Has anyone received dd today that had 2/1 date

  • nope.  not even an update on the WMR still stuck on feb 7th...still processing..blah blah blah.  SOOO glad I got up at 330a to check this.  should have just went back to sleep!
  • no, same old same old.
  • Well WMR told me 2/1 SBTG disbursed my funds 1/31 to my TT CARD just waiting for that bitch to say here is yo money ;)
  • is that website just for people who are having their refund deposited onto a card?
@doublek16 that website is for people who had fees taken out and didnt pay upfront
  • mine still says processing and the 7th.....nothing new YET
  • I received my state but not fed. this morning
  • Nope just called it says today. Nut I do remember last year the DD going through in the middle of the day!!!
  • jsanjel1960...where did you call that said today? just wmr? or did someone from tt refund card say it would be today?

    Mine was sent from sbbt to my tt refund card yesterday, just waiting for it to post and actually be available to me :(
  • @tnpratk a Woman said by 7am at TT Card Support but... Last year i got an email at 121pm saying funds available...
  • well mine still has the processing crap will be the  by the 7th what is up with that. i have never waited this long. i was accepted on the 22nd. this is crap! why is it when you need the most they screw u over!!
  • my refund at wmr said 2-7 just checked it says scheduled for deposit 2-3 now  wondering if it will actually be at my bank fri or will sbbt take its good time as well???????
  • I had been struck at "by Feb, 7 since I was accepted on the 19th and WMR just updated mine and I have a dd for Feb. 3. Hope it will be there friday.
  • has anyone received their feb 1 refund yet anyone
  • @justme92 not for the TT card is taht what your waiting on?
  • Darn im waiting im in nj have dd goin to My bank TD bank
  • my email said i was supposed to be getting my money today has anyone received it or can u check the time somewhere ?
  • OK, I split my refund, half in my checking account, half on the TT card, my deposit came in today to my checking account (and I paid my fees up front) and NOTHING on my TT card.  Does it post at different times??  My taxes were accepted on the 17th...Any help anyone can give would be helpful, when do I call and complain about monies NOT on TT card?  I would have thought it would have been immediate - or the same as the Checking deposit...
  • @DJW1354 waiting for my full refund on my TT Card i saw in my email from last year I was notified funds were available at 121pm EST so im assuming they post all day long.... Cant be too sure though.
  • My deposit is supposed to come on my card today 2/1.  It has already been recieved by SBBT and sent to my card but not posted.  I dont have a trace number yet. I really need it today cause my electricity it scheduled to be shut off in the morning and I was expecting this money LAST week!
  • Finally got updated.  Accepted on the 18th, been stuck in "processing, should receive by the 7th" since the 20th.  Got an updated WMR this morning at 5am est to a DD date of 02/03, Friday.  Yay!
  • @lightsoff the money should be there sometime today there is no tracing # given to ppl who have there money in there own banks already.
  • dd 2/1 date..still no dd as of yet....going to check again later today
  • OMG..it's 4:25 am and it's in there. My DD was for the 1st. so everybody go check!!
  • @mamiluvu85 im assuming thats your bank not the TT card.
  • my date is now changed to the 3rd....frm the 7th but no dd today...very frustrating
  • I got mine :)
  • When you guys post can you say hey got mine wiht my bank etc not just got mine cuz your driving me nuts. Cuz im waiting on mine wiht TT card
  • @shadow2288, yeah it's my bank. ssbt released the funds to my bank yesterday (01/31/12) but when i called my bank they had no pending transcations at all, so i thought the worst. But I randomly got online and checked and it was there.
  • Yes mine is there!
  • Got mine early this morning.
  • Waiting to see mine on tt card.  disbursed 1/31, nothing yet today on card.
  • Where are you guys finding the dates when i go to the irs site it doesnt give me shit.
  • i havent got mine.. it says IRS RELEASED IT ON 1/30 HAve yet to see it even pending on my ace elite preaid card... i hate waiting.
  • I think if you have dd in your acct and u paid fees up front then u will get money on2/3 or 2/7 depends on your bank.
  • Mine was DD at 3am this morning. I filed on the 16th and accepted on the 17th. I opted to have it DD into my personal bank account not the TT card.
  • The tt bank said 2/1 but now it says it did not recieve it yet and the wmr still says feb 7th.  my car broke down and need my money did not have this problem last year.
  • My refund was accepted on the 18th and I was originally told it was going to deposit on the 25th, then it changed to the 1st not WMR says the 7th. What is really going on?
  • yes i did
  • Mine said 1/31/12 and when i went to check it yesterday it was not there and then today i went on where's my refund  the  website now says Your tax return has been received and is being processed.   well i guess all i can do is wait
  • Just hit 6am have not slept hoping for some good news in a few hours when i awake wanted to go away... :(
  • Ok I talked to turbotax yesterday and the said they process all day long.I have been waiting for mine since i file on the 7th of jan.i was accepted on the 3rd.But irs paid it out yesterday and sbbt has it.Needless to say this is turbotaxs bank.SO me like all the rest of you have not got the money.The banks will take their sweet time sending that money out because they draw interest on that shit.So not only are they charging you a fee but they are also getting interest off your money.but yes turbotax pays out all day long it is just they are waiting on sbbt to send a alert saying to deposit the funds.
    any other questions feel free to ask
  • I had my fees deducted from my refund. Money is supposed to be sent sbbt. They said $ should be dep. Feb 1st. Now they say check back in 7 days. WMR is still saying being processed should be dep by Feb 7th. I was accepted Jan 18th. If I have to wait 3 weeks then next year I am going to file by paper mail and not pay anyone. I would rather just wait the extra 3 weeks and get all my refund. This really bites the big 1.
  • I had a dd date of 2/1 to my bank, but no deposit yet.  Now I'm worried after reading some of the other comments.
  • I was accepted on the 19th, SBBT said 2/1, WMR says 2/7 still processing... This is terrible I still dont have a DD date. Im starting to think Im getting audited!! I hope not, Ive never been through this:(
  • now irs website tells me the 3rd, not sure whether to lol or scream ol
  • I filed on 1/17/2012, accepted on 1/18/2012 @7:31pm pst.  WMR has only updated twice the first time it gave me 2/7/2012 and had a turbo tax date of 1/28/2012 then 2/1/2012 and after much frustration WMR updated this morning to 2/3/2012.  I pray that you all get your money soon too and vote Obama.  Romney and Newt cannot relate to people like us that are poor, middle class working people.  God Bless
  • WMR has been saying 2/7 for mine for the last 2 wks, just checked WMR, it has not updated to 2/3 and no money in my bank this morning.
  • I am so angry, the IRS deposited my money, the bank that the turbo tax card goes thru deposited my money, yet the turbo tax card hasnt received it. i called the card this morning and was treated very poorly by someone named kiyana (sp?), who very rudely told me to call back after 2 pm.
  • Wow, I've never had problems like this before and like I said earlier I'm worried after reading previous comments.  If I have to wait 3 weeks then this is my last year with TT.
  • im sorry guys...what does WMR stand for?
  • so I got accepted on the 21st, never got a date from turbo tax but sbbt website says they have not got my money from the irs. sbbt phone number says the 1st and irs website says the 7th. it is 6:23 here in maryland anyone else having problems or can someone help me???
  • I got mine already...
  • I was accepted on the Jan 23.got the 2/1 date then got the 2/7date still no update
  • Was accepted on 1/21 and still waiting. WMR says dd date of 2/7, SBBT says 2/1.  Read some comments earlier and found out that SBBT gets their deposits on Wednesdays only and that they update any time after 9:30 a.m. est time. Also IRS said that they process all day and that they send funds out everyday not just on Fridays. I checked the website for SBBT this morning and it says that it has not been received but from the understanding that I am getting the site does not update til after 9-930 my time.  I am so confused because I have been waiting for a clear answer.  I was expecting it to be deposited because I was given a date of 2/1.  Checked my bank and nothing.  IRS needs to get on top of their processing I understand there was a computer issue but I know ppl who filed after me or the same day as me who have received their monies.  So why is it that we are still waiting? Why are people randomly being chosen or is it based on the amount of the refunds? Any information that anyone could offer will be greatly appreciated.  Good luck all!
  • @alinorris, I totally agree.  Same exact story here.  I even called yesterday with the tracking number sbbt gave me and they couldn't see it.  Now someone explain to me how the irs deposited the money, sbbt says they sent it to turbo tax and have washed their hands of it, yet tt can not tell me where my money is.  Bullsh**t!  When something has a routing or tracking number it should be able to be tracked!!!  At least let me know u see it!  I have a hard time being told "we don't know where your money is"  by tt.
@ shawnntrina that is the bank website that will DD ur money if u opt-ed to pay ur fee to turbo tax from ur refund amount.
  • Sounds like there are a lot of us with the same problem. I was also accepted on 1/22 with an expected depostit date of 2/1 and WMR saying expect deposit by 2/7 and now Sbbt saying No deposit has been made. Very Frustrating!!!
  • JACKIE  that is good news meaning i guess there starting to process deposits now?
  • i got mne, small thought it was, took out what i owed for 2009 but at least its paid now, i am happy can take my daughter cheer comp in los angeles next week
  • i got my dd at 5am
  • our direct deposit is scheduled for today but nothing yet
  • Hey everyone,
    It's 7:03 am eastern and wanted to let you know that I received my DD.  I had checked at 6:15am and it wasn't there and I was panicked.......BUT it is now, so just wait till a little later depending on your time zone.  I was terrified of it not coming today as I had paid a bill online that would have overdrawn me had it gone through before my DD went it.  I understand how you all feel, but my WMR date had said 2/1, and it's there!!!!!  PHEW!!!  GOOD LUCK!!!
  • I'm in same boat. Filed 1/17. Accepted 1/19. No deposit yet.
  • Well i was suppose to get mine today the other i went and checked and it said the 7th now it is saying the 14th...i did my taxes on the 23rd and was accepted on the 25th.... i need my money and this bull crap.. also heard that next we may not get any taxes back...
I just called the IRS because I wanted a solid answer from a real person. I filed my taxes on January 13, I was accepted on the 19th and then told I was going to receive my DD on the 25 then changed to the 2/1 then to 2/7. When I called them (literally five minutes ago, waited for 20 minutes) she said that my refund is scheduled to deposit on 2/3 this Friday. So your best bet is to call 800-829-0582 ext 362 and talk directly to someone
  • I was accepted 1/21 and WMR has been stuck on "processing... 2/7" since the 23. I was "supposed" to receive my refund today per the "projected" refund cycle schedule.... and even today WMR is still saying "processing." Should I be worried?? I'm more worried about audits or other problems more than I'm worried about the money at this point.... I have thought about calling the IRS number but I feel bad harassing them when I know every other person in America is doing the same thing...
  • I recieved mine on my turbo tax card at 5:26am central time...It was accepted by SBBT sometime yesterday and I recieved a text message on my cell phone that my income tax had posted to the tt card.....Good luck everyone!!!
  • @needhelpnow05 Mine was accepted Jan 18th. SBBT was showing dd date of 2/1. Now it just says irs did not dep. $. To check back in 7 days. Anyway, I'm hoping I will get an update later today. Good luck to you.
if you check the WMR too many a day, it will say it cant find your information
  • Why when I check wmr it says "your return has been recived and is being processed" no dd date or anything ...did someone else get this??
  • I had a dd date of Feb 1st, but wmf will only say by Feb 7th. My cousin also had a dd of Feb 1st, and her entire dd cleared her checking account at 2am this morning. This is super frustrating!!!
  • Can someone please tell me what SBBT and WMR stands for? Thanks!
  • @Michaeldi23
    WOW !! how freakin rude are you!! Obvious you, yourself are worried at some point about your refund, i'm guessing that's why you were even on this blog!!!... and yes unfortunately some of us do depend on this money to help with bills, but there are family's were both parents work and due all they can to provide for their family but still struggle to make ends met. I would suggest to you, to keep your thoughts to yourself and maybe you need to get off the computer and and something with your lazy @ss
  • SBJP is the turbo tax bank and WMR is the wheres my refund website
