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It's Feb 14, why is my return still pending?

It's now Monday Feb. 14th, the magical day why is my return is still pending?
  • Mine is still pending also, I thought they were to be transmitted today
They should be transmitting today but it will take the IRS a day or two to accept or reject.
  • Mine is still pending too!
  • i filled my returns back at the end of january the same time i did my girl friends and hers is already accepted...i dont understand y it is taking them so long to do mine i need my money back
  • Mine is still pending too. I had thought they were going to automatically transmit today???
The Pending status is normal for a return that has been transmitted to the IRS but is pending acceptance/rejection. When you check the efile status in the program, it should say either that we're waiting for confirmation of your status from the IRS, or just that we've received it. If it says we're waiting for confirmation from the IRS, then the IRS has the return and we're waiting for them to tell us if it's been accepted or rejected.

If you filed an itemized return with TurboTax before Feb. 14, we’ve began processing those returns on 2/14, the first day IRS started accepting them. However, this week (2/14-2/18) the IRS limiting the number of returns it accepts daily to manage their systems capacity.
The IRS has asked transmitters of e-filed returns, including Intuit, to stagger submission of returns from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18.
This may cause further delays in updating the status of your return on the IRS web site as well as change the date your return is accepted by IRS. Your federal tax refund may also be delayed as a result.
This is not something we have any control over.

We are sending returns on a first in, first out basis, meaning the earlier you filed the earlier your return will be sent to the IRS. You can find more information in this article:

We are working to get all returns transmitted as quickly as we are able.
  • I pay to use turbo tax and was told today was the day if I would have known that it was going to take longer I wouldnt have paid I want my money back
  • Good grief, it isn't even 24 hours since IRS could start accepting returns and everyone is freaking out. I'm sure if all stockpiled returns from all tax prep providers were dumped into the system at once, the entire system would blow.  If you want your money RIGHT NOW you should adjust your withholding so you aren't waiting for it but getting it throughout the year.
  • I didn't use TT this year I went with someone else because they found more money than TT was getting me anyway, I had itemized deductions and my return got accepted yesterday at 6:30pm crazy that was an unexpected text and e-mail. Yours should be accepted soon. Good Luck!
good lord people!  stop blaming turbo tax.  it isn't their fault.  the world doesn't revolve around you.  the IRS didn't start accepting them until today.  they can't automatically accept millions of returns they received in less than 24 hours.  the government isn't just picking on you.  we are all waiting.  everyone needs money just like you do and we would like for them to handpick us because we are so special, it doesn't work that way... keep waiting just like all of us.  if you're return is showing accepted or rejected in 72 hours - then call the IRS... TT is charging because they provide the software for you to do you taxes.  they aren't stealing your money just because the IRS hasn't accepted your return yet.
  • Well maybe we all should of made turbo tax and the IRS to wait for their money, they are making us wait and we had worked hard for all of our earned monies.  This is no excuse to do this.  I might think twice about using turbo tax next year, especially if it is going to be like this. Others are getting their taxes early by filing with H&r block and Jackson and Hewitt I just don:t understand why this is happening to all of us.  It is our money not theirs that they are playing with.
  • Good grief Turbo Tax - you made a commitment to get these returns filed electronically today.  Get on with it! May have to choose a different filing service next year. Soooo disappointed.
Because of a higher than expected volume of stockpiled returns, the IRS is asking TurboTax, as well as all other major e-file transmitters, to "stagger" tax return submissions over the next few days, rather than submitting all of them on February 14.

Rest assured that you will receive an email when your return has been acknowledged by the IRS, usually within 24-72 hours after it’s been received.

Note: Due to the high volume of returns being processed this week, there may be delays in updating the status of your return as well a change in the date your return is accepted by IRS. Your federal tax refund may also be delayed as a result. Returns received by February 17 are supposed to have refunds sent on February 25; however, due to the delays, we expect that most refunds will be processed sometime between February 25 and March 4.
  • yes why is my still pending I have the same file is last year so why they still pending nothing change from last year why turbo is the only one is pending my other friends already got they taxes and they have the same status is mine,
  • Trust me I want our money also.  It will take a little while to process 5 million itemized returns.  So Chillax and enjoy it when you receive it.
  • My return is still saying return is being process but there no date when Im going to receive my return
  • I wasn't going to say anything but i've been pending since 17th Jan waited and still pending are you kidding me and you charge for this wow.
  • Okay, this is getting out of control Turbo Tax. Your system doesn't even seem to be than transmitted my information to the IRS to be accepted. Pending in queue is questionable. When I have coworker with nothing different on their taxes than mine. These people have already been paid. They didn't use TT. Your sure to loose customers for next year.
  • I did my taxes 13 Jan and it is still pending as of 4:00pm today. My friend went to H&R Block LAST WEEK, had itemized deductions, and has already gotten his refund. WTH?? My state is still in the pending status as well. Don't think I will be using TT again and I have used it for five years.
  • My state and federal both say pending. I checked both the state and federal and they have no records of my forms being transmitted. I filed my on Jan 24th......I need answers on why turbotax is taking so long!!!!!
  • I did my taxes last night at 6 pm  central.. By noon today my state was accepted and my Fed is still pending. I had to wait untilthe 14th also. Im sure its just a matter of time. I have used TT for years . Last year my state was somehow wrong and TT refunded my money for there mess up..
  • Wondering why the wait when in past shortly after was filed
  • Mine also says pending, but  i do realize i am not the only one still pending so i will wait patiently for it to be processed.  I don't understand why people make plans for money that they don't actually have.
  • Our returns have been filed by TurboTax already. We have to wait now for the IRS to accept or deny them. It could 72 hours for everyone's to be accepted or denied.
  • I think everyone needs to take a deep breath. I too am waiting on my refund, however, to blame TT is flat out ridiculous. You need to get on the phone to your Congressman and express your frustration. It's not the IRS, it's not the local tax agencies, it's not HR Block, it's Congress. And there is no way the whole Country to slam all the tax returns at the same time. We all now that there will be an overload and we will all have to wait longer. Also, for those who keep asking why they had to wait until Feb. 14th to file...a little research will not hurt you. TT explained it BEFORE you filed, the IRS website has a whole article on it, as well as that thing they call...ummm...Google.
  • In reading some of the responses, you need to understand this is our money, its not the govt's money, so yeah everyday they have your overpayment is one less day that you have your money. This is millions of dollars, and why wouldnt we complain. Hell if you under pay or do anything wrong they want to charge you interest and penalties, so should we expect interest on our money ????

    So yes we have to wait, but no one should be happy about having to wait, do you think the money is sitting in a non interest bearing account ???
  • mine is still pending too and it is 3:00 pm
  • I just got an email from turbo tax that said sign in now with your turbo tax user id and file your return today.... but I thought TT was going to do that automatically.  when i tried to file on-line it said I had not returns eligible to be filed and my federal still says pending.  anybody else get this e-mail.... I am soooo confused.
  • You know its all of congress's lazy @#$ fault. If they would have got off there rich lazy #@#$ we would have our little 2 or 3 dollar returns by now.
it will take 72 hrs to be accepted or rejected
    Mine says pending as well.  I went into the print & file tab, then to the check e file status and it says it is waiting for the IRS' reply.  I am assuming that means it has been transmitted already then.  You may want to check there.  If it doesn't say waiting for IRS then  I would question whether is has been submitted or not.
      Today the taxes will start to transmitt to IRS according to the dates that you e-filed.  That means everyone from doing it yourself, Turbo tax, H & R Block, tax freedom, etc.  YOu may have to wait for a couple of days to see if it has been accepted.
      • i filed on jan 13th and it is 11:17pm pst and still not accepted, i hope this doesnt indicate they are going out of ordger,,id=234736,00.html?portlet=7

      Turbo Tax needs time to submit all the federal tax returns.  Your not the only one who filed with this software.  Everyone needs to understand also that no one said that you would RECIEVE your money on this date, it's just the day that they will START processing your return.  Think of today as the day that you filed for your federal taxes and then count out 8-14 days from now and thats probably when you will see your money, or maybe later because of all the work that they are trying to get done.  Patience is a virtue!!!
      • cause turbo tax sucks big time    they should not be able to charge my credit card unitl they are sent.
      • WOW  THIS IS VERy sad that all you people are that desperate to get your income tax money. Good grief  it has only been less than 24 hours so please don't freak out as you will get your money Consider it money in the bank and relax , Jeesh
      • this is bull
      • i don't think i will every use turbo tax again i have never waited so long for my return ugh this is beyond annoying
      I was not going to comment, Turbo Tax nothing to do with getting your refund back.  TT is only an intermediary for you to efile - like the Post Office is if you use them to get your tax return to the IRS.  People that file with H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt pay those companies to receive their returns, by getting a LOAN on their tax return.  People pay an awful amount of interest on those loans.  For example, to get your refund back the next day, you can pay H&R Block $800 to get your refund.  Or you can pay $30.00 to TT and get it back in 8-14 days.

      This delay was caused by a change in rules at the IRS and not any fault of TT.  The IRS used additional time to get information ready for this tax season.  I am in class with people that work at the IRS and they said there really should not be too much of a delay once your income tax file has been received by IRS.  It is almost instant.  If your file is accepted by Thursday, you will get you refund the following Tuesday.

      Everyone needs to stop panicking.  You could have filed standardized deductions, gotten less refund, but you would have your refund by now.
      • Hey all...they have been transmitted just pending IRS acceptance. If you're that desperate for your refund, sadly its your fault for letting uncle sam sit on your money the whole year without any interest. Add allowances to your W-4 so this does not happen next year is the best advice.
      • Yea...its time, and we (and I speak for alot of us) but we all need our money in this economy. .. aren't they tramsmitting YET???
      • Turbotax posted - "The IRS has asked us to stagger our submissions of affected returns over five days, from February 14 to February 18."

        When I filed with TurboTax - they said my return would be processed on the 14th, NOW they say it will be sometime between the 14th and 18th -

        I feel they basically lied to me in order to get me to use and pay for the service.  Next year, I will go back to H&R Block.... so far at least everytime they have told me something, it has always been correct.  Just used Turbotax this year to see how easy and comparable it is - now I know!!
      • i filled on feb 7 with my girlfriend bother her returns got accpected but only one of my is pending?
      • I am self when it comes to being able to do my taxes, I usually start no later than Jan 11. I did all the work that day.....they made me wait til the 21st for a form that was not even necessary....then said I had to wait til 2-14....well here I sit!!! Did ALL the work on 1-11-11....submitted AGAIN on 1-25....Now it is Feb 14th.....Mine should have been one of the FIRST ONE FILED!!!! This is LUDICROUS!!!!!!  I reslize that most of this @#$% is not the fault of "Turbo-Tax"........But gimme a break!!! When I signed up with them, I was told 8 to 10 days!!! Now every excuse in the book as to why I am STILL WAITING!!!!!! I should at least be in the first batch to be sent.......DAMN!!!  I did it on January 11th for Christ's sake!!!!!!!!!
      • I been waiting also but it coming I use turbo tax all the time and I trust these people so just give it alittle while cause there nothing else u can do so just wait people and it will come no need to get upset it doesn't help
      Seriously, people. Chill. You're going to have an aneurysm because your return is late. Don't spend the money if it's not in your hand. This has been all over the news, papers, websites. this is not a surprise if you don't have your head in a hole in the ground. Blaming Turbo Tax is completely useless. They have nothing to do with the late acceptance. This is the iRS not accepting the returns yet. Yell at them, see how far that gets you. The best you can do at this point is put down the keyboard and back away slowly. Check back on the 18th. The likelihood of anything significant happening before then is slim to none.
      • We also filed and are still pending on our federal but our state said it was approved the other day ! not in my account still but i can wait a few more days see what is gonna happen the big thing is the federal ♥ Everyone i know has had no problems nor had to wait for theres and if there was an issue with the irs wouldn't everyone be on this waiting list? but anyway we have been filing turbo tax for a while and this is the first time we had this issue so we will see how things go from here!♥ Good luck to all of you , Post when you get approved!
      • I think it has a lot to do with TurboTax being on Pacific time instead of Eastern, like the IRS.  Perhaps they should have had someone ready to send at midnight EST instead of waiting.  Personally, I like the format and the ease of the forms here on TT, however, now that TT has seen they have taken their fees from me and my family to have our returns back in a timely manner; as well as the incompetence shown by the company...i will not be using TT again next year
      • Still pending here too. I was told 6PM was the magic time and still nothing.
      • it's 7:15 PM eastern time and mine still says pending.  gotta admit i'm not happy with TT this year for several reasons.  main one is they won't respond to my inquiries.
      • I predict a class action lawsuit. Yes, Turbo Tax will eventually get all of our tax returns filed, but they used misleading language in order to gain our business in the first place (promising us that, if we were among those affected by the tax changes of December 2010, we should file with them now and they would submit our returns to the IRS immediately on February 14). They never once stated anything about staggering the submission of our returns until a day or two ago. In fact, they bragged in their blogs and ad copy that other tax preparers were not capable of accepting our returns early. We would have all been better off waiting to file (if we wanted to use TurboTax as those who file today are getting their returns sent to the IRS TODAY) or filing with another tax software system.

