when will i get my refund?

its been 12 days since my federal return was accepted when should i get my refund?
    Your tax refund was direct deposited on February 1, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 6, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.     thats what i get from live agent and wmr site and still no money i was accepted the 17th
    • Check sbbt they should have it.
    • Okay just to give a  little info I filed and got accepted on 1/24/12 my DD was 2/1/12. Refund was sent out on 2/1/12 I called yesterday that Dept of Education offset the refund for a student loan. Just so you know I pay every month my student loan and they still took my refund. I still havent been officially notified about them taking it. The only reason I found out was because I found a number on TT forum to check for offsets because IRS said they released the check. So if you have not gotten anything from IRS and your dates of filing fell between mine call this number its utomated 1-800-304-3107. Good luck!
    • It's been 17 days for me
    • day 13 no refund... was scheduled for 2/1 now by 2/7 no word yet
    • day 14 and finally sbtp received my refund about 900 cst. how long till its dd into my checking?
    • I filed on the 18th and still no money I called the irs this morning the rude rep told me to check the wheres my refund and he also stated that they don''t give info over the phone then he hung up in my face. This is BS  I want  to know when i'm getting my ends
    • Same here and still nothing.  No update on WMR, SBBT does not have it, I was told 2/6 by and IRS rep, but it could also be up to 2/13. Driving me nuts!
    • Been 16 days for me and it still says processing blah blah blah blah blah....Jaunuary 7... F'ing BS!!! I've called the IRS several times and all they can tell me is what I already know... They told me that my tax forms have been reviewed but not processed ~No F'ing S#!t!!!~ and that everyhting is good. They don't know a dat blane thing about what's going on... Worse tax year ever in memory, and they say technology makes us better, but i guess the IRS didn't get that MEMO.
    • Hi check today! I had a date of 2/6. I recieved my money today...!!!!  I hope you all have the same luck! I just checked SBBT... East coast time 1145
    • What does SBBT mean?
    • I called about mine yesterday. Anyone who turned their taxes in before the 26th will have a delay in their refunds. I was accepted on the 20th and they said it could take an extra 10 to 14 day because of a computer error on their end. I'm still waiting as well. I was told to check the site on Monday, it updates on Sunday. If nothing has changed to call them back at 800-829-0582 ext 362
    • To anyone who has requested a transcript - i spoke to a not so happy irs lady - She "schooled" me that no one should request a transcript unless u ABSOLUTELY need one. I tried to explain that alot of people are tired of being stuck in the "still processing" boat, and its very aggravating not knowing what is going on. No one has come out and said exactly what is going on. She really didnt care to hear any of that. I was told I have a DD date of Feb 8th. 1 week when I was supposed to and a week before my WMR status of Feb 14th. So if u do call and have requested a transcript dont tell anyone...they dont like it...lol
      Kindof makes me feel a bit better knowing I aggravated the IRS a little...but never-the-less....Just wanted to update everyone on the trascript situation...but also on a side note...that is a way to know if u are processed or not, but I wouldnt recommend it.
    • babyblue82, I called yesterday and I was told DD Feb 6th and i was accepted 1/22, There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to refunds.
    Check your status on the IRS.gov website using the wheres my refund link. That's about all you can do right now....good luck
      The lady who told you that nobody should request a tax transcript unless absolutely necessacary is in for a big surprise. I am a Financial Aid Director and if a student applies for the Pell Grant (FAFSA) the Department of Education will no longer accept a client copy of tax returns if the student is selected for verification.  The recommended process is to use the FAFSA's "Link to IRS" data retrevial tool - if you use that you will not have to provide a copy of your tax transcript if selected for verification but if you do not use the data retrevial tool and you ARE selected for verification (about 60% of all applicants for federal aid are selected for verification) then you MUST provide a copy of your tax transcript - which can take up to 6 weeks to get from the IRS.

      If you know anyone who receives the Pell Grant please pass this info along to them before they fill out their 2012-2013 FAFSA. The data retrevial tool is supposed to be available to use on the FAFSA beginning Feb 5th.
      • Filed my taxes on 01-20-12 got accepted 01-21-12. I E-File and have my refund DD. Just checked my State and it says Your refund of $$$$$ was approved on 2/3/2012. Your requested direct deposit was released to your account on the approved date. According to Federal Reserve Guidelines, the funds should be available within 48 hours. My Fed says i should get my refund on 02-07-12. I am expecting to get it sooner then that i hope.. Hope everyone gets there refund soon and hope my comment helps others with questions.
