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Can I get Education Deduction or Credit for Dual Credit High School Course taken at a community College?

My daughter took a dual-credit class at a local community college, and I received a form 1098-T from the college.  When I go to enter it on Turbo Tax, it asks me if she was enrolled in a degree program (no), or if she took post high school classes (no).  From this, Turbo Tax says she is not eligible.  Is this correct?  Is there not a way to deduct this on my taxes?
    Since this was a college class, change your answer regarding the "post high school classes" to Yes.
    • Thanks.  I went back in to do this, and noticed there is fine print underneath the "took post-high school classes" question stating "also select if took college-level classes at a college while a high school student".  Not sure how I missed this originally.