        It's never a good a thing to lie and mislead your customers - you may have garnered extra business this year by doing so but you will lose a lot in the long run. I have used Turbo Tax for the last 3 years - this one will be my last.
      • mine is to somebody is lieing is it turbotax
      Matthew 6:19-21“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.c
      • I just checked mine and this is what it says: Pending: We are waiting for confirmation of your status from the IRS. Wait 24 to 48 hours, then check your status again.  Which means it has been sent already just waiting to hear back from IRS. We all need our money, and no matter how upset we all get its not going to make the refunds get here any quicker..:(
      IRS has asked that major e-file firms such as Intuit submit the returns pending over a 2 -3 day period. I was told that I should not expect mine to be accepted by IRS until Tuesday or wednesday
      • people mine is still pending also,Dont Blame turbo tax they dont control the could have filed anywhere and you would still be waiting.
      • same here
      it will take irs 8 to 10 days to direct deposits and  march 4 for mailed taxes
      • Mine is still pending too.  I hope that someone at turbo will answer this.  I got an email over the weekend from them saying it would be sent
      • Mine is still pending too, don't they realize if we wanted to wait for our money-we would have filed regular. Some of us have plans for our  returns every year!
      • Should it not say transmitted instead of pending?
      • Should it not say transmitted instead of pending? .... I was wondering the same thing
      Hello everyone. I currently do consulting work with TT. To simplify everyones concern and question about their status today, you need to know that today, February 14th, is the day the IRS can start to accept itemized deductions. When I use the term accept, I am talking about their ability to begin allowing into thier system, itemized returns from individuals who E-file of companies like TT who file for the individual. Think of today being the day you filed, and ask yourself if you filed today, how long would it usually take? Then understand that their are people who filed at the beginning of January. So if you filed an itemized, TurboTax, other companies alike, and individuals were able to transmit their return to the IRS. Transmit does not mean automatically accept of reject, it simply refers to the ability to send your refund form to the IRS electronically to be accepted or rejected within the next 72 hours.
      • Why is mine still pending?
      • if you want your return faster then just have less taken out during the year and you will have it instantly. dont give the irs a interest free loan all year.
      • Mine is pending as well. It could be simply a case of over load since there must be thousands of them waiting to be transmitted and approved. If it's not accepted in the next week I'll start to wonder. I doubt if all of them can be transmitted and approved on the same day.
      • My is still pending also and they wont let you talk to a live person.
      I have read alot of the responses to this question and seen alot of unhappy answers. Guys and gals... it's as simple as this. If you are unhappy with TurboTax, take your tax services elsewhere next year. I plan to. No use complaining obsessively. Just remember this next year. And while you're at it, remember this country's leadership which got us into this to begin with. You can't make a difference if you don't get out and ROCK THE VOTE! You want the IRS to run as relatively efficiently (and I use that term VERY LOOSELY!) as it can? ROCK THE VOTE! Get fiscally responsible leaders in office!
        i feel that they should have been more honest with total cost and dates and at least keep us informed by email of the changes they keep making that is why people are upset!!! Turbo Tax has not been honest  maybe not intentionally  but still dishonest non the less
        • it will take another 2 months an then another 3 months for deposit
        • I'm being charge to get a rapid refund, we should given back the money you took because i didn't get my refund as fast as you adversity
        It could be that the forms for the education tax credits were not available until today, depending on which form you used.
        • TODAY IS THE DAY AND ITS still PENDING WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY VERY ANGRY!!!!!!!
        • calledIRS and they said ifo hasnt been transmitted. check tax topic 152. dont see anything I dud wrong. anyone help me?
        • I called the Irs today because mine is still pending.  The IRS said they dont even see my return... wthell!  did anybody else have this problem?
        • Iam in the same boat my family needs this money bad so we can get  place to live we have had to live with my Father in law since Jan. cuz we couldnt move cuz of this stupied delay and my taxes still have not been transmitted turbo tax WHATS UP?????
        Someone from Turbo Tax needs to address this whole "first in line" BS. Everyone knows they had to wait until the 14th, that is not the issue. The fact that people that filed itemized returns yesterday with turbo tax and got accepted over those that have been waiting for over a month is unacceptable. If anything the cost of the "rapid file" should be refunded to those who were taken in by this.
        • It's now Monday Feb. 14th, the magical day why is my return is still pending?
        • I do hope that the IRS is able to accept our returns by 11am on Feb. 17th, or we will have to wait an extra week for our refunds.  (According to IRS Refund Cycle Chart)

          If it is true that people who completed their TurboTax returns on Feb 14th already had their returns accepted by the IRS before those of us who completed returns before Feb 14th, then it seems that TurboTax is not submitting returns in the order they were completed.
        • I just received the "IRS should have my return processed by the end of the week" - It seemed heavy on the SHOULD??
        • Why did i pay to have my money back quicker when it is obviously taking longer?  Turbo Tax should have informed people of the delay and I would have saved money by doing it myself and filing them on my own~
        • Amusing to read the comments of America's leeches in this thread all riled up because their returns are delayed.

          1. Everyone was put on notice that the returns would be delayed-i know leeches don't watch the news, but there was a protracted debate over the extension of the Bush tax cuts in December that resulted in the current delay.

          2. Make adjustments in your budgeting so that you don't have to rely on your tax return as income.  One leech is screaming that the rent wont be paid without the return.  Who relies on your tax return to pay necessities?

          3. Modify your exemptions so that you receive your money over the course of the year instead of a lump payment.  Simple tax and budget planning.

          Anyway, carry on
        • Mine is still pending to be sent to the IRS!  I understand delays but can anyone tell me why it hasn't been sent to the IRS yet?  Why was a mass email sent out that our taxes where being sent for Feb 14th but then is looks like a lot of us are still waiting to even get our taxes to the IRS.

          Can someone tell me when I should at least see the status that it has been sent to the IRS?  When checking efile status it just says received by Turbo Tax January 31, 2011.

          Thanks to anyone that can help in answering my question!
        I am sure it takes time to get all theses pending forms in the system. Have patience  you should hear within a day or two
        • I was the same kima7 I filed mine yesterday and also gotten accepted by state but federal is pending. I think everyone should do like one of the other people suggested, get ahold of your congress and raise cane. TT and IRS can only do so much..................BLAME OUR GET CONGRESS PEOPLE. State is pretty quick this year of getting money out if you direct deposit some has gotten back in less then 5 days.
        I just spoke with a co-worker who's brother works for the IRS. She stated the following information. Tax preparers were warned ahead of time if they submitted any itemized tax returns prior to 2/14/11 they would be penalized $100 for each return. Also the IRS will be receiving efile returns from people who waited until the 14th to file 1st before those that sumitted prior to that date. So anyone who waited until yesterday to do their taxes had theirs processed 1st. At 6pm they shut down new efile and opend up to allow tax prepares like TT the opportunity to submit their back log of taxes returns. This will be the process until all back log tax returns have been submitted. They will only be allowed to submit so many a day. Here is something else you should know those who waited until yesterday to do their taxes will most likely receive their refund prior to those who filed and January. This is what we american people get for trying to do the right thing and file our taxes. She also stated that the IRS had informed all tax prepares of this way back in January when this all started. She did her taxes yesterday and have been accepted by the IRS. I did mine on 1/15/11 and mine is still pending. Looking like March before I see my refund. Mean while hers will be here next Friday the 25th
        • Wow.  This is ridiculous.  You'd think people smart enough to access the internet, sign-up and do their taxes online would be able to read and understand just what happened this year concerning the refund delays we are experiencing.  Even after clear explanations are given, the very next post ignores it.

          Turbo Tax,  it appears that the only way you will not be unjustly blamed for these delays is to continue to explain in more detail Congress's actions late last year, the IRS's need to reprogram its computers, and continuously explain to your desperate customers how overwhelmed IRS's computers would be if every e filed return was submitted at the same time.

          Now, I have made it a point as of late to shout loud and clear, that I will not apologize for being human.  That I am not ashamed to be human.  I shout this to corporations who argue they have rights of person-hood.  But reading some of these responses to refund delays,  I now see why we are treated as a herd of cattle by our leaders.

          People it's not Turbo Tax's fault for these delay.  Blame them for not committing more resource to explain why there are delays.  But nothing more.
        I have no problem with waiting for my return. Not in that dire need of funds. It is the principle of the fact that Turbo Tax stated it was going to be done on a first filed, first sent basis. Not so much the case. There are people out there that do need their returns and they intentionally file early to get the money back early. However those are the people that are now being delayed the longest. if Turbo Tax did not know for sure that it would get returns in faster to file earlier they should not have made that statement. It obviously is not a true statement if people can file their returns yesterday and are already accepted today when those that filed early are still waiting to be even transmitted. I tried the "Log Out" and then log in to the check efile status and it still says the same thing. Turbo Tax Received it and it is not yet transmitted to the IRS. Personally I do not care if it take a few more days. I just do not like being lied to and told that it would be get returns in faster to file them earlier. That has been proven to not be true. I just want a little honesty from Turbo Tax.
        • Mine is still pending.
        • I'm with you skycop....if they said "Hey file on 2/14 and 1) you will get accepted faster and 2) you won't have to pay us 30 bucks just to be put in the back of the line" then I would be fine with it
        • ok people here's the deal.  Yes, it's all because Congress EXTENDED the tax credits.  So maybe the IRS had the new forms in place in anticipation of any new changes.  However, there weren't any changes so how hard could it be to put the program back as it was.  To those who think this Administration is so wonderful, there have been 80,000 new federal jobs created in the last 2 years, and we still have to put up with archaic systems?  Give me a break!  I'm gonna change all my withholdings so I don't give these idiots any more money than I have to, it's gonna stay in my pocket, because they keep our money for one whole year and redistribute it to those who don't pay any taxes, and then kindly give it back to us but with NO interest.  Bull crap! it's gonna stay in my pocket from now on...let those that don't pay into the system but drain it figure out they're own way to survive, it's not gonna be off my back anymore!
        • Same with me I got aa message saying mine won't be transmitted till by the end of the week so why is Turbo Tax and IRS saying it will be transmitted on Feb 14th ????
        • AHHHH.........Finally I e filed 1/10 and at 11;25pm last night the IRS got it !! It hasnt been accepted yet ,  But  they have it !!! :-)
        Your returns will be acknowledged tonight.

        Here's how it works:

        TurboTax will send the returns in drains.  There are three drains per service center.  When you send the returns, they're acknowledged on the following drain.  I'd guess that Intuit sent a small batch of returns on the first drain to ensure they went successfully.  The majority of the returns were likely sent during the second drain, and they should be acknowledged tonight.

        Due to the large number of returns that the IRS has to process, it's possible that all returns won't be processed by tonight's drain.  If that's the case, I'd expect an acknowledgement or rejection by 11am service center time tomorrow.
        • I cant believe how rude some of you are being. Calling others "morons and idiots" is just awful. Some people dont have the income that others do. That does not mean they dont watch the news or read. It is just shameful some of the things I have read. In the last two years I have lost my house my car and have had three surgeries all due to cancer. Yes I need my money!!! I do not drink beer or smoke so my keg isnt low I dont need cigs!!  Please try to be understanding and put yourself in someone elses place before you call names and jump on people.
          When I did my taxes on Jan 18th turbo tax made it clear that my return would not be processed by the IRS until mid Feb. I did not go to hr block or any other service because I did not want a loan, I want my return. I have recieved several emails that stated it could take upto 72 hours from feb14th to be accepted or rejected.
          Everyone that used TT was told the laws changed in Dec and there would be delays.
          Be nice people!!
        • ditto for me too
        I take offense at all the "Bright" individuals that get upset or infuriated by others expresing frustration, reverting to name-calling with terms such as "Morons, Idiots, Losers and the likes"! People have the freedom to verbally express themselves in any way they chose as long as it does not directly harm anyone else. I fought for over 20 years in the military defending the Constitutional rights of these people (Including yours), and just because someone "Whines" it is their God-given right to do so! So like the old saying goes, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!"
        • While everyone is yelling about federal, I'm still pending on my STATE income taxes too.  I guess TurboTax forgot to submit it to the state of Minnesota because it was delaying them both just because of the Internal Renal Service.
        • I submitted my return on 1-12-11.  I finally found that it was submitted today, at 6:56pm pst.  Good luck to all.
        • little
        • efile on 1/11/11 and still pending, so much for first come first file.  :x
        • I haven't even received a message that it has been transmitted to the IRS. What's going on?
        • Well people, I have seen so many comments with " IRS IS NOT ACCEPTING Itemized DEDUCTIONS TILL 2/14/2011, Well that is just what they are saying, I filed my mother's Itemized Return Via TaxAct and my own itemized return via Turbo tax on 2/1/2011, Her's was Transmitted Last night( 2/13/2011) and accepted this afternoon, But mine still sits. This is what I get for being a LOYAL Turbo-Tax Customer....

