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Where do I put 1099g taxable grant income?

I have a 1099G with taxable grant income (box 6).  Box 6 is not available, only 2,7,9 which are state/local refunds for farm and business, agricultural payments, and market gains.  I tried putting it on agri pmts b/c this seemed the most logical.  The next screen asks me if it is agri pmts, federal disaster assist, or market gains.  Again I say agricultural assistance.  However, my refund does not go down - so it is not being taxed.?
    A taxable grant reported on a 1099-G is listed on the form in the program.  You need to go to Wages and Income, under Other Common Income, on Other 1099-G Income click start.  Taxable grants are listed as on option within the interview.
    • It worked!  Thank you so much.  When I went through the process under farm income all the choices were not there, but going through from the income screen gave me all the options for taxable grants and my refund went down like I expected.  Thanks again!