IRS phone number to speak to a LIVE person??

Like many of you, I filed and was accepted 2-3-12. The IRS site still has no information regarding my return and since others are starting to receive expected DD dates, this is concerning. I have called multiple numbers and continue to get the automated recording. Does anyone have a number I can call to speak to an actual representative??
  • call1-800-829-1040,press1, listen to end of that group of options, press O, listen to end of that group of options, press O, you will be placed on hold for Live Body to speak to, it may take some time, I was on hold for about 8 mins.   Hope this works for you.
  • This question was asked 10 months ago.
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  • so....... after many attempts, I finally figured a way in.....on lucked out
  • I tryed  calling all day even inbox friends,till i got really sleepy lol ..... sure going to try this option out hopfully it will work out ;) Thanks
Try this number 1800-829-0562 x 365 hope this helps
  • My returns were also accepted on the 3rd as well. Did you find out any information on your refund? My state refund was deposited into my account this morning. But on WMR it doesn't say anything but it can take up to 3 weeks.
  • Neither of the above numbers posted are working. The first no longer has the option to speak to a rep and the second number won't even go through. Thus far, I know nothing. I am starting to worry that the IRS doesn't have my information.
  • I would have to agree with you. I have tried to call every number possible to get a rep. on the phone to see what is going on with my return :/
  • I just talked to a turbo tax rep and he gave me the same speech about the irs having delays and no new numbers to call. At this point, I will not be using turbo tax again. they don't seem to have any information and I find it hard to believe that they aren't the problem when no other agencies seem to be having issues.
  • 18008290582 ext 362 is what the IRS2GO app says to call. I called sat on hold for 20 minutes took the lady 11 minutes to get back to me and tell me it is still processing and that the IRS does millions of returns a day and that mine is still being processed!!! grrrr. I just want to know WHEN it will be there! p.s. she said the website updates everyday! I DONT THINK SO!
  • ok. i called that same number and spoke to a woman who also said mine was still processing. she couldn't give me any information about what exact day to expect my return,she did say it should fall in the 21 day time frame. while it doesn't solve my problem, at least i have peace of mind that they have my information.
  • So I checked WMR this morning. It said my refund will be DD no later than March 6. That is well over my 21 days... UGH so frustrated at the moment.
  • Can anyone who is paying childsuport for a child file Tex for the child at the end of the year
  • Can anyone that pay child support file for the child at the end of the year
To sweetbeverly: Payment of child support has nothing to do with who can claim a child on a tax return. The custodial parent who the child lived with more than half the year is generally the person who can claim the child. There are situations where the child tax benefits can be split. Here is an explanation:

For divorced or separated parents or parents who live apart, the custodial parent, if eligible, or other eligible person who the child lived with for more than half the year, can claim head of household filing status, the credit for child and dependent care expenses, the exclusion for dependent care benefits, and the earned income credit. The non-custodial parent, if allowed by divorce decree or consent of the custodial parent on form 8332 or similar signed statement, can claim the dependency exemption and child tax credit. The child tax benefits cannot be split any other way.
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