          Also Please people do not  Flame people. Some people Depend on their Tax Returns, Just because you do not, Does not make you special. So please get over your self..
        • it will take another week for the irs to accept all the ITR.. they have million of backlogs. The system of turbo tax really made some erroneous feature. I filed mine last January 27 upto now i havent received my refund check from the state. I choosen to have them direct deposit my refund...really i will not use the turbo tax next time...
        • MINE got accepted within 24 HRS whoo hoo for this one.....
        • This question is for a representative at Turbo Tax. I thought my return was being transmitted at 6:00p.m. on the very first day  IRS beganprocessing itemized returns.
        • Okay so I just logged into TT and I was just told, I have to wait a week!!! Really I'm not stressing but dang a whole week! I filed last week??? You can't be serious! Ugh!!! Next yr. I'm going back to H&R Block.
        TurboTax can only do what the IRS allows.  For most people who had deductions and have already received their payment they either did not use the 1040 Schedule A (IRS did not being accepting that from until today Feb 14) or they decided to use the anticipated return loan.

        As for sending forms, again, TurboTax expected to transmit their batch on Feb 14th with the IRS said they would accept the returns.  The IRS then told electronic filers they they must stagger their batches in order to not crash the system.  Again it's an item that is out of TurboTaxes control.

        Now as for the state filers who's returns were rejected because they used Schedule 1040A,  I just went back into my state return like I was added more information and then went through the process and was able to electronically transmit my return.     We may be lucky and not have to print and mail now that the IRS is accepting the 1040 A from.   

        It'll be a few days before I can be sure since my state will not accept a state return until the IRS return in accepted.
          "Good News! On Monday, February 14, the IRS plans to start processing tax returns delayed by last month's tax law changes. Beginning on that date, TurboTax will send your return for immediate processing. Once that happens, it will take 24-72 hours for the government to process and accept your returns. You will receive a separate e-mail telling you the status of your return when it has been processed."

          Quote from TT.  Clearly states the returns will start to be processed today and within 24 -72 hours we'll hear something.
          • Not sure what happened but i did my daughters and my brothers return late jan and they accepted the returns and have  already received their returns, i did mine a week later and its still pending,, not really sure whats hapening i gues they pick and choose
          • Today's the day and you should expect the IRS to be flooded with returns....more time needed?
          • I received an email from Turbo Tax that told me to check my status because my return should have been sent to the IRS...when I logged onto Turbo Tax, it was still showing as pending.  I tried to resubmit, thinking that I needed to "push" the info again and the response was that I had already submitted my return.  Still waiting for an acceptance...
          • well it is 8:05 p.m. 2/14/2011 still pending now if I owed money They would not had waited to take my money.  But since I have a refund due back I have to wait.
          • It's time to get a flat tax and then we won't have to worry about paying extra money and waiting for a refund.
          • I understnd the delay but i did my taxes here in jan 11 and it is still pending and just today i did my girlfriends and she already got a confirmation of her federal being accepted. so the answer to whoes does whoes first is bogus. TT should just answer the question correctly cause mine is still pending from a amonth ago and my girlfriends was done today and is already accepted. please explain TT. thanks
          • Mine stil pending, so many people that went some place else to get taxes done have their money already even if they have "special forms". I understand that we have to wait now for 72 hours for acceptance or rejection but this is ridiculous that we have to wait w turbo tax!! This is my last year with Turob tax. Turbo tax is not turbo at all!!
          • I filed my taxes weeks ago and I am still waiting on the IRS but my TT still says return Pending.  It is a pain I have been out of word for sometime and this is just another DELAY that is making it difficult for me to support my children and myself.  It seems I get stuck no matter how much I do
          • Would be nice if everyone got the same message I had when filing.. It told me that if I itemized it would take longer but if I chose the standard deduction it could be processed earlier.. Money was the same either way, I chose to itemize so next year I have the same info to compare to 2011 taxes. Mine shows pending as well.. wish I could get the $30 back for filing costs.... but that was my choice so next year isn't so different just so I could have the money faster. I feel for those who are in need of the money now. Been there many times myself... I just wish Odumba would have given each taxpayer $1 M each instead of the trillions he gave to businesses for their payroll padding.. at least the US would have some money to spend to bring the econ back to a tolerable level..
            Think people think!!
          • i too have a return  that is pending but its nobody's fault except the congress of the US dragging their feet that caused this problem. That is why i changed my deductions so that i won't or be getting a big return next year, its just stupid to let the US government hold my money all year interest free just to give it back to me at the end of the year, when i can have that extra money year round when i need it most. you want to send a message claim correctly on your w-4 and don't let them hold your money interest free, until then just relax your money will get there sooner or later
          • Turbo Tax is sure going to lose alot of users. I filed my taxes the same night as my sister. Only she used tax act. We did so on Feb. 8th. Not only has hers been accepted. But she already has a date when her refund is due to her bank. All I get from turbo tax is still pending. You would think that a company as big as turbo tax, they would have it together. This is the last year I use Turbo Tax to do my returns. I paid over $90.00 to use Turbo Tax. Next year I will be using Tax Act.
          • I read somewhere IRS will be accepting them at midnight tonight. I want my refund too!
          • What is going on?  My daughter's filed with another company and has her refund.  WHY is TURBOTAX the ONLY company having this problem??????????????? DEMAND a refund!!!!!!!!!
          • For the people who wanna talk down to those who are needng their money, not everybody makes big bucks. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck if we are lucky enough to have a job, and really look forward to the small chunk we get at income tax time. Please check yourself. For you to say keg getting low or need a pack of cigarettes is out of line and wrong. You do not know what their financial situation may be and should not be so rude. I filed my taxes January 15 and I am still waiting and quite frankly I am getting impatient too. To wait til the last minute to make changes knowing how many people file early is odd. I am not working right now because of a broken hand and my arm is in a cast. I seriously need my money not for a keg but to pay bills and keep my 3 children warm at night and food in their bellies. Maybe someday you willbe in the same situation and then maybe you will understand.
          • I was reading somewhere that it would be accepted at 6pm is now 7:21pm central time ...and still pending ...I would like to know why we where charged an e file fee from turbo tax ...when we could have saved some money and send it in our selves ... Turbo Tax knew about the new data ..and did not inform any of us till after we filed ...
          Most of the responses on this page are perfect examples of the problems with this great country.

          If anyone here had done their research, about filing your taxes and BEFORE filing your taxes, it would have become clear as day that the CONGRESS caused a delay in the ability to file taxes with, and get a refund from, the IRS.

          Changes in the tax code late in 2010 meant that tax software, and IRS knowledge of the new rules/regulation needed to be updated, and then shared with joe public.

          Why do people feel the need to blame anyone and everyone for the problems that they bring on themselves? perhaps all you complainers failed to fully research what impact these changes were going to have on you?

          Whatever the reason behind your "confusion", you really only have yourself to blame. Turbo tax was very forthcoming with their explanation, and I read about this delay more than 2 weeks ago on MANY MANY different sites.

          A tax refund is NOT something you should be leveraging your entire financial status on. A tax refund comes from the fact that the government is granting you exemptions from certain tax payments due to your personal situation. If you need the money, change your filing status, or claim deductions with your HR department. DON'T over-extend yourself, and then hope that a tax refund will get you out of the hole.


          This process is very simple, your tax filings will be accepted and reviewed by the IRS this week (considering SEVERAL MILLION filings were transmitted yesterday, they are doing a damn fine job). I would expect that everyone receives their refund on the 25th, or at the latest, on the 4th of March.
          • When I logged in I had a message stating that since there was such a back log it may take til the end of the week. Very frustrating.
          • TT posted a message that it may be until the end of the week before the IRS accepts the return.  This is unacceptable - I will not be using Turbo tax in the future.
          • Let me be late paying my tax and see what happens let the IRS be late paying my return and nothing happens, strange.
          • So now I read this.... Due to the high volume of returns being processed this week, there may be delays in updating the status of your return as well a change in the date your return is accepted by IRS. Your federal tax refund may also be delayed as a result. Returns received by February 17 are supposed to have refunds sent on February 25; however, due to the delays, we expect that most refunds will be processed sometime between February 25 and March 4.

            Next time I will mail my taxes in !!!! Turbo Tax should provide us a refund for the services they charged
          Well I am still pending and filed at 7am Jan 13th and only have mortgage interest and real estate tax. No education stuff. It is
            Dont blame Turbo tax, its the IRS that is slow in getting the proper forms ready.  In there deffence, the president dragged his feet until the end of December to sign into law the credit changes.
            • I know Uncle Sam is going to pay us all interest on our returns. Right?  Come on people, take to the streets and "walk like an Egyptian" instead of complaining to Turbo Tax who has nothing to do with it!!!!
            • Still pending!
            • Why is my return still pending?
            It is common sense people. Look at it as a traffic jam and a 20 mile backup. When the road is opened, everyone doesn't get through right away, it's a slow process to get everyone ahead through before it flows normally. If you need money that bad, quit drinking, smoking, and burning gas so much. Learn to save. I have plans with my return too, but I can survive without getting anything back because I watch what I spend. If you would learn to live within your means too, we wouldn't be in so much debt. Oh yeah, learn how to SPELL!!!
            • Yeah.  There are people who filed the same way I did with the same items and they got theirs back.  I was told mine would start processing today and no such luck.
            • Why is it the IRS penalizes us for being one day late or a penny off, but when they screw up, we are the ones that get bent over and reamed?  If TurboTax takes a day to get their system corrected, why does it take the US Government 6 weeks to do the same thing?  Government efficiency, get ready for your government issued health care.
            Turbo tax did NOT mis-advertise or lie to anyone! You are all just impatient. I am in need of the money just as much as anyone, but you have to be patient! If you would have less taken out of checks, you wouldn't be waiting for so much money would you?
            • why didnt the say that my taxes would not be processed until after feb 14th when i submitted it on Feb 2nd  so much for having my refund in 8 days
            • I understand that due to the economy everyone is in dire need of their tax returns. However, I do not  think that TurboTax is to blame. I can only imagine how the IRS system is working overtime. There are alot of us who itemize our taxes so it may take a day longer than normal to get accepted or rejected. I think it will be alot better tomorrow and the next day. Today was the first day so  I know that it is chaotic for them. I think it  will all work out for our good later on this week.
            • I understand that due to the economy everyone is in dire need of their tax returns. However, I do not  think that TurboTax is to blame. I can only imagine how the IRS system is working overtime. There are alot of us who itemize our taxes so it may take a day longer than normal to get accepted or rejected. I think it will be alot better tomorrow and the next day. Today was the first day so  I know that it is chaotic for them. I think it  will all work out for our good later on this week.
            • WHY DID WE PAY FOR EFILE?
            • I don't think insulting people asking them if they are out of beer money, or cigarettes is really necessary.  Some people actually rely on that money for things other than that.  I myself need the refund in order to get an apartment.  There ARE circumstances where having the money a lot faster would be beneficial.  It does not mean people didn't read the laws, or know about the delay in processing and insulting people because they wanted to ask a question is just rude.  I am still waiting for my status to change from pending as well and find that it is very annoying.  I get the laws, and why there is a delay but it does not make it any less frustrating.  I agree now that this staggered processing thing is bogus and should have been disclosed when we filed.  Up until today I was under the impression based on verbiage used by Turbo Tax that my refund would have been sent to the IRS today.  Now I see it may take an additional 4 days.  To me that is not right, regardless of whether or not they can control it or not, it doesn't make it suck any less we have to wait.  Please don't be insulting to other people because they are anxious to receive money back that they worked their butts off to earn.
            • mine is too
            • so today is 2-14 so we should expect the IRS to start accepting tomorrow.. can we get a time frame here??? or is that to much to ask. We as customer do not know when our 24-72 hours is up, since TT is telling us how they are having to stagger... how will TT know which ones to send first. what's the plan??
            • So we are looking @ begining fo March MAYBE?? Wow...
            • Mine noly says "accepted by turbotax" and does not say pending? Do I need to do something else?
            • I agree with everyne we paid to have our returns quickly and wasn't told until the end of filing and now here it is the 14th and still PENDING!!!   Turbo TAx we all need an answer NOW!!!!!
            TT is not submitting returns according to when you filed with will see all over this board people who itemized and filed 2/5 - 2/10 even 2-14 have received emails of transmittal or acceptance. I filed on 1/21 and still has not even been transmitted...

