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    If you are talking about your Federal Return, there will be no Direct Deposits made until 01/28/2011. Wife is a Licensed Tax Professional. She has a copy of the IRS e-file Refund Chart. According to that chart these are the deposit dates.
    IRS Acceptance date              Direct Deposit Date
    01/14/11-01/20/11                    01/28/11
    01/20/11-01/27/11                    02/04/11
    01/27/11-02/03/11                    02/11/11
    02/03/11-02/10/11                    02/18/11
    02/10/11-02/17/11                    02/25/11
    02/17/11-02/24/11                    03/04/11
    02/24/11-03/03/11                    03/11/11
    03/03/11-03/10/11                    03/18/11
    03/10/11-03/17/11                    03/25/11
    03/17/11-03/24/11                    04/01/11
    03/24/11-03/31/11                    04/08/11
    03/31/11-04/07/11                    04/15/11
    04/07/11-04/14/11                    04/22/11
    04/14/11-04/21/11                    04/29/11
    04/21/11-04/28/11                    05/06/11
    04/28/11-05/05/11                    05/13/11
    05/05/11-05/12/11                    05/20/11
    05/12/11-05/19/11                    05/27/11
    05/19/11-05/26/11                    06/03/11
    05/26/11-06/02/11                    06/10/11


    • I have heard someone did get their's yesterday.  Everyone keep your finger's crossed.... Maybe we will all get our refund sooner :)
    • Trust me i know im keeping my fingers crossed.....
    • did u?
    • Someone said they are randomly sending out refunds.... I hope to get mine today
    • No, but i heard some people did....i didnt get mine yet...i wish, i am just concern about the saying it will be dep on 2/1/11 and the chart says 1/28/11.  can anyone really explain that? i understand it maybe a cushion, but that is a tuesday and last year they went threw this problem before
    It does not matter what software was used or if it was self prepared or prepared by a practitioner or professional.  The normal refund cycle was posted twice here in this thread and probably 90% of direct deposit returns will fall correctly into the cycle.

    IRS is testing a program called modernized e-file and returns randomly chosen as test return will receive their direct deposit refund in 2 to 3 days.

    There is no way to know if any particular return will be chosen and there is no way to try and make your return chosen.  Hopefully this is the last year of the testing and next year all returns will be completed using modernized e-file.
    • How many returns are the IRS doing that  test on?  Did they just do it at the beginning or will they continue throughout the tax season?
    • I have no idea how many they will test, but yes, the tests will carry on until October 15.
    • Can I just get my taxes accepted by the IRS, I entered them on 1/9 through turbo tax.. time stamped! Still have not been accepted by the IRS!
    • @val238..did you use any deductions or use the standard deduction?? if you didnt use the standard you will have to wait till 2/14/2010 before they are accepted.
    Here is the IRS Refund Cycle chart…
    • My daughter got hers yesterday she used the Freedom Edition from Turbo Tax.
    • What is the Freedom Refund?
    • At chele11...  I researched the freedom version and it is a free version offered by turbo tax if you meet certain criteria.
    Should see mine Tonight or tomorow

    University Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.

    RT Disbursement Information

    ACH direct deposit to go out the next business day. Disbursement date: 01/24/2011

    For an itemized breakdown of the total dollar amounts received and disbursed on your behalf, please click here.

    Amounts Received by University Bank

    These are the amounts University Bank has received or will receive from the IRS, the State, and you, the Taxpayer.

    Item  Amount  
    Expected IRS Refund Amount: $4,022.00
    Amount Received From The IRS: $4,022.00
    Total Refund Amounts Received: $4,022.00
    Total Taxpayer Payments: $4,022.00
    • if your direct deposit  goes straight to my acct. do the irs still send it to that third party bank or not?
    • RT Disbursement Information
      ACH direct deposit to go out the next business day. Disbursement date: 01/24/2011
      For an itemized breakdown of the total dollar amounts received and disbursed on your behalf, please click here.

      Amounts Received by University Bank

      These are the amounts University Bank has received or will receive from the IRS, the State, and you, the Taxpayer.

      Item  Amount  
      Expected IRS Refund Amount: $3,180.00
      Amount Received From The IRS: $3,180.00
      Total Refund Amounts Received: $3,180.00
      Total Taxpayer Payments: $3,180.00

      Refund Deductions

      The following items have been, or will be, deducted from your refund (Federal or State Account Handling Fee is only paid when the corresponding Federal or State refund is received).

      Item  Amount  
      TurboTax Fee(s): $27.95
      University Bank Bank Fee: $29.95
      Applicable State Taxes: $1.68
      Total Refund Deductions: $59.58

      Summary Information

      Item  Amount  
      Total Amount Received By University Bank: $3,180.00
      Total Amount Paid On Your Behalf: $61.26
      Amount Paid To You:  $3,120.42
    • I have got to ask, how are people getting their money back today? I filed early, January 7, to be exact, and have yet t have seen my money. What did yall do differently? This is my first (and last) time ever filing thru TurboTax, as I have alway done rapid thru H&R block and gotten my money right then and there, no offense, I am horrible at being patient.. I am going crazy waiting!!!!
    FLICKCHICK: the disbursment date is the 28th for your federal and two ta three weeks for state some people are gettting theirs early idk y but u should get your money by fri if u did direct deposit...I wish i was getting mine then but because i have itemized deductions i have to wait to even be processed until the 14th of feb which i think is STUPID!!!!!
    • @ RAGINGMAMMA: I hear ya, I filed thru turbotax, and had fees deducted thru University Bank, I called them earlier and they said they don't see a pending deposit. I totally understand that the supposed first direct deposit date is 1/28, I just don't understand how the IRS picks and chooses people to get thiers back quicker than others. Why are they "special", and to people who got theirs back early I am happy for ya! I just want mine too!!!!
    Tax Freedom website that is free if you made under $31,000
      NIce link.  But it is all returns.  IRS uses 1040 for ALL series 1040 return, including EZ and A.
      • even if it did apply to only one,common sense would be that they would do it with the ez forms but it does apply to all
      Here is the link about the moderonized e-file. It only applies to 1040 not 1040 ez is the way I understand it.
        • sounds good some peaple are getting theres maybe mine will be here tomorrow to then i dont use this university bank i dont know what that is but mine is direct deposited so maybe mine will be here tomorrow to i was accepted on the 16
        richard156  go this this link it will explain the new system the irs is testing  the point of the test is there testing a new system and if implamented if all test goes well you will get your taxes accepted faster with faster direct deposits instead of having to wait 14 days. from what i read and understand taxes are processed now in a batch but this new system will process taxes one at a time witch will make acceptance quicker  with faster direct deposites i understand from reading it if all goes well with in the next year to 2012  all taxes will be done on it instead of radam picks for testing this year
        • This random testing is confusing.....  Could anyone at anytime get their refund before the 28th???  Does it matter if you have your fee's taken out of your refund?
        No i did not but it also depends where you live.
        Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 28, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 2, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 2, 2011 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.
          Goodmorning evevrybody I got the same message today dd feb 28 haaapppyyy also!!l lol.Now just waiting for santa barbara to update and send me my money
          • Mines still have not updated...still saying DD  2-1. :(
          • mine was dd to my tt card about 5am woohoo time to spend it now...
          • I have not received my refund yet but a very good friend of mine filed a week after I did and has already received her direct deposit.
          • Mine stated i was due to get it 2/1 and SBBT said 1/28. I just checked the irs site for the update and my date has now been pushed out to 2/8 due to processing delays....has anyone else had this happen?
          • We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information from you. When you receive the notice, please provide the requested information within 30 days. You may not receive all or a part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested from you. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice

            did anyone get this this morning? this was not like that last night?
          • the chart is giving all fridays but the irs is saying i will get mine on the 8th which is a tuesday or is it no later than that?
          • I checked the WMR website yesterday, it said January 28,2011.  Went back last night before I went to sleep and it didn't have any information on me then this morning went on the website again and it said that I will now get my return deposited by February 5, 2011 due to processing delays.  It didn't say anything specific about my return so maybe the IRS is experiencing delays in processing returns overall.  I too have used Turbotax for many years and it's the same thing every year.  There always seems to be alot of postings on the website and blame going around.  These are tough times for everyone and we could all use our refund but we have no choice but try to be patient.  Getting frustrated only raises your blood pressure.  :-)  I'll just keep checking the WMR website and my bank account until it hits.  Good Luck to everyone, I'm sure the money received will be spent wisely.
          • This is what i got this am when i checked. I have the TT card and no fees,  Does this go directly from the IRS onto the card or does it go through a bank? Anyone know?