  • For Micheal.....Really? If we were GE would could rely on the laboring workers to earn us our billions and not sweat the 3.2 billion tax refund that was to be deposited into our accounts. Since we are merely the back breaking, dog sweating, body aching, unimportant workers responsible for keeping the wheels and gears moving, we must keep checking on here for our scraps. Everyone else, I still haven't received my refund yet either. WMR still says the 7th. Accepted on the 20th.
  • WOOHOO.  Got a dd date from an IRS rep.  2/6.  I can relax.
  • My refund was excepted on 01/17.TT gave me a date of 01/27 WMR gave me 01/31 and still no money. Calling the IRS is a waste of time. The only thing they could tell me was nothing because guess what, WMR says you refund has been received and is being processed there is no loneger a estimated daye given. This has been the worse tax year ever.
  • Mine said 2/1 and I rcvd it today.  So mine was right on time.
  • kaykay...when did u file and get accepted?
  • For those that have netspend cards check your account!!! I was supposed to be direct deposited on Feb. 3 but my refund has been deposited into my account~ yayyyyy!
  • I filed on 22nd got accepted on 23rd, dd date of 2/1 and I am still waiting, been filing with tt for over 5 years and have never had this problem..Checked wmr and they say still processing will be 2/7, but then the irs cycle chart says it should have been today...this is very stressful!!!!!
  • I filed 1/14/12 accepted 1/18/12 around 6pm.  I had the expected dd of 1/31 on WMR.  It changed last Wednesday to "Due to processing delays you expected refund date has change to 2/7. WMR still states 2/7 but the IRS rep told me it is scheduled to be dd on 2/6/12.  I thought that the Homebuyer Credit Repayment was holding my refund up.  It did last year.  I file on 1/17/11 and didn't receive my refund until March of 11.
  • ok I filed on the 17th got accepted  on the 18th @ 8am WMR FINALLY said  I will receive a deposit  on 2/3 !!!!!! BUT I Actually got it this morning because I  had it put on my NET SPEND CARD!!!!! and they post  your money as soon as they receive it !!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck every one I know you are stressed!!!!!  I WAS TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Me and my husband filed the 17th accepted late evening on the 18th, he got his today, mines on wmr said 2/7 for supposed dd, until today it says, DD for 2/3
  • I filed on Jan.14 and was accepted Jan.18 @ 11pm.  After a couple weeks of the "still processing, expect refund by Feb.7", I was updated this morning to Direct Deposit is scheduled for Feb.3 on the WMR site.  From past experience the last few years, my money has posted to my bank account by 1:00am on the date they state.
  • Ok at the risk of being hated..lol. Yes I did get my deposit today. It posted to my account around 3 a.m est I know this because I have an alert set up on my bank account to text me if there are any deposits. I did that specifically for this refund. My situation was: filed the 17th at 4:30 pm est. accepted on 19th..was "processing w/ dd of 1/31" til sat 1/28. Then it changed to dd 2/1. Checked sbbtral.com yesterday and it was showing as received from irs but didn't post to my account til this morning. I hope this helps someone and I hope you guys get your money SOON.
  • ok, so got a dd date of 2/1 until this morning,changed  to 2/7
    a little heads up for the delay would've been nice, hoping the friday theory is true and we get it 2/3, because if not the 2/7 date is false too cause it's also a wed.
    it's funny how many different things people are told though, the last person we talked to at our bank said the IRS can dd at anytime. and the irs website says "before" 2/7 so i guess it's just anxiety for as long as it takes.
    is there anyone who has a 2/7 date that received funds today?
  • I filed on 01/19 and accepted on 01/21. I checked the IRS website stated by February 7th. I called the SBBT bank stated anticipated by Feb 1 but today nothing shows so i called the IRS with ext 362 the lady yesterday stated she cant find anything on my info, then i called back this morning at 7am PST and the man stated it shows "by feb 7th" but its also my first time filing hopefully thats the reason and they deposit it soon, has anyone ever had this experience filing for the first time?  Please let me know to reassure me I only claim 1 dependent which is my 3 year old.
  • I just got off the phone with the irs, I very nice lady finally. I filed and accepted 1/22, suppose to be dd today. Yesturday I was told 2/1, 2/7, and 2/18. So this morning it was no surprise i didnt have my refund. Well the irs lady said dd date of 2/6. from what i heard from everyones post i should get it 2/3 but not available funds till 2/6. I had plans this weekedd so i am upset im not getting it till monday but atleast i have a DD now.  My WMR still says processing recieve BY 2/7. hope this helps someone
Yes I received both Federal and States this morning at 6 am EST. Said 2/1 on the site, when I was accepted. Filed my returns on 1/24
  • well i already received my state im still waiting on my feds filed 19th accepted the 21st. i have a dd of feb 1st but nothing yet and the irs website still says by feb 7th and 18007177228 says the 1st as well..... this is my first time using turbotax i know its not there fault but all this craziness is out of control im just looking for a firm date but....hopefully the funds post soon.
  • I havent recd my $ yet due today. This is bs. I called irs and keep getting the same responce. I just want my $$
  • where do i go to find out what my date says, it said feb 1 when i filed, but dont know how to check if it was updated.
  • Received my money this morning!!!  Filed 1/23 accepted 1/23   dd received 2/1.....*smiling from ear to ear*
  • I filed on 1/13, accepted on 1/19 and was given the DD of 2/7 by the IRS until this morning when I checked and my DD date changed to 2/3.  This is the worst year ever for filing taxes and I hope it is better next year!  Good luck everyone:-))
  • I filed the 20th, paid up front.  I still have a DD of 2/7.  The refund cycle chart said the 1st.  I called the IRS and they said call back next week.  I have never had an experience like this and am really really worried at this point.
  • When I go into the SBBT it says there is no record found for my SS# But when I go to WMR it says It has been accepted but not yet processed? Filed on January 25th, Accepted same day. Said DD was due for today, still have recieved NOTHING. VERY FRUSTRATED.
  • FINALLY! Filed on 1/16 and accept at 1:11 AM the 19th. Initially said I would receive refund by the 31st then Sunday it updated to the 1st and no later than the 6th.  I usually have my money the last Friday of January. I called the automated system at my bank shortly after midnight...FINALLY IT IS IN MY ACCOUNT. CALLING IN SICK TODAY!!!!  Going to volunteer at my daughter's school this AM then some ME time this afternoon! I wish you all the best!
  • Yessssss After Being Stuck On Still Processing should receive bye 02/7 i checked this moring & my DD Is 2/3 but we wont see our funds till Monday oh well i can wait 5days :)
  • When I submitted mine the cycle chart said I should have my DD by Feb 1st. On the WMR website it said by Feb 7th. I checked it last night and it said due to processing delays I should receive it by Feb 14th. What a joke.
  • My Deposit was supposed to come in on 2/1 and WMR said should be deposited by 2/7. I didn"t get it this morning but WMR updated and said dd scheduled for 2/3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am keeping my fingers crossed that ssbt doesn"t drag their feet and they send my money to my bank Fri. I am supposed to have a Super Bowl party but we won"t be having one without my money. Maybe I could just have bologna sandwiches lol.
  • I had a 2/1 dd date and it was there at around 5am central time...I'm in tx, to my tt debit card.
  • Received mines yesterday to SSBT, pendiing post on my personal pre-paid card this a.m., had a direct deposit date of 2/1, by the way I received both state and Federal
  • i filed on the 20th got accepted the 21st...been stuck at processing blah blah 2/7 blah blah...just got off the phone with the irs and he told me that all it is showing is that they do have our return and it is "still being processed" not to expect a return this week maybe next week, their system wont update till this weekend to call back on monday....so frustrating this year!!  Every other year we've gotten our return on the day if not sooner that was on the chart...ugh!!
  • I am in Missouri and chkd at 7am and had not received mine at 7:30 it was there. I had mine dd straight to bank no fees.
    I too had been told 3 or 4 dates so I called IRS last Friday at 1800-829-0582 ext 362 talked to a very nice lady she researched and told me 2/1 and that is when I got my refund. I was still processing and saying the 7th on wmr until about 20 mins after I called. I hope this helps someone. I have filed with tt for like 5 years this is the first year I have ever had a problem. TT did not change their system the IRS did. So whose fault do you think it is...IRS
  • Hello all.. Im in Texas and I recieved mine this morning and i had a dd scheule for today to my personal bank account... Good Luck ot you all waiting..
@tortured  wmr is where's my refund.  www.irs.gov
  • i was submitted on 1/16 and accepted on 1/18 (after the 11am cut-off) and SBBT said would be deposited on 2/1 but that didn't happen. i seen a notice on there yesterday that my funds were not deposited as expected. WMR kept saying still processing should be deposited by 2/7. i woke up this morning an dchecked WMR and it now says i have a DD scheduled for 2/3 and if i don't receive it by 2/8 to call. in the years past i have always gotten it the day the DD says, SBBT would always have it to me the day the IRS says that i would have it but the way things have been this year  i'm not gonna look to have it until monday or tuesday.
  • sbbt received mine yesterday and i had dd set up to go to a prepaid debit card and I GOT IT THIS MORNING : )  i hope everyone else gets their's too !  happy, happy
  • so I am reading and some people got updates already and others haven't. So i am going to try to go back to sleep till 9 and see if i see an update. I dont understand why all these different dates and things are given. i just really need my money.
  • yes, yesterday morning around 11am
  • I just checked wmr. I see some of you that had a 2/7 date have been updated to 2/3. Mine is still stuck at 2/7.
  • Just to help u guys waiting for an update from sbbt, mine did not update until just before 10 am est yesterday.  Then I received a routing number a few hours after that.  As far as the wmr, still saying the same message it has for the last several days and they have already disbursed my $.  So your best bet is the sbbt website, it will update as soon as it receives your $ from irs.
  • @haywired yes mine has not updated and i see people saying theres has changed to 2/3 from 2/7. when did u get accpected? what is sbbt telling you?
  • Wat does sbbt mean?
  • i haven't got mine either where's the number to wmr that everyone is calling and checking on? mine says the 7th also
  • Got mine today.  WMR said DD 2/1 SBBT got it 1/31 and disburse and it was in my bank by 1:30am this morning .  So those who are set for 2/7  you will have it exactly on 2/.7  what a wonderful dayyyyyyyyyyyyy,.
  • What is the sbbt website?
  • I got mine yesterday morning but its still SBB so hoping it will hit my TTcard this morning...
  • I just checked tt card and my refund is there. It wasn't 30 minutes ago but is now. So everyone check! Finally!!!!
  • I received my refund in my checking acct for 900.00 when i should have recvd 1500.00. What should I do, have any one had this problem that can help me?
Yes!!!! My bank update in the mornings somewhere around 8:00-8:30am.  It was there with today's date.  My timeline was:  filed with turbo tax on 1/13 - accepted by the IRS on 1/18 at apprx. 1:30 pm -  WMR said "processing, if you owe not other taxes (etc.) you should receive your refund by 1/31 - sometime of this past weekend the WMR site update to say "Your tax return has been processed.  Your refund is scheduled to be direct deposited to your bank on 2/1.  Etc".  In the past, the WMR site has always been accurate for me and it was this year, also.  I used the free edition and had my refund direct deposited into my personal checking account.  It was just a 1040A with only myself.  Hope everyone else has some good news today!
  • I had the same thing......SBT says 2/1 dd but still have not received funds from IRS ....WMR says processing and dd by 2/7....Do they update both websites all day?
  • Last year WMR stated I would receive my refund about 5 days later than TT stated but actually the dd was made on the day TT stated. My bank posted it 2 days later. That being said for me TT said 2/1 and I expect it to post on 2/3 which is Friday. Even though wmr states 2/7.  I beleive everyone expecting a deposit today did get one but it will show posted into your accounts on Friday.  Those receiving dd into checking/savings that is.
  • Yes was accepted Jan 18th dd 2/1. My DD was there this morning!  I didnt get the turbo card you guys are talking about just straight to my bank account.
  • I did received me refund? what do I do?
  • Jassy...you DID receive it?  If you did, let me borrow some money..that's what you do.  I have no DD nothing and I filed on the 19th..IRS said call back next week..no DD at all!!
  • This is what our update on the IRS is...has anyone else got this...I alwasy do our returns and never had an issue..

