am and the WMR site states BY the 31st.
    • My deposit isn't showing up on SB and I was accepted on the 17th!
    • Hi All!   I don't mean to sound stupid, but is SBBT where the IRS sends the refund money and they distribute it to everyone's bank?  Or is the SBBT for people who chose the "card" type refund.  Thanks!
    • Yeah how sad we all wake up to see if we got happy and NOTHING....Mine got accept at 12:32a.m. on 1/19/2012 and TT said the 25th I would have mine..Then their SBBT site said it would be deposited to them on the 25th but I got 3 different dates from the WMR such as 1st, 31st and 7th so its all FRUSTRATING....NEVER EVER had I had a problem with TT but my goodness I am not happy this year...Was anyone accepted on the 19th...
    • supposedly they released yesterday at 3:00 pm EASTERN so they truly didn't go out until this morning, I have called my bank and spoke to the ACH department, they have NOTHING this is so crazy!! I've NEVER EVER had any issue with TT and guess what they will only get once chance to do this to me.  I'm so upset because this intermediate  bank, release the funds already so I can get my money!! so maybe thru out the day I'll get it if not the lady at SBBT said definately will be there by tomorrow morning, ummmmm, tell my creditors that!!
    • does any one know they wait time after you are dd im using a tt card and the money has went to the bank but not.my tt card
    • what time of day do they deposit money to ssbt
    • I can tell you that I utilize TT for ALOT  of tax returns for not only myself and my husband, but MANY family members. I had tax returns done for 4 of us by the 9th of January - there should not be a cut off issue as they were not even processing/accepting until the 17th yet here I am, STILL WAITING FOR MY DEPOSIT and getting alot of family phone calls wondering where their money is as well.  So not only did TT collect at least $150 from our returns, but now there is thousands of dollars due to us that is floating in cyber space and NOBODY WITHIN THIS ORGANIZATION CAN GIVE ANYONE A VALID/SOLID ANSWER.  This will be the last time TT, I can guarantee that there will be many negative comments on many, many social networks if money is not deposited by the end of business today.
      This is being said amongst everyone that used TT this year - good luck next season, your competition will get a run for there money...
    • i am so sick of everyone complaining. i have used tt for years and also do taxes for my family. i haven't had any issues getting my taxes done thru tt. also, people need to remember that there are how many millions of people in America trying to do the same thing you are??!!! Everyone needs to be patient. i understand that you are behind on bills. i am moving to a different state next week and need my money to help buy things i need.people need to step back and take a look. be patient!!!!
    • I was to have my funds today.  I checked the bank which is sending the refund, some bank in California, and their website states that they have not even received my returns from the government.  Nevermind, I received an email from TT verifying my return was accepted on January 17, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.  Initial TT confirmation email indciates funds will be deposited on January 25, 2012, IRS automated phone system gives me a date of "deposit by January 31, 2012".  WMR website states they have no information about my return. I have used TT for 13 years and this is the first time I have had a problem.  While I know it isn't necessarily TT's fault, this is the last time I will use them.  I don't get one piece of information that matches what someone else/other website says.  No one can give me any information that matches what someone else said.  Very angry and what scares me the most is the bank issuing my refund states the government has not released it to them.  I filed on January 13, 2012 and it was confirmed as accepted on January 17, 2012.  UGH.  Good luck to everyone else.  Maybe tomorrow???
    • I would not be so sure that your return was accepted on the date TT has told you.  I talked to a IRS agent who told me that my return wasn't accepted until the 19th, TT send me a email saying it was accepted on the the 18th.  I got that email
      shortly after I was complaing to a TT agent that my return was still pending and I filed on the 7th . ( don't know if that was just luck it came so quickly after talking to agent) but I have seen others saying the IRS are giving them different acceptance dates than TT gave them
    • Ok, i've been silent but just can't anymore. This may be the IRS fault as we have all been told but RT really dropped the ball here. It's a simple solution really. Send us an email ir post on their webpage about delays problems etc. How can you leave paying customers in the dark? I would be okay with it being late or whatever is going on as long as I know an exact date.

      I should not have to hope someone I don't know provides correct information on an open public forum where anyone can say anything true or false with no repercussions for false or misleading information. Unprofessional at the least.

      The stories I have read have been sad. This is real life and people have lids to feed and light gas and mortgage payments to pay.

      I've been with tt over 6 years, this will be my last. I pray for you all that really need the money. I urge you to step outside today take a second and enjoy your life because no matter how many phone calls we make or websites we check its not coming any faster.

      Same on you TT.