            Refund Status Results

            Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 28, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 2, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 2, 2011 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.
          • I got my direct deposit on the 25th of Jan. After check the irs web site and going to where my refund section, it told me the 25th and that when i got it
          • well i checked wmr this morning and now tells me theres a delay? last night when i clalled the gentleman said it was going to be the 28th? so how can it go from the 28th to now saying a delay when i actually was told by someone the date. he updated my information last night and wmr couldnt find my information then today chnaged to delay? anyone have any idea what that means
          • yesterday the irs site said dd 2/1. So i called the irs and after answering alot of ?'s she gave me a date of 1/28. I checked the irs site this morning and it changed to this:

            Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 28, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 2, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 2, 2011 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.
            I'm hoping for or fri !!
          • I have just checked every site I know to check and got a different date on each one.  Does no one at these agencies have any clue what is going on?  I filed with TurboTax & Paid for the service, not the free file, it cost me over $100 to file everything.
            Turbo Tax is saying it should be the 28th of January for my deposit.
            SBB&T is saying no later than the 1st of February.
            AND The F^%#ing IRS this morning now says there was a processing delay and it will be the 8th of February.

            All these answers I just checked not 5 minutes ago, can't anyone get on the same page??
          • My info updated today on WMR site.  For those of you checking it over and over again, I don't think it changes that much.  Mine stated Feb 1st for a week now, and today or last night it changed to Jan 28th.  Hang in there everyone...Our money is coming, except if you owe someone they collect for..
          • When I checked the IRS site last night it had updated from telling me I would receive my refund on Feb.1 to telling me that I would too receive my refund on 1/28. When i checked again this morning thankfully it is still saying the 28th =)  I checked SBB and so far it is still stating that my funds have not been released to them by the IRS and that I should expect it on the 28th. I am going to keep checking though hoping it comes sooner.
          • I Checked the IRS website and it tells me my refund was directed deposited today but i havent recieved my turbo tax card what should i do.
          • i didnt git mine
          • If you didn't get your TT card yet, then it isn't activated and the money can't go on it. When you get your card it says it must be activated by you first.  I got my card fast, but my DD date is friday.
          • no, i haven't gotten mines, but my son received his direct deposit on his turbo tax card on yesterday 01-25-2011!
          For those of you getting your refund through University bank check their site again. It says they have sent payment to the bank so expect it to post in the next few hours. I have Bank of America which means it will hit midnight.
          • I just did, and still nothing...GRRRR!
          • well im in ky but. i knw our time is different zones here. is it a chance ill get mines after midnight. rite now it is 8pm here
          I can not say for sure if you'll get an email, I did not. What I did was check SBBT webite and saw they had receive my refund.....then they took out their fees, (of course) and then deposited the rest to my bank. I checked my bank and it shows my refund deposit and said it should post 1/25/2011 anytime up to 6am. This is a prepaid account.
          • phyleshia, you said yours is a pre paid accnt... are you using a pre paid visa green dot by any chance. that is what i am using, and im just wondering. thanx
          • My federal refund was direct deposited into my account today! So yes it is possible to receive your federal before the 28th.
          • jezza3- I had a GD card and they closed my account and I did not know it when I entered my account info just before I efiled with TT. I called SBBT and told them the situation and they asked me to fax in some info and new account number and I did it just in time, cause later on this evening sbbt had my refund. Had I not done that, it would have went back to the IRS. Not saying GD prepaid card bad, they just didn't give me notice of my account closure. Just keep checking your account status on their website. I had a old AccountNow prepaid card from last year.
          • I am still waiting on mine to be processed through Santa Barbara Bank and nothing has happened yet.
          mama0220- The number I called was 1-800-829-1040 and just keep hitting 0 since every option is a recorded one.

          Jentrott- So if our online status says no information available that means the refunds are getting ready to be deposited? The lady I spoke to said 3 weeks after the 1st which I find not correct... So we should see a deposit by friday or maybe even earlier, correct? I just find it weird that they would process the return and from there have no idea whats where its at, or whats going on with it lol.
          • I called a different number 18008290582. theirs an extension i will get for you..That lady told me that i was just processed and my return would be by the 28. mintues bfore then I wne t ot check my status and it said couldnt find my infor. When all day and all week said  was feb 1..
          • I haven't and all day it said on IRS site that my DD should be received by 2/1. Now it has no record of my info and from what I am reading that means I am being delayed for up to 3 weeks?!?!?!?! Why on earth would all of us that filed by the 20th have to wait longer than anyone else after us to get our refunds when others got theirs already. Why on Earth are all of a sudden their delays???? I sure hope that it hasn't changed, I really need that money. I was out of work for 4 months and am relying on it, I know I shouldn't be but after it was accepted and it has said refund my the 1st since then I was sure everything was okay. Now I don't know :(
          ex 362
          • zr700- Oh I am in the same boat, my husband got laid off right after he graduated college and we had a baby and need to pay a car payment and some other bills before things get bad, but from the looks at it I am not going to be able to rely on this, since the IRS doesnt know what there doing this year. I am going to call the number JenTott gave me and update you.
          • RiRi7: Please do when you get ahold of someone, I am not able to call until in the morning. I am just confused :(
          • Jentrott and zr700- Ok the number I called transferred me to a lady, she said that they cant see anything in there information systems until about 3 weeks so to call back in three weeks, but I told her about the Feb 1 information I had up before and she said possably go by that till then and wait and see, so maybe you talked to someone who was more informed about when the tax returns dont show any information they are already processed, and I am HOPING so!
          • Huh, The lady i talked to was able to see my deposit for friday. I gave her al lmy info she even gave me the amount of my return.. So i think we all should just wait tomm system updates. I hope everyone gets their returns...
          • surprisingly yes I received my refund today.
          • called just now  sweet lady. she asked about a hundred ? to verify my identity. but told me my deposit is for fri. and the amount they are going to deposit.  I hope everybody get their money. we work hard through the year,and it is hard times. pray about your situations and stay blessed. i will also pray that everything goes well for all.
          So from reading around other sites, some people have mentioned that they are releasing only a few early direct deposits. But others stating Feb 1 will most likely be put off for 3 more weeks or less, that is why they mention processing delays. But I dont know whats going on but it is really making me nervous as well. I mean if this was a few hundred dollars for people then whatever, but thousands of dollars for each person filing thats alot of money to be promising on certain dates in my opinion, but I only hope for the 28th at least. I use USAA and they get the IRS funds a day before and release them so if I dont have them Thursday I guess the 3 week issue may be true...
          • Finally got ahold of someone very helpfull, she mentioned that my date is still Feb 1 and that if no deposit is shown by then, the deposit will be there within three weeks!
          the site is only for people who elected to have their tt payments took from their refund as this bank also charges additional 29.99 just for their service and doesnt apply if you used another payment type or used the free file option.
          • doingok. haven left for vegas yet. but irs says 1/28 so yesssssssssssss they said it is processed so maybe it will be here early
          i like the new way of filing after reading the artical if this program is implmented you can recieve your refund in 24-72 hours after aknowlegement in stead of 14 days. thanks to the poster for posting that artical i hope nxt year every one will be able to use that instead of randam pickings this year. as for me i still havent recieved mine i do understand there are a few that has recieved theres i guess theres got picked to test the new system
          • what is this testing refunds all about
          For the people who got there refunds do you pay turbo tax fees with and credit card or have them deducted from your return? Also does anyone have the website for the bank turbo tax uses for the fees if you chose to have them taken out of your refund?
            people stop worrying about that stupid wmr site and just call 1-800-829-1954 ad just enter your info and it will tell you whats up regardless of the wmr site...
            • I just called that number and they are telling me my refund isnt estimated to be released til Feb 4th...
            • where on university bank do you check your status
            I just checked the WMR site and it says I should have it Fri. the 28th no later than Feb. 2nd If it's not there by the 2nd to call them.
            • My friend has her deposited at 8pm Monday evening.  This is electonical, I dont care if your wife or mother works for the IRS... its going to be deposited when its depostied.
            • I thought the IRS was holding off until February 14th on processing any Federal returns due to the new tax laws that were enacted? Is this true?  If so, when can individuals expect their tax returns?
            • No tax returns already have ben processed and people have already got there money. Cajun Girl I think for us who have the 8th, it could take longer or shorter, since everybody has a exact direct deposit date and we dont. So we officialy dont even have a date when to expect the deposit which sucks, if there was honestly processing delays this week, fine but give us a date next week you know? I am pretty sure the next message we will get is, your refund has ben pushed back to Feb. 9th due to processing delays, and so forth until we get a exact date
            • I efiled thought TT and Set up to have my refund DIrect Deposit.. Up until today the IRS site said that my refund would be Direct Deposited on Feb1. And today it says that they will mail me a paper check on Feb 4th. I called the IRS to find out why it is being mailed and no Direct Deposited. They said that TT stated that I wanted my check mailed. TT did not show them anywhere were I had set up Direct Deposit.  This is  some on TT side that is why so many poeple are have problems getting there money. There is something wroung with TT softwear. I use TT ever year and this is the first time I have ever had a problem with TT. I wish everyone luck with getting you tax refund throught TT this year. And If is show that the amount of your return and change, It might be that you are getting more back than you thought you were.
            • @RiRi7-hopefully the next date we get will be the date it will deposited! Better yet, forget the date just deposit the money! Im goin to check the site agin in the morning and if it hasnt changed, call the IRS again
            • I got mine today  was a direct deposit  :)  yeah baby
            • People who got theirs today, what was the date they said it would be in???
            • Today has been 10 days since mine was accepted I was hoping to get it like, today or before haha but I will be ok with getting it friday as long as it doesnt take past friday cause irs said it'd be deposited friday the 28th. fingers crossed. good luck everyone
            • I was wondering the same thing the wheres my refund said it would be deposited today and when i checked it again today i cant even pull up the wheres my refund anyone have answers
            For those of us that has a dd of jan 28th and are exspecting our refunds on friday and have tt fees I talked to someone at sbb a little while ago and I was able to ask him how it will all go down on friday as far as getting our money and his response was if the money gets to them (IN) the morning then they will dd the money at that time if it comes later that day or eveing it will be in your account monday.GOT BILLS HOPEING FOR MORNING myself.
              For those that say the chart is the end all resource for when you will get your refund you are wrong. Also if you believe the IRS only deposits on Fridays you are again wrong. Did it occur to you that the IRS gives a set of dates to thwart this kind of chaos?

