Turbo Tax, Where's my Refund??

So the IRS states that the refund is being direct deposited today, yet my bank has no record of an attempt to deposit anything, so there's no "hold" because they haven't received it... My only guess is that Turbo Tax is holding up the process... ????

The IRS has released it, and my bank has not received it so.... is Turbo Tax the middle man?? Does it go from the IRS to you, then from you, to me?? What is YOUR cycle for removing your fee's then giving me my money?

This is my 1st time with Turbo Tax and I'm not sure I'll ever do this again... I'm confused.   :(
  • Woke up at 3:46 AM (Alaska time) checked my account, and THANK YOU GOD, Turbo Tax, and theIRS!             My money is in my account!   Up and out early to pay bills....   I have used Turbo Tax for several years, and have ALWAYS gotten my money when promised, as promised, and I have never paid a cent for this service! THANK YOU TURBO TAX!!!!!
  • Did you have the fees deducted from your refund if so. It will go through another bank called SBBT you can check their website and they will let you know if they received it or not. Their website is https://cisc.sbbtral.com/ and you just enter the same info like on the IRS website. Hope that helps. Normally if they get it they deposit it in your account within 24-48 hrs.
  • Thanks Angela, this is what that weblink told me after entering all my info:

    You filed your return with TurboTax  and requested a bank product from University Bank.

    University Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    The IRS issues refund deposits each Friday, so your delayed deposit may not arrive until the following Friday. You may visit www.irs.gov to check the status of your refund.

    The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS.

    This is sad, I'm guessing then that even though the IRS website say's they deposited my funds TODAY 1/28th, they haven't... and the bank turbo tax uses hasn't received it or taken it's fee's out, and that's why my bank hasnt received it either... sigghhh. So the IRS website is lying, they shouldn't say they're depositing it on the 28th if they are NOT! :(
  • ...just as an update, the IRS says my funds were to be direct deposited today 1/28th, and University Bank say's they DON'T have it today and that they only receive IRS deposit's on Fridays. The IRS released it to University Bank and and University Bank say's they don't have it, so where could it be? The IRS has told me to contact them Weds Feb 2nd if not received by then, and that they will take "further action" by then, but University Bank claims they only receive deposits on Fridays (next Friday being the 4th!)

    This is insane, I will not use Turbo Tax again because their bank does not seem to be inline with what the IRS is doing. Now I play the "waiting game" again, yet another whole week! Never again Turbo Tax... Never again.
If the money has not been deposited, it's because the IRS has not issued your refund.  University bank deposits the money into your account after netting out your Turbotax fees as soon as they receive the refund from the IRS.  The IRS only processes refunds once a week for deposit on Fridays - so you should contact the IRS to see what is the status of your refund.
  • Please advised. I need my money, where is it?

did you elect to pay the TT fee from your refund? If so, then that is why you dont have it yet. SBTPG Bank is the middle man, they are the ones holding it. Log on here and find out. They will most likely release it to your bank tomorrow (Feb. 7) Next yr, pay your TT fee out of pocket, not only will it cut out the middle man and get your money faster, it will save you the extra $20 something bucks they charge you to have the fee paid from your refund.    https://cisc.sbtpg.com/

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