    • People, people, people!  There are TWENTY-FOUR hours in this day !! Just because you didn't wake up this morning with your money does NOT mean that anyone is lying to you or giving you false information.  I don't remember being given an exact TIME of deposit, merely just a deposit DATE of Jan 25.  So, if midnight tonight comes and still no money , THEN we ALL should complain viciously and belligerently, but until then, QUIT WHINING ALREADY and WAIT FOR IT !!
    • @a friend you said it all better then I can say myself I feel the same way this is my first time doing my taxes online with tt and first time doing them online period and its been so frustrating
    • well you better check and make sure tt sent in your right account numbers because last year they sent in the wrong account number for mine and it took an extra week to get my check from the bank and I had to pay extra to the bank to cut me a check and still had to pay for dd.So you need to check your taxes and make sure they sent in the correct info. for your dd.I was to get my dd today to but I didn't even get it sent to the bank.I know someone said if you used tt the irs is holding 15% of our returns to check them out whatever that means.I am just about to call and see what is going on with my taxes because I have used tt for about 7 years and always got my dd on time.
    • @ dana you shouldn't have posted any unsubstantiated information regarding a 15% holding. That is how wrong information goes viral. I know you were quoting a hear say comment, however somethings are best not even being mentioned.
    Ok folks, listen up, here's the deal. We are all getting 3 different dates, or so it would seem. If you are getting a WMR status deposit for the 1st, then you will see your money tonight shortly after midnight. Some of you may see it during the day, depending on bank. Don't get discouraged if you call your bank and they show no such action pending, most banks will not show a pending deposit. Wells Fargo being one of them. If you haven't received it by 3:00 am or so, then you may want to make a phone call. If you are showing a MWR status deposit for Feb 7 then you will receive your money after midnight of Feb 2nd or 3rd. Once again, depending on your bank. I hope this helps. Don't be discouraged and don't think you are alone. You are not being audited, it's just a governmental procedure SNAFU for this year and TT certainly aren't the ones to blame. Also, for the ones that had Santa Barbara bank refund your money, you should know it may take an extra day or two longer than normal because they will get the refund first, deduct their portion and then submit to your bank for DD. Next year I would suggest, if you have the funds available, to go ahead and pay ahead of time, skip the middle man and get your money sooner. Besides, if this crazy president of ours does a civilian stimulus package like Bush did, if you prepaid for your refund, you will get it much quicker as opposed to SBBT getting it first. I'm certainly not saying Obama will do the stimulus but it sure makes a difference if he does. Hope this helps.
    • 12:26 central time and still no DD from the IRS.  I can't even get to a live person and my tax info online hasn't been updated since last week when it was accepted.  Anyone know what's going on with the deposits that were supposed to be sent today?  My bank hasn't received anything and they don't hold DD's.
    That depends on how your bank handles it - you would need to ask them.
      DD can happen at anytime throughout the day.  Some banks process DD before 8am and others do it throughout the day.  Its best to contact your bank.
      • @ Sena79 - does your WMR status say you should have it by Jan 31st or does your specif. say Jan 25th? mine says  by the 31st and I checked with my bank, no hold....they don't even have it pending yet....was just curious...
      • I know everyone is looking for there IRS deposit.  I was suppose to get that today still have not BUT i just got my State deposit ....It posted at 8am.....maybe IRS will post at 9am ?????
      -The IRS sent my DD to the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group ( https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ ) on JAN 24 2012

      -Santa Barbara Tax Products Group took there fee's out of my fed return amount then sent the remainder of the $ to my TurboTax VISA Debit Card on JAN 24 2012.

      - As of (JAN 25/6:00pm EST) my TurboTax VISA Debit Card shows a $0.00 balance with 0 pending transactions

      -- I just got off the phone (at 6pm EST) with the Santa Barbara Tax Products Group and they told me they did send the $ out yesterday (JAN 24) & my TurboTax debit card should reflect a deposit here around midnight tonight.

      -- They also told me when they recive the funds they send it out right away and your bank SHOULD reflect the deposit within 1-2 bizz days.

      I hope this helped you.
      • On the WMR it now doesnt show me any info just says I need to check in a week that it takes 3 weeks to process, which is strange because when i call it tells me on or before Jan. 31st,I dont know what to believe so confusing
      • I am having the same problem as the rest of you with the exception that I paid TT with my credit card to avoid the extra fee of having it taken out of my refund and the delay by SBBT which I have experienced several times in the past.