              I filed on January 14th and it was accepted on the 15th. I had my fees taken from my credit card. Turbo Tax then told me to expect my deposit on January 28th. The IRS WMR site said not to expect my return until Feb. 1 however my deposit went through January 25th.
              • a woman I work with got hers last week ..
              • I just checked the SBBT site and it shows they have recieved my refund. Now how long does it take them to send it to my bank for my deposit?
              • ok just checked sbbt website money posted but said it wont be sent tt card untill 28th i called them and sked if this helps anyone
              • Midnight8,I called them as well and he said all he can tell me is that it is do them tommorow and I will get an email when they send the money I think I got hold to a b-hole rep
              • Hey everyone. Wmr says that I should get my deposit on the 28th, but my bank is not showing any scheduled direct deposits. Is this normal? i have seen some people whos bank was able to tell them that a deposit was coming.... any ideas??
              • I'm guessing those who pay fees throught Turbotax/SBBT will have to wait until the 28th to receive their refund.  Those who had no fees to deduct, or who paid by credit card, got theirs early
              • Mine is still projected for the 28th. checked SBBT and nothing there yet but the fee charges.  Checked the status of my michigan refund and its also projected for the 28th BUT the amount they have is 200.00 LESS then what TT.  Whats up with that TT?????
              I keep reading people's comments saying that the earliest date that the returns will be sent will be the 28th.
              That is incorrect. I have several friends that have already received theirs. For instance, one of my friends received theirs last week..on a Tuesday, another one on a Wednesday and another on a Thursday..and there were no holds. So that's an indication that not only have people received their deposits before the 28th, but also that they IRS deposits on other days, not just Friday. IRS says that to cover their booties ;-)

              Hope this helps. A lot of people seem confused..and a lot of people are giving the wrong answers.
                If you are getting your money through universit Bank like I did. That is if you got your fees deducted from your return you should recieve it soon. I am est  time also so I should see mine after midnight. Well in the morning cause I will be sound asleep!
                • i hear ya flick chick. i feel the same way. i was accepted on the 16 filed on the 12th. wish i was in that same batch
                • to jennichlson.  Is it possible they are still sending out deposits because they have not recievd mines yet so i was just curious if there is a cut off time for them sending out deposits today
                elvoes did you have them deduct fees from your return?
                • I give up! Hopefully it will be there in the AM, and it's just the difference in times since I am in Florida and it's 8:20PM here.
                • ti jen. yes i had fee ducted. but its not showing on the sbbt website so maybe ill get it tomo or friday
                • Well I'm central time, so its 7:30pm in MS. sbbt says they sent my refund to my account, just waiting for it to be release. Will it be after midnite? I remember last yr, it posted just after 11pm central, so I guessing maybe this yr to. I'm hoping so.
                • i also chose to have my fees deducted from my refund, however when i check the bank website, it says it still has not recieved my refund... uugghhhh!!!! i wish i could get mine tomm...
                • I just checked the bank website TurboTax goes through at the following link and my account summary states that my money is expected to be refunded to me on 1/28/2011. I read in the chat that some people were already getting their refunds through the same method I am using (direct deposit), but it is currently 9:11pm EST time where I am located and nothing has processed. It is frustrating to me how some people are getting theirs early and others are not. I filed my taxes on 1/8/2011 and it was approved on 1/14/2011.
                • Of course this means that the IRS did indeed process some returns on FRI.21st thous giving it the weekend before the banks actually do anything with the deposite notice today is Monday ?So I guess those of us that have a dd of Feb 1st might see our refund on Fri 28th or Feb 1st.OOoohhh well atlease they are moving along cant say that I dont wish it was me.Although I dont understand how this STPAUL BANK thing goes and I live in SAINTPAUL will I get an email from them?Or just from my bank that the money will be direct deposited onto if anyone out there know I would thankful for any input.
                tilt where are u. it is 12am midnight here est. are u. and do u know wat time zone sbbt bank is.
                  How are yall checking through University Bank?
                  • I couldn't sleep tonight, so I checked the website for the bank TT uses after reading everyone's posts, and at 1:15 am EST time my refund has not deposited and I filed as early as I could =( Looks like I am one of the unlucky ones that has to wait until the 28th.
                  • What is happening when your bank doesn't show your deposit as pending anymore? Are they updating to post the money to your account?
                    Here is the link to the e-fil Payment Chart.