      • me190 Thank you!! I ordered my transcript just in case I get the verification. Glad I found that early.
      I just got off the phone with the IRS it is 6PM Alaska time. I am scheduled for a DD of 7 FEB 2012 according to wmr but when i talked to a very nice gentlemen he said that my return is still processing but I have a scheduled date of DD on 8FEB2012 which is 1 week longer than my original date of 1FEB2012. I asked if thats the date my refund would go out from the iRs and he said yes it will be released to my bank on that day. I should also be able to see this on monday on the WMR tool online. I hope this info helps
      • I have had the date of Feb. 7th on WMR and my taxes were accepted Jan.19th! I now have the site saying I will get it within 6 weeks of the date of acceptance, I tried to explain to the IRS that I am in need of the refund since I am currently unemployed, I was referred to a tax advocate who is your supposed voice at the IRS however all they can do for me is loan me enough money to bring my electric bill current from being shut off then I also have to worry about the rest of the money being held up an additional 4-6 weeks!! what the heck ?!! how is that supposed to help?! really??
      • I filed Jan 19th and got accepted Jan 21st. I had the dd of Feb 7th forever but the system updated Wednesday and said Feb 6th. I checked SBBT today and they have received my refund and an ACH was issued to my account today. Although I haven't got anything in my account I'm just thankful that I finally know it's about to be over. I just wanted to let anyone who has these dates know and to keep checking SBBT because WMR doesn't update properly.
      • @froggy be careful to make sure they won't charge interest....when my hubby's gi bill was late they loaned everyone's money. He was due 3 months of gi bill but they forgot that part and made him pay it back with interest...the government can do it though it is your money...
      • We have a dd date of Feb 6th and it went in at midnight today ! We were accepted January 21 !
      • Who do you request a transcript from? Is there a specific department or number for that? I rec a pell grant for school, and 11-12 school year I was selected for verification.. If that happens again this year want to be prepared. :) Thanks!!!
      • Accepted on the 19th...every thing still says Feb. 7...so why have some already received theirs that were accepted after...several days after?
      • i was wondering the same thing? Why is ppl getting there refund that filed way after me and im still waiting? filed 19th been processing since then no help from irs or wmr!!!! Starting to get upset!!!
      I was accepted the 19th and had a date from TT for Feb1st but the IRS kept saying processing should receive by Feb7th..It was finally updated Friday to a DD of Feb 6th and some people had this date and have received there money already but I'm still waiting..Guess we will find out Monday..Crossing my fingers!!!! Also I have seen people on here had DD but it changed to still processing then went to Feb21st due to processing delays
      • still says by Feb 7th... No DD date and No money. I'm just hoping it comes by the 7th. Or my car will be taken away :(
      • Dont know if this helps anyone but I found a IRS deposit schedule..Here goes if you were accepted before jan25th by 11am we are delayed 1-2 weeks ugh!! But if you were accepted between Jan 26th - Feb 1st your dd is Feb 8th..
      • We also had a expected DD by 2/7, when I noticed that people who filed AFTER me already had there refund I called IRS. I was told that my taxes r done processing and they gave me an official DD...FEBUARY 10TH!!!!Needless to say, he got quite ana ear full from me. A deposit on the 7th would mean it took them 20 days to process my taxes, now we r taking 23 days. That taking between 7-21 days is BULLS@#$ ! They r just gona take there time and do what ever they want, they pay no mind to the general public & there needs! Jack@#$% !
      • I agree! I wish people who filed after the 25th would shut their mouths....
      • I filed Jan 18th was accepted Jan 18th. I was stuck on processing should receive by Feb 7th. I woke up this morning and It has been processed and says will dep. Feb 8th. Finally!!!  A dd date. Only over 3 weeks after e-filing. Next year I am doing a paper mail return and save my filing fee $ and keep it for myself. I'll make sure hopefully I won't need it so fast next year and I'll just wait til irs decides to pay me. I don't blame tt cause other tax filing companies are going through the same thing. It's cut backs in the government that caused the delays.
      • I filed on the 21st after being rejected from the first time I filed on the 13th. I was accepted on the 22nd, and just got a dd date of the 8th this morning. I am very happy to finally have a dd date. I am also keeping my fingers crossed for it arriving tomorrow. I have heard of early dd's.
      • Ok mine was supposed to be deposited today and still nothing...Ugh I have been very patient but now I'm pissed an theres basically nothing I can do
      • It's been 20 days since I've been Accepted and all WMR is saying is we recieved your return and it's being processed
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