        I think that for many of you the delay is with SBBT.  One year I did pay the fee to have my fees detucted from them and the extra for a quicker refund.. After several weeks and several phone calls I finally got my refund. Of course they still deducted the fees.   Furthermore even after they did deposit my money SBBT Website still stated that they had not recieved it from the IRS (which I knew was a lie)

        Every year the IRS and SBBT seem to have some problem or glitches..
        If they cannot handle the massive influx of tax returns then they should stagger the accepting by last name or something.    Not torture and upset millions of people depending on their refunds.  SBBT should be sued by all of the people over the years that they have taken advantage of only to not produce the product they promised.
      • I also was suppose to receive my taxes today, Tt says the 25th an wmr says 31st, I finally spoke with someone from the irs an she was very helpful, she said Tt Is using an older chart an that it only differs by 5 days, but my refund could be deposited tonight or anytime this week, she also statedd that they don't have any designated day for deposits anymore, it could be any day before the 31, so I'm waiting
      • Most likley you bank allready has the funds and they are not posting the funds because their useing the intrest off your money i just found out my bank has had my tax money since yesterday and their is no record of a deposit funny huh!! got to this site and it will tell you were your money is. https://cisc.sbbtral.com/
      • It makes no difference if you had fees deducted. I used TT free, filed on the 13th, accepted (not excepted) on the 17th before noon by IRS, and I still do not have my DD directly from the IRS. You people need to stop blaming TT and place the blame where it lies; with our government. And to those that were depending on this for some "sudden" need that was forseeable, I suggest you learn to budget your money better.
      I no that i was told Friday and yesterady by an IRS rep that I was to have a DD today and well needless to say I am now holding for a rep sense my DD never came to my bank.. I love how you call turbo tax as well and they are beyond rude and not helpful!!!!
      • SSBT I believe is California time so it is 3 hours behind from eastern time, but TT says the 25th Irs says by the 31st but never got an email.. I am waiting..
      • All i know is if i don't get my money today,this will be the last time i use turbotax.I'm starting to think it would of been better to do my taxes through the irs website directly,I'm sure they have a simular system.I really need the money for my bills.I hear that the cut-off for direct deposit today was Jan 18 at 11:00 am and i got accepted at 11;01 on Jan 18,so as you can imagine i will be very upset if i missed it by seconds pretty much.I refered alot of people to Turbo Tax so i hope they come through or i might have renige on my referals and tell them it's not such a great program as i thought it to be.But we will see.Come though for me TT.
      • It is not just turbo tax It is the IRS hold up and giving conflicting info. With each rep you speak to you get different info.
      • I keep hearing people blaming TT, but it is not their fault. Lay blame where it belongs and that it the IRS. I have used TT for many years and this is the first year I have had a problem.
      • I have used TT for 10 + years, it is not TT fault..the blame is on IRS...Turbo Tax submits it and after that, its all in the Govt. hands. this is the 1st year I have EVER has an issue, normally mine comes early!!
      • I am not going to blame TT. But who I am going to blame is SBBT! They received my funds yesterday and I've been waiting on them to deposit into my account. If I don't get it today, I will won't use TT again until they find a better banking product for it's consumers,
      • I have the same scenario. TT said the 25th today too but I have yet to receive mine. Has anyone gotten theres yet? SN: I saw on a cycle chart that taxes accepted by IRS by the 19th would be sent on 1/26. I understand that there is a process and all of this takes time but its frustrating. I dont want to be calling my account every hour if it's not coming. Its a waste of time and energy and at the end of the day, if its not there then everyone is either mad or disappointed.
      • My deposit posted with Bank of America today at 3:37 am. Hope yours does too! I am in California.
      • I too was to get mine today...my bank posts deposits by 8 am and I only got my state refund that I incidentally did through the state website ...I didn't use turbo tax this year .I used taxact.com.the refund amount is the same..I pai $9.95 for the deluxe edition...so it isn't turbo tax..I still go on this community because it is very helpful..
        I got accepted on the 17th..but I didn't get the email or updatd at taxact website until the 18th and I got the email late in the day even though it was accepted on the 17th...however I heard the site that notifies of acceptance was down so that was supposed to be why.
        There are sevral direct deposit date charges out there...apparently the one that says the 25th isn't right or it is the banks..My daughter uses chase bank and when she gets deposits she get them overnight and even on saturdays however I use a local bank and that doesn't happen for me.
        My status still says the 31st...however every year I notice it updates with the right date the night before the deposit.so we all shall see..
        I agree though that this is the first year I didn't get it the day the charts say..probably because of the date being changed
      • @AlyDan and everyone..  i havent gotten anything as of yet.. the dates keep changing at first TT said Jan 25 then IRS said BY JAN 25 ... then the bank ssbt SAID FEB 1.... i just want my damn money
      I am not saying that they hold DD. They may not get the post until after 3 pm. That teller may not be privy to such information or be able to verify that pending deposit, even IF they do not hold DD. I think you will be fine. Give it until 3 or so in the morning and you will see your refund, hang in there, you will be fine.
      • awwwww where is my refund .... hm
      • I have been using TT for a few years now. And they are doing it exactly as they did last year. I filed on the 12th and accepted on the 17th. TT did what I asked them to do. they efiled it. IRS deposited my refund a day earlier than they posted. My refund was due by IRS on 25th. SBTP received it 1/24/2012.  IRS did their job.  SBTP removed their fees. They transmitted my refund to my bank on 1/24/2012. and said my bank should have by 5pm 1/25/2012. I looked at the SBTP website at last years return and the exact same thing was done. they deposited on the 27th and it hit my bank afternoon of the 28th. So SBTP has done their job. MY job is to be patient until 5pm. Because after all it is only 10:45am on the 25th.