            I am not mad about the IRS delay, there is nothing to do about that. I am mad that TT urged me to file early to get ahead of the line...then took my 30 bux....then put me at the BACK of the line!!!!
            • Isn't there a chatroom to troll Whatever61? Is your mom's basement that boring?
            • Yep, it's February 15th and mine is still pending too!
            • It is not a matter of it still being pending, it has not even been transmitted. Turbo Tax tells us that it is on a first come first served basis which is B.S. I have a couple co-workers all with similar deductions as me, House, Kids, College Tuition, Etc, and they filed yesterday, with Turbo Tax, and were accepted today. However  mine, and many more like me, filed weeks ago and still has not been transmitted to the IRS. So tell me how that works into first come first served? Should those of us that filed weeks ago not have been transmitted to the IRS and either accepted/rejected before those that waited and filed with them Yesterday? Just a thought.
            • Wish you all could understand that none of this is Turbo Tax's is the IRS. Don't blame the messenger...Sometimes things don't work out exactly how you thought they would and that is life...if you don't know that by now, you're an idiot. That's why you shouldn't be so dependant on this money anyway...don't spend what you don't have and maybe you wouldn't be in such a predicament.
            • Where's my money!!???  I hit "submit" and waited 8 minutes and my bank account still doesn't show any transactions!!  I don't understand all this IRS code tax-law stuff and I'm an American meaning I shouldn't have too.  I should just be given money!!!!!
            I understand that everyone is very upset about the pending status of their refunds.  I like the majority here have been waiting for the much needed refund that I am expecting from both the federal and state.  I understand that Turbo Tax can only do what they are allowed to do by the feds in submitting a limited number of filings per day.  This still does not excuse the Tubro Tax from a small amount of blame as part of their sales presentation for purchasing their product is a quick timely refund even though they are dependant on the IRS etc., to actually do their job.  The real issue is first in congress's inability to do anything of substance in a time timely fashion.  2nd is that even though they passed a continuation of the Bush era tax cuts, there truly wasn't any major changes to the tax code from 2010 so for the IRS who already had the system in place from previous years to state that they were not ready is completely misleading.  In any business practice that did the same things that the IRS is currently doing there would be class action law suits, potential criminal prossicution or charges, mass media covered of the widespread abuses.  This is our government and we have the choice to make changes, so we should let our displeasure be known by voting out all those representatives that we part of this process and issue as they have obviously not performed their job to the standards that anyone in the private sector would be held accountable to and expect the maintain their own job.

            This is also a perfect example of the need to simplify the tax codes to the point where any average American can read and understand them and not need to have to use complex math, and formulas to determine how much they are getting back or need to pay.
            • When I log in it says that my return is still pending.  However, if I don't log in and only check the status with my social security number and zip code, it tells me that they've transmitted the filing and the agency has accepted it.  I don't know why the two differ, but hopefully the second is correct.
            • mine is still pending on the 15th? anyone else?
            • All of my friends who filed with Hand R Block were advised to wait to file...they followed that advice and now already have been transmitted and accepted by IRS.

              TT gave a sales pitch about filing early.  I now see that it was ill advised and only served to benefit TT as they have already collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax prep fees.

              I'm sorry, maybe its not TT's fault about what happened with the IRS but they had a responsibility to not goad people into filing early knowing full well that waiting till the 14th was probably the smartest move.

              This is the first and last year I am using TT and will be going back to H&R block next year.
            • Mine still states pending, but when I go in and just enter my ss# and DOB, it the shows that it has only been received by TURBORATS.....  So it appears IT IS PENDING... in TURBORATS server!!
            • I too have been pending since 1/21/11. But like some of the other people I read the information in the newspaper and watched the news prior to this tax season. When I started my taxes with TT this year they even stated PRIOR to submitting that there may be a delay. It was in the email, and it even states it on my status in their software. I'm not really sure how this is TT fault when they are just a tax preparing company not the Government who couldn't get on the ball and pass the laws until late. Yes we're all frustrated and want our money, but really what good is it going to do by pointing fingers at TT or even Congress. I think everyone that is complaining needs to put on their big girl/boy pants and grow up. Whining is not going to get your money any faster. To the people that are upset because you filed days or even a week ago, think about how we who filed almost 4 weeks ago feel. I think TT and the IRS are handling this the best they can. It's only right to submit the taxes first in- first out. As far as why those are still pending even on a regular non delayed tax season it can take up to 24-72 hrs for an accepted from the IRS.
            • Good morning, did you file yours on Jan 26?  I did an mine is still in the pending state as well.  Also did you receive your state back?  I received a e-mail stating that it had been accepted and then processed on Jan 27.  But I just checked the system again today and they have changed it to Feb 1, and now the state is saying they are mailing my check when it was suppose to be direct deposit.  Did you receive a letter saying that they made an error and your money would now come in check form?
            • Mine is still pending after the "magic day" also and I filed on Jan 15th. I dont know what's up with Turbotax this year but I'm absolutely NOT filing with them again next year. I have co-workers that filed same status and itemized that received their returns within the week that they filed! Never again!!!
            • omg people there are alot of people in our little country its going to take them a bit have some patiance
            If you read the information that TT has for us it lets us know that they are sending the returns on a first in and first out basis.  They have to send the returns staggered over the next few days (14th to the 18th) so that the IRS is not overloaded and doesn't cause a system crash.  If your tax return is accepted over the next few days the 14th, 15th or 16th you will get your direct deposit return in on the 25th.  According to their information and on the 17th or 18th you will recieve it on March 4th. All this information was availible to read before filing and it is not Turbo Taxes fault for this delay.  Some returns are affected because of certain deduction and others are not.  Paitience is all we need right now.
            • why is my federal returns still pending
            • None of us like waiting and want our money. Just be thankful your getting something back. Might change in the future and then comments will fly.  Most post imply the integrity of humanity has sunk to an all time low. My goodness do you stand and cuss out your microwave when heating something that takes a minute and you knew what it would take. It is what it is. Relax. Greed breeds ugly things.  Watch the news and be grateful you are where you are. Stay tuned as things are about to change.  You will be happy when you get your return and this will all be an after thought.  Maybe consider giving ten percent to someone who didn't get anything. How do you think they feel. Thanks Turbo Tax for providing us with a low cost way to keep some of the money we don't have back yet but will soon.
            • why is everyone blaming TT or the IRS if you wnattoget mad at someone get mad at the republicans who insisted that the rich get their tax breaks too,don't get mad because the dogs were put out and let back in.
            Sent mine on 1/8/11, it was transmitted from Turbotax to the IRS on 2/14/11, and is no longer pending. YES! Waiting for the IRS to accept or reject it.
            • I am in California, and for the first time EVER, my State refund came in a week after I filed!! It has now been 17 days since "submitting" my Federal tax...and it is STILL pending!!! This is ridiculous! I would really think that TT would have jumped on this!
            • I received my state refund under 7 days after they accepted it. My Federal is still pending. I waited a year so I guess I can wait a few more days. Thanks Turbo Tax for quick service on my state. I know it is not your fault. Will use your service next year because H&R block will take 30% of my refund and you have been great these two years I have used the service.
            • So really why did i use turbo tax? I should have just waited until today mine still says pending not transmitted
            • whers my money
            • why hasnt my tax return left turbo tax yet. You said that they would be submitted to fed and state Feb 14 and it is now feb 15
            • 3:00Am CST on 2/15 - still pending - TT you suck!
            Because it's the IRS. Even though, we live in an age of computers and technology that is amazing, the Irs still has to go to the hospital every February to have their thumb surgically removed from their ass.
            • I am hoping by today we should hear something. I have never waited this long
            Well if any of you guys spend as much time watching the news as you are on here complaining you would know that all of the returns that have been pending are now being processed.

            Because of new tax laws the IRS was trying to make sure that their software as well as those online and in the "HR Blocks, etc"  was updated before accepting those returns that could be affected by the newly effective tax law--which I may add would have HELPED you. In addition it would have also prevented you from amending your return when you realized that you could have received another credit.

            I hope this helps somebody out there ... :0)
            • I really believe that Turbo Tax should have had a message pop up on the screen disclosing
              the facts about this delay so that we would all have been informed properly, I have used Turbo
              Tax for a long time and have never had any problems.  The IRS is officially to blame, but Turbo Tax
              had to of known what they were getting into when they made a deal with the devil.
            • As I read this thread, I am amazed at so many people being upset at Turbo Tax about this delay.  You were told in the beginning that returns would not be accepted by the IRS until the 14th.  As for the people who filed with others like H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt - yes, maybe they've already gotten a refund.  If you question them a bit as to what they paid, you will find it is quite a bit more than you paid TT.  What they have actually done is get a short term loan from their tax preparer for the amount of their expected return.  Truth be told - those returns were not submitted any earlier than yours and the tax preparers are now waiting to get their money.  They are okay with it, though, since they have all the big interest they have been charging.  Give TT a break.  I have been using them since the days before online filing and have always been treated fairly and gotten great service.  I, like you all, hope to get my money soon.  Let's just understand the fault lies with Congress, not TT or even the IRS (as despicable an organization as it is).  Blessings to all.
            • The issue I have isn't with the delay until 2/14 and the problem is that there are a LOT of people commenting that friends and family who itemized their deductions filed with another service and have already received acceptance...Thanks TT when other providers are delivering what you can't, you have to stop blaming the IRS.
            This is not Turbo Tax fault if you go to you will see is the IRS taking their time updating their computer, is not Turbo Tax the only tax software with this problem is everyone even CPA's and now IRS need to accept all of them, is a bunch of people, relax they will get to yours by tomorrow or next day.:)) peace out
            • Wow!  My buddy works for the IRS and my itemized return has been accepted and my refund has already posted to my bank account!  Granted it may take until tomorrow morning for it to actually clear the pending section of my account and post but I am all set! So, here is my query: do I buy the regular 62" HD Plasma or pay a bit more for the 3D package?  Pls help me decide!
            • Its a sign of the times, we are are all in despert need of our money and most of it will go to catching up on paying bills. who else is waiting for their money to pay bills ?
            • Turbo Tax is definitely NOT staggering these to IRS first come first serve - I dont believe that one bit. I did mine way back mid January and it still pending while others that itmeized did returns that last few days have already been accepted.
            • Why is everybody freaking out? A) It is not Turbo Tax! Congress passing late legislature and the IRS scrambling to catch up is causing the delay B) Turbo Tax was very clear warning us when we hit submit and saying they would transmit in the order they received submissions and C) other people may have been accepted or even gotten their refund because their returns were not affected by the legislature NOT because they chose a different preparer D) if you itemized or filed for tuition or educator credits you were delayed. Finally, if you don't want to wait for a refund - adjust your W4 @ work and keep your money all year long. I agree with the guy that says, "chillax".
            • I would go with the a 62' led lcd. forget the plasma. also 3d might be nice one night but im not putting on some ridiculuous glasses everytime i sit down to watch tv.
            • Wow some of the comments on here are ridiculous. I cant believe how stupid some of you people sound. This is not Turbo Tax's fault. They can only do what the government tells them to do. LMAO.  We will get our refund when the government gets around to it, simple as that. the people who receive $6000 back from the government and have 4 kids and a McDonalds job are part of the problem. There is not enough money to go around, our government is broke people and here you are expecting handouts and to top it off you have NO patience.
            • They better have submitted today lol
            • My federal tax return is still pending with turbo tax why?
            • if turbo tax has not transmitted my taxes to IRS then I should not have to amend due to a mistake, if it is just sitting there and IRS dosnt have it then I should be able to make a change untill the point TT submits to IRS, this is where I have the problem with TT, that in itself is why I will not use this service again, yes I made a mistake, but if you have transmitted nothing  then I should be able to fix the change and submit
            • you ignorant morons. Do yourselves a favor and read if some of you are able to or ask someone to read it for you. Most of you morons didnt even pay into it and expecting money back.  Hope IRS audits your ignorant morons.
            • Apparently folks don't read the information readily available from Turbotax, and it's also everywhere on the news.  This is not Turbotax's fault.  Makes you wonder....perhaps these are the same folks who signed up for interest only loans.
              Idea:  go to your payroll dept. and re-do your exemptions so that you are not expecting such a great windfall next year - as many have said, this is YOUR money - so why give it to Uncle Sam for safekeeping until next year to begin with?  How about getting it each and every paycheck?


            Settle down.  Give it a day or two, then come and check.
            • first they said feb they are saying in march .what  f**K is going on here .people need their money.this just sucks.yea i saved a few bucks filling with t t but i gotta wait till next year to get it back jeese.never again.
            I payed to recieve my check within 8 days so are you refunding what i paid for that?
            • I got an email from Turbo Tax that said the IRS isn't even beginning to accept the electronic submissions until Feb 14th-due to changes in tax law last month, so I imagine everything is backed up. I went online to the IRS website ( and clicked the "where's my refund option" and was advised that they did receive it, but I'm expecting to get my refund an additional 4 days after when Turbo Tax said I would. Hope this helps!
            • today is Feb 15, and mine is still pending???
            If you are upset about the fact that Turbo Tax advertised they would submit your return as soon as the IRS accepts the filing yet made you wait in line after those who submitted itemized returns that were yesterday with turbo tax make your voice heard. Locate your Attorney General and file a complaint for false advertising. Contact their headquarters, do something...I am.
            • like someone said it is the principle not getting the refund. I did mind in mid-Jan and site says this as of now on 2/15 at 11:55 am est: " Important Information About Your Return: Currently the IRS is working through its backlog of tax returns as quickly as possible. You may not see a change in your e-filing status until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!"

