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Lifetime Learning Credit vs. American Opportunity Credit

My daughter completed her sophomore year in college in 2011.  It appears the Lifetime Learning Credit will provide the biggest tax credit for teh 2011 tax year filing.

In 2012 for her junior year, it appears that the American Opportunity Credit will provide the largest credit.  For the 2012 filing, will she be able to switch to the American Opportunity Credit from the Lifetime Learning Credit, or will she be committed to the Lifetime Learning Credit since it was the first credit she used?

If the American Opportunity Credit is phased out in 2013 (her senior year), would she again be able to switch back the the Lifetime Learning Credit (if she ended up switching in 2012)?

This will be the first time applying for an education credit, so I want to make sure I start her off on the right track.  Thanks
    You can switch back and forth between the Lifetime Learning Credit (LLC) and the American Opportunity credit (AOC) over your time in college.  The only requirement is that you qualify for the credit in the year you take it.  The AOC, however, is only available for  4 tax years, including any years the Hope credit was claimed.  Also, the AOC is only available for the first 4 years of post secondary education and you must be enrolled at least half time.