        So I was getting worried about all the chatter on here...and after researching before speaking I found everything is exactly the way it was last year and I have nothing to stress and no wrong doing for blame.

        Be Patient.
      • I called the IRS today and they said that mine was sent to my bank yesterday, I was to recieve my DD today and I haven't recieved anything. It's amazing how the ones out there are frauding, claiming dead people and getting their monies just like that. But we are left with no explanation. I'm being humblely patient.
      • I know that I just got off of online chat with my bank and they told me that they do not show any pending deposits but they put a trace on a missing deposit because they said that if it did not deposit this morning, per the sbbt website, then they had done something wrong and that Bank of America would not mind putting a trace to find out why they are not disbursing our funds the way they said they would.  I think if more of us did this that they might be a little quicker about getting us our money.
      • I was accepted on 18th, at 5pm...have BOA direct deposit and had the fees deducted from my refund (SBBT).....WMR says processsing with date of 1/31, then today it says it does not have my info....SBBT says they changed the date from 1/25 to 2/1 based on projected IRS dates....this is so frickin confusing and I am reading everyone elses posts...sounds like we are all confused....I cannot get through to anyone and am just hoping that I will get something tonight. It literally will be to buy groceries....

        Regardless of what happens, it is wrong for the IRS to keep everyone guessing....I think they wound't be so overrun with calls if they actually put out some SOLID info!!

        Anyway, please let me know if anyone gets thiers today....I am hoping for an email from SBBT today...no use checking BOA unless SBBT gets it first:(
      • Well I got an email on the 17th stating that my returns were accepted and i would receive them the 25th.  So this morning I got up and called the bank.  I did get my state return but no federal.  I go online and look and it said the 31st..  Well a few hours later, it said " the information is incorrect.  Please recheck your information.".  I got fed up and called the irs.  They now say that my return is scheduled for 2/3.  REALLY?????  I am trying to hold out hope that it will be there this friday, but wtf happened??  Idk if they say 2/3 will be the latest, but I look on turbo tax website and it still says the dates I was given last week.  I am really at my wits end and don't know what to believe at this point!!
      • Get this.....I just got off the phone with the IRS 1-800-829-1040 .... after a 43 minute hold to speak with a real person, because I had spent the greater part of this morning reading several threads on here discussing refund dates.  Mine was supposed to be today but it didn't arrive at my bank.  I found out from the representative that when the IRS "grabs" our returns from TT or accepts them....they do not automatically get processed.  They go into a holding pattern again and can sit for several days, for example., I filed on the 13th with TT and was accepted or "grabbed" by the IRS at 9:30am on the 17th, my refund date per the chart was the 25th, per the SBBT bank Feb 1st, and per WMR is still says the 31st.    The IRS  system didnt even start working on processing my refund until yesterday.  I definately wont receive my refund until the 31st or the 1st of Feb.  I think the SBBT and TT should refund all of us some of our money because we paid them for a service expecting to receive our return earlier.  They advertised a service for quicker refunds that they shouldn't have promised.  I realize it isn't all their fault but don't provide a promise to consumers that you can't keep.  I have used TT for the last 3 years and this is not the first time this has happened but it is the first time I called to find out what was going on.  I will not use them again.  I will do it for free on the IRS website.  IF i am going to wait 10-14 days I won't pay the SBBT fees to do so.
      • SBBT has deposited my money, so they say, however my bank has no pending deposits. I have checked last year and the deposit was made 4am on the date the irs said it would be. Has Anyone Gotten Their deposits yet? Does anyone know how I do  a Trace, I do this through my bank right?
      • I've always used TT for my taxes and had them deduct the fees from y refund. I don't ever recall going to sbtpg to check the status of my refund...Is this new???
      • amedicgrl Thanks for posting. I was confused until you posted because TT told me the IRS accepted my return on the 18th and a IRS agent told me that they did not get it till the 19th and that is when it started processing on the 19th.  SO maybe it was accepted on the 18th just not processed till the 19th.
      • I never had different dates. The 25th has always been my deposit date. It sounds like SBBT has gotten the money from IRS as the charts, WMR etc has said... SBBT was used last year also. Nothing has changed. It is the exact same process except we actually got returns later last year. First deposit was 1/28/2012.
        I'm being patient until 5:01pm :P
      • Wheres my Refund @ irs.gov says: Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 25, 2012
        https://cisc.sbtpg.com/  (SSBT)  says: A disbursement in the amount of $X,XXX.XX was deposited to your bank/card on 01/24/2012.