              I paid money in mid-Jan to have it done an I know people who got on the freedom part here on turbo tax and e-filed for free since they make under the amount to do so and did this yesterday and already in the process while mind is not pending or anything just says received on the day in Jan I did it with TT.
            • SKigirl wrote this : OK.......I have good information for you. Log out of TT and log back in under CHECK MY EFILE will ask you for your social security number and zipcode. Once you log in it will have detailed information. While it shows I am still pending under normal log in.....this is what it says under check status log in:

              Received by TurboTax
              January 21, 2011 04:16 PM PST Sent to Tax Authority
              February 14, 2011 11:44 PM PST
              Current Status Details
              The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

              Mine was done the the next day 1/22 as below and still ""NOT EVEN SENT"" to the IRS:

              Status History:
              Agency Status Status Time
              2010 Federal Personal Received by TurboTax 01/22/11 09:28:26 AM

              Status Details
              Sat Jan 22 09:28:26 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
              Your return has been received. If your return was impacted by tax laws passed in December 2010, the IRS will not start processing your return until mid-February. Otherwise, you can expect an acknowledgement within 24-48 hours.

              ONLY a day difference and still no e-mail saying been sent at least to IRS it is now 1:40 pm eastern time here on 2/15/2011
              Mon Feb 14 11:21:57 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
              Important Information About Your Return: Currently the IRS is working through its backlog of tax returns as quickly as possible. You may not see a change in your e-filing status until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!
            My return is still pending also.  However, each return will take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to be accepted from the IRS after the 14th.  That is always the case.  The only difference this year is that for some of us the IRS was not even receiving forms until the 14th and then we will still have to wait a day or two for them to be accepted.  I imagine it may even take longer considering the IRS is probably receiving a flood of returns today.
            • I submitted mine on January 7th... I should be one of the very first in... still pending. Damn Congress... They don't even pay taxes, unless of course it comes to light when they are looking for a better job, why should they care?
            • mine is still pending too, I submitted mine on Jan. 27th
            Look for this email

            Email Subject:TurboTax: Returns Received

            Dear John Doe,

            Your returns were successfully transmitted, but tax laws were passed so late this year the IRS won't start processing your federal return until February 14. If you're expecting a federal refund, it'll be ready after the IRS processes your return. Details.

            Keep watching your email. We'll send you a separate email when the IRS begins processing your federal return.

            E-file status  Check current e-file status <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Click
            Return(s) received  2010 Federal Personal
            2010 Colorado Personal
            Return(s) received on January 31, 2011, 6:51 PM PST
            Expected government acceptance date Details

            My response after clicking above.

            Current Status Details
            Your return has been received. If your return was impacted by tax laws passed in December 2010, the IRS will not start processing your return until mid-February. Otherwise, you can expect an acknowledgement within 24-48 hours.

            Have patience, I am sure this is done on a first come first serve, patience.

            • thats what Im saying. what line of bull do we get now
            It's also important to note that if your return is acknowledged by the 17th, you'll still receive your refund on the same date that you would receive it if your return was acknowledged on the 14th.  The IRS funds return according the Pub 2043.
              1. The IRS announced that they will begin processing schedule A and other delayed returns at 6 PM on 2/14. ("After 11 am" means 6 pm, because the IRS runs 3 processing cycles per day, 11am, 6pm and 2am. That also means 6pm local time for the processing center that has your return, which may not be the same as your home time zone.)
              2. The IRS is deliberately limiting the number of returns processed per cycle for this week (they call it "flow control") because they don't want to be overloaded with the backlog. It may be several days before your return is processed. There is nothing Turbotax can do about this.
              3. You expect fast service from the government?
              4. Your "check e-file status" page in Turbotax will be updated as soon as Turbotax hears from the IRS.
              See this
              • I filled my taxes on 01/14/11 and mine still says pending...just wanted to let you all know.
              • BY the way name calling is not appropriate. And accusing people of needing the money for beer and cigarettes is not cool either. My daughters return was purely delayed due to the fact that a client  stole her scissors from her work and she claimed them as a loss. By the way these are $300.00 scissors not some $2 dollar scissors. She had NO other itemizing deductions.
              • My return is still pending. Filed last night at 1A. I agree with Tax Ninja. None of this is TT fault. It was our government who caused this delay with the last minute tax laws. In my opinion TT is still the best way to file taxes. I have used them for the last 8 years. Every time I try another way of filing, there is simply no comparison to TT. Turbo Tax has done well keeping everyone informed. The answers are there people just need to "Read". Not everything can be served to us on a silver platter. We are bound by law, and so is TT. It is what it is.
              Because after its submitted on Feb 14, it takes the IRS 24-48 hours for them to accept it :) happy taxing!
              • Really?  This is hilarious!  "I want my money!", "It still says pending!", "Why haven't I gotten my money?"....really people learn to have a little patience.  You are all going to have heart attacks...settle down!  I assume most of you are adults (hopefully) you all should know better than to count your chickens before they hatch.  Meaning don't spend money you don't have yet!!!!
              • I just spoke to 6 different people who filed after me with HR Block and had virtually the same return as mine and 5 of them have been accepted already I'm talking same schedules, similar deductions, etc.
              • Today is the 14th. 7:00 p.m. mt. std. time. Federal still pending.
              • I as many others deserve a refund from TURBOTAX b/c I spent my money and trusted what TT said.  It said that the IRS would process my return on the 14th of Feb. and they have not.  That is not the IRS's fault---- the IRS is saying that they would start processing on the 14th b/c of new laws.  I could and would have my return already but I don't b/c I trusted TURBOTAX and want my money back.  You have mislead many people TURBOTAX.
              • You people all need to be patient. TurboTax did not lie to you and it's not the end of the world that your return is still pending. It will get processed and no one is getting theirs processed any faster than anyone else.
              • Turbo Tax must be doing something different than other companies.  I filed my sister's return, which included educational credits and 1040A using Tax Act and the return was accepted by the IRS yesterday.  I filed mine the same day using Turbo tax and it is still pending.  Bad form Turbo Tax.  We will use Tax Act next year.
              • Turbo Tax  has some explaining to do.  H&R Block/Tax Slayer are looking mighty tempting for 2011.
              1. The IRS announced that they will begin processing schedule A and other delayed returns at 6 PM on 2/14. ("After 11 am" means 6 pm, because the IRS runs 3 processing cycles per day, 11am, 6pm and 2am. That also means 6pm local time for the processing center that has your return, which may not be the same as your home time zone.)
              2. The IRS is deliberately limiting the number of returns processed per cycle for this week (they call it "flow control") because they don't want to be overloaded with the backlog. It may be several days before your return is processed. There is nothing Turbotax can do about this.
              3. You expect fast service from the government?
              4. Your "check e-file status" page in Turbotax will be updated as soon as Turbotax hears from the IRS.
              See this
              • So I am curious, can we start charging the IRS interest like they would do to us if we were late on making a payment? I am joking!!!!
              • Mine is also pending but my State went threw..why is that?
              • I just got an email from Turbotax and you said I have to sign in and file. I was under the impression that had already happened. What is up?
              The IRS website says it will begin PROCESSING today. Turbotax.......when is your company transmitting these? I was hoping since I did this return in January, I would be some of the first. I'm sure the IRS is being blown up with phone calls, but seriously, I'll use another tax software next year---state would be free had I used the other one anyway!
              • This is irritating. When I got mine completed it said they would not process til the 14th, so I signed out and waited a few weeks and came back in and double checked everything and then submitted.  Nothing about first in first out.  Now it turns out I shouldn't have waited.  It should have said first in first out before we paid and I would have either finished it the night I started or I would have filed a different day and not paid to wait.  Would be nice if TT was honest upfront, not to mention the IRS and legislature should pay interest on our money they are keeping because they can't get it back to us in a timely manner.
              • Im trying to be level headed about this, but I'll admit other people have gotten their money already. But the real curprit is the GOV. they took their time in passing the laws so late, back in late Dec.. So let's all bitch and moan to our congress. Let them have it, tell them you will remember this come election time. And let's not vote for them. Really !!!!  LET'S ALL DO THIS. THE POWER IN NUMBERS. TT I think you should give us some money back for poor service and misleading us, to some extend.
              • This now beyond frustrating - filed Jan 26th - 3 weeks later, still waiting.  Ridiculous!!
              Wow!  You all have not received your refund yet? It pays to know someone at the IRS then don't it?  My buddy took care of my itemized forms/return and cha-ching my refund is in hand.  Now, do I buy the 62" HD Plasma or pay a bit more for the 3D?  Hey now, this is a serious query...pls help me decide!
              • I did my girlfriends taxes today and the federal as already accepted hers,but yet mine is still pending.Way to go government nothing changed from last year ,but we must face it our government is going broke due to helping the rich and not worried about the people who barely get buy ( 0- $40,000)
              My recent online chat with Turbo Tax -
              13_Nadiyah H: Hello thank you for contacting TurboTax, please allow me a moment to read your question?
              13_Nadiyah H: Thank you for holding  I understand you have a concern about the status of your return?
              ME: Yes, I have been reading the message boards and some of the posts are very concerning. I want to know if mine has been transmitted to the IRS and if not, when will it and how will I know?
              13_Nadiyah H: You will receive an e-mail when you return has been accepted. The return affected by the update of the new tax laws are slowly being processed. This is the first week that these returns are being processed so there is a delay.
              ME: Will I be able to tell when Turbo Tax has transmitted my return?
              13_Nadiyah H: The next status of your return will show either accepted or rejected(if for any reason information is rejected by the IRS).
              ME: so my return could have already been transmitted and I can't tell? I have seen many on the message boards say that their returns indicate that Turbo Tax has sent them but waiting on the IRS.
              13_Nadiyah H: Yes, because these returns are slowly being processed. It should be processed sometime this week.
              ME By processed do you mean transmitted by Turbo Tax? Or do you mean accepted/rejected by the IRS?
              13_Nadiyah H: By processed I mean reviewed then accepted/rejected by the IRS.
              ME: Ok, just so I have this clear - by the end of this week Turbo Tax will have transmitted my return and it should be reviewed and accepted/rejected by the IRS, correct?
              13_Nadiyah H: Yes, these returns are being processed between Feb 14-18
              ME: Ok, thank you for the assistance.
                When you go to DON't LOG IN. Instead, click on the symbol for e-file to check your efile status. This is what mine says:

                Received by TurboTax
                January 24, 2011 10:54 AM PST  Sent to Tax Authority
                February 14, 2011 11:44 PM PST
                Current Status Details
                The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.
                • Filed 1-21 no transmittal email - check efile status just says TT received on 1/21 but not transmitted...Thats what I get for filing a month early
                • I'm surprised I haven't yet got a confirmation from the IRS yet on the 15th. I have a friend who did his return on TaxAct (for free), and already got a e-mail that his was accepted by the IRS on the14th. TurboTax is saying I won't get a confirmation til the end of the week??????????? And, I paid $59.99 for this delay.....hmmmm......what will I do next year?????????
                • Because they are slow and basicaly don't want to give us our money. It's funny how, if we owed them, interest would be tacted on immediately.  I have no hope of ever seeing my refund.
                • If TT was transmitting first come first serve then why are folks who filed with TT on 1/24 and 2/5 receiving transmittal emails before me when I have confirmed with TT they received my filing on 1/21?  Maybe they are doing last come first serve---THANKS TT -- I am sure that it will be transmitted and accepted on Friday so that my refund is pushed out into the March
                • I filed on January 28, 2011 and as of this morning Feb. 15, 2011 my return is still pendin??? If I would have known that filing a schedule A would have caued me to be delayed like this I would have filed a 1040EZ. Turbo Tax needs to do a better job at informing people because I was never told. Thank TT for helping my house go into forclosure. I have always used you, but never again.....
                • It is really unfortunate, I filed on the 10th - if I would have just waited till the 14th they would have submitted it right away, now I will probably not be sumbitted till the 18th, which will delay my refund by at least another week,  Not cool turbotax, you should have warned us to wait, and not just take our fee and leave us hanging.
                • Mines still pending as well, was filled out  back in early Jan. I think the Gov should pay interest from when we filled them out, heck, they charge us interest
                • It is really unfortunate, I filed on the 10th - if I would have just waited till the 14th they would have submitted it right away, now I will probably not be sumbitted till the 18th, which will delay my refund by at least another week, Not cool turbotax, you should have warned us to wait, and not just take our fee and leave us hanging.