    Your tax return has been received and is being processed.

    If you file a complete and accurate tax return, your refund will be issued:
    within six weeks of the received date.
  • When I filed mine it was accepted on the 21st and originally said it would be on the 1st of February on the WMR. Then after a few days of it saying that it went to say by February 7th due to processing delays! Little frustrating. So now I am just kind of in limbo wondering when it will be : /
  • Accepted the 20th. WMR says still processing gave date of 2/7. Got message from SBBT saying we did not get your refund as we expected. Please check back in a week.  
    It is very frustrating to see these people with dates of acceptance on the 23rd that got their money already.  Though I am happy to see you got your money, its frustrating to those of us that filed and were accepted ahead of you.
    I appear to be on the old system.
    I would call the IRS to vent and ask why people are getting money that filed after me but I know I will just get some BS story!
  • I live in PA, I was also told 2/1 by SBBT, but it isn't there. I really needed the money too, so now I have no idea when it will be sent to my account. I am so sick of this, they shouldn't give you a date if they can't hold up their end. I really needed the money, and now I am screwed having no idea when it will show up.
  • So went to sleep woke up and still no update on sbbt or wmr. its 9am here in maryland. anyone else have any news i got accepted on the 21st
Filed my state and federal on the 16th! They were accepted on the 18th...I was originally told 1/25...but the date came and went....and nothing...I heard that maybe it was gonna be friday because the deposit dates are still friday's....NOPE....then, on SBBT's website, they now put up a disclaimer up saying they gave me the wrong date, but expects to see them on 2/1.....I checked the WMR site, and they were saying 2/7....UGH!...So of course I woke up today bright eyed and bushy tailed to check my account today (2/1)....and....wait for it.....NOTHING! NOT EVEN MY STATE...I again checked WMR, and now they are saying "Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 3, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 8, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 8, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then."....SO ! I'll check back Friday to see...sure hope it is..cuz i have a lot of "promise to pays" depending on this refund...the government has effed up things again!!! lol
  • im in jackson ms and everyone is going crazy over their refunds...im glad i go ahead and file with the first batch...mine is due on the 7th and i hope i dont have this problem
  • I just got off the phone with the IRS and spoke to a nice guy was told that the dates of the 1st 7th and 14th are projective dates if you do not have a date that is set and it keeps changing. so I was told to check back next week.
  • We had been told 2/1 but the WMR keeps saying 2/7. Yesterday my husband called the IRS and talked to a live person.  They checked and told him that it would be direct deposited to our bank on 2/3.  We chose DD to our bank account.  This is the number we called: 800-829-0582 ext 362
  • Anyone have a "still processing" with a feb 14th date?
    i filed and was accepted on the 24th. This is driving me crazy...
    I just want to know someone is in the same "14th" boat...
  • ive been waiting an waiting  with the 7 of feb but now finally thr irs lady told me my dd dates is feb 6 now finally i bout lost my mind with this year tax fileing system so good luck to everyone still waiting call this number an check your status 800 829 0582 ext 362 very helpful
  • ive been waiting an waiting  with the 7 of feb but now finally thr irs lady told me my dd dates is feb 6 now finally i bout lost my mind with this year tax fileing system so good luck to everyone still waiting call this number an check your status 800 829 0582 ext 362 very helpful
  • I filed mine on the 23rd, accepted on the 24th. I have the IRS app, it's saying it could be the 14th!? I have rent to pay, I need my money. According to the chart, I should have had my refund today. I haven't checked since I got to work this morning, but I know it wasn't there last night like I expected it to be. Kinda need that money, landlord is breathing down my neck. I guess I should show her this website and these comments, maybe she would understand. lol. Anyone else getting the 14th now?
  • called again...still ;processing...by the 7th, but no DD yet is what she said..(she said it could be longer as well.)  they have 3 weeks to process  *IF there is nothing wrong with your return..blah blah..*

    I told her i filed on the 19th and people AFTER me are getting their deposits and DD...
    she said it's just whomever gets lucky she guesses.

  • My direct deposit was scheduled for 2/1....however, I've checked my account several times this morning and there was no deposit. This is terrible!!! I've called turbo tax and they said that the IRS has issued a statement that they are running about seven days behind on processing returns. I've never had a problem with turbo tax in past.......I NEED MY MONEY!!
  • I got my federal this morning, but not my state...when does my state come in?
  • SaraAlayne - yes the same thing with me...tons of bills to pay...rent, a credit card...should have rcvd my money today..."still process" "BY the 14th"
  • So here is what I am guessing....If you paid for your taxes by having it taken out of your refund then you will be getting it on the exact day turbo tax said. I guess for those who chose to pay for it theirselves you wont get it until who knows when. My dd was due today and still waiting....Turbo tax should be ashamed of themselves
  • I filed mine through turbo tax, but I did my boyfriends through taxact, and his refund has been right on time! No problems at all! However... Mine is still in processing, and I filed mine the same time as his!
  • Mine was accepeted on the 19th and I had a dd today. Just also remember when you but in the amout make sure you use the amount before fees are taken out also.Mine was updated on the IRS site and the cisc.sbtbg.com site without any problems. Now to just get my state.
  • ok so now the wmr says they couldnt process my info and it could be 3 weeks. It said this morning 2/7. So i guess now they sick of me looking up my shit!!! anyone else have this message and no what it means?? does it mean i did something wrong?
  • If this helps anyone I got an email from TT today about 2hrs ago stating that my refund is on my TT card
  • OMG! I filed on the 21st accepted on the 22nd. TT gave me a date of 2/1 and I was stuck on the whole Feb 7th processing thing forever. Now I check again on WMR and it says they cannot find my return...WTF?
  • I just got off the phone with someone from IRS and he did some research for me. Apparently, those whose returns got accepted on the 20th had to be resequenced and that is the reason for the week delay. So if you fall into that category, he said you may not get your return until on or around the 10th of February. He was able to check and see that I had no problems with my return but did not have a definite deposit date.

    The problem with what he told me was that my return was accepted on the 19th and he even said that after he looked again. He said if its not deposited yet that I had been resequenced (put back thru) and thats why it was showing still processing with a anticipated date of Feb 7th. He was able to tell me that. That date has been the same for me since the 19th.
  • What is going on. I never had this problem b4. Does anyone know what time it will go on the card??????????????
  • Craziness, lol, filed on the 24th accepted by IRS on the 24th, Suppose to have today and WNR says should have it by 2/14 glad i didnt need it today but it would of been nice to have it.
  • I received mine this morning and had a DD of 2-1 good luck everyone.
  • I received mine this morning and had a DD of 2-1 good luck everyone.
  • mine was accepted on 1/18 after the cutoff and I'm still in pending but by 2/7 this is frustrating .. my husbands was updated to DD on 2/3 and we submitted them both within 20 minutes of each other
  • I got accepted on the 21st and my dd date was today but i have no money on my card or on the sbbt website. i am on hold with the irs and i hope i get to talk to someone nice so they can tell me whats going on.
  • Yeah I got mine this morning, deposited straight into my bank account. I had filed on the 18th of January. My first date on the IRS "Where's my refund" was 1/25 and then pushed out to 2/7, then the date changed to 2/1, and I got it!!! Good luck everyone!!
  • Someone had asked what WMR is, so I was just answering that. It stands for Where's my refund on the irs website. Good Luck everyone! Still no luck here. So I figure I will be lucky to see my money friday! This has became a royal PITA!
  • No it's still say by Feb 7th smh
  • Had a DD of 2/1/2012 nothing yet, but it's cool I waited 9 months to be born, a few weeks won't hurt. lol.
  • I just called IRS and thay sed dd on Feb 6 and I had the tt date of fed 1 hope this helps I filed on jan20 and was accepted on jan22
  • We filed and were accepted on 1/21. WMR says "Processing should receive by the 7th" blah blah (same jazz) so we just called the IRS - again - and spoke to a rep. She said she showed our exact refund amount (told us amount) scheduled for DD on Monday, the 6th.
  • i filed 1/17 and was accepted 1/18 but my dd date changed from 1/25 to 1/27 to 2/1 now its 2/21 and its been stuck on that date for about a week now ... can they really wait till the 21st if i e filed early ?
  • my WMR finally updated this morning to DD for 2/3.  Was stuck on 2/7 for the longest.
  • I didn't get mines today, but my dd was changed to 2/3. I compared it to last year's and my dd was 1/28; it was in my cking. account on 1/28, so I look to have mines Friday. I think they sent them to Santa Barbara today and it takes two day for processing.
  • still havent gotten mine!
  • @ Supreme3 , That is really crazy!! Them changing the dates so much is sad! Mine was accepted on 19th of course thought it would be deposited today but, NO!!!!! So i checked IRS website & said the 7th. Looking on here made me want to call IRS number so i just did & the lady stated the 6th. I usually get my return 12:01 day of expected. ;-(
  • I filed on the 18th got accepted on the 19th I just got the new status
    Refund Status Results
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 3, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 8, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 8, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