        So the IRS sent the $$ to SSBT on 01/24/2012..
        And SSBT has sent the $$ to turbotax visa card on 01/24/2012....

        Amounts Disbursed:
         Paid To                       Method                            Trace Number                  Date Disbursed         Amount  
        Taxpayer                     ACH direct deposit
                                             RTN: XXXXXXXXX
                                             DAN: xxxxxxxxxXXX0        0XXXXXXXXXXX        01/24/2012                $X,XXX.XX

        Here it is 01/25/2012 2:45pm EST....... TurboTax Visa Card says $0.00 & 0 pending trasactions... So weres my money?
      • dave, that is what mine says to except to a bank account.  glad to know I am not unique ha ha...
      • I know this might sound silly but what is SBBT?? I did a DD w/ ING Bank (checking) and I filed thru TT using the free federal edition so i didn't have to pay to file my federal taxes. has anyone who's WMF status says " We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by January 31, 2012 " actually got their refund today? How do i contact the IRS and speak to a LIVE person!!???
      @Aly ttps://cisc.sbtpg.com
      • I was accepted on the 18th. SBBT website say I have a DD on 2/01/12. IRS says 2/07/12. I am looking for it to show up on this Friday. I just don't understand why we have all of these different dates.
      • WMR stated my refund is TODAY 1-25-2012..
        If you had TT take out the fees from your REFUND , it will take an extra day or 2...
        Go here to check ---> https://cisc.sbtpg.com/
        A disbursement in the amount of $XXXX.XX was deposited to your bank/card on 01/24/2012. Please allow at least 1-2 business days for the deposit to be posted to your account. If you have not received your direct deposit within that period of time, please re-check the status of your account to see if the deposit was returned to us.
        STOP ALL THE BITCHING and understand why first...
      • @ Yabby.....they wouldnt be handling my return even though i had it dd to my ing checking would they? i tried it out and it says they have no record of my information...it says"No record was found based on the SSN, Refund Amount and Filing Status you provided. Please check your inputs and try again!" and if they DO get the monies before ING, what does this message they're giving me mean to me?????
      • Im in the same boat Dave Im using a card as well and my dd is today  they recieved my money but its not on card yet I really dont know whats going on
      • I tlked to the irs morning & she said I was scheduled to b dd between sometime today & tha 31st & that she couldn't give me an exact day I was accepted on tha 18th in the evening sometime
      • Just got off the phone with them (SBBT) as well and spoke to a very nice person who explained that yes, the funds have been transferred but the funds are being slowed down by new processes put in place by our own BIG BROTHER government to track monies transfers between all banks and that all of these transfers, being so large, are throwing up flags because of the large amounts as the new intelligence system has been designed to do and those flags have to be taken off each transfer by the powers that be in between the banks that monitor our funds now in the US before we can see our funds and that can take up to two days. You can thank our illustrious government for their fear mongering terrorist fears that have this year put into place a system that monitors ALL transactions between banks to try to track funding to folks who might be of interest to the government. These changes have been put into place since last year which is why we are all having so many issues getting our monies this year. It is not the SBBT at fault or Turbo Tax(and trust me I wanted to blame TT as well). Apparently all the tax services companies are having this issue this year. All we can hope for is that the government hears our disdain and fixes this issue, if not, from here on out and major transfers of money will be taking much longer than they ever have in the past.
      • i know its not tt after the irs has excepted but maybe tt shouldnt say you will get it in 7 days. today is the 7th day for me and still nothing. now it could be 5 more days. so maybe tt should say get your refund in 2 weeks.
      • @Hoffa0 - just fyi, i have heard of A LOT of people who used TaxAct and other companies for their e-filing and they recieved their direct deposits yesterday.  so, no... not all the companies are having delays like this.
      • I have used TT for Several years now and I never had a problem with them. Alot of people are saying i should get my money  in seven days but what it actually says is GET IT IN AS LITTLE AS 7 DAY doesnt say your gonna get it in 7 days. I like to come on here and read what people post cause every year its the same thing.It has always taken me about 2 weeks to receive my money. People are in a rush to get there money, i mean i need my money too but im not gonna stress over it and im def not gonna call the irs or TT every day over something that happens every year and be on hold for 45 mins and while your waiting your gonna get even madder cause its talking them so long to answer the phone. Good luck to everybody out there who are freaking out cause you didnt receive your money in 7 days.  And I i will probably use TT again next year and read the same posts next year too!!!!!
      • I am having the same problem as everyone else. IRS sent to SBBT 1-24-12 and SBBT said it was sent to my bank. Called my bank and they have nothing, and nothing is pending. I called SBBT and they said that the IRS send SBBT the money, SBBT takes their fees, then ACH sends the money for direct deposit to your bank account. The rep at SBBT said the process from sending from SBBT to ACH to your bank account will take 1-2 days. The rep said to expect to see my money today or no later than tomorrow morning.

