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im having problems e-filing

Your Transmission Didn't Go Through
We could not e-file your return for the following reason:

Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same Social Security number has already been submitted - in other words, it appears you're trying to e-file the same return twice. If you need to change this return, you'll need to file an amended return on paper, by mail.
A duplicate ssn means that a social security number in your return is on your return twice or it has already been used on another return already filed probably by mistake. Check under personal info and make sure each ssn is only used one time. Maybe you entered one twice.   If you don't find it in your return you will have to mail your return and let the IRS sort it out and determine who is entitled to claim that ssn.  They will send you both letters.
  • I received the same thing. I double checked my return and since I'm the only one on there and the SS number is correct I don't know what to think. I needed my return quickly and now that I've already paid for the turbo tax it's not like I can go somewhere else and do it again. I'm a little upset there is no phone number or direct on line chat with somebody who can answer my questions. I will call the IRS tomorrow but I have a feeling that there isn't going to be any problems on their end since so many people received the same message.
  • Well I am glad I am not the only one. I think they are having a problem because I am literally in the same boat. It's only me on the return, same user name and password as last year, and I already paid for the return. It has to be an issue in transmitting to the IRS and TurboTax's system. They do have a number to call for support somewhere, I did speak to someone (first outsourced then in US) about a different issue. You have to be logged in and get expert help and type in billing or tech support.
  • I am getting a message that the spouse's SSN is the same as used by a primary taxpayer on another return.  These SSNs copied over from last year and are correct.  I am more than a little annoyed.
  • I have the same error message also - I know that it has not been filed. Think it is a TurboTax issue - never had problems before and have been using this software for years.
OK let's play LOTO here. What are the chances the 6 people Volvogirl shows entering the wrong SSN, has already done their Taxes by 2/11/12, and it is your SSN they submitted. After all the SSN is "only" 9 digits long or 1 in 1 billion chances it is your SSN!! Come on!!!!
    This was my case:
    I originally received the error message on 2/8/12.  Today 2/13/12, I called the IRS identity protection unit at 1-800-908-4490 and they stated that someone else did submit a return with my SSN in it.  They are requiring that I fill in the IRS Identity Theft Affidavit, Form 14039 and attached it to a paper copy of my 2011 1040EZ with all their required documentation; Call FTC; File a Police Report; and Check all 3 Credit Bureaus.  The error message was coming from the IRS.  

    The process for the IRS “Where’s My Refund” link on IRS.com does work, although the refund amount on my return is not found; and you do not have any idea what the refund amount would be on the first/other return.  So the bottom line is if you receive the error message (Duplicate Social Security Number :….) you need to call the IRS hotline and do the next steps they require; someone has filed under your SSN.  

    FYI,  the IRS is not aware of what system sent the original efile in.  So in my case we know it was not through TurboTax but some other way.  It was not smart to listen to the support at Turbo Tax who said it was not ID Theft; I should have just call the IRS ASAP.  
    BAD NEWS!!
      The IRS is the one that rejects your return.  The IRS got another return with that ssn on it.  

      Someone else may have typed your number by mistake.  It's a common error.  

      See this for error 0507 Dependent's SSN can not be used twice…….

      See this for error 0515 Your SSN can not be used twice…….

      See these posts from people who filed using the wrong ssn.  They may have typed YOUR ssn by mistake…
      • @volvogirl, this is not a rejection, this is a transmission error, has nothing to do with the irs, this is turbo tax problem
      • The Duplicate SSN error message is coming from TT before the transmission is even sent.  In my case TT looked up my SSN and founf NO 2011 RETURN has been filed; therefore not ID Theft!!.   See my update below!!
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