    So hopefully everyone elses will update as well. We have bills to pay.. Trreat yourself to dinner .. WE ALL DESERVE IT !!
  • I called the IRS the other day - said my refund was still being processed...I called today and got a lady who seemed very annoyed to begin with said she cant find my return at all...
    I rcvd an email from TT on 1/24 - IRS accepted and DD on 2/1. WMR says BY 14th. APP says 3-14.
    But why does the IRS now say they cant find it...I am freaking out now....What does this mean?
  • Was given a direct deposit date of 02/01/2012. Still haven't gotten mine yet. I checked on it and shows that it will deposit between 02/01/2012 - 02/03/2012. I'm really hopping that it is deposited today I really need the money asap!
  • I haven't even gotten an email saying it's on its way or anything. And the hell do you get a person on the phone at the IRS?
  • @nerdcore. You can't I just called and they say they are too busy and to call back tomorrow.
  • Too Funny, Accepted by IRS on 1/24 suppose to get 2/1 nothing here. Looked up WMR supposed to be here by 2/14. Called IRS and they said 3 week processing is the standard and i have to wait and see and couldnt give me a date of release seeing it was still being processed.
  • ya tommy - me too...
    i'm on the phone with them again...this is unacceptable...
  • Finally got dd for the 6th hope no bullshit happens.
  • I just got off the phone with the IRS again.  She said the same thing, that with all the delays, the 7th is the quickest you will get your refund.  I told her I was accepted on the 19th, and other after me have DD dates, and or received their funds.  She basically said too bag, you have to wait.
  • YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Here is my timeline I filed on the 16th, e-mail said I was accepted on the 18th (IRS Rep said the 19th) app said 1/27 e-mail and sbbt said 2/1 and WMR was "processing" till 2/7. Today sbbt still hasnt received my return and WMR FINALLY said DD on 2/3. I didnt get the TT card it went into my acct. Hopefully sbbt will update.saying they got it by tomorrow but the IRS said I will for sure have.it by Friday. I was expecting today (2/1) but I guess 2 days aint bad to wait. Im so glad this is over and I can be at ease. Im going to knock on wood cause with my luck they will pull it again for no reason!!! The IRS updates on Wednesday and Fridays (the rep told me)  so hopefully everyone elses will update too. Good Luck to u all.
  • I received my federal today, this morning, but not my new jersey state...when does that come?
  • i filed on the 15th... got accepted on the 18th after the cut off... i got an update on wmr this morning of a dd date of the 3rd... so we shall see... be patient
  • I filed 1/21 was accepted 1/23 and received my Iowa tax refund on 1/30 and originally WMR said by 2/7 and then SBBT said DD was not received as expected on 2/1 and to check back in 7 days.  As of this morning WMR says no information is available and to allow a minimum of THREE weeks from the date filed before checking WMR again.  That is 2/21!!!

    It is last year all over again...I did not receive my Federal tax refund until the middle of JUNE due to IRS software and processing issues!
  • just got off the phone with the irs of course just like everyone else i had a refund date of 2/1 thru tt. i was told by the irs that if you have a refund date that is the day that you will receive your refund. my refund date is set for 2/7. they also told me to continue to check my acct. everyday because it could go thru any time between now and the 7th. this is so stressful. so to everyone out there continue to check your acct daily and hopefully we all will be happy soon.
  • I had a 2/1 deposit date from TT nothing today on hold with IRS wmr says still processing this people need to answer the phone and tell me wtf.....
  • I was wondering myself about it so i called the IRS this morning and they said my return will be dd on 2/6
  • Anyone with a "still processing" "rcv by Feb 14th"
    Just called the IRS - I filed the 24th, and its still processing....
  • Ugh, I don't even have an update. Accept that now sbbt says the irs didn't send my refund as expected blah blah blah. Still stuck at 2/7 on wmr. mine was filed and accepted on the 22. DD date of TODAY. But I've gotten some good info here. This is so terrible and I swear I don't remember it taking more than a week last year.  Guess I'll wait for irs to update tomorrow. But in the meantime I know I'm going to be obsessively checking ALL DAY. Will post again any news I get to hopefully help any others. Good luck again everybody!
  • I heard the SBJP bank updates at 11am est time. I am to suppose to have my money today and still havent. i think everyone is frustaded this year. Filed 1/22 accepted within 8 hours later same day..
  • DD was surposed to be 01/25 they sbbt changed it to 2/1 wmr says by 02/07. Did my taxes 01/19 was accepted 01/23. turbotax says 7 days, i think it is way pays 7 days. I think i will be filing differently next year been with turbo tax for more than 10 years. i know it not their fault but still i have lost money.   signed still unemployed
  • NOPE! Mine says the same thing TT says 2/1, and IRS says 2/7:( Nothing in my account yet:( UGH!!
  • I can't believe all the chaos this year over this.  I do am one who filed on the 19th and got accepted on the 21st (normally this only takes a couple of hours but took 2 days this year).  This is my 5th year of filing with Turbo Tax and everything is normally right on through Turbo Tax and WMF.  Mine still is stuck on processing due to come by the 7th.  Now I am reading some are getting notice that they had processing errors now we have to wait another week possibly.  Unreal.  I really think that they should be paying us penalties and interest like they charge us when we don't pay our taxes ON TIME.  Get it together IRS.
  • I hate to say this because I know many people are having a tough time financially right now. I think you guys need to chill out. If you are that dependent on a refund you need to change your tax's and have less taken out each pay check. Everyone is so angry at tt or the irs. If you spent more time working or looking for work and less time calling the irs over and over and complaining on this board you may not be in a position where you cannot pay your bills unless uncle Sam gives you your money.  One more thing and not to rant, but you are all getting money back your not even paying taxes. Only the top 10% pay taxes just be happy your expecting a refund and we can leave it up to all the rich people to pay for everything. Moral of the story chill the f**k out you will get your money. So they made you wait a few days its a new system this year and also they are implementing a new anti fraud system to save all of us money in the end.
  • I called the irs yesturday morning and they gave me the 3 week speech and to exspect on 2/18. Then i called back last night and they said by 2/7 but not to exspect it on 2/1
  • I just checked the irs site and the date of deposit has changed. My taxes were accepted on the 18th of Jan my refund should have been deposited on the 25th however the site said the 7th of feb. Now it says the third it was updated this AM.
  • YES!!! got my refund today   filed 1/23....didnt havent any problems at all   thank GOD!!
  • I called SBBT phone line and the automated told me that I should expect a refund by Feb 1st (I filed Jan 18th). So, WMR said I should receive it Feb 21st.  Wow. Someone in the community said she received her last year in the middle of the day and not at midnight like we all expect. So, I'm going to hope and pray it gets here in the middle of the day, and pray TT Bank deposits it by this Friday Feb 3rd. Dang, this sucks.
  • Mine was accepted on the 19th before 11am called last Friday got a date of 2/3 then Monday checked wheres my refund and it said 2/1 it was in my bank account this morning(well it was showing pending since Monday) so glad i wasnt used a turbo tax card or had fees taken out before it went too my bank account.
  • You know what really gets me?People who filed AFTER me got theirs today!How does that make any sense at all?!
  • Expected DD date stated 2/14 as of this am.... Now  12:30pm ....the Irs site says it can't find me in the system?????? WTH is going on???? Anyone else having this problem???
  • it's crazy!!! I was supposed to get my money today with dd to my personal checking  account. IRS says now the 7th because they only make deposits on Fridays?! They sure don't wait to take my money out of every pay check every week!!! UGH
  • Filed on the 13th, accepted BEFORE 11am on the 19th, TT Said Jan 25th, then Feb 1st. WMR has always said before the 7th, but updated cycle chart says Feb 1st. Checked with my bank and nothing is pending,  I did not pay fees up front so am checking that account too... No deposits. Infact, the TT bank says "the IRS should have deposited your money into this account but no deposits have been made." WMR still says Feb 7th. UGH.... Frustrated that people who filed after me recieved theirs today!
I finally got an update on 2-2-12, WMR now says:

“Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 6, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 11, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.”

My return was accepted after 11:00am in the 18th (so really accepted the 19th). My WMR has said processing refund should receive by the 7th since 1-20-12. I did not have a DCN on my return. I checked with the bank and my refund posted at midnight Friday night/Saturday morning.

Mine was about a week later than the IRS refund chart estimated.

Hope everyone one else that was stuck on “by the 7th” will finally updated too over the next few days!
  • YAY! WMR showed that my DD was 2/6 and it actually showed up in my account TODAY!
  • mine is still saying processing should receive by the 7th.....
  • My wmr is finally showing up at a direct deposit date of Feb 8th, SBBT has not updated yet it will probably change tomorrow, feeling better I have a date now and know what is going on:)
  • just checked WMR today and it has updated to being DD on 2/8..hope i get it soon....i will update when i do....filed 1/19 accepted 1/19...
  • Just checked....SBBT has received it and sent it to my bank...now im waiting for my bank to receive it....
Turbo Tax E-filers Refund Delay

Taxpayers who filed their tax returns electronically using Turbo Tax by Intuit may experience a delay in getting their refunds due to a ‘processing error’ by Turbo Tax.  The Turbo Tax spokesperson, Julie Miller issued a statement:
“We deeply regret the inconvenience this has caused these customers.  We made a mistake and are doing everything we can to make it right.  We are communicating directly with customers affected and of course, we’ve waived all TurboTax fees.”
This error affects possibly thousands of taxpayers who opted to receive their refunds via direct deposit.  If you are one of the affected taxpayers, you will be receiving your tax refund by paper check instead.  Furthermore, the IRS will mail your check approximately one week after the day you were scheduled to get your direct deposit.
In addition, the date of the expected refund has also changed for many taxpayers.  Those who expected their refunds on February 4 discovered that their expected date of refund has been changed to February 22.  Some who expected a refund on Jan 28 would now get their paper check refund by Feb 15.  According to some taxpayers, their refund dates have been changed two or more times without any reasons given.
But just what was the ‘processing error’ made by Turbo Tax?  No one knows for sure.  But one thing is certain – the IRS confirmed that they did not receive any direct deposit banking information from Turbo Tax.  Hence there is speculation that the last page of the tax returns that bears the relevant information for direct deposit was never transmitted by Turbo Tax.
Another complaint is that the calls made to Turbo Tax customer service resulted in long waiting times and no concrete answers.  Logging into the website brought no better results either.
This entire episode will undoubtedly create bad publicity for Turbo Tax and Intuit.  Although taxpayers have been told that it’s ‘only going to be an extra week’ to get their paper check, it does little to reassure irate filers.  Even one week may be too long a time for many.  This is especially so because if the paper check is delayed, the IRS cannot trace it immediately.
Turbo Tax’s Facebook fan page is deluged with expressions of anger and frustration by many affected taxpayers starting from February 3.  Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do besides wait.
On their part, Intuit has pledged to waive their $30 processing fee and solve this problem quickly.