        Next year I will pay the fees upfront instead of having them deducted from my refund to avoid all the run around.
      https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ I check the santa barbara bank website and they have a place for you to input your info and see if they have gotten your DD yet. I checked mine and it says the following....

      Bank has not received your IRS refund.

      Income Tax Refund Status

      You may visit www.irs.gov to check the status of your refund.

      The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS
      • I also called the IRS today..my erturn was accepted on the 19th. The IRS tells me it is being processed and they will release the funds to the preparer on Monday the 30th, therefore meaning I should have my money on the 30th or the 31st. The bank turbo tax uses should not send emails staing when you are going to have a DD if it is going to be wrong and you should not have to pay them the money if they are not going to deposit it when they say it is suppose to be.. I will see what happens on Monday.
      • i was accepted on the 19th and i called today and they have different refund chart what i looked there giving me a date of feb 3rd
      • I got accepted on the 17th before 11am and had a refund date of the 25th , well as of this moment no refund. So I called the IRS and spoke with a man that told me that since so many people filed early they were overloaded and some of the returns got pushed back a week. So he gave me a date of February 13 or a few days before. He says that is the 3 weeks  plus the week that they pushed back.  When I told him That the WMR says by January 31st he told me that it is not updated and that he was looking at the information in front of him, and that its not just mine it has happened to alot of people. So basically I should have filed a paper return because I am waiting just about 4 weeks to get my refund, Wow from the 25th to the 13th of Feb.
      • @kcgarcia0071...wow...I am on the phone with the irs now because now it states they dont have a record TT said Jan 25.........WMF DID SAY by jan 31st ...........NOW SBBT SAYS FEB1....This is very time consuming
      • I called my bank  WELLS FARGO and they told me that as of 6pm I have no pending deposits to my account. I am waiting for SBBT to release my refund. THe bank rep said that they process at 11 pm EST. and that If my refund is processed during that time then I should see my deposit in my acct by 8am,,,,,,hope so.....this is draining and i will always pay my fees up front in the future.
      • my dd should have been here today as well... mine is cumming from the Bancorp Bank,has any1 received there dd yet from this bank?
      Like most of you, I was told my DD would be on 1/25. I checked the Santa Barbera website and they received my funds on 1/24 and then sent them out to my bank which is Comerica. As of right now Comerica is not showing a pending balance on my account so I called them and they stated that it can take 1 or 2 days for the money to reflect in your account. I suggest you call your banks and ask them if there is pending transfer of funds. My bank told me that I should have the money in my account tomorrow but to call back and keep checking through the evening as banks differ on the times they make deposits. My bank will deposit the funds as soon as they become available where my old bank last year only did transfers at 2am....if it was there by that time you were SOL for the day. So just be patient and call your banks in the morning if your DD isnt in there by 9am your time.
      • TT says Jan 25th, IRS says Jan 31st, and SBTPG says they haven't received the funds yet. Further, I called SBTPG and a gentleman said that they are also showing a release date of today, however because it's late in the day he doesn't expect to see the refund being released "until a future date". He could not elaborate on what that date is..at this point I have no earthly clue when to get anything....