                    • I got my state direct deposited yesterday and waiting fo rthe fed. Should be here by friday
                    • same here checked wmr this morning and its showing dd of 1-28 for me
                    • That's a great IRS list but, my daughter got hers on the 25th on her card, not sure if direct deposits are the same or not.  Nothing is concrete always an exception to the rule.
                    • I checked earlier on WMR and it said DD on the 31st, now I checked again and it's saying my info is not valid. Is this just an update thing?
                    • I got my oregon state taxes direct deposited last night
                    • I filed with TT on 1-23 and was efiled. Illinois accepted and is processed. Fed will have to wait cause I guess anyone efiling with a Schedule A form WON'T be processed until Feb. 14th because the Government changed the tax breaks mid December 2010. So now the IRS has to change the submitted program for Form Schedule A. As long as the IRS receives the efile by TT between 2-11 and 2-17, they will process the return by the 17th. Refunds get processed and should be received by 2-25. This TICKS me OFF! Nothing was mentioned of what form was going to cause what problems. First the Form 4562 wasn't going to be available until 1-20, then on the 20th TT changed it to the 27th. Stating the IRS didn't submit it to them. Infact, TT didn't put it in their program until the 20th and wasn't going to update the system until the 27th.
                      I called TT and the IRS to see what is going on. TT says they can't submit the Federal efile until the Schedule A Form is available through the IRS. The IRS says they will accept the efile and hold it until the 2-14. Now this screws my moving plans cause we are being forced out of our townhouse that we rent because the landlord wants to upgrade the property. We are moving to NC anyways, but can't afford the move until the Fed refund gets to us. We are supposed to be out by 2-19. Refund won't be available until 2-25, supposedly. Maybe later. IRS can't process return until TT releases the efile. I am NEVER using TT again! This is the 3rd year and with all this happening this year alone, I will have a heart attack before the refund comes and the move to NC will be putting me in the ground first. Fed-up and sick of all this Government changing crap! It's NOT helping us, it's making us worse!
                    • yes I got mine yesterday 4 days earlier then what they said
                    has anyone got their refund on an account now prepaid card or rushcard
                    • Yes i did get direct deposit today, Filed on 1-16-2011
                    • I filed on the 13th, got accepted on the 14th, but the IRS website says they have no info on my return.... TT and their bank website say the 28th... I sure hope so!!!!
                    My sister in law got her refund today the 26th and filed on the 17th the irs web site showed she would get it today also so idk it is more than the 2-3days but not Friday either we were told by the credit union that all banks receive the funds today that it is up to the bank when to post it credit unions tend to post as soon as they receive them
                    • irs said thy have received my return ,but states i want receive refund until feb 8th,but the cycle chart says the 4th of february does anyone else get this.i  filed  electronically on jan 24th.
                    • yea they came today and my friends came yesterday
                    • blessed 3651- I am in the same boat, it said I would have it before Feb 1 now its the 8th. They accepted mine the 15th, but from talking to the IRS, they do it at random now at the beginning of the year. So I guess the refund cycle chart is not true for the most part.
                    • Mine also says "by the 8th"
                    • Is it possible it can still be in the account this Friday even though it says -by the 8th of February
                    • I'm in Arkansas and I filed on January 14th and my return was accepted on the 15th I paid my fees with a credit card and my refund was deposited yesterday although I only noticed today. I used to have my fees deducted from my return but it always took a little longer for me to get my deposit. I recommend paying with a credit card if possible.
                    • djreiff51
                      Turbo Tax stated that just to sucker people in and damn did it work
                    • If my state is still pending am i still going to get my fed when they said I would, it says I will recieve it the 31st DD..
                    • I paid with Credit Card which is the wierd thing, so didnt and already refund.

                      Cajungirl- The guy said if it says the 8th then most likely no we wont get it the 28th. But mayeb sometime next week before friday, but also it can change again till after the 8th. But most likely for sure 3 weeks from now...
                    • turbo tax has nothing to do with it the irs does do your taxes right and it wouldnt be on delay i did my on the 16th and on irs it did say dd by feb 1st now it says dd on jan 28th
                    • Thanks!
                      Does the IRS website update their info tonight?
                    • Just wondering...for those who received their refund, does the wmr site date match when you received it in your account?
                    • Yes I received my Tuesday
                    I just looked on the IRS website and this is an updated response from what I saw a few days earlier about the Feb 1 date:

                    Refund Status Results
                    Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 28, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 2, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 2, 2011 before you contact us again because
                    • @Zach- That scares me.  Mine is scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm not going to be a happy camper if it's not there.
                    i just checked the site & mine says Feb.1st still but that doesn't mean any thing. some dates may update some wont. same thing happened last year. i didnt know i had got my deposit on the friday i should have until the sunday afterwards. the refund site said it wasnt deposited all weekend. but come sunday nite i checked my email and saw a deposit notification from the bank account saying it in fact was deposited on time that friday at 12am. the wheres my refund site is not accurate and has not been as far back as i can remember. key message here is that my deposit was in the bank readily available for 3 whole days while the irs site said it hadnt been deposited at all.
                    if you filed with no errors, and no itemized deductions, and your return was accepted by 1/20/2011 @ 11am you should recieve yours friday if direct deposited. so if its not there friday thats when you panic.
                      I owed state tax a couple hundred so they offset my federal i hope i get the remaining balance deposited into my account this friday.If not i'll be waiting till March.
                      • I filed mine on the 14th and got rejected pin number was wrong than i resent it the 16 said wait for irs to accept on the 17 irs accepted it said i would get direct deposit on 28th on irs website said schduled for 28th i also called to recheck after reading some comments and the auto service said 28th i went thru turbo tax and being deposited on a green dot card   ill just wait and see what happens friday fingers crossed
                      • My refund went into my account at 4 am this morning...1/27
                      • On turbox tax site its says the date i should receive my return is feb 4th but on the "wheres my refund" site it says feb 8th why is that? i filed on jan 22
                      • My state was deposited this morning, no Federal yet
                      • @missgab     what was your date on wmr??
                      • According to TurboTax, the IRS will not begin to accept returns until February 14, 2011.  Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a straight answer anywhere.
                      • So much for getting our refunds earlier than Jan. 28th when that is the date shown on the IRS and SBB website, because I didn't get mine this morning like I was hoping I would. I really don't understand how so many people can get theirs days earlier than scheduled and I can't even get mine one day early. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it's Monday before I get my refund... which is extremely frustrating given the fact it is a substantial amount of money.
                      • Mine showed up in account this morning
                      • If no refunds go out until 1/28 why are people posting that they've been getting their refunds throughout this whole week??
                      • got mine today, was scheduled for DD 1/28 on WMR. My bank credits all DD's a day early.
                      • yes i got my direct deposit today!
                      • Still waiting accepted on the 20th and was told yesterday it would now be the 8th
                      • I wish I could say I got mine a day I have a greendot card (but not turbotax card). Mine is due to hit tomorrow. It would be nice to get it today though.
                      • to those that  received         refund this morning was wmr scheduled for dd on the 28th and was any of them threw sbbt please post if yes thank you
                      • Yes got mine today
                      • to jb was sceduled for the 28th and threw sbbt
                      • I contacted the irs this morning and got a very nice lady who told me that the feb 8th date thats listed on the irs website when i log in just a cushioned date for them to make sure the return is complete and has been checked by the proper departments and my dd would be there by feb 4th. I was hopin for 1/28 like TT stated but doesnt seem thats going to happen ...oh well Im glad I had not made any plans yet ... Good Luck to ev1 hopinn to get theres tomorrow
                      • I just received notification via SBB Bank that the IRS has released my refund to them, but at this point it still has not posted to my bank account. I was wondering if anyone else received a deposit into their account the same day they got this message from SBB or did it take a couple of days for the bank to release the funds????
                      • @breluv----so ours that say by Feb8th due to processing delays, maybe it will be tomorrow?
                      • Yes, My bestfriend told me this morning hers was in her account, but I have not received mine and we done it on the same day! I hope it is there tomorrow!
                      If you have itemized deductions, your federal return will not even be accepted until after February 14th.

                      If you live in Georgia and recieved a direct deposit, there was a computer glitch and your return may have been deducted from your account. If so, here is a form you can use to get any overdraft fees incurred refunded.

