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How do I get a "certificate of electronic filing?"

I e-filed state and federal and recevied emails saying they were accepted. But the emails are generic; they don't have our names, ssns, etc.

My health insurance company wants a "certificate of electronic filing" to prove that I am married so that I can keep my wife as a dependent.

What is this document and where can I get one?

I see I can print my e-filing history from the TT file menu, but that also just has weird serial numbers, no identifying info.
    Turbo Tax has a Certificate of Electronic filing that includes the filer's name/spouse's name and social security#. It also lists the date accepted by TT and the date filed. Log in to TT and open (view/print) your filing.  Around page 9 is the certificate - called "postmark report."

    Hope this helps.
      There is no "Certificate of E-filing."  Call them and ask specifically what they want to see.  There is no such form and the IRS will not provide a response for e-filing that actually has identifying information on it.  Do you have a marriage certificate?  That is usually what is provided for proof of marriage.