This is the website: http://www.getirshelp.com/irsblog/2940/turbo-tax-e-filers-refund-delay/
  • filed with tt on1/09/12 irs excepted on 1/17/12 was told 1/25/12 then was told by irs it would be 3 weeks or more
    then recieved update on 1/31/12 deposit would be made today
    well it was thank god
  • Im soo confused! can some one please help me?? what is ssbt?? okay i filed way back and got accepted by the irs on the 18th it was late tho to late to fall into the 25th date, so its for the 1st .. the dd date says 1st on the bottom of my email that said irs accepted your refund .. now i go to track my refund and it says BY the 7th .. omg i need this money n i have no idea any more on when ill have it!!!
  • This morning the IRS showed the 7th..now there is nothing..SBT shows the 1st..but now nothing..IRS Phone refund info shows the 7th..this is crazy..I have never had this problem before
  • so now its a check and its not going on the tt card???? im sooo confuseddd!
  • Don't pay attention to blog the dude posted..that was from last year..
  • I would like for the IRS or TT to either confirm or deny that our direct deposit information was either sent or not! This guessing nonsense is really getting old! If TT messed up and didn't send our DD information to the IRS than we should be at the top of the list to get our refund! I haven't received anything from TT regarding my refund, not so much as a "the IRS is having processing delays" email....nothing! I will not be filing with TT again next year!
  • How can you get through to talk to an IRS agent because WMF says February 8th and tt is saying February 7th, I don't understand what is going on this year because I need my refund, trying to move in a new house.  Somebody need to tell me something because I was accepted on January 19th at 12:12 p.m. so what is the hold up>
  • Let's not worry about what's his name way up there. Opinion is opinion that's all. Besides, if none of us were working then we wouldn't be getting a return! So obviously, we have jobs. ANYway, on hold with IRS. Will update when I know something. Thank you everybody for posting. It sucks that we're in this mess but it's cool to know I'm not in it alone.
  • keyrag, hope this helps, got it off another thread. i'm on hold now 800-829-0582 ext 362 and talk directly to someone
  • Don't feel bad been stuck on feb7th since jan 24. filed on the 18th accp on the 20th. I called at noon today nice lady she checked my return lmao still in pros. I asked if there was somthing wrong with my return she said nope. She said you should get it bye feb7 lol i like the you should part.
  • Severely disappointed. Just got off the phone with the IRS. Filed and accepted 1/22 some time in the afternoon pacific time. DD scheduled for TODAY. He told me it will ACTUALLY be deposited NEXT Friday, the 10th. Freakin' awesome.  I don't understand why everything is so random. There are people who have had their returns accepted WAY before and still haven't gotten anything. Then others have the same timeline as mine and they have gotten theirs. So disappointed. Hope you all have better luck and I hope you guys get yours real soon.
  • just got off phone with irs. WMR said feb 7th. spoke to a person and they said DD will be the 7th. She said it is 3 weeks from when you file. And the date WMR gives you is the date you get DD. it is sooooo aggravating. good luck to all.
  • I spent an hour and half on the phone today with TT trying to figure out what happened to my refund. My rep went to his boss's boss and found out that SBPT is behind by a WEEK on their processing. If you were supposed to get your return today, opted to have TT take their fees out of your tax return before passing it on to you, this may be why.
  • hijokero4 why did you post that ancient information from last year to confuse people more than they already are. That info is dated Feb. 2011 this is Feb 2012.
  • just talked to irs and they said I will not get my refund until the 6th or 7th, I don't understand I filed on January 21st accepted on the 23rd, but they said you have to wait at least 3 weeks....I am like whatever....when it shows up it shows up.....I am done with this BS!!!!!!!!
  • yes i just called the irs  1800-829-0582   and spoke with a real person and asked when did they see a direct dposit and they told me monday feb 6th  and then to check after 2:00
  • The best thing to do is really call the IRS and get the answer.  TT said 2/1, WMR said 2/7...I called the IRS directly and they told me the real date for the deposit for sure is 2/6.  It is worth spending a few mins to find out for sure instead of speculating because it seems like everyone's experience is different this year.
  • so after WMR and automated system still saying processing and should have by 2/7 called and spoke to live person..FINALLY a DD date of 2/6...hoping for sooner but atleast I have a definite date now!!!
  • I originally should have had our refund today though!
  • i was accepted the 17th before 11 am had dd deposit the 25th nothing than called talked to a nice person she stated i have dd day of 2/1 and wmr also has dd 2/1 i have mine to be deposited on green dot card i have had for years and nothing was dd i called green dot and the agent said alot of people has been calling with dd date 2/1 and irs has not sent any thing to alot of customers today  whats going on alot with later dates accpted and sent has theres
  • I cant get an answer at all! at least you are getting a deposit date of the 6th...I called and they said not showing a DD yet. and I filed on the 19th!!!   she looked and was very nice but said she was sorry and the WMR site of the 7th is what it should be done by, but no guarantees and It could be by feb 22nd!!!
  • Ssbt web site says they don't have it. I called themand said something about a deposit on the 1 st which I wish was true. Ssbt sue said delays. Ack! I'm not in need of the money right now but am looking forward to new furniture ,glasses and extra spending money that I just want it to come
  • I did!!!! I submitted my taxes 01/18/2012 at 10:30am CST and the IRS accepted 01/18/2012 at 5:39 PM CST. I was originally under the assumption I would get my taxes 01/25 but I was told that my return was accepted after the cutoff of 01/18 at 11am. Even though I submitted my taxes on 01/18 before 11 am, the IRS didn't accept until 5:39pm and that was considered the next business day processing 01/19. I kept checking the WMR site daily and it was saying by 02/07 and Santa Barbara Bank was showing 02/01. I finally called the IRS and a rep told me they only deposit on Friday's, so I would get my refund on 02/03. Yesterday I checked Santa Barbara and it showed that my refund had been dispursed as of yesterday and give it 1-2 business days to post to your bank account. Well sure enough I woke up this morning and my refund was deposited in my bank account.
  • I did my taxes on the 1/18 and they got accepted 1/19. On the IRS website it says that it is suppose to me direct deposited today on to my bank. Well there ain't nothing so far. I am so confused it is so unreal. The IRS knew what was gonna happen and like always we have to wait for our money. The thing that I feel about that is that they never have to wait for there money but when it is owed to us then we have to wait till they feel good and ready to deposit it. I really dont need the money but it would be nice to have it though. Can anybody help me?
  • I had my fees deducted from my refund. Money is supposed to be sent sbbt. They said $ should be dep. Feb 1st. Now they say check back in 7 days. WMR is still saying being processed should be dep by Feb 7th. I was accepted Jan 18th. If I have to wait 3 weeks then next year I am going to file by paper mail and not pay anyone. I would rather just wait the extra 3 weeks and get all my refund. This really bites the big 1. This is what sbbt is saying now:

    The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS.

    This is what wmr has been saying for last 2 weeks

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Unless there is a processing delay or you owe other taxes, you should receive your refund by February 7, 2012.

    I see a lot of people here have been updated to Feb 3rd. I am yet to get an dd date. It is after 5 pm eastern time here so I guess I am still in tax purgatory. This really sucks. I spent all this $ to get my refund within 2 weeks. This will be the last time I pay for someone to file my taxes. I would rather file by paper mail and wait the 6 wks than go through this.
I was stuck on proccessing until this morning I was accepted on the 18th and WMR said unless there are proccessing delays you should recieve your refund by Feb 7th. Finally have a DD day of Feb 3rd.  from WMR and https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ has no update, I called 1-800-717-7228 and it says I should get it today.  Who knows anymore im just sitting here  dissapointed and trying to be patient.
    TT updated. Funds on tt card.  Check your tt card.
    • I have not received mine as of yet. Do you think TurboTax lied to us? Where is my money??? IRS saids Feb 7th and still processing. what a joke! And where's the money????
    • yeah don't have a tt card...ours is supposed to be direct deposited onto our personal prepaid card.
    • ok, but what is the web address for sbbt?
    • @vpink, not necc true. I was accepted on the 18th around midnight, had WMR date of 2/7 up until this morning (eastern time) around 630am it changed to 2/3. From my understanding TT doesnt do the direct deposit so why ppl are saying SBBT sent it to TT makes no sense. TT uses SBBT to deduct the fees and transfer to the accounts. So dont let them tell u its not in ther hands, unless they already sent it to ur bank (or card), then its in ur banks hands. SBBT has not updated for me yet.
    • I have received my refund on my tt card.  Good luck to all.  I posted my timeline for anyone to see the process I personally had.
    @brokeinga...I had that and received refund on 24th.  Check your account you may have received refund
    • I just talked to a lady at the irs i filed on the 19th and got accepted on the 21st and i had a dd of the 1st but nothing yet she told me its being deposited on the 6th that really sucks!!!!
    • Not me!! Been looking so much the IRS locked me out yesterday.  Was due to be DD in my account today.  Everything is still the same on IRS, TT, and that website to see if TT has received yet.  :(
    • All along the WMR said I would receive my refund by the 7th, the bank site and my TT e-mail said the 1st was when the refund was expect.  It's the 1st and it's not here.  Now the bank site says check back in 7 days and the WMR says it could take up to three weeks and to check back in 7 days.  Does anyone know whats going on?
    • ha!!  I filed on the 16Th my date is the 8th of Feb??? what a joke..
    • I received mine today, filed 1/17. accepted 1/19, received refund today 2/1! Good Luck everyone!
    • I was accepted on the 20th said until beging of week everywhere should get dd on the 1st now with the irs delays the irs wheres my refund jumped from the 7th to the 21st got my state 2 days after it was accepted mid day so gonna wait till mid day n if nutin I'm just gonna keep checking I dunno if everyone who was spose to original b on the first changed or not..
    • I was accepted on the 20th said until beging of week everywhere should get dd on the 1st now with the irs delays the irs wheres my refund jumped from the 7th to the 21st got my state 2 days after it was accepted mid day so gonna wait till mid day n if nutin I'm just gonna keep checking I dunno if everyone who was spose to original b on the first changed or not..
    • Filed on 15th ... accepted on 19th .... expected my refund this morning 2/1/2012. Just checked & says processing 2/7/2012 date now!!! Yes fees was being paid through my refund & this was DD to my bank account. Never had this happen. Usually hits my account for 12:01 am date given from Turbo Tax. I am just not understanding how some already got their money & some filed after me?
    • I have been reading these things for days! I am so frustrated about all of this! I am a single parent and I, like the rest of you, definitely NEED this money. Its not like I want it so that I can go out and shop and blow it. I have things to pay. I did my taxes the day I got my W-2. I got it on 1/12. Needless to say, I was accepted the 18th and have had several different dates. I still have yet to receive my refund. I got my state back (Ohio) on 1/27 and I have never received my state taxes before my federal. I also agree that TT needed to keep us updated with what was going on instead of leaving us all guessing and driving ourselves nuts trying to figure it out! I had a date of 2/1 with TT and with their bank. I have called and checked periodically since midnight last night and I have nothing. I just checked WMR and I FINALLY got a date of 2/3 after being stuck in "processing" all this time. I hope everyone that filed with me gets their refund soon! I know I purposely filed early to get it early not find out that people who filed after me have already received their refund or are set to receive it before me.
    • Mine is showing in my Checking account as of right now, apparently some are going through... YAY!! :D
    • Good Morning! I just talked to my bank and she looked in the ACH "wherehouse," the place where the bank can see incoming funds.  It doesn't even show anything coming today.  We were accepted on the 17th and told originally to expect a dd on Jan 25th.  Now it says due to processing delays, we should recieve a dd by Feb 7th.  I called SBBT 18007177228 and the automatic response says that it was deposited Feb 1.  Well....it's not here so there has to be some sort of lag time between the deposits.  On a side note, You know, if they were expecting a payment from us (community taxpayers) it would be INSTANT!! lol  oh well, it will be here eventually! :-)
    • well just checked that site at top n they have not recieved any funds from irs n to check back n a week said could take 9-16 days sighs this sucks
    • I filed on Jan 20 and accepted same day. TT said I would have it by the 1st.  I have still processing should receive before Feb 7 on WMR.  Just talked to IRS and I am scheduled for deposit on Feb 6.
    • I just talked to someone about my refund and mine keeps saying cant find info on wmr.., but tt said 2-1 well the lady whom I just spoke with said that my dd day -2-6 even tho wmr says cant find info.... I am frustrated like the rest Im a single mom of 4 and I depend on it to get by like paying my rent up for the year and stuff .. Good luck everyone it will come now i have a lil peace of mind :)
    • Irs is on some bullshit this year i filed on jan 21st accepted jan 22nd, and sbbt said i would see something today, but nothing, then wmr still says processing your return you will get something by feb7th....so i call irs and they said it is still processing call back friday.....wtf!!!!
    • What is WMR and how do I check it??
    • yup, suppose to have mine today 2/1 via dd and it's been delayed 9-16 days as stated on my SB TPG account deposit link. A friend did his and was delayed a week as well last week. Our government is out of money!
    • Yes mine was on my TT card a few mins ago. Good luck all!
    • I filed  on the 15th  and was accepted the 19th with direct deposit, the WMR site said i entered my information wrong and was unable to give me any information, so i called the IRS and told me my direct deposit is scheduled for the 3rd by midnight . i hope i get it by then. last year i got it before the 25th of January.
    • I got my cash baby!  I am a happy camper.  TT has always worked for me for the past 12 years of income tax returns.  And, I also always get the maximum refund without audit risk.  I love this software!  :-)
    • Mine said Feb 1, I paid my fee up front, now when I checked today it says it will be deposited on 2/3
    • i filed jan 17th...got accepted jan 19th was told i would have it today but i didnt and i checked wmr and it says my dd is feb 3rd so hopefully friday!!!
    • I filed and accepted on 20th, tt due date said the 1st, wmr says before the 7th still and sbb shows not received yet. I called 18007177228 and it says scheduled to be deposited today, if its not there in 7 days to call back. I am so confused. Also I called the irs last night and after waiting 52  minutes I talked to a very rude lady that told me all she could tell is that it is still processing and to give it up to 16 days after acceptance date. This is very nerve racking. Too many dates and nobody really seems to know when we will get our money and what the deal is with all these different due dates?
    • ok so i called sbbt and there still saying today, does anyone no when they update there online info? also i check wmr and there still saying the 7th mine never changed to the 3rd. i got accpected on the 21st. I dont understand i feel like i did my taxes wrong and now i wont get any money. I live in maryland and havent got my state taxes either anyone else in maryland having problems or anyone having issues with the irs or sbbt?
    • i receive like 3500 but my return suppose to be 9087 like wtf is the rest of my money
    • Has anyone filed on 01/20/2012 accepted on 01/21/2011. The WMR refund states Your return is still in processing and if there is no delays and you do not owe taxes you should receive by February 7th..