                      • IRS had a direct deposit date of 1/28 for me and still says this as of right now, but my federal refund was deposited this morning. I check my bank account around 5:20 a.m central time and it was in my account. So some people may get lucky today.
                      • Thank you so very much for your help
                      • to flowwithit what bank did you use
                      • my refund was submitted on january 8 and still shows pending....i used h&r block online and within a few hours it was more will i use turbo tax again!!! plus h&r was a bigger amount and they charge less
                      • Checked SBBT again for the third time  And they have my refund.. Said it will be deposited tomorrow.  My bank normally credits direct deposits. at 8pm the night before.  But i wont hold my breath
                      I also just received notice that sbbank has received my refund  as well but it wasnt there this moring leaving to beleave that they will be posting threw-out the day so if sbb site say nothing been received and you have a dd of 1/28 just check back later it probly be there.Also I dont think calling them with concerns helps any I had called wanted to know how i would get my refund by friday if they didnt have it yet turns out they do have it just didnt want to give that imformation.And it just posted to there site no more checking for me untill midnight goodluck everyone thank you for all your inputt.
                      • @judyjp60: Mine from MI was just over 200 dollars less than TT stated too, it was last year and I never got an  explanation in the mail like I was suppose to, then when I called they said it was an error on TT's part, something about their figures for the Homestead are off. I sent TT a message last year about it, I didn't think they would have had the same issue this year but they must. I check over all the numbers and did it by hand and it comes up correct but they said I will get a letter of explanation...I won't hold my breath, I am sure I will call and get another run around story.
                      Yes, it came in at midnight. HAPPY!!!!!!
                      • I have some insight for all us who have opted to have fees with held by santa barbara bank and trust and who have the turbo tax green dot card. I called both regarding my tax refund seeing as the SBBT site states they got my refund took there money--SBBT Rep stated yes they have recived my refund yes the sent it out here comes the kicker our refunds go from SBBT to the federal bank then to us. When I call the card I got some one who clearly cannot speak nor understand english he let me know they dont hold deposits and in fact claims that NO ONE has recived there refund on thier cards complete BS i let him talk and talk then told him I want to know when they will give me the money i dont want a by this date to this date i want date and time he stated i should see it by 12am if not sooner so i will let you all know
                      • to those that got got direct deposit today were any of yalls on tt card and threw sbbt
                      • when sbbt received your money how long do it take to get on your turbocard
                      • I was told once the money is deposited it should hit your tt card the same day
                      • If your return still shows as pending, it might be one of the ones still on hold and not due to be processed until 2/15/11.  If you itemize deductions or claim Higher Education credits, all of those are on hold until mid-Feb.  Turbo Tax is keeping them in their queue until them, but they won't show up as accepted until then.
                      • i received mine yesterday:)
                      • I finally got my money today!!! It was thru Santa Barbara, but it has NOT hit my bank account yet, I called Santa Barbara and they have sent the funds to my bank, I then called my bank and they said that they will be going through the next batch of direct deposits at 3PM, so wish me luck!!!
                      • Turbotax has lost my business. Sbbt has my money claims they dont hold money whatsoever but yet i dont have it!!! So see ya tt its cheaper elsewhere anyways!!!!
                      for those of you that received your refund early did any of you guys pay threw turbotax or any other place or was it the free version. i hear that only the ppl that did the free version can recieve their refund early
                      • YeS!!!  Mine was in my account this morning.  I was accepted on the 19th.  On the 22nd, WMR gave message for dd by Feb 1.  Monday evening my info on wmr disappeared, then on Tuesday morning, gave an exact dd date or Jan 27.  Today it was there!  Goo luck to you all and thank you for all of these answers.  They have been very helpful!  Oh, I did free edition with straight direct deposit to bank acct.
                      • I went on SBBT website and I called and the lady told me that they have recived my refund taken out their fees and my money is on its way to my account and that I should see it in there tomorrow. She said he hasn't reach my account yet but it is on the way.
                      • to thatone your not as smart as you think you are they have been making deposits all week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if you dont know what yoy are talking about stay off here
                      • no i didnt got a message stating that i will receive it in 2/8/2011 b/c off processing delays!!! (WTF) im not understanding this confusing @ all!!!!!
                      • i called they have sent mine to ttcard . called tt card and they only update at10pm tonight pac.time which is 11 pm cen thats what iwas told by tt rep hope this helps . and not true that the irs only dep. on friday they did mine this morn
                      • @pooh so i live in ky i think that is est. time so 10pm is really 1am for me rite
                      • I live in MN. its 1:00 pm here my post are showing up with a 2 hour differnce
                      • thats what i was told 10 pm pacific time they start updating ontil midnight so it will be then before t
                        hey show anything and could take up till 24 hours i wont use tt card next year should have used my bank
                      • so if its 10pm pacific time that means it will be like 1am eastern time im in ohio right?
                      • University Bank had my refund, when will they send it to my bank?
                      • ssb got mine today how long it take to process
                      • Santa Barbara/ University Bank claims they have already sent my refund via ACH deposit to my bank, and I mean an actual bank not any kind of card. Santa Babara sends out payments twice a day, midnight and 8 AM. Now my bank processes direct deposit transactions twice daily also, after hours meaning between 7P and 8A, and at 3P so I pray that my refund hits my account after 3P today, not in the morning. Santa Barbara did tell me though that it can take 1-2 business days before my bank receives the refund. I wish I hadn't used them though because I would have already had my money instead of still playing this waiting game.
                      You can check the university bank home page. I got accepted on 19  and still havent seen anything yet. I wil lwait to Friday. people who already getting accepted what day did you file..
                      • I filed the 7th. i am susprised to be receiving mine back already
                      • When I just check again, it says they HAVE deposit my refund to my card today, may have to wait 1-2 days for bank to post. already deducted their fees. I haven't done anything differently. I file the way I always have with TT. I don't think that its them holding anyone up. It's the IRS, the banks and the man in the middle. Please be patient, I am terrible at waiting on something too. I know all of your refunds are coming, some sooner than others, but they'll be here. I did not think mine would either but, whoa, to my surprise :0)
                      • My taxes were accepted by the IRS on the 20th and when I check "where's my refund" it says no information available.....  Why is this?????
                      • I filed on the 15th and got accepted on thr 17th. Have always expected my refund on a Friday but a couple of years have gotten them on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
                      • I filed on the 7TH and got accepted on the 16TH, and still don't see anywhere where my funds have been disbursed.
                      I live in Fl and I got accepted on the 16th. I had TT deduct the fees from my refund. I bank with Wachovia, I'm supposed to get direct deposit and I just checked the IRS site, says I should receive my refund by Feb 1 but SBBT says the expected ACH funding date of my refund is 01/28/2011. Congratulations to those of you who have gotten or are getting your refund sooner! Maybe it depends on the amount of the deposit? I'm getting back $6400, I've been using TT for 6 yrs and I've always gotten my refund on the date they promise (which it's usually a Friday)
                        I received my state refund Friday 21, 11 and the internal revenue service took it back Monday 24, 2011. Has this happend to anyone else?
                        • i just checked the irs website wmr and it has updated telling me i will have mine dd on 1-26-2010 so the whole only being deposited on fridays does not apply this year.
                        • oops meant to say 2011 still have 2010 on the
                        • question for the ones that recieved there refund does the irs web site tell you  they sent it or do they still say you will recieve it by 2/1/11
                        • Just so everyone know yes Money is in my account. Good luck everyone!
                        • My turbotax said Jan 28, and the IRS said Feb 01 and the money appeared in my account at 8 am this morning.

                          I have education credits, etc...
                        • YES, I was scheduled to get mine on the;s in my account TODAY!!!
                        • mine said the same thing tt on the 28th and irs 1st but i still havent received mine
                        • to all you lucky dogs that got your money threw sbbt did you have eic claimed
                        • Those of you that got a deposit today, when did SBBT update thier site saying they had recieved it.
                        • to ziggy i just got of the phone with sbbt they said they only do deposits on friday wthf i dont know whats going on good luck mine hasnt changed either
                        • I GOT MIND
                        • Yes, I did but it was $700.00 less than it was suppose to be ??? Any ideas about that. I live in Minnesota so I am not sure if it is because of the new federal laws have not been adjusted yet or what. But ya, I got some of my money
                        • I got my fedral tax return in my bank. The amount i recieved is different from what i field. Yes you charged me 29.99, however the amount  I was to get was 4091.00 less 29.99
                          I got 4033.62? how did they come to that amount? Please reply.
                        everyone that has replied did you all have them take the 29.99 out of your account or did free filing
                        • do any have the bank number
                        • Anyone in TX got theirs yet??? Filed on 6th and accepted on 14th but mine still says nothing has been received by University Bank.
                        • are they depositing all day or just certain times. and anyone in ky get theres
                        • I have yet to receive my deposit as well. I filed early and my refund was approved on the 14th of Jan. After reading the posts that have already been written i didn't do anything differently than those who have already had their refunds deposited. I live in NC so I don't know if that makes a difference or not. The IRS website is still telling me my refund will be here on Feb.1, TT is still telling me it will be here on the 28th, and SB bank is telling me it will be here on the 28th as well. It doesn't make any sense to me; especially after reading the post someone placed on here regarding calling SB Bank and them being told that they don't release deposits until Friday....
                        • Yes received today, suppose to be Friday the 28th..
                        • Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 26, 2011. If your refund is not credited to your account by January 31, 2011, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until January 31, 2011 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