                  I submitted in Jan.  if I had known I would have waited as well been a long time user of TT and have always told others to use it as well... don't think I'll be so quick next year I wonder how H&R Block is doing..
                While TT still have us in pending status, you can't resubmit your taxes with another program. Believe me, I tried already. The other tax program will tell you that you r dependents have been claim on another tax or some other similar message.
                • TT clearly stated more than once on this website that returns would be transmitted in the order they were received. This is not true in any sense and that is what is bothering me. Many folks waited until the 13th and 14th to file. They used TT, HRB, JH, and others. I've seen many people posting here that they just filed over the weekend and have had their returns accepted by the feds already. Those of us that were told to "avoid the rush that is going to happen on the 14th and file early!!" are the ones that are getting screwed here. I filed 1/18 and am still waiting. There's not a thing I can do at this point but wait. Am I upset with TT? Yes! Sure they made it clear about the issue with the delay in forms etc. It's them blatantly lying to us about the "first come, first served" that will cause me to NEVER use them again. I too could have gone to another service provider and from what I've been reading since yesterday, would have most likely already had my return accepted by the feds. TT was a recommended service that my credit union had worked out a discount deal with. Trust me, I will be letting my credit union know about this as well.
                • I will never use this 2nd  rate service again.....I should of mailed my return to the would of been quicker than Slower Tax........NEVER AGAIN will i deal with you CLOWNS
                • It seems like everyday I receive more messages on delays.  Fees were paid to file electronically for a faster process and today my return is still pending.
                i filed my return on 1-25 and went and it still says pending.  however, when i checked the history it states mine was sent yesterday at 11PM.  this is not TT issue that your democratic congress could not understand the impact the tax cuts would of had on US...not the rich but everday hard working people!  if they had not passed these tax cuts then the money we would have got back would have been far less.  with that said, while we had to wait and extra few weeks or month but we are now getting an extra grand, two grand, three grand, or whatever the deductions added up.  

                you may want to check the history of your return if your status states Pending because it may have been sent but not updated on the home screen.  see an example below:

                Status Details:
                Tue Jan 25 03:49:52 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                Your return has been received. If your return was impacted by tax laws passed in December 2010, the IRS will not start processing your return until mid-February.?Otherwise, you can expect an acknowledgement within 24-48 hours.

                Mon Feb 14 11:53:23 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

                Mon Feb 14 11:38:32 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                Important Information About Your Return: Currently the IRS is working through its backlog of tax returns as quickly as possible. You may not see a change in your e-filing status until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!
                • None of you are reading anything.  I find that amusing.  You probably can't even read.
                • today is the 15th and still no word! It doesnt even say that Turbo tax has e-filed it????????
                • I just want to know what time i am accept? I seem like forever to find out
                • Evidently, Turbo tax has been asked by the federal government to stagger transmitting there returns so the computer system does not get overwhelmed.  They are transmitting them between the 14th and the 18th and are suppose to be doing it in the order they received them.  However, for the people that submitted and payed turbotax on or after the 14th, those are getting submitted right away.  I'm not quite sure how that is fair.  Hope this helps.
                • I am still pending too. but someting you complainers need to realize.  Here is a lesson in servers, If you dump millions of Transmissions into any group of servers of any size, You will crash the servers and then nothing gets done till the are able to get them back up and running, that could take anywhere from 10-20 hours. extending the time that it will take for your return to be execpted or rejected. The IRS, made the request to keep that from happening so the can get you your so precious money as quickly as possible. But as impatiant as you are you wont bother to read this anyway and just continue to Bicth about how bad of a job TT has done. This is not there fault.

                  TT, you have provided just what you advertised and you can count on my continued purchase of your product as well as other Intuit Products. YOU ARE THE BEST OUT THERE.  Thanks for a great product.
                • this is why i hate the government .  why did they wait till the end of the year to make last minute changes .  Why couldn't they wait till the beginning of this year to make changes??
                • I filed January 18th ...and i logged on today...and guess what...i got a message saying my status of pending could be until this weekend due to Irs back log...I dont understand that ...i filed on the 18th of then hopefully you read all of these very unhappy posts about this joker tax service before u submit your taxes to these CLOWNS
                Most of the blame should be on the IRS for changing there computer system when they did not have to. But some of theblame goes to TT as well. they sent ou the following email to me on Friday at 6:46pm.
                 Good News! On Monday, February 14, the IRS plans to start processing tax returns delayed by last month's tax law changes. Beginning on that date,TurboTax will send your return for immediate processing. Once that happens, it will take  24-72 hours for the government to process and accept your returns.You will receive a separate e-mail telling you the status of your return when it has been processed.
                  When I checked today it is still in PENDING. They should not have sent this email if they were not going to send my return on the 14th especially seeing how thy knew they would have to be staggered. I have used TT for over 10 years now and never had a problem. However I do not like liars this is the second time this year they lied to me. NOT a happy TT customer right now.
                • OK, No one ever said it would for sure be transmitted on the 14th, merely said they would start to process them that day. Second, I have no problem with the delay, it was the Government that caused that, and the IRS is just trying to play catch up with the inability of congress to get anything done in a timely manner. Got all of that, and do not blame Turbo Tax for any of that. WHAT I DO BLAME THEM FOR IS FLAT OUT LIEING TO ME AND MANY OTHERS. I do not need my money right now, but would like to have it. When I find out that there are people that are just filing their returns yesterday and not only have they been transmitted to the IRS but accepted, and there is nothing different from their returns and mine that was completed and received by TT weeks ago and is still not even transmitted it pisses me off. yes the congress, and IRS played their part in the delays, but Turbo Tax lied, plain and simple. I could have saved my money, waited until the 14th, filed for free, and got my return at least to the accepted phase faster then paying Turbo Tax to RAPID FILE my return.
                • Its Feb 15th . The Internal Revenue Service should have prepared better for this...

                  This is bad.....

                  Let us pray to GOD..

                  That we are not delayed again...

                  People need to use this money we get back...

                  like buying a house and feeding your kids...

                  Honestly they should have just processed everything at once ..

                  but they would destroy their virtualization that they have set up...

                  hopefully they don't transfer our comments to india or china or russia ..
                • We are planning a trip to visit family we never see.  If our tickets sell out because of this CRAP Im not going to be happy.  Millions of people wait for this time of year so they can fix their homes, go on trips, shoot maybe even pay for surgeries.  I cant believe we have to wait because the IRS cant get their act together.  BS...
                • what ppl that just filed got theirs accepted and im still waiting for mine and i filed on the 3rd...looks like im moving back to hr block or even better yet manually doing it next year.  Submit my return please...some ppl may not need the money they lent to the government, but I sure as hell do!!  im drowing and this is my life vest...please submit my return is now the 15th!!  i dont want to wait a month before getting my return.  It just goes to show that nobody cares as long as they have their money in their pockets...i paid for your services now do your job!
                • this is stupid its only turbotax that is doing this my girlfriend did her sisters on taxact n she got hers on the 11 its not the irs its turbotax me n my girlfriend filed ours on jan 8th n it still says pending its all a lie i will not use turbotax next year this is out controll i want my 86.00 dollars back that i paid this is bullshit they lie
                • Can't believe this!! I wish I would've gone to h7r block and gotten the rapid refund. it would have costed me more but i'd have my money already uggggg
                • Mine is still pending also - any updates as to when they will be processed?
                • Its my money and I want it NOW!!!! Transmit the returns, should be no reason the state is being held back for federal, most people in my state recieved their state returns in 3 days to their banks!! What is up with this???
                • Well some of you are lucky I did mine in mid-January and it says nothing even about pending just received to TT on the date I e-filed in Jan.    It seems Turbo Tax was very mis-leading last month saying do it now and it be submitted ASAP on the 14th of Feb.They should said earlier there be delays submitted on that date..........
                   I know someone who logged on yesterday did his taxes and are already there and here I  as others paid $  over 4 weeks ago and still waiting to even be sent NOT received by the IRS I mean sent to them
                • I am really mad.  I just signed in and it says the IRS is working through it's back log as quickly as possible and now I won't see a change in my status until the end of the week....which means another ENTIRE WEEK I have to wait...I am NOT happy about this one bit, and think it's total crap.    I agree and have said before people depend on these returns, and I can't get my own place until I get the money and if the place I want rents before I get my refund I am NOT going to be very happy.  They said I could take the place as long as I paid for six months up front and of course I can't do that without my Tax Refund.....SO Freaking Annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                What is the likelihood YOUR tax return will be first to be processed ON February 14????? Think about it. Be patient. It will most likely be processed by the end of the week.
                  From reading all these comments, I have to say I am really disappointed in some of your responses.  Listen, the GOVERNMENT passed new tax laws (which are beneficial to most of us) at the the end of year.  Because of this late passing the IRS could not update it's system by Jan. 1st to accept those tax forms that take advantage of the new tax laws.  This takes TIME.  Would you prefer to have have less money now or more money later.  And you certainly can't expect the IRS to take a massive flood of tax returns in one day.  For heaven's sake people can't we just be happy that the government actually passed something beneficial to us?  Yes, they need to work on their timing but hey, I can't complain.

                  So please please stop bashing TT and other tax preparers.  They are following what the IRS has told them to do.  I apologize for those people who base their entire existance on their tax refund.  I too really need my refund but I know I can't rely on it solely for my means of getting by.  I plan ahead and try to save where I can or adjust my withholdings so the goverment doesn't get my money all year long.
                  • Agreed, I thought they were going to submit yesterday the 14th from there I figured out status would be changed to submitted not accepted.
                  FYI - IRS only direct deposits on Fridays
                  • I filed my taxes on 02/02/ 11 ...kinda funny , but if we would owe them money we would have to pay interest on anything we owe.... I demand an refund from turbo tax, because there should have been a claimer before we started filing .....
                  • Mine is still pending too. Hopefully it will get processed tomorrow and buy the end of the mouth my money should be in my account. Im praying for it to be.
                  Because they're much faster taking your money than they are giving it back!
                    Because milliions of returns have been held and will be transmitted by companies such as Turbo Tax and H & R Block IRS has asked that the submission of the returns be staggered across the next few days. This information is posted on this website.
                    • Ok, he forwarded me the email and it is definitely from Turbotax, states my anticipated refund date will be 2/25 with direct deposit, or 3/4 for a paper check.  Still showing pending on the site though.  Guess others were right about the 11pm dump(its a few minutes after 11pm here).
                    The IRS has recently put limits on how many returns can be sent per day.
                    • I agree, we should get some sort of discount for the wait. Yes, TurboTax knew there would be a delay but it also quoted saying they would begin processing Feb 14th. Today is now Feb 15th and there is a new prompt on Turbo Tax stating it will now begin processing by the end of the week. THAT is not what I paid for. I paid for it to be processed yesterday by the latest. I am willing to pay partially for Turbo Tax since I put faith into it for being processed yesterday but since that faith is lost I wouldnt mind a little refund either. Otherwise to heck with Turbo Tax from now on, I have been using them for 13 years.  Not happy. I am thinking that if I owed the money to the Government and told them "hey i will get ya paid sometime soon.. dont you worry" That I would get fees upon fees and interest.. How about some of that coming this way.. to the working poor? Sad
                    Status Details:
                    Wed Jan 26 08:49:36 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                    Your return has been received. If your return was impacted by tax laws passed in December 2010, the IRS will not start processing your return until mid-February.?Otherwise, you can expect an acknowledgement within 24-48 hours.