      • I just got off the phone with sbbt lady said no funds,yet my date with the irs has not changed,still the 31st and ssbt was the 25th, getting the run around from everyone i call,yet i got the email saying congrads you fed refund has been depostited yet there is no trace of my refund with anyone!!  i think this is gross and very bad business, i could have mailed my info or just let h and r block rape my pockets at least i know i would have gotten it!
      It is now in the hands of TT's bank. They bank with Bancorp this year. They have the funds at this time and I say this because, other people who were concerned with deposits being made today started to receive their money in their account around 3:30/4:00 p.m. est. So, that means all the banks have received and Bancorp (check spelling from other post) but have not either updated or posted. I believe the funds will be there in the morning. Good luck everyone and enjoy your refund.
      • I work for the same bank where my accounts are and have the ability to look at the ACH items wharehouse report... nothing pending at all. It's more than a little frustrating when you're expecting/needing the funds.
      • I understand delays happen, regardless of the source. What I don't understand is why TT is STILL saying my DD will be on Jan 25, when clearly, that date is incorrect. Would it have been so difficult to send a message to its PAYING clients to inform them that there was an issue?
      • I called my bank WELLS Fargo  and the rep stated that there was no deposit pending......He also said that it doesnt necessarily means that it wont be there in the morning. He added that processing begins at 11 pm EST and the funds will become available immediately and I should see my funds available by 8am so I am still hopeful......
      • I hear everyone either placing blame on a company, or telling others its not so-in-so's fault. WHO CARES WHOSE FAULT IT IS??? My question is this. I efiled my return on January 10th.  I received an email from Turbotax on January 18th stating that my return had been accepted on January 18th (and the email was dated 8:?? pm). Turbotax said I should get my refund on February 1st. Then I closed the email and had a second email from SBBT. They also told me that my return had been accepted and my refund date was January 25th, which was a little confusing. And the IRS's Where's My Refund didn't show anything at the time. The next night I went thru looking at it again. Turbo Tax had the same date of February 1st.  When I checked SBBT they said that due to changes or something along those lines, my new refund date was February 1st. Fine. Got 2 of the same dates finally so I should have my money on February 1st. Course, then Where's My Refund says February 7th, and has continued to say February 7th. I haven't called the IRS or TurboTax or SBBT as of right now, but I have looked at everyone else's post. I'm so confused as to when I'm going to see my return on my GreenDot card. Again, I don't care who is at fault, if anyone. Could be basic computer issues. People bitching and complaining about it isn't going to change the date they get their money. Trust me, I wish it would, because I am the world's best at doing it. I need the money just as much as everyone else does. I've got major bills to pay, softball to sign up for, meds to get, just moved so have deposits to catch up on, etc., not to mention I need gas to get to and from work and at this point, I'm not sure I'm going to make it to the 7th without hitting some major financial issues not to mention not having power, daycare or way to work. Can someone please help me if they have gotten to the issue of the dates from February 1st and February 7th? I would love to know which date it will be or at least be closer to so that I can try to make some other arrangements. I was planning on having the money today since I filed so early (and yes, I knew they wouldn't begin processing them until the 17th), that it would be accepted by the 17th-18th and I would have my refund today. If anyone has the answer to this, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. And good luck to everyone else getting their questions answered and getting your refund as soon as possible. I know everyone is depending on this money as much as I am. And we must also be thankful that we are getting a refund period. Could be like my parents who make a good amount of money and the only deduction they have is their home. Therefore, they pay thousands of dollars each year in taxes! Per the movie I just watched ("The Secret"), you have to think positive to get what you want! Also would recommend that movie to anyone who is having any hard times in their lives! But have an open mind and give it a chance!
      • i am sick of hearing it aint TT's fault! well tell me this aint their damn fault! They send me a TT visa card that never comes so i notify them and they send me another one and activate it but when i try to check it then it says"the account can not be validated" so i call TT and they say it might be a glitch in the system so i keep trying then after 6 hours i call back then dude tells me that who ever sent out my new card never cancelled the old one so now neither one of them are any good so i have to wait another 10 days for another card and they wouldnt even waive the 19.95 for exspress delivery even though they said it was their fault. so my money wasnt there today like exspected but i can gaurentee you it will probably be there tomarrow because i wont be able to touch it for 10 days anyways. And this is my 3rd year useing TT but promise you it will be the last! TT sucks!!!!!!
      • abc1237 so sorry to tell u this but since the first card was canncelled out and u did not wait till the money was deposited first with the account number u had first, now the irs will send u a check cause the first card was cancelled withe the accual account number
      • @abc No you will not receive a check.  Your account number stays the same even if you cancel a card for a new one. The only thing that will be new is the card number which will be linked to the same account number given to you at sign up.  But it does suck u have to wait another 10 days. I would usggest not cancelling a card right before a deposit is do.  Greendot (issuer of TT card) disables your account for a day or two when you cancel a card so that they can transfer information.  If you cancel right before DD your check will be returned to the bank and they will then issue you a check a few days after return.
      • I have gotten my money today at 430 am from SBBT.
      • Dang ppl, u havent seen dis money n a whole yr an u guys act like u cant wait another day. TT really does what every place does. Takes da info then the dang IRS takes over. Last yr I did my thru taxact.com an I didnt get my refund til 8 mths later becuz I was randomly picked of the audit. It sux but I didnt blame thm. its all the dang IRS.. I hope it dont happen this yr.
      • What is this SBBT, does all the returns go through them. They keep telling me they don't have any info on my return. I got accepted on the 17th and still have not received my return. I get 3 diff dates like everyone else. My main problem is that I paid out of pocket to have my return in 7 days, so what did I pay for if I am not going to get it in the time that was allotted. Who ever fault it is is that money going to be returned to me because they didnt'' keep their side of the bargain. I just want my money.
      • Follow along kiddo's..