                          i called the irs and asked about friday deposits and the guy told me that for the last couple years that they deposit daily when processing criteria exceeds a certain level so the entire friday only thing is just AND ONLY JUST a basic guideline...
                        • Got mine today
                        • where are u located and wat time did it hit your account. dl928. it is 1pm here and im curious
                        • any body
                          in ohio getntheirs who a
                          re using unviversity bank???
                        • I just called Irs, told me mine is still expected to be Friday. He stated that the people who got kicked back week was dure to errors or because to many were trying to be proceessed at that time. he said you wont know unitl Firday, and if not would be pushed back just a weeek but as of now the 28..
                        • YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, Mike in Michigan did - Thank You Turbo Tax I love you!!!!!  I have filed with Turbo online for the last 5 years.  I always e-file the first day available in January.  I have never received my direct deposit before Feb. 1.  This is awesome baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        • mike in michigan did it just show up in your acc.
                        • Anyone who has gotten their money already...was it deposited into your personal bank account or did you use the "turbo tax card"? I am wondering if this maybe what they are talking about as fgar as deposits on fridays! Let me know, i want my money toooo!
                        • Mine went into my Bank acc!
                        • i got mine today with my bank card!!
                        • I received mine today via bank account. :)
                        • FYI: To those people (myself incuded) who have NOT got their refunds back yet, I just got off the phone with the IRS. I have the date refund date of 1/28 thru Turbotax and Santa Barbara, and the Where's my refund thru IRS shows 2/1. The IRS told me to expect my refund on 2/1, that the websites do not have access to their information, and cannot pinpoint when we will get our refunds, that Turbotax and Santa Barbara are just estimates. However the IRS rep did state that we could still get the refunds back a few days before or after the date shown on Where's my refund. So basically I know my refund money will be here when my bank accout shows it!
                        • I just spoke with a irs rep and he said i am done processing and i will be receiving part of my refund on 1/28/11 and i am under review for use my daughter ever year and i just had a baby in march 2010 who is on my return the irs is a trip does anyone know how long it will take to get my EIC money after i send in my kids information im like totally pissed off right now...................
                        • I just called irs, lady stated I am done being processed and will be deposited fri the 28. Right before I called them the  irs website was saying i entered wrong info.. So give them a call if this happened to you..
                        • Has anyone with itemized deductions gotten a return I understand they are not processing ours till Feb. 17th but another guy on tt said he got his and his deductions were itemized??? Just wondering.
                        • when the wmr start saying that can not find your information that means you are done processing and have a dd date so just call the irs and they will let you know or wait until tommorow and your info should be updated
                        • i know someone that got his today, and i efile it for him on jan 17
                        • hello i was wondering if anyone is getting their refund on a greendot card and if so how do you check to see if any deposits been made
                        • my sister received hers today, and hers was accepted on the 19th, so I guess she was one of the lucky ones to get randomly selected....
                        • has anyone got a deposit of 5k or more today instead of the 28th
                        If you didnt use standard deduction than that explains why being delayed a week..
                        • YES!  I did! I filed 1/16 and got notification I would get it 1/28 but it was there today! oh yeah!
                        • i called the number the gentleman said it is scheduled for fri the 28th and told me he was gonna update my information so i went to wheres my refund and now it tells me no information found about the refund so must be it got finalized and its all good for friday. i was glad the guy did verify the date good luck everyone i hope it all works out for everyone.
                        • I did standard..... They keep switching the date for me tho.... It doesnt make sense. I was approved on the 16th, I dont get why mine is going to take so long...Happy for the people getting their money but I have to be out of this place by the 31st, now I cant pay for my new place so I dont know how thats going to work!!
                        • I just checked my account and the money was deposited today Tuesday, January 25th
                        • mama , I would keep calling the irs until they give you a answer.. thats what  i did..
                        • I filed on the 21st and they have no info on whether or not my return has been accepted. Last year it took one day. Any thoughts?
                        • What's odd is last night around 3 am, the IRS Where's My Refund was updated and said my return was scheduled to be deposited January 27, 2011.

                          But this morning (and every time since) when I checked it said I entered my information wrong and they had no information regarding my refund. That makes me really nervous, and a little angry. It's yet to be deposited, so I'm not sure why it would change.

                          I did take a screen shot of it so I have proof of when it was supposed to be deposited, but it's not like that will do any good.

                          Well congrats to you all who have gotten your refunds early, thanks for furthering proof that the whole "the IRS only deposits returns on Fridays" is untrue.  I just wish I'd been one of the one's who received it early, and now I'm completely confused of what's actually going on.  I'm tired of the yearly IRS "computer glitches" - there are never glitches when it comes to the money they take out of our paychecks every other week!
                        • call this number they can tell u if its been processed 1800-829 0582  ext 362 they said mine will be there friday in my acct. hope this helps
                        • has anyone in florida gotten theres?
                        • tony247,Thanks for IRS number just called it and she tell's me they received my refund on 17th but I got a electronic stamp saying received 16th but yea see said probably by 7th of feb. but wmr site still say feb.1st so she says you can check then in case they process it quickly she wasnt much help lol
                        • i called the irs too and the guy told me that my return was still being processed and could take up to 3wks he couldnt give me the date or anything the irs website was showing my refund on the 1st now it says it cant find anything
                        • I did a freinds taxes on here and he got the card yesterday and he got drecit deposit today.
                        No, but I wish I got mines today!! It says 2/1 on the IRS site but it said 1/28 at first. I have checked the SBBT site and it has said 1/28 since I got accepted. Hope it's Friday or sooner!!! I'm a full time student and I am BROKE because of paying for books and classes!!
                        • As far as I knew, direct deposits are only made on Fridays. I have been doing my taxes on Turbo Tax for about 5 years now, and have always got it deposited on a Friday. Hope that helps
                        • For all the people who have had a change on the IRS Where's My Refund site, it's just an issue with the site, not your return!

                          Mine went from saying "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on January 27, 2011" to having no information about my refund at all.  Now it's back to showing my scheduled date.

                          I know it's easier said than done, and I was worried myself, but it's back up to showing the correct date... it must have been an issue with the site.

                          However, the whole "IRS only deposits on Friday" has already been proven to be untrue, it's just a basic guideline.

                          I'd love to get my return sometime tomorrow, but I'm not going to hold my breath. As long as I get it by Thursday or Friday I'll be ecstatic.

                          Hope this helps all the confused and worried folks like myself!
                        • Yes, my fiancee got hers today, I was pretty jealous I didn't get mine and we filed the same day!  :-)
                        No, did you
                        • My bank received my refund today and stated it would be deposited tomorrow (or tonight sometime).  Wasnt expecting it until Friday.  Woo-hoo!
                        yes got it jan 25
                        • OK well the last couple of days my status has ben showing that I will get a direct deposit by the 1st. Now today it is showing that it cant find my information. So I called the IRS and waited for 10 minutes to speak to someone who told me that she doesnt have any information on me and that all tax returns that say Feb 1 deposits may actaully take 3 weeks longer than that, I kinda dont believe the lady since she sounded mad, depressed, and didn't like her job. So has any one else had the problem of not showing information all the sudden?
                        • RiRi- Yes that is happening to me too, I checked it right after I got accepted and it said they rec'd there is nothing. What is the number you called I will call and see what they say.
                        • If showing nothing after the said the first, should be processed now. I just called the irs and they told me mine is done being processed and would be there fri. Irs website says they dont have mine either now..
                        all you calling and bypassing the automated system dont expect a exact answer because they deal with these calls all day and they are gonna tell you what they want and yes if you call and talk to someone 3 different times you will probably get 3 different answers,i know this from peoples past experiences and it usually will post what the wmr or automated service is telling you as it actually has more info than the people your talking to.
                        • my refund still says pending why ?
                        • thank you tony247,But I just checked mwr site and it said the old cant find no info so I guess I am hopeing they are updating my info because it use to say feb.1st.From what I hear that could be good or bad I will be on it again tomorrow.congrats too ya
                        chele11 the odds are if you where going to get it early you would have done received them most every one will get them on the 28th but they are randam selecting a few to test new way of processing them if the test turns out good they will start to use that system you will be accepted within 5 min of filling and you will get your return if deposited with in 24- 72 hours instead of 14 days i have read a few peaple has done got there returns back threw the new system but understand and lets be clear most  every one will get it back on the 28th there is few and only a few they radam selected to test the new way of filling so if you dont have it by now then it will be the 28th we wasnt one of the lucky ones there is a link here where you can read all abought the new way of filling copy and paste this link
                        • I submitted mine prior to the 14th and they were accepted on the 16th.  They are saying the 28th.  I was hopefull it would have been on the 21st but it doesn't appear to be the case.
                        I think for the people who got there's early are for two reasons, one its was probably a small and short return and probably at random, just like the IRS does random Audits on people. I beleive from what everything I have read, heard and personally talked to the IRS, is that for the ones who still get Feb 1 on the phone system will get theirs on the 28th. I think they are probably are telling us 3 weeks to lower call volume., but other than that if you dont see it on the 28th- Feb 1st then most likely you will get it soon after. I think they need to follow the cycle chart in some ways, it would cause some issues to postpone all deposits for 3 weeks and then the other taxe's turned in later on be pushed and so on.