                    Mon Feb 14 11:45:44 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                    The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

                    Mon Feb 14 11:42:30 PST 2011   |   2010 Federal Personal
                    Important Information About Your Return: Currently the IRS is working through its backlog of tax returns as quickly as possible. You may not see a change in your e-filing status until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!
                    • I just checked my status and TT sent me a message stated that I will not see any changes due to the Irs backlog. So my status is still pending but Im glad they did send me a message.
                    As per the
                    IRS Website" People using e-file for these delayed forms can get a head start because many major software providers have announced they will accept these impacted returns immediately. The software providers will hold onto the returns and then electronically submit them after the IRS systems open on Feb. 14 for the delayed forms". Head start???
                      File a complaint with their corporate headquarters:
                      Intuit Inc.
                      Corporate Headquarters:
                      2632 Marine Way
                      Mountain View, CA 94043
                      • The real problem is Turbo Tax should of informed people earlier that there would-be delays in doing this not to lead everyone to believe that on 2/14 your e-files would be sent to the IRS. I understand that millions could not go in at once but no one has any idea of any scheduling or timing in sending them NOT the IRS receiving but Turbo Tax actually SENDING it to them.
                      • Aim... My problem is not with the delay itself. I understand what that situation is all about. My problem, and the problem of many people here is that Turbo Tax stated many times, the sooner you file, the higher on the list you will be, the faster your return will be transmitted. Well if people that I personally know, with deductions similar to mine, itemized returns can file them on the 14th and be accepted on the 15th filing them with Turbo Tax how am I not supposed to feel lied to and feel like I wasted the money I paid Turbo Tax to file my return in a timely manner? As I stated before I do not need my return right now. But, it is the principle of being straight up lied to. I say again, all I want is a little  honesty from Turbo Tax on the situation.25
                      • well today is the 15th did anyones return info change from pending? mine didnt ;(
                      • I understand the tax laws changed I get it.  I read about it in early Jan.  What im pissed about is that I was told they would be sent in on first in first out basis.  Im reading these message boards and not seeing that.  I would have waited to, but I was told to get a head start and TT will send it in for you when IRS begins accepting.  I feel I was mislead to get my 30 bucks in their account now.  They have bills to pay too if everyone who itemized waited till the 14th of Feb to file im sure they would have been out alot of money till then.
                      it take 24-72 hours for approval or denial. just patient a liitle longer your refund is close!!!!
                      • why why is my tax still pending  i know people that have already got their return
                        will not use this service next year
                      • my return is still pending too. I wonder if this problem is Turbo tax or all companies? How do we know when our return will be summitted or if our returns are going to be summitted? How dod we know if there is a computer problem with our returns?
                      Because they just started transmitting the returns today.  They said it would take 24-72 hours for the IRS to accept :) / reject :(  your return!!
                      • They want to keep our money as long as possible
                      It will take 24-72 business hours after its transmitrted to be acceoted. Acceptance can come quicker than that but that is the IRS Standard time. That is why it still says pending because it was transmitted today and takes the 1-3 days to process for acceptance.
                      • Can someone explain  why it tells me my state was received by turbo tax on jan.23 . Then it tells me my state was TRANSMITTED  on jan 23. Then it tells me when it was accepted by the state. But then when I go to fed it says PENDING. IT TELLS ME WHEN IT WAS RECEIVED BY TURBOTAX ON JAN. 23. BUT IT HAS NOT BEEN TRAMSMITTED TO THE IRS. I understand we had to wait for feb. 14  because  we itemized but it is THE 14TH AND THEY HAVE NOT TRANSMITTED THEM.  HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR TURBO TAX TO TRANSMIT THEM?????   This is the last year i will use turbo tax. My daughter used turbo tax this year  she filed straight standard deduction  same as she has for the last 13 years her taxes were done jan 29 and she still has not received her fed money, it says there is processing delays. she was told she would get her money last week now it may be next week. People who i have talked to that did not use turbo tax have not had these delays.
                      No kidding. We will all get our money as soon  as they can get to them. If you are counting on that money then that's no good. Things can happen, or they can find mistakes and then what?
                      • Wow, you guys need to calm down a bit.  If you want to use Jackson H or HR block, feel free to do so.  Remember, they will charge a lot more than Turbo Tax does.  If you want your return JH or HR, you can do a refund anticipation loan.  Ha Ha.  It's almost like loansharking.   Here's a novel idea:  manage your money better throughout the year, and stop living above your means.  That's one of the problems with America today.   It would be a nice treat to get my refund now, but it isn't a necessity.  I budget wisely, and don't blow my return or my hard earned money.
                      • My return says still pending and it says I have no eligible returns for e-file but it's transmitting what the crap does this mean?
                      • I E-file with you on February 4, 2011 and was rejected on February 5, 2011.  Why was I rejected
                      • I filed mine today 2/14/11,this morning actually...I had to itemize and all that and I just got my email that Federal accepted my return.  My state is still pending.  Sorry to hear so many are still waiting, I hope you get accepted soon.
                      • Figures as much the IRS is so far behind in technology.
                        IF YOU KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN why not prepare for it??? ITS NOT LIKE you didnt know about this for over 45 days or so????
                        Hey Turbo Tax you knew this was going to happen also, DONT LIE to us and give us this staggered delivery bullcrap!

                        My neighbor is laughing at me, he  did his at H&R block office this past Friday morning with itemized deductions like mine and was told his money will be DirectDeposited on the 18th latest the 25th.
                        He showed me the ACCEPTANCE email THIS MORNING. once again HELLO THIS MORNING TURBO TAX, not maybe by the 18th it will be accepted if I am lucky, the guy was Chuckling at me, Thank God I like the guy cause thoughts of a snow shovel upside his head was going through my mind.

                        ME, I filed mine back on the Jan. 29th and I am told pending??? You have to be kidding me.
                        What I want to know is if this gets delayed another week or so is Turbo Tax gonna give us a discount or a partial refund????? on the price we paid upfront to file?
                        I mean YOU TOOK MY 30 BUCKS pretty "TURBO" darn fast with no problems.

                        I have been doing this for 7 years now with Turbo Tax and the past two years have been just aggravating
                        I let last year go cause I wound up getting more back so the $230 more made up for the two week delay.
                        But this year I am starting to wonder if the H&R office down the street from me is where I am at next January??

                        I just want to know does "T U R B O" stand for 7-10 days??? or delays and more delays and possble 30-35  days you MIGHT see your money?

                        I dont buy any of this IRS is behind bullcrap and TURBO TAX staggered delivery. last time I checked the calendar says 2011! not 1991.

                        Hey Turbo Tax I bet you "30 bucks" that this week the IRS will put out a News statement that there system crashed.
                        and that it will take an additional 2-4 weeks to process returns since they where overwhelmed with efiles.

                        and I thought the IRS wanted everyone to efile, no more paperwork, make things more efficient

                        TA DA see what you get
                        I am the idiot, I should have know better, I am to blame  (My wife to me this afternoon when she heard about my neighbor next door getting his return fast, and its Valentines day...Oh yeah)
                      • why my federal taxes still pending and my state is aproved
                      • I filed my husbands and then mine just moments after. does anyone know if the order they process is by the last of your social?
                      • I just logged on here to see if mine was accepted or otherwise.  It is still pending, which is fine, because I knew that returns would start to process today.  I will get in a tizzy if my return is still pending in a week or so, but not on the first day, and especially at 2:00 a.m in the morning.  Come on people, this is not TT's fault, it is no one's fault.  Stop complaining and sit back and relax.  Geez.....I bet you all promised people " I will pay you when I get my tax return"  lol
                      • mine is pending also!!!
                      I thing it goes by certain deductions you put in, and the date of which you did your taxes. And remember this IS the IRS we're dealing with. They do what they want! Try and be patient
                      • IRS started processing on Feb 14 but you will not see a status change for 24-72 hours.
                      Actually, Not true about all other tax services having the same problem.  I filed my sisters return through TaxAct and she got an email on Sunday saying her return had bee accepted by the IRS.  So the IRS actually started accepting itemized returns on Sunday.
                      • The Government is having problems borrowing money from the Chinese.
                      • According to the IRS ( I called) They are processing according to the oldest submission first.  They are doing them in date order, however we should have a response from them by the 17th... which in turn would give us direct deposit date of 28 Feb.  Hope this helps...
                      • The more broke the Govt becomes the longer they are going to make us wait for our tax returns, so they can buy time to print more fabricated money... Turbo Tax cannot make the Govt pay us our money, we have to wait for the Govt to decide whether they want to pay us
                      Yes today is the day that TURBO TAX was aloud to submit everything, that does not mean the STATE OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT will accept it today. I know most of us look forward to this time of year for our returns, if the law was not resigned so late in the year this would not have been a problem. As far as some returns being processed and others not only those to filed a 1040A with no deductions or itemizations were accepted prior to 2-14-11 so relax and know that this was the day that the majority could file so it may take the full 72 hours for the government to accept the returns since they are now being bombarded with everyones at the same time.
                      • I love that people are standing up for Turbo Tax and making assumptions that people who are eager to have their tax return processed are broke.  Three things that are clear 1) our Federal government blew it this year with their inability to pass tax legislation in a timely manner and 2) Turbo Tax has done a poor job of communicating and 3) Turbo Tax seems to take second seat to H&R Block in terms of processing.  For the highly intelligent and fabulously wealthy people who do not mind waiting, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell.  Just send me the check and I will get back to you in a month or two.
                      • WOW... ppl get a life. I need, I need, I need... I hope thats not all you have to offeryour love ones. TurboTax has nothing to do with the delay and you payed for e-filling not to get e-money (for what would be worth). Patience is really a virtue.
                      • it's almost 10pm eastern time and mine is still pending as well.
                      It's not turbo taxes falt . You can thank the current goverment for the delay . Do you miss Bush now ?
                      • The email's, and all of the information out there, indicates the returns would be 'submitted' today, and withing 24-48 hours I believe, we'd have confirmation as to if they were 'accepted' by the IRS.  They're still 'pending' because they haven't been accepted yet.  It's clearly out there.
                      • I called the irs today and they said it will take up to 72 hours for them to transmit everyone, then anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to get your money back. hope i helped : ) if your refund is stil in pending it will take up to 72 hours after feb 14th to be accepted.
                      • There was a delay with the federal law changing for 2010 so there could be a slightly bigger tax break.  you need to re submit today for immediate refund if done through e-file.
                      • now they are saying they are starting to process them in the order that they are submitted it may take 3 to 5 days for the to be submitted What a joke...I think next year i will mail mine it is going to take about as much time and i dont have to pay to get my money that way :(
                      • its obama's and the US Gov way of making billions of dollars in interest on all us who itemized, still pending, equals BS!!
                      • I am rather pissed at Turbo tax for not advising in the beginning that the IRS would not process returns til 2/14
                      • I will love to know why my money didn't come yet i have to do alot of things done and they got me waited it's not fear to me near fear to other people i really need a car right now!!!! to get around in but i can't get one ontill I get my return back please hurry up so i can be happy thank u
                      • Why are they still showing pending.
                      • It is the normal beaurocratic bs as they always said in the military, "Hurry up and wait!"  The reality of the matter is they are just stalling to get as much interest on our money before they have to give it back to us; however they take it back from you immediately when you owe them anything (with interest)! Bet you don't get any interest back from their stalling processing any returns!
                      • My husband said he got an email that said our return was accepted by the government just a few minutes ago, but nothing is updated in turbotax yet...maybe delays or the email was sent incorrectly, I am waiting to see the email once he gets it forwarded to me.
                      My mobile Turbotax shows submitted to IRS as of 6:44 pm. The regular site still shows pending. FYI to all.
                      • i know one thing ....they have already taken prices on things so high u can barely afford gas then they delay our only money of the yr where we get back on track after christmas ....typical govt using a form as an excuse ....what a bunch of unorganized fools at the irs ....soon there wont be any returns they will take them also ........i know if i had to wait this long i wasted 40 with turbo tax could have just mailed it in by now and got the same result so i wasted even more money with turbo tax so why didnt they tell us this before we went with them to do our taxes .?????????
                      • ok...TT has nooo fault in the dealy. They HAVE to hold onto all forms and submit on or after Feb 14th. You people need to read up on the dealy on the IRS website, and quit bickering... This is not just TT it is EVERYWHERE! I will stay a happy TT customer and just wait patiently!
                      • Mine is still pending as well as of 3am on Tuesday, Feb 15th.
                      • yes it is turbo taxes fault because they didnt tell us this info till after we filed with them the other writer said if ur too stupid to read ......h and r block customers have been transmitted and got their money so ur its everyone statement is somethin u pulled out ur behind .....and all of us dont live at home with momma so we need our money we have bills and kids and things of that nature ...if i lived at home i wouldnt be complainin at all people and ur judgemental statements .....maybe people need money for things doesnt mean they blew their other money may mean they need a new car to start a job ...or they need a downpayment on a new house ...think before u people open ur mouth ....oh i forgot if u could think u wouldnt make those comments ....if u people dont need ur money then let em hold urs till april ...why file now ???? yea cause u want ur money like all the rest ....and i will not use tt again this is my 5 yr straight and i was not informed of this delay by tt till after i filed with them !
                      • I did my taxes with HRBlock for the last 4 years and switched to TT and thought it was better.  This issue is not TT's fault as I new of the problem prior to filing.  How?  Because I read.  BTW, TT did tell me about this before I filed too.  You want to blame someone, blame congress.  You want to do your taxes yourself and not use TT (or HR Block), go for it :)  I too would like my return to have been processed 2 weeks ago but that's life.  Blaming TT isn't going to help, blaming congress won't help either but at least it will give you the right person (people) to blame.
                      • I've filed my taxes since Jan 22nd ... I still haven't received my return .. I even called the IRS they told me it has been delayed and I will be receiving it on Feb 22nd! This is the last time I will be doing Turbo Tax!
                      • I can understand the Feb 14th delay and the reason for "throttling" the returns to the IRS, but what I don't understand is I filed my taxes with TT 2/11 and they are pending, yet I filed my daughter's return in the wee hours on 2/14 and hers have been accepted. Maybe we should have waited until the 14th to file.
                      • April Fools
                      • I do not mind waiting for return of my tax refund.  What is frustrating is that the government keeps giving the vendors like TT blanket responses for it's inability to handle the capacity of the electronic refunds.  I can empathize with all the people that count on their returns...especially those who lost jobs or have families they are trying hard to support in an economy where their are no jobs to count on.  Our government does nothing with long term planning!  It makes cuts and changes laws and rules at the drop of a hat, to benefit only themselves and boost their careers.  Do you think that the people making the changes thought once whether the IRS could support the changes they would need to make to their systems or handle the capacity in time for those extended tax laws...they should have waited til 2011...but as I said they do nothing with long term planning or forecasting.  Remember they are not for the people...they are for themselves.  TT is only an intermediary and I must say a pretty good one to deal with all the incredible bashing they are getting here.  You can go somewhere else, I have in the past...sometimes paying up to 400.00 for financial advisors telling me they would get me the best return...fact is, the numbers are the numbers and I would rather see that 10-40% in my pocket and wait a few weeks longer than put it in someone else's.  The modest fee of this application just makes sense.  Be fair folks, did anyone believe that on the 14th all the millions of returns that were pending were actually going to hit their system and be accepted,,,unlikely...IRS has antiquated infrastructure for it's systems.  TT, I have only been using your application for 2 have already put 200.00 back in my families pocket by not having to go to a tax accounted who uses the very same one!
                      • I don't know what the problem is because I know of  at least two people who have efiled their taxes and it wasn't the EZ form, it was the itemized and IRS has accepted theirs and one of them has already gotten their refund in the bank from the IRS. I don't think I'll be using Turbo Tax next year.
                      • I cant belive you guys are acting like little babies!! We all want our money but because the tax laws changed its taking a little long and it is not turbo taxes fault so stop crying to them and stop voting for retards like Obama!
                      • Of they are transmitting as of yesterday then Why is it that it would still say Pending,  it should be something on the status that would indicate that it at least was transmitted!
                      • According to the IRS, last year prior to Feb. 14th, 9 million itemized returns were filed. So imagine, that at least that number were transmitted to the IRS in one lump batch yesterday. It is frustrating, but to my knowledge they have never had to deal with this large of an influx at one time (except maybe on April 15).
                      • I"m getting quite angry that the IRS is holding up the american people's money that is desperately needed in some cases..come on, why are our federal returns still PENDING!!!!????!!!!
                      • Ok I have a question? Mine just says my fed is pending....Its 5 am on tuesday> How did you guys find out if you got your state or not...It shows my state on the top right corner but it only gives me info of pending on my state
                      • mine says pending to, the only complaint I have is I called tt twice with questions when filing and they were both answered with, I am not a tax preperer so I cant really answer that question. So why do they have a help section?? So if I get rejected I will be mad.
                      • Turbo tax should have sent a pop up telling us NOT to submit because all Tax docs were not complete.  I am not a billion dollar corporation like Turbo tax..I need my return.. I need my money... I need to get to Las Vegas!!!
                      • well,since the government tyook its dear sweet time, my and my 2 younge children will be moving into a camper this weekend. Happy 3rd b-day to my little girl!!!  well at least the world ends next year. nest year so not using turbo tax...
                      • I received a confirmation from the state, but my federal says it is still pending.
                        Why is this, and what does this mean
                      • Mine is still pending too, but I have a friend at work that used another online tax service and his was accepted days ago
                      • So, when I logged on a pop up box came up saying, it may take till the end of the week for your return to process, figures, I filed on 1/29/11......waiting, waiting, waiting.....should get it by NEXT YEAR!!!!!!
                      Also remember when you filed it because if there were people that filed before you did i am sure their federal was or is going to be processed first. just a thought
                        checkStatus       check status default
                        Received by TurboTax
                        January 14, 2011 02:07 PM PST

