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customer service

I need a phone number to contact turbo tax.
    You can contact TurboTax support at the following website: Open 8:00 am - 5:00pm Pacific (Monday thru Friday)

    On the Support site select a Category, then on the right select an option under Choose One, at the bottom of the screen you can choose the option of Online Chat or Call Us.
    • Im trying to file the free federal tax return & am being charged &19.95 plus $36.95 instead of $27.95 for my state return
    Well somehow you have upgraded to Basic.  Basic is not the free one.  Only the Free Edition is free for federal.  

    For the Online version, Turbo Tax starts you out in the same version you used last year. Or you upgraded because you wanted to transfer from the prior year.   

    If you want to go back to a lower version or the Free Edition you can contact customer service and ask for a downgrade code. You can contact Customer Service here during regular weekday hours…

    Or if you don't care about transferring from last year you can just abandon this account and start over in the Free Edition with a new account and user name.
    • thr was no phone # at your link  at less i did not get one
    the customer service phone umber is (removed number) and can be found at
    • Turbo Taxis is horrific this year !  Full of wierd glitches.  If you phone customer service, be prepared to be treated like dirt.  The rep that answered my call was clueless.
    By going though the screens you will get a phone number for your particular situation.  We don't post actual phone numbers because they are different for each type of question.

    If you are having problems contacting customer service see this
    • here is the number (number removed)
    • this link doesn't work - as soon as I try to select an option it says "javascript:;" at the bottom of the screen and nothing happens.

      I tried creating a new account but I don't have multiple email addresses and it uses email address as user id so...2 hours and 4 password resets later I still can't get to the free edition.  It keeps tossing me into Basic. I hate turbo tax with a purple passion right now.
    • nothing works been using turbo tax for  this year it wont recognize my user name or password about ready to try a different service
    • I am totally disgusted with turbo tax!!!Tried to get my 2010 tax return to print it and all I got was a run around.and no it wasnt FREE!! never is thats false advertizing. I requested a phone number and none was provided...How the hell can I get a copy of my 2010 return last year when I filed thru turbo tax my printer wasnt working so I was unable to print a copy then.Please reply.....