      I spoke with IRS agent and all he told me was it was still processing.. It could take 3 weeks.. Confused about this all. Anyone else have this problem?
    • Yes mine is the same way
    • I had the same problem with the 20 filing and accepting, called last night said wait 16 days-3 weeks and call back. still showing generic due date of 7th, sbb has not yet received funds. :(
    • @jess it says the same thing got accepted the 21st also. on hold with irs now. will let you no what they say.
    • ok so for everybody that got theirs , let me borrow a dollor lol j/p..For real i am so pissed. go tell me by the first. im so tired of seeing that"it is being processed crap, durn i electronically filed got accepted on the 20th 1st dd date was 1/25 then they changed it to 02/01 now the 7th wth. my money betta be in there today or...or.. damn aint nothing i can do but still uuuggghhhh
    • I was accepted the 19th at like 3 a.m. the wmr says Feb 7th and still no update. SBBT said today, but is now saying that lovely message many others have gotten about checking back in 7 days. While I know this is to do with the IRS, I know people who used other tax services at the same time I did and have recieved their refund a week ago. I am a little disappointed with the fact that there are people who filed and were accepted a week after me that already have their refund and as far as I know, I will be waiting another week. Happy for those who aren't having to wait for the IRS to get their crap together this year though.
    • I have the same problem...filed on the 19th, accepted on the 21st, told to expect refund by 02/03/12 but that changed to 02/07/12. WMR just says processing :(
    • Got mine this am.  Had date of 2/1.  Hang tight.  Yours is coming.
    • No, TT said my refund was expected to be deposted on 02/01.  So I checked this morning and it was not so I went to the IRS.Gov site and now it says that it is being deposited on 02/03 but could take up to 7 days to post.  Not sure where that date came from but this is really frustrating.  My taxes were accepted on 01/17 and it is still taking this long.
    • hag dd date2/1 nothing from irs ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    • Mine was accepted the 18th.   I am wishing I had not done the TT Card.  It seems pointless.   Apparently, I was wooed with the Receive Your Refund in as little as 7 Days! banner that I didn't realize it was receive the card in 7 days - no money on it until the IRS decides to deposit it.

    • On the phone with the irs will update you: mine says the 7th and the irs lady just told me a date of the 6th so if yours still says the 7th it will be the 6th
    • ok so i just called them and after being on hold for 20 yrs this really rude and sore throat ass sounding man told me that they have not processed it yet. so how are yawl giving me all these DD dates if it aint even been looked at. he said it can take up to 3 wks.
    • what f'n sucks is that i filed on the 10th!!!! accepted on the 16th!!!! and still havent got anything!!!! then people who filed way after me has already got theirs....WTF IS REALLY GOING ON. I think im going to ask for a refund of my $60 bucks i paid to efile it to have it quicker!!!!
    • Finally got an update....went from processing and and a potential date of 2/7 to DD on 2/3.....so slowly i guess we are making progress!!!
    • my wmr finally changed to say feb 3.  Does that mean they will deposit it to sbbt on the 3rd? which means I wont get it until the monday the 6th on my tt card, or does it mean sbbt will receive it today or tomorrow and my tt card will have it friday?
    • I just checked my status and first I checked on https://cisc.sbtpg.com/.  To my amaze the IRS didn't release my deposti blah blah blah, so I checked Where's my refund, now they have me for Friday. OMG!! this has been nothing but a nightmare. Never have I waited this long, this is totally insane.

