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turbo tax is not free any more?

Why is it asking for credit card information if it is free?
    For some reason they automatically switch people to the Basic/Deluxe Edition. You have to chat with an online representative (which takes forever) and ask for a downgrade code (Which takes forever for them to generate) and then enter that in on the page before you enter your card information. Its a tiny little link on the bottom that says "Have a Prepaid Code?'"  But it takes it back to being the free edition.
    • How do I get free tax filing
    • why is turbo changing me
    • I have always referred people to Turbo Tax when filing but I WILL NOT anymore with all the gimmicks that they put on their site trying to get you to pay for your efile.
    • This will be the last time I use this service..  There is other services that do not charge. NEVER again will I tell anyone about Turbo Tax Service..  THIS IS BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are using the Basic edition which is not free. Only the Free Edition is free.
    • Shame on turbo tax. Bait and switch tactics are deceptive and intentional. NO MORE INTUIT FOR ME!!!
    • This is an old thread from 2 years ago and is being closed.

    You are not using the Free edition, you are using the Online Basic version, a paid version. Somewhere along the line you upgraded.

    Basic version is 19.95, plus 36.95 if state is needed.

    And if you ELECT to have your TT fee paid out of your Federal refund, that is an optional additional 29.95 charged by University National Bank that handles that.
    The way to avoid that fee is to NOT use the Refund Transfer Service and to pay upfront with credit card, debit card, or prepaid debit card.

    If you chose the Refund Transfer Fee, then to have the Refund Transfer Fee removed before efiling:

    You can check your TT fees at any time by clicking on TOOLS in the upper right corner.
    In the popup, choose "My TurboTax Fees".


    If you upgraded by mistake, you can either abandon that account and start over, or you can talk to TT Customer Service by Phone or Live Chat:

    Hours are 5 PM - 9 AM PST, 7 days a week.

    At the support page click BUYING/BILLING/ACCOUNT on the left, then QUESTION ABOUT MY CHARGES on the right.

    The page will expand and you will see a CALL US and CHAT box. Choose which method.


    If you decide to abandon that account and start over, you can clear out the data before abandoning the account.
    Here's how to clear a return. Be aware that all data is permanently lost if you choose to do it:

    Then register for a new Free account with a different User ID (realizing you can no longer transfer 2010 info, if applicable).


    There is still another option--another free edition--called the TurboTax Freedom Edition.
    You have to meet ONE of 3 qualifications to use it.

    It includes free Federal preparation and free efiling.
    It includes free State preparation and free state efiling in 22 states. For the other states the charge is $14.95 to prepare (includes efile).
    The website above will show you the 22 states that are free.

    The TurboTax Freedom Edition can prepare most forms. At the website there is a link that will show you what all it can prepare.

    The disadvantage of the TurboTax Freedom Edition is that it cannot transfer in any 2010 tax data from a prior year return,
    and in 2012 will not be able to transfer your 2011 tax data into it. But it's a good deal for low-income taxpayers with relatively straightforward returns.

    I hope this helps. Good luck!
    • the thing is most of us started out filing as free and got suckered into an upgrade accidentally one of the trillion times an advertisment popped up while we r trying ever so carefully to plug in this vital info...n why is there no option to down grade it just keep sending u higher n higher...upward in payments even if u go back it tries to continue where u left off its not mistake you frustrate us so we will give in and pay
    • Will never use turbo tax again, way too many gimmicks and tricks!
    • Yes, this is complete garbage. Here I am believing that I am filing for free, which I also told my friends they would be able to file free as well, and then I'm being charged $40 to file a state tax return? I'm broke trying to make ends meet and I will not have 40 before taxes are due, this just made my life ten times harder. And if I take it out of my refund I am charged more? Such a great product... NOT.
    • Everyone should file a complaint with the IRS to have TurboTax removed as a free provider!
    • Strangely once I switched to the free version, I became ineligible for certain deductions reducing my return by $1,000
    I, too, was suckered into this. By the time I was done entering everything in, I honestly did not want to bother figuring out what had gone wrong. I did not notice anything different between the free version I've used in the past and the paid service I ended up with this time.

    Lame! I'll recommend turbo tax free service, but I'll be sure to let people know about this little trick they pull. Live and learn.
    • Same thing happen to me.
    • This is an old thread from 2 years ago, and is being closed.  There are newer threads on this issue, or you can start a brand new thread if you wish.  You can send a comment to TT using the Send Feedback link at the bottom of the page.
    if i file my taxes on 1/17/2012 when would i get my refund
    • why do i have to pay a fee?