                        Plus with the late last tax changes in December, some people cant file till mid Feb. So maybe there assuming most returns will be processed then, that is three weeks from now. Also, looking at last year taxes I got mine two weeks late.

                        Also check the WMR site now, its working for me again!
                          Even if you filed prior to the 14th, it wont be processed as the IRS did not start receiving them until the 14th, so they will all be processed with the refund date of the 28th.
                          • Yes, I received mines on 1/25
                          • my information on the wmr started off as feb 1 and then it went to i was entering my information wrong on tuesday now its saying i should receive my dd by feb dont know whats going on.....has anyone recevied updated information on the wmr
                          • my daughter got her state and federal refund yesterday but I have not received mine. we live in calif
                          • WMR IS UPDATED IM SCHEDULED FOR DD ON 1/28/2011.............SOOOOOO HAPPY......GOODLUCK EVERYONE
                          • NcBound- I used HR Block in 2008 and got the promised date, I did TT in 2009 and for this years, 2010, and I have ben put off both years, just found this years out this morning. I wont use TT again either!
                          • rosa 2011 i did my sisters and gers said the same thing have no idea wat that means
                          My nephew in law received his Federal Monday 1/24 and his State this morning 1/26. And he had direct deposit.
                            Anyone that filed an itemized  return it willnot be processed till feb 14th cuz of  legislature crap that didnt get done in time.If  yoocheck your email it should have a letter from turbo tax.As far as you that filed a 1040 ez I dont know what the hold up is
                            • BS.I received mine on Tuesday and it was a Federal return.
                            • what web do i go to sbb
                            • to any of that got your refund already what was dd date wmr website thankyou
                            For anybody that is claiming Education expenses such as tuition, did you get a direct deposit date. I talked to someone at the IRS and he said for anybody claiming education expenses will have to wait till Feb 14th, for them to just actually accept them and from there wait 3 weeks after for direct deposit. This is becuase of the last minute change in tax laws for education deducations. The IRS department that works with education wont actually be looking at the returns till the 14th of Feb.

                            Also here is some reading from the IRS site:

                            Beginning Feb. 14, the IRS will start processing both paper and e-filed returns claiming itemized deductions on Schedule A, the higher education tuition and fees deduction on Form 8917 and the educator expenses deduction. Based on filings last year, about nine million tax returns claimed any of these deductions on returns received by the IRS before Feb. 14.
                            • What happened to 3 to 5 business days. that bites!!!!
                            • My boyfriend efiled his return on January 14th. IRS accepted it on January 16th and his monies were deposited to his Visa Turbo Tax on January 25th!
                            smite and zack your probabaly checked it to much, call to get status of the refund its probably still the same.
                            • post what you find out PLEASE!
                            • I checked too much today on purpose.. sorry it was to see how many times u check before getting locked out.. and i called and spoke to someone and called the automated number... i am still scheduled for DD on 1/28
                            I Just got notified that my tax refund will get depositedon 1/28/11. I Think That Is As Soon As It Gets For Direct deposit. As Far As Paper Checks I Think Those Will get Mailed out Beetween The 1st and The 3rd Of Febuary. If You Have More Question You Can Go To IRS.GOV and Click Where's My Refund. If It Says That your Return Is Still Being Prossesed Then Dont Expect Any Thing Soon. Wait Intill Its says Your Refund Is expected to deposit by 1/28/2011 If You Filled The week Of 01/14/2011-01/20/2011.
                            • omg are "We the People" in that much need of our Refunds ASAP!?!? Guess it goes to tell you how "well" the Economy is doing....
                            • I can tell you that I the people do. I work, I pay taxes, so i am sure I deserve answers and Honesty from the Govt..
                            • Its ok that they hold our money in this perfect economy, we dont need they money they do! I mean lets give them a break they never get bailed out while we do all the time!

                            • i got mine monday 2/24 at midnight, usaa showed instantly
                            but how can you find your deposit date on any other site than 'where's my refund?' what site?
                            • Not so, my brother in law received his on 1/25/11, I did his taxes and did mine a day later, still waiting on my direct deposit.
                            • Not so, my brother in law received his on 1/25/11, I did his taxes and did mine a day later, still waiting on my direct deposit.
                            • My bf filed his taxes on 1/18 through another site and received his dd on the 24th. I am amazed.
                            • I filed my daughters and she got her refund direct to bank Monday night Jan 24th. Showed up Tuesday morning. (Mississippi)
                            • has anyone gotten there refund in california? and had their refund deducted from tt's bank sbtpg?
                            I filed my refund on Jan 14th and it was accepted on the 16th. I checked the refund availability date and was given the 28th as a direct deposit date. i later checked and was given Feb. 1. I called 1-800-829-1954 today and was told my refund will be deposited into my acct on the 28th. I went back and checked the irs where is my refund site and showed the the 28th as a deposit date. I hope this helps and good luck everyone.
                            • this morning i recieved  dd date 1/28 from wmr now it is saying no info what does that mean? any one had that happen to them?
                            Is the State income tax put on hold also?
                            • Just wanted to add to the IRS Refund Chart. Like the first one you had to file between Jan14-20, then the next date say Jan 20-again thru Jan27 or whatever the date was. But if you file on the last date like Jan 20 the IRS has to accept it by 11am that day and so on for the rest of the dates. It normally takes 1-3 days for the IRS to accept it. If your refund was accepted at 11:01 am on Jan 20th then you won't get your refund until Feb4 at the earliest. You can get on IRS website and check "Wheres My Refund", it will give you the date it was accepted and an estimated date of deposit. They also say to get on there the Wednesday before you are suppost to get your money and will update and let you know for sure when you are getting it or if there was any delays,etc.
                              My taxes were accepted by  Jan 20 and up until today it would say- Blah.......your refund should be deposited by Feb 4. if there are no delays or you don't owe any other taxes. Then when I looked on there today it said.....Your refund WILL be deposited Jan 28 if it is not in bank by Feb 2 call bank and make sure the recieved it.     Hope that helps a little more!
                            • Just checked mine again and still says by Feb 8th. So unless the site updates again tomorrow guess mine wont be there Friday...Or maybe because it says "by" the 8th? i dont know
                            • my daughter got her Tax Refund yesterday and according to the chart she was suppose to get it. Friday go figure.
                            • tony247,Yeap it's happening to myself right now as a matter of fact all day thats what I get but I am not worried because the 1-800-829-1040 number still tell me I will receive my refund jan28th if my refund isnt there by feb1st to call them but I beleave the wmr site is just updating so when it comes up again it will say your dd was issued on jan28th if you dont see your refund by feb1st please call.......ect.
                            • i got mine yesterday morning
                            • yes my cousin did yesterdayyy
                            • i recieve mines today!!
                            • I got mine...
                            I received my direct deposit on 1/26/2011. Dont believe all of these so-called TAX Preparers, IRS will deposit when they want.
                            • I filed my return on Jan. 20th...& it was accepted the same day. I filed my friend's return on Jan 23rd. HIs is scheduled to be direct deposited on Jan. 31st as per the irs website, but mine says this: We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 8, 2011. WTF? I filed mine before his?? So evidently his was chosen as this testing efile thing the irs is doing and he is getting his back quick!! :(
                            • Yes it was suppose to be deposited on the 28th but mine was deposited on the 25th,
                   was deposited on a debit card from school...not a bank todya
                              I am in Kentucky, the IRS site shows my deposit for tomorrow 1/28/11.  SBB just posted this ..University Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.
                              RT Disbursement Information
                              We have received IRS notification that your refund in the amount of $XXXXX will be deposited with University Bank on Friday, 1/28/2011. As soon as we receive your refund, we will make all authorized deductions and deposit the balance of the refund to your account. Please allow 1-2 business days for your bank to post the deposit to your account. I also just spoke with my bank and they are showing my state tax refund pending to post tomorrow. I filed both on 1/20. federal accepted on 1/22,state accepted on 1/24. so looks like the turn around on refunds are going pretty quick!! good luck to everyone!! I at least know my state will be there tomorrow, and hopefully federal as well!! hope this helps you all!!
                              • i filed my fed. return on the 21st of january and it was excepted january 22nd.. and my date for dd is for feb 4th... i just called the irs and they told me that my date for my refund would be feb. 4th.... so i will check my bank around the first week of feb.
                              I have done my mother in law's taxes for the last three years on turbotax and I filed on 1/14 she filed on 1/18. SBBT has her refund (though it is not in her account yet at US Bank) and mine still says 2/8. Thanks TT for screwing a whole lot of us out of our return on the 28th!
                                Many people are just not aware of the proper procedures for verifying their refunds and therefore they are becoming frustrated just now knowing. Well here it is.