      This is money owed to us, the goverment takes enough from our hard earnings, they need to give us whats do to us and stop the bull S*** already.
    Yes at 2:30AM this morning.  FINALLY...  Good luck to all...
    • Hi guys..I doubled checked with the IRS this morning because I filed on the 19th and have the 7th processing crap with no DD yet.. I told her it says by the 6th though. So, I was hoping that this meant its a tentative DD thing, but not etched in stone yet. so, she said I should have it by the 6th (not the 7th)...So, after drilling her for a few to make sure of this, she said, it is still being processed and it could take up to the 3 weeks..so in another words, she said on the 6th, but NO DD for sure???   wth
    I received my refund today. It was deposited thru sbbt after taking out the fees. The IRS deposited it on 1/31 to sbbt. So it was a day later from them. You can check sbbt's website and it will give you details on your refund.
    • no i have not but to everyone who is like me and still stuck on the 7th lets all have faith in whom or whatever you belive in that our day will come soon so that we may pay our bills go shoping or whatever trust me it kills me to type this as i am dieing with anger inside but i will TRY hardest to remain faithfull and hopefull because at the end of the day thats all we well i have
    • Filed on the 24 for DD. I was accepted a few hours later that day and was given a deposit date of 2/1. No money yet I have Bank of America and am wondering if it could also depend on our banking. Anyone with the same or similar date as  mine receive there refund yet?
    • no i have not but to everyone who is like me and still stuck on the 7th lets all have faith in whom or whatever you belive in that our day will come soon so that we may pay our bills go shoping or whatever trust me it kills me to type this as i am dieing with anger inside but i will TRY hardest to remain faithfull and hopefull because at the end of the day thats all we well i have
    • I had a tt dd date of 2/1 today also.  WMR says before 2/7.  Sb bank says they have not recieved my refund.  I just spoke to a very nice person at the irs and he informed me that the irs is can't provide exact dates this year because of the new fraud  protection they have put in place.  He said that it could go through anytime between now and 2/7 but should be no later.  I asked him about thinking that the irs is only dd refunds on fridays and he said no that they dd everyday of the week.  Hope this helps a little.  I was really expecting mine today as well, and can understand how you feel.  I am pretty disappointed that it hasn't.
    • Just got off the phone w IRS after 35 min on hold.  Told her SBBT and TT says 2/1 and WMR says 2/7.  Also mentioned that I hadn't received it today and asked if everything was concerned, also apologized for calling to bother her.  Figured it was better to kill them with kindness and see where I could get.  She put me on hold again and came back and said that I am all done processing and that my DD is scheduled for Mon, the 6th.  I am just glad I got an answer and a definite date.    Filed on 1/22 accepted 1/22.
    I was supposed to receive a direct deposit for $7300; however, I only received $1200...why?  I have no assessment and owe overdue taxes from prior years.  Deposit came through today for $1200...where's the rest of my money?  IRS site even shows $7300 to be deposited on 2/1...does TurboTax get the money and then issue the rest after they take off their fees?
    • called irs - very helpful - dd date is 2/6 - WMR said 2/7 and ssbt said sorry we have not received your money!
    • I have called the IRS twice. The first time they said they couldnt find me. The second they said I was still processing and they couldnt tell me an exact deposit date. They gave me the 3 week excuse.
      I filed and was accepted on 1/24.
      If they dug a little deeper do u think they could have told me a deposit date, and they are just trying to get me off the phone?
    • well i filed on the 16th accepted on the 17th original dd day was the 25th. then i got a message saying the 2/1. I got up and checked this morning with nothing there. I called the IRS, and spoke with a lady who said the they deposit money everyday all day, and that i would have my money by friday. I called sbbt and they said they hadn't received any money for anyone today. and to keep checking back it may update later. So hopefully by friday. there are a lot of people who filed after me got their money last week and yesterday.
    • Well I got to WMR and it says, return received still processing and nothing else, no dates no nothing!!! Just that one line...it was by the 31st for the longest time then boom nothing!! Great!
    • Mine said I was going to get mine on 2 /8 now I just checked it and it say's 2/14 I would of naver went thru this Turbotax if I new this was going to happen ugh.
    • Filed 1/13, accepted 1/18, stuck on processing by 1/31 until Saturday when it changed to dd 2/1, money in my bank at 12 am local time this morning, on my tt card around 5 am local time. Paid upfront with a cc.
    • I have never ever had to wait this long. I am disliking this. This definitely will be the last year I use turbotax.  I paid a lot of money to do my taxes and have waited over two weeks now.
    • I filed on 1/20 before 11am and it was accepted immediately. I called the 1800 717 number and it tells me today, WMR tells me the 7th still and the link for the sbbt thing doesnt show anything. Im really annoyed that so many people filing after I did have already received their returns.
    • I filed on the 27th.  tt email said an estimated date of the 8th.
      wmr said yesterday it was processing and an estimated dd date of the 14th.
      checked this mornning and i have  a dd date of the 3rd.
      hope every one gets their money soon.
      I do have to say that the people who filed before the 24th got caught up in the system because its a new system that they are using......
    • IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW!!! WTH is going on? My DD date was for today and much like the rest of you, I have not received it. This is the first year this has ever happened. I was supposed to pay the deposit and rent on a new apt today. Now I'm worried they wont hold it for me till the IRS decides I need it. By that time I might be homeless.
    • ours was rejected and sent back to the irs, now i wonder how long we are gonna have to wait
    • Same thing here. Very frustrated by Turbo Tax, SCCI, and especially the IRS> I am seeing people on here who filed AFTER me who received the refund already and some not! I have NEVER had this happen. I have checked all the websites 100 times and the answers are all the same, DD on the 1st?!!! Today is the first, where is my refund now IRS says 7th? I am not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • My refund showeed at my bank this morning. Never got email notification from Turbotax or SBBT. Just happy to have the money after being jerked around by all involved parties for over a week.
    • I paid up front n mine was deposited right b4 midnight central time.
    • I paid up front n mine was deposited right b4 midnight central time.
    • Im just as mad as everyone else. I filed mine and was accepted on the 19th. Was told I would have it by the first. Still haven't received anything but my sister who filed on the 25th has received her, she went through HR Block online and my brother n law who filed the 20th through tt got his this morning. Im going to go through HR Block next time or file through mail because I had to pay $98 for me to prepare and file them through this site. I could have went in and had it done myself for the same price or little more...could have saved myself the headache....its 11:41am pacific time and still nothing...
    • Well, we were accepted on the 21st and we still have the processing will receive by feb 7th blah blah blah....Kinda frustrated that people who filed AFTER us have received theirs, yet we haven't! Just for the record, we DO pay taxes out of EVERY check, so it is not fair to say that we should be looking for jobs instead of bothering the IRS about where our refund is! My husband is a soldier and works darn hard for the little bit of money he is given!! We have not been updated to the 2/3 DD like so many others have. At this point, I give up hope and it'll come when it comes!
    • 3kids1 I filed mine on the 27th to mine just said it's processing and mine date was the 8th now it say's the 14th
    • I talked to a IRS rep, A very nice one and she said " THey just finished up with the returns that was accepted on the 17th and 18th.  She said they are started on the 19th ones yesterday. (thats me) She told me I should have my money by Monday if I dont then I need to call back. My Refund date is February 7th according to WMR.  She said alot of the 19th's are getting there Money this Friday (the 3rd) so I could have it then.
    • mine was approved on the 22nd and still nothing. not even an email. they said dd would be in by today. does anyone know if they span out all day long or what
    • i was accepted on the 18th. i have the tt card. still have no money just called the 1800-717-7228 number they said my money was suppose to be deposited by the 1st. now they are saying call back in a week. the irs site was saying my refund would be here by the 7th yesterday now today it has no date. this is bs. does anyone know what is up.
    The deposit on Fridays only line is not true and has not been true for a few years now.  It is when a lot of deposits are done but it is not the only day they do deposits.  Like many organizations they do work more than one day per week and need to avoid totally flooding the ACH system each Friday.

    What would be nice is having the IRS test their systems BEFORE they accept returns so that computer software glitches can be avoided...no wonder that NASA had to get out of manned space flight...the government didn't want to test the computer software in advance...
    • Called IRS they say the website has the right date when they will deposit the refund and turbo tax is wrong.  No clues or anything glad I waited 27 minutes.
    • I filed our taxes on the 20th... was accepted after midnight on the 21st. The processing date still shows before 2/7 for a direct deposit into my credit union checking account. TT shows 2/1 for dd. I called the IRS this afternoon and was told it was still processing and it could be any day now.. up to 3 weeks from acceptance.. which would be between 2/1 and 2/9. The IRS really didn't tell me anything very helpful... but  the rep. was very friendly at least.
    • Don't feel bad haywire im in the same boat as you bud. I just want a solid dd date and i will be happy. don't want to be left in limbo saying  MAYBE BYE THE 7TH OF FEB!
    • My refund was in my account this morning when I woke up and checked. :-)
    • I filed on the 1/17 and got accepted 1/19. My state taxes were dd today but on WMR it says that my federal refund date was changed to 2/7/2012 due to processing delays.  Finally I decided to call the IRS and talk to a live person, I was told due to knew software changes for protection and  fraud that some refund dates were shifted and that according to their system my refund should be dd on 2/6/2012.  I hope its there monday because that same day I have a dental appt that I was planning on paying out of pocket for since my insurance hasnt kicked in yet through my job.
    • The IRS accepted my return 1/20 and the website say's dd on 2/1 well no dd today went to sbbt website and no deposit made by the IRS ....NO updates and NO refund ..I will just mail my taxes next year and wait the additional 2 or 3 weeks and save all these extra cost and BS of the IRS. Getting your refund this year is nothing but fustration !!!!!!!
    • I was accepted Jan. 24th was told Feb 1st for auto deposit, then Feb. 7th with TT. Wheres my refund says within 6 weeks of filing???? Does anyone know if I should be looking somewhere else. The TT bank says Feb. 11th. I'm so confused!!! Why did I pay the extra money to get it "quicker" ???? Somebody help
    • wow..amazing..same crap here.. filed 19th SHOULD receive by the 7th ..thats what the agent said..but, they still said it could be longer..they were slammed this year by early filers who did the tax software before the 17th..she said it screwed everything up...constant excuses by them   sick of it

      she said she doesn't see mine has finished processing and it is done by a computer 24 hours a day?

      ya..ugh huh....if it was , then why the frickin delays?
    • Just got off the phone with the IRS after waiting 30 minutes and was told that there was a snag in the system and peoples taxes are being delayed a week. She explained that it could still be processing for another week. She is not sure when I will receive my refund! WMR says Feb 7th but most likely that will change again.. I wish I could get a straight answer as to when I will receive my refund.. She says ever year you do your taxes expect 3-4 weeks.. I have never waited like this.. My money has always went through the day it was suppose to!

      Filed 1/23, Accepted 1/24 (She said it wasn't accept till the 26.. But not according to TT...)
    • The guy that helped me at IRS said deposits can go in any day of the week, so mine says the 7th, he said I should be seeing some changes on WMR and SBBT website for direct deposit, if no deposit call them back wednesday morning the 8th.....once again BULLSHIT, no straight direct answer, and they gotta know what the hell is going on with your return sitting right there on the computer in front of them....so why did I pay out all this money again???  To get f*****!!!!!
    • on the wmr site im still getting you should get your refund by feb21 due to processing delays anyone getting the same thing knows whats going on with us?
    • I filled on the 17th was accepted on the 19th .Got my state last on the 26, tt had a dd of feb 1st .wmr had feb 7 until this morning it now says feb 3. so disappointed in the irs. They are never late when they take your taxes but when you get a return its a glich in the system its my money and i want it now.
    I did not get my DD, but I was informed that I was to get by 2/1 by SBBT. WMR orginially stated 2/7, but was update to 2/3.  Just check https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ and https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/irfof/lang/en/irfofgetstatus.jsp to check your status since it seems to change from day to day.
    • This is terrible....My Fiance filed with HR Block last Friday. I went on wmr and typed in his information to see if we would get the same thing, the difference is he has a EXACT DD date of Dec. 3, and mines said that I should receive my refund by Feb. 7. This is making me so mad. I have been a loyal customer to HR Block for the past 7 years but the year I decide to do my taxes myself to save $300-$400 dollars is the year it takes a forever and a day to get it back. I doubt this is IRS issue, I believe its TT and a way to relieve stress off of there shoulders is to tell us that its IRS fault smh.
    • Well....to my amazement after filing through TT on the very first day at 3a.m. on Jan. 12th I still haven't gotten my refund DD into my checking account either. I did get the acceptance email from TT stating that my tax return was accepted on Jan. 17th about 4p.m., so I was scheduled for the original and much anticipated first round of DD's per the IRS's 2012 schedule. We all know that I was suppose to have my $$$ by the 25th. All of this time my WMR status has been stating Jan. 31st and well today it FINALLY changed to "Your tax return has been received and is being processed." Now what the heck does this mean as it gives no other specifics and/or dates??? Also....nothing pending on TPG's website either as I opted to have my fees deducted from my return as of right now. I'm frustrated and have never waited this long for a tax return as I'm single w/o any dependents.
    • Just got off the phone with the IRS they stated that due to a glitch in the system..some got delayed and the date at WMR is the date that the money will be deposited....now I dont have to check and worry that it was sent somewhere else....at least i have a direct answer now...im not using tt next year..to much of a hassle and stress...im going to go in or paper file...
    • I can't find any of my info on WMR!  It was there this afternoon as 2/7 now saying I must have entered the wrong info in!  I don't know what to do!
    • @ Morgjones, ru sure thats not your state refund instead of ur federal?
    • I filed on the 14th got accepted on the 17th had a dd date of 1/25 then wmr said processing for the 31st then i got a dd date of 2/1 and irs sent it to sbbt yesterday at 11am and sbbt dd it on my babyphat card immediatly at 12:56 this morning it was available hope this helps
    • does anyone know if the automated system is up to date or better to check wmr site?  site says processing and SHOULD RECEIVE by the 7th,...so does automated system..no DD yet   filed on 19th...if someone talks to IRS ask them that.. my blood pressure keeps rising and I can't call any more
    • OH MY GOODNESS! This is ridiculous.
      TT said expected 2/1
      WMR said processing and receive by 2/7
      NOW? It says I've entered the wrong information! WTC?????
    • well well when going on wmr the system is currently not avaliable....dd date was for the 1st from tt...then "BY" the 7th on wmr...phone system says dd date 2-3.....can we say "SNAFU" system normal all Fudged up....Never again will I do my taxes this way again and like someone posted before...plan better next year so when it comes...it comes and sooooo not "plan" on it after this saga....wouldn't be so bad if tt and gov had their dates straight so people actually "knew" when they were going to get their $$$$$$$. God bless to all and hope we all get our $$$$$ soon :)
    First of all the IRS had a clitch in their system!! Anyone with accepted dates from about the 17-25 are delayed. All you can do is check the WMR site everyday. Secondly if you check the WMR site too many times in one day you will be receieve the page that doesn't reconize your info. I know this sucks, for those of you waiting but calling the IRS gets you nowhere
    • Wow listening to all this really makes me wonder what is going on.  I am not liking this way of filing because it can take way to long.  I wanted to get a few things with the money and you should be able to trust, ha did i say trust, the IRS and what date you should get back your refund.  if they want to test their systems let them do it in a development environment and not in a production one.  I get three different dates one 1/27, another 2/1 and another 2/7.  Really!!!!
    • I agree....did anyone recieve an e-mail from TT or "anyone" about the system glitch and the delays? for me it was through the grape-vine and going to the IRS web on my own reading their updates...I paid for a service and I understand things happen and  snags may occur...its a lack of communication ....I am sure the IRS knew when they were going to update their sys for security and fraud prevention.....several diff dates should not have been generated for returns so people could plan accordingly.
    • i was supposed to get mine today but i didnt so i call the 1-800-829-0582 ext 362 and they told me that i will recieve mine on the 6th i talk to two different people and they both confirmed they also so told me that it was there faught and not mine anyone wanting to know about there refund call that number the people are realy nice hope this helps
    • Just ANOTHER reason NOT to vote for Obama. Things have been a mess since he got in there. Took him for his word last time. I would vote for Barney Fife before Osama. Yea, he's worried about the tax on the rich and take the tax money from the working folks.
    • Called the IRS three times. First said it was the tenth the other two confirmed 6th for sure. I'm going with the last two.
    • i filed the 27th and got accepted almost immediately and havent been able to track anything on the wmr, and i now just signed in and said it should be dd on feb 3. hopefully it stays that date
    • Also, I must give props when due. Two out of three IRS people I talked to were very kind and patient. Considering they are getting bombarded with the same call over and over all day every day, it was nice to be treated so well.
    • Its not the president fault lol  people kill me blaming him. You should be happy they put in a security system maybe not at the best time. I have not got mine yet either, and i don't care who is the president I'm sure he can't do anything about computer issues.
    • I was accepted on jan 17th and WMR says ,scheduled to be dd deposit into my bank account  by 2/1/12 which it did ...got my refund this morning...hope evryone get theirs as well...
    • @criuserman56 it has nothing to do with the president. You ppl kills me blaming Obama for everything. You can't expect this man to clean up the damages that took 8 years to create in 4 years. Every decision the president makes there's always ppl going against him. Bush mess up the economy not once did I hear anybody blame him. to get everything back on track, going to take time. Rather you vote for Obama or not he will have supporters standing behind him 100%. With that being said DO NOT INCLUDE the presidents in this. You're to OLD to be pointing the blame on anybody. regardless of who the presidents is we ALL should becoming together to build a better place for the next generation. Now, Speaking on refund I filed/accepted the 20th with processing 2/7 and have yet to receive refund I'm upset!!! No longer patient
    • i my dd day was for 2/1 i didnt get it even called the bank nothing when i checked wmr 30 minutes ago wmr said money was dd 2/1  its not showing up yet i guess ill keep checking
    • https://cisc.sbtpg.com/