        First, check the WMR website. If there's a date in there, go to this website https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ and check the status there. Then go to your bank account or card. IRS releases the money to SBTPG, then they take the fees out and release the money to your bank.

        It's simple, please....it'll save some hassle on everyones part. The IRS releases the funds after they are processed (your WMR date) to the SBTPG bank. Then on that https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ website, the bank will take out the charges you incurred and release the remaining funds to wherever you had your DD sent to.

        The only dates you need to worry about are the dates the IRS will release the funds and the date the SBTPG bank will post once they recieve the funds. You can't do anything about any previous dates you were given, and you can hollar and gripe all you want, but the fact of the matter is...it's the government.

        In my case, IRS was supposed to release the funds 1-25 (Wednesday) but because of their fiasco, the new date is 1-30. I expect a deposit about 24 hours after, so I should have the money in the bank by Tuesday. I don't expect anything faster, neither should any of you.

        Also, don't blame TT. In essence, you hired TT to do your taxes. Their job is done. TT hired a 3rd party bank (SBTPG) to handle the fees they charge. So once your taxes are filed and accepted, their hands are clean. Don't blame them.

        PS. IRS releases funds any day of the week. It doesn't matter when you filed, who you filed with, or weither your a part of a new or old system. The old days you'd only get a release on Friday...that is not the case anymore per the IRS. If your getting information about only releasing funds from the IRS on Friday, your agent is incorrect.

        Hope that helps clear it up.
      • I had my money deposited early this am into my bank account =0)
      • So, what about us who have been accepted on the 17th and all of the sites say a different date and NONE of the sites tell us a DD date, merely "being processed"?

        Should we be worried now?

        All of everyone is mad because the DD aren't being pushed through, does anyone have any info on the people like us who have been stuck pending???
      • anybody else have their "received by" date changed from 1/31/12 to FEB 21???????
      • @333doll yes i did alot of people have we are not alone in this
      • @bbg123       i appreciate you letting me know, Ive been looking all morning for anyone thats had this happen to them too. I really hope that it's just a temporary "issue" and we all get our money sooner than later.
      • got mine at 020this morning. good luck to the rest of you.
      • This is what i just read...................

        It's news you don't want to hear.   It could take longer to get your tax refund this year.

        Turbo Tax and H&R Block said problems at the IRS are causing big delays.

        The IRS started its e-file system two days late. Usually it starts on Jan. 15th, this year it was Jan 17th.

        Now for those people who have filed, they're going to this site(https://sa2.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp) to check the status of their refund and getting an error message.

        That's because of an unplanned outage of the IRS e-file system.

        Companies like H&R Block and Turbo Tax are letting customers know via Facebook and in-person about the e-file issues.

        H&R Block's Central Coast district manager in Watsonville told Central Coast News Wednesday, he sees quite a few people filing their taxes early, especially families.

        The delay is putting refund's behind schedule.  For example, if you filed your taxes on Jan. 17th, you should expect to see a refund Feb. 1st, a week later than normal.

        "We try to explain before they start doing their taxes.  We give expectations and we try to explain what the IRS is doing this year, so that when we do the return they aren't shocked or surprised," said Fernando Paco.

        Even when the IRS fixes the problems in e-filing, you could still be waiting longer to get your refund, that's because funding to the agency has been reduced the past two years.

        Right now, the IRS said it is unable to answer three out of ten calls from taxpayers.

        There is some good news.  Changes to the tax codes could get you some more money when you do file.

        First, for every dependent you claim the credit is increasing from $99 to $315.

        Next, you can continue to put money into an IRA all the way through April 17th of this year, and that will be included in your 2011 tax return.  The deadline used to be December 31st.

        Finally, there are new stimulus fund credits good for one or two years. This year those include people who attend community college and trade schools. In the past, credits included first-time home buyers and energy efficient home improvements.
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