                                Only individuals who completed the 1040ez free without fees may have received their refunds early.

                                If you did any other version you may get your state faster but you will not get your federal any sooner than the 1st irs payment date of 1-28-2011. This is the problem.

                                Santa Barbara Bank & Trust has indicated that anyone that has fees coming out will receive their direct deposit anytime between 1-28-2011 and 2-1-2011 as the 28th is their largest processing day. SBBT will not get the deposits from the IRS until sometime between midnight and 6 am on 1-28-2011 and as long as their website shows your refund received by SBBT then you can rest assured that you will have your deposit no later than Tuesday 2-1-2011. Anyone who desires may go directly to the SBBT website (google it at Santa Barbara Tax Products) enter your ss#, filing status, amount of refund and the security information. The next page that pops up will show if your refund has been received. Also if you do not have access to a computer system you may call their 24 hour automated customer service line at 800-717-7228. This line is real time and will tell you exactly where your refund is in the SBBT system. The phone number to reach a live individual is 877-908-7228

                                Once again, please rest assured if your return makes it to SBBT then you will get your money it just may not be on tomorrow.

                                I hope this helps someone

                                By the way, I did my Mom's and hers was set for dd on tomorrow. It is at SBBT now!!! Good luck everyone
                                • Mine was acceppted on the 17th of Jan and still nothing....I need my money..I also thought Turbo Tax was free...They charged me 96.00 to wait real long for my refund!
                                • I got mine today 1-27 aqnd I wasnt supposed to have it until 1-28
                                • I filed on 01/19/2011 and had my acceptance 2 hours later, my direct deposit was to be 01/28/2011 and come to find out it had already been deposited on 01/25/2011, thanks and kudos to Turbo Tax and the IRS for being on the ball. at least for me :)
                                • to flickchick is your bank the tt card by chance
                                • sbb has received my refund and took their money out do anyone know how long it will take to get to my account....
                                • I just got my Federal refund notice, to be deposited tomorrow...but still waiting on MD tax forms to update
                                • People are mad at TT, but it's not there fault. TT just process the return its the irs who actually issuses the funds. And TT is only free is you selected the free edition.
                                • my deposit hit today waiting for it to hit my tt card now. it wasn't suppose to hit til tomorrow
                                • @ turbotax mines hit today too. got fees deducted. but im wondering how long it takes to hit the card. i have a tt card too. i thought it would be recieved tomo. but it was today. when it goes on your card can u post to let me know
                                • if anyone gets their money on tt card today please post and if it was threw sbbt
                                • when will i get my deposit
                                • if it hit my tt card today i will post also.  but i heard that if it is recieved in the am it can be posted today. but if its recieved in the pm it will be tomo.
                                • I got mine direct deposited two days ago. Just the federal so far. I had to wait until today do send my states return due to turbo tax not having the required forms.

                                  F**K WHEN SHOULD I GET IT?
                                • I got a message today when I e-filed with Turbo Tax that acceptances won't be made until Feb. 14th .... what is that supposed to mean -- some people are being accepted before that date?
                                • WERE DO I LOOK UP THE UNIVERSTY BANK
                                • This is what the WMR site says for mine as of this am...
                                  We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 1, 2011

                                  Confused. why does this say it's being processed still, yet it's suppose to be in on the 28th.
                                • This is what the WMR site says for mine as of this am...
                                  We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 1, 2011

                                  Confused. why does this say it's being processed still, yet it's suppose to be in on the 28th.
                                University Bank has received all or part of your income tax refund.

                                RT Disbursement Information

                                We have received IRS notification that your refund in the amount of ************ will be deposited with University Bank on Friday, 1/28/2011. As soon as we receive your refund, we will make all authorized deductions and deposit the balance of the refund to your account. Please allow 1-2 business days for your bank to post the deposit to your account.
                                  Mine was saying that they couldn't find any information on it last night as well... I waited until this morning and checked again and it said the Feb. 1st.... and then I came back this evening to see if it had updated with anything and it didn't have any information again... Well I called 1-800-829-1040 (And kept pressing 0 until I got Cust. Svc) and the guy told me that it has been accepted and that it CAN take up to three weeks from when it was accepted but that it has a date of 1-28-11 for when it will be sent out so that I can most likely expect it then. He said they are hoping to get it out then but there are people who will be getting it early and people who will be getting it late. It sucks, I'm a single mom and full time student so have plenty of bills, but waiting two or three weeks isn't bad considering they can really hold it until whenever they want.

                                  Has anyone that HAS gotten theirs let me know what times they posted to thier account? I'm wondering if I should just check in the mornings or throughout the day? Has anyone used the Walmart Moneycard that has gotten thier DD already?

                                  For those who haven't gotten them yet and who have elected to get DD is the website you can check to see if they've gotten anything. It will usually show there before it goes to your bank account....
                                  • why does turbotax promise less than 4 days?
                                  • why does turbotax promise less than 4 days?
                                  turbotax does not promise less than 4 days it says 8-14 days and is just estimated based on the irs schedule.
                                  • No way have I gotten my return yet, it still show pending status....I was told that IRS will not start until Feb 14 if you claim a deduction. So it seems like it's going to be a while for me....
                                  • @eloveskids hope it does for you me and everyone else dont forget to pull the hammer once for
                                  • @ mizzizzybee shoot call again my fiance called and they said 3 week i called back about 1 hour later they said friday some of probbly just dont wanna answer  but try back.
                                  • I filed my taxe yesterday for E-file and got an email back that it was rejected for 5 digit PIN. I went to the IRS website but the PIN provided and the PIN on 2009 are not processing. I am in desperate need of automatic transfer, instead of the mail delivery. What if anything am I doing that is wrong?
                                  • I filed my taxe yesterday for E-file and got an email back that it was rejected for 5 digit PIN. I went to the IRS website but the PIN provided and the PIN on 2009 are not processing. I am in desperate need of automatic transfer, instead of the mail delivery. What if anything am I doing that is wrong?
                                  Actually some people have already received their deposits and the irs updates the return status every  Tuesday or Wednesday on the "Where's my refund?" page.
                                  • Right, but people were getting worried because one minute the Where's My Refund site would say it was scheduled for a certain day, then the next minute it would say they had no information, just like mine.

                                    The Friday's thing isn't true, again, it's just a basic guideline... most likely to prevent people from calling them 24/7.
                                  • yes I did!)
                                  • my efile was done 1-8-11 why is it still pending
                                  • I still haven't received mine yet. All the dates are still displaying 1/28/2011. I wish I was one of those people that had got theirs early, and I don't understand why they were selected over other people.
                                  According to the IRS internet site, the IRS states "IRS to start processing tax returns delayed by law changes on Feb. 14."
                                  • I got my tax refund today!!! yes baby it was in my account this morning I am out shopping.Hope u guys get yours tomorrow.I bank with USAA military bank
                                  @eloveskids yes I will
                                  • Sbbt received mine earlier but it has not been deposited to my TT card yet. My est. date was 1/28 so I hope it post today but if not, I'm just happy I got them. Good luck everyone!!
                                  • univ bank has mine in the am how long will it take to hit tt card ?please any one know?
                                  • WHAT IS THE SBBT WEBSITE
                                  deposits are done every friday
                                  • yes
                                  • My date also changed from Feb. 1st to Jan. 28th on the IRS website, and on the SBB website it states the 28th as well. What I want to know is for those of you that have received your refunds direct deposited to your bank accounts, what date showed on the SBB website prior to your deposit? Did the deposit in your bank show up on the same day scheduled on SBB website or did it come sooner?
                                  • yes, i got my girlfriends deposited today, which sucks cuz i filed mine first. Her state came yesterday too!
                                  • mines is suppose to be in my account on 1/28.11 but i bank with USAA and I hope it hits tomorrow cause they always release my deposit early
                                  • actually the irs makes deposits every day except sat and sun.
                                  the IRS ONLY MAKES DEPOSITS ON fridays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                  • @that one, thats not tru my brother got he yesterday sister tuesday and my mom monday and my cousin last friday1/21 . so they only posts on fri. is not tru. helloooooooo