      If you had fees take out.

      Also WMR is giving exact dates now (For those who filed and were accepted before or on 1/25/12). It says the 6th for me, so I bet maybe tomorrow (Friday). If not, then Monday for sure, and if not that date, then I am going to go crazy lol... jk I am going to call. The IRS Cycle is a bit off this year, the last two years they have been saying it has been off, but i still received my refund on the Cycle date, this is the first year I have not; so I guess it's truly (OFF) time this year.
    • to jmu   i had it deposited straight to bank account didnt have fees took out last year used same account and i recieved it as soon as the bank got it  wmr stated dd on 1st this morning on the 2nd wmr stated has been deposited to your account if havent recieved by 6th to call them back at least i got that much from them no money yet i was accepted the 17th january have waited 2 weeks to get this far goodluck with yours maybe mine will go thru sometime today im hopeing
    • Update from me posting yesterday: Filed on 17th accepted on 19th before 11 am cut off, DD said 2/1 no money! DD was suppose to be made to my account & paying fees through my refund. Thought i would wake this morning to money but, nope i sure didn't. Good luck to all! Praying for money soon. Not sure why i paid 139.00$ !
    • Accepted on the 18th and still no dd:( It says a few posts up that Intuit plans to wave the processing fees for Turbo Tax for those that have been delayed a few post up. I paid up front but nothing has been credited back to me either.
    • mine dd says the 6th finally !
    • This is BS im going to call every dam hour on the hour untill somebody givs me a solid dd date. filed on the 18th still saying should get dd by feb7th.
    • The refund chart for mine said the first, right now it is saying should by the 7th... blah... I'm assuming it will update this weekend with a DD of the 8th but we shall see. At least this isn't as bad as the delay last year, over 2 Months... UGH!

      Oh and FYI if you check the WMR site too many times in a day it will start giving you an error that it can't find your info.
    • Filed 1/20 accepted 1/21 wmr said processing should receive by 2/7 until this morning.  Now says specific dd date of 2/6.   Finally!!!!!!!!  Whoooohooooo!!!!!!!
    • OMG!!!   Just called to SEE if possibly they had a DD of the 6th for me...NO maam, I';m sorry, it's still being processed and we have 3 to 4! weeks (3 weeks plus the 1 week delay) to process your return which is still in record time!  WTF

      No answers, nothing....I am so mad ...filed on the 19th and they accepted on the 19th...

      NOT a DAMN thing!
    Your tax refund was direct deposited on February 1, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 6, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.                                    this is what i get from wmr and live agent   had nothing took out and supose to go to my bank   i want to know where the money is    i was accepted the 17th
    • lilweezy my email is mydad1017@hotmail.com...maybe we can keep each other updated because it sound like we are in the exact same boat.
    • well mine still says processing with a dd by feb 7th.....so I don't know what to do from here but just sit an wait!!!!
    • THANKFULLY, mine updated from saying by the 7th to DD date of 2/6. YAY! (Was accepted, according to TT, on the 21st).
    • Well looking at these blogs and waiting for my tax refund to come in are getting very depressing as I stated earlier within this blog that I filed @3a.m. on Jan.12th and I received a confirmation e-mail from TT stating that my return was accepted by the IRS on Jan.17th @4p.m., but not until this past Wednesday Feb.1st did my WRM ever update as it was always stuck on Jan.31st. At this point I should have received my refund by no later than today and I haven't been online all day and just checked SBBT as well as IRS's website and no DD or anything!! All WMR is stating is that my tax return has been received and is being processed, but no other specifics are given. When will I get my damn $$$????? This is horrible and what is the issue as I missed the glitch that happened and fell into the timeframe to have it DD on Jan.25th?!?!?!?!?!!?????
    • I'm in the same boat macmann. Was supposed to get it on 2/1....for the past week all it has been saying is by 2/7.
    • TT sucks!
    • @Laura....all I have to say is that I believe our government is probably broke. It seems as if people who are receiving small tax returns back, i.e.; <$1.5K-2K have already gotten their refunds. My refund is for several thousands of dollars. Maybe that has something to do with it I suppose??? I have been using TT for the last 4 years using the simple 1040EZ form and I'm single, so really shocked to see these problems arise this year. Just hoping that it comes by either Feb. 6 or Feb.7th as the 7th will be the 21st day since my original acceptance date of Jan.17th. From what I hear the IRS has up to 21 days from the date of acceptance to process and issue you a full refund. Weird thing though is that people that filed well after a lot of us are getting their refunds at the same time or before us.

      @Teresegirls3.....I would have to say that I've been very happy with TT for the last few years, but if I would have known this was going to happen I would have done my taxes through H&R Block so that I could have at least received a refund anticipation loan for the time being as I got laid off my job at the end of December and need the cash to pay essential bills to survive while looking for work. I need this $$$ so bad just like a lot of other fellow Americans. It really is sad!!!!!
    • @macmann..it's got to be something because as of right now I'm still stuck at at 2/7. What about you? They have to update something on Monday?? This is nuts.
    I am so frustrated.  I was accepted on the 20th and had a dd of Feb 1.  This is the msg that sbtb gave me: The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS.
    I did read before that sometimes the money will be there after 11am so i am going to check again around that time.  But right now i am so disappointed.
    • No help here needhelpnow05  I am in the exact same boat as you. This will be the last time I pay someone to do my taxes. I will file by paper mail from now on. I will just have to plan better financially next year cause I really need this $ like a week ago. This really sucks.
    • I finally got a dd of 2/3.. after being on 2/7 4 ever
    • Wmr is where's my refund at Irs.gov.
    • No I have not gotten my yet!!! Does anyone know whats going on?
    I checked WMR this morning.  Remember everyone it only updates on Wednesday once a week, so that's why many of you who check it daily don't get a different message.  I filed on the 20th, was accepted 10 minutes later before 11am on the 20th.  Still no refund and in the past it's always been the Friday after you were accepted by the IRS.  The IRS is way late this year with refunds.  Here is what my message from WMR said:

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be direct deposited on February 6, 2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2012, check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until February 11, 2012 before you contact us again because we are unable to take any action until then.

    I am hoping that it comes tomorrow 2/3 because it usually gets deposited a business day before WMR DD date.  However, at least I know that it will be there on Monday 2/6 at the latest.  I don't like the "if your refund is not credited to your account by Feb 11th" statement, but hopefully that's just because the status of your refund only gets updated on a weekly basis.

    I'll update everyone to let you know if I get it tomorrow.....
    • I filled on the 18th, and was accepted on the 20th, and all I've been getting is you should receive it by the 7th. I had a dd date from turbo tax, and the bank of 2/1...and then it changed to the 7th pending. Please re post what happens tomorrow because I am irritated at this point.
    • same here Laura..no info..nothing...accepted on the 19th..
      called and couldn't give me any DD like other people have been given at
      least a 6th date now..she said they are In RECORD timing for refunds at 3 weeks,
      but due to the week delay, it could be 4 weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Mines finally telling me a dd for Febuary 6th  still frustrating needed this money last month but oh well as long as im finally getting it
    • MIne was accepted the 18th .. I called this am and she said there was no DD date in it.  I said it says by 2/7 on the WMR and she said its a strong possibility it will be there .. keep calling back if you want more updates
    • Supermom3 - It actually does not just update on wed. The website says check back on wednesdays but it updates daily.

      I know from personal experiance of checking every day last year for 2 months while mine was being delayed. It would update on random days of the week, weekends, it didn't matter what day it was. If there was a change it would update overnight of the day the change happened.
    • Well, I spoke with the IRS and the agent stated today that once the return is accepted they have three weeks. So, I was accepted on 1/18, my first DD was 1/25 and my second date was 2/1 per SBBT. Per WMR my first date was 2/7 and then 2/3. Well, today SBBT was updated and they received my money. I am waiting on my DD to my back account tomorrow.
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