                        Sent to Tax Authority
                        February 14, 2011 11:26 PM PST
                        Current Status Details
                        The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

                        Your TurboTax Electronic Postmark is: January 14, 2011 02:07 PM PST Learn more

                        Looking for acceptance from IRS in the 24-48 hour window will keep everyone informed. Good luck to all
                        • Hi....If Your Staus Is Still Saying PENDING It is B/c Due to The Backlog Of ppl Who Filed Their Return After Jan.5th who Had the forms in their Return That wasn't Accepted UNTIL FEB.14th...And Also E-Filed It may Take them until The End of the week To Have a Staus Change.....This Is The Message TT sent me when I Loged in To Check My Status TODAY, Hope This helps:)
                        • seems like turbo tax is taking longer a few of my coworkers did thier taxes and itemized and got thiers back last friday
                        • It is 7:34 am on the birthday!!! When I logged in this morning, there was a pop up message that said that the IRS was working through backlogs, thank you for my patience and that the IRS will hopefully get to my return by the end of the week.
                        • TT message for me was that it was transmitted to tax authority at 6:33 pm on Feb 14, 2011.  I was accepted and waiting aknowlegment.  I filed my return on January 13.
                        • Blame Barack Obama for why your tax return is late in being processed and now after the 14th, they are back logged and can't get to them still.  I would really like some interest back on my money.
                        • Pure nonsense. They've had since December to "fix" this. I filed on the 5th and still in a pending status. I should get my purchase fees (for the software) waved, since I was not informed I would have to wait so long. I would have used  taxact, paid much less for the same drama. This is the absolutely final time I will purchase overpriced turbo, just to sit almost 2 whole weeks for no action. Can't believe turbo was not aware of this before I filed.
                        • I am still pending as well ... wont use TT next year ! going back to HR BLOCK!
                        • Just got a message that due to so many e-files there is a back log in just the transmiting of it , is going to take them a week to get up to day, we're in for one long wait this year. Amazing e=filed on January 20and will have to wait till March to get my money, There's your Republican senate doing what's best for you the people who elected them to office , now we the little people have to suffer , oh and in case you haven't notice this years refunds have been smaller than other years , oh forgot they gave the rich the tax breaks.
                        • I am so done with Turbo Tax this year. I can't allow this to happen again. TT knew there was an issue but did not warn the public because they wanted to make there dollars.
                        • I cant understand why it is taking so long, We shouldnt have to pay the exhorbant fee then. We should be credited back for that.
                        Check to see if it has even been transmitted.....
                        • I have never seen so many rude people in my life. My question was not intended for anyone to name call and degrade others. If people want to buy a keg and a case of smokes  who gives two sh*ts, it's their money. I didn't necessarily "overpay Uncle Sam", I had a lot of mortgage interest, charitable donations and medical and dental expenses. I can only speculate that those "bright people" who have already received their return don't donate to charity, own a home or have health issues. To the mean people commenting, you need to get your life in order instead of trying to feel superior to people anonymously on the internet. Go find a chat room to troll.

                          My return was finally sent last evening at 11:45 PST. I still do not find this an acceptable time frame based upon what TT promised when I gave them my money to file.
                        • I agree MNN now they are stating they are only allowed to send so many through at a time like they didnt know this before its sounds to me like tt was sugarcoating people to get them to file quicker because they said it is a first come first serve. Now it is oh well we are only allowed to send so many through huh i thought they are all already sent and they are awaiting the irs to accept them thats what on of the tt people said now its oh we arent allowed to send them all through at once?>?????? I could have swore it said its the irs delaying they have to accept them I am confused are they filed or are they not> Is it up to tt to send them through at their own pace or did our returns already get filed I will never use this again next year i am sending it through the mail and saving myself 50 dollars how ridiculous
                        If you have a mobile phone check your stauus there I've been checking mine on this turbo tax website and it was still saying pending until I checked it on my adorid phone and found out it went from pending to sent to tax authority on yesterday at 6:37pm
                        • People that are calling others who are needing their Returns names make me sick. Maybe you jerks who got a Trust Fund or got money from Mommy or Daddy don't need the money but, we people who are the middle to lower income need our money. So why don't you keep your remarks to a minimem. Oh, and by the way, Obama, thats the same as a cuss word to me.
                        • because turbotax sucks
                        • this stuff is stressful , thought it would have been simple! First time i used this and my nervers are every where.
                        • why are we getting a message that itll be the end of the week before our taxes get processed
                        • It is now Feb 15th & my federal has still not been accepted this is crazy !! Has anyones fedeeral been accepted that had itemized decution ?
                        • Did any of you bother to read the info about this issue?  I suggest you do
                        • IRS is notorious for missing deadlines.  I suspect the backlog is so great that it will take many days to clear.  We have no choice but to wait.
                        • I Filed Jan. 26th  Waiting For The Big Day Feb. 14th And Guess What Nothing  !!!       I Hear H&R Block People That Filed with Them Got There Refund And They Had Itemized There Return ..Makes Me Stop And Think
                        • mine is still pending as well!!!!!!!! will neveer do turbo tax again!!!!!!!!!!
                        • Not to disappoint anyone, but I filed itemized on Jan. 13th and mine still says pending.  I wonder how long the wait will be.  I'm kind of upset and could use the money, but hey, at least it will last longer!
                        • Before you log into TT I went to Check my efile status keyed in my SS# and zip code and it told me the date and time my return was transmitted to the IRS. I originally submitted mine on Jan 13th and it was submitted at 11PM last night 02/14. That might help you all know if its even been sent to the IRS yet..
                        • I do not believe that the returns are done in the order that they were submitted.... my sister did her taxes on 02/14/2011 & she received "accepted" this morning at 4am and she gets her refund on the 18th of Feb. I did my taxes on January 25, 2011 & it still says the response that it is done on the order received is BS.
                        I just checked my status, by going the the check e-file status on the right hand side when you go the TT website.  I said my return was transmitted to the IRS on 2/14/2011 at 6:41 PM.  The tax agency has accepted the return (but not acknowledged yet).  Wait 24/48 hours for acknowledgement.  So to me that's better than nothing.
                          The IRS is backlogged with the amount of returns that are pending and claim they should be finished by the end of the week
                          • This is not cool at all. I can't believe I paid TurboTax to file my taxes for me. I will just go to like I did last year and get my federal for free. This is ridiculous! Way to place blame on the IRS. Maybe it has something to do with your crappy software. Maybe you should have just advised us all to wait until 02/14/2011 to accept these. My friend did hers yesterday through another tax software and ironically hers has been sent to the IRS and is not still pending sitting here in TurboTax doing nothing but screwing us out of the money we paid. Is there a way to cancel what is pending? I'd rather just go file elsewhere so I can get my return next week.
                          • I'm sorry that everyone is so upset about the delay.  It is frustrating.  What I don't understand is the folks almost in a sheer panic about needing the money so bad and quickly.  If you really need the money that bad/quickly why don't you adjust your W-2 withholding so you don't have to wait for a refund and receive more each paycheck?
                          • Turbo tax may be a problem, but in all you can thank your lovely Obama for all this
                          • After reading all the comments yesterday, I was bracing myself to be frustrated when I checked the system this morning.  I used the "check eFile status" on the TT home page (using SSN and zip), and my status there shows that my return was submitted (but not yet accepted) to the IRS at 11:49pm last night.  When I logged into TT and checked my status (using my TT log-in and password), it still shows "pending."  This is consistent with what other posters (and TT) have said - use the quick status link rather than logging in to your account.  With the volumes of returns being transmitted this week, I can imagine that TT is busy pushing out data and getting it in the hands of the IRS, and updating their web site status info may take a temporary back seat.  I for one am fine with that as long as I know my return has been submitted (finally)!
                          • I filed mine on january 18th..all my friends and family have their returns back...cant believe it takes this long with turbotax...........this is a joke
                          • The "turbo" was removed from Turbo Tax....Bit off more than they could chew? Next year will take a different path for tax return !!!!
                          • It's Feb 15th and mine are still pending...This is ridiculous...My sister filed hers with someone else and itemized and recieved hers the 28th of last month...I think Turbotax has something to do with all this....IT'S A CROCK OF CRAP!!!! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND TURBOTAX TO ANYONE ELSE NOR WILL I BE USING THEM AGAIN!!!!
                          • Why is my Louisiana State return still pending?  I filed it on February 8, 2011.
                          • NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!
                          I checked in using my Droid also.  There is better information there (sorry non-droid users).  Filed with all the schedules, deductions, etc..  Site still says pending, but through my Droid I can see that my return was received by TT on th 9th of January, transmitted to IRS on Feb. 14 at 6:31 pm.  Waiting for acknowledgment from IRS.  Though some of you may not be able to check with mobile phone, maybe it helps to know that even though the site shows pending, things are happening .
                          • thurbo tas has become another on line scam filled with fraulant staements i filed on jan 16 paid the money to get my refund in 8 days here it is a month late and it is still pending    never again
                          • Bunny, please explain. What were the changes that you speak of? "Changes in the tax code late in 2010 meant that tax software, and IRS knowledge of the new rules/regulation needed to be updated, and then shared with joe public."
                            If the vote was an extension of the current tax breaks, what needed to be updated? Why was TT able to update their systems but the IRS was not?
                          • It's now Monday Feb. 14th, the magical day why is my return is still pending?
                          • Turbo tax said they would transmit it on the 14th..?? It is now the 15th and still no confirmation of Turbo Tax transmitting it? If you knew this wouldnt be done til the 14th we could have mailed it in and not paid for e-file.. I smell fraud.
                          OK.......I have good information for you. Log out of TT and log back in under CHECK MY EFILE will ask you for your social security number and zipcode. Once you log in it will have detailed information. While it shows I am still pending under normal log in.....this is what it says under check status log in:

                          Received by TurboTax
                          January 21, 2011 04:16 PM PST Sent to Tax Authority
                          February 14, 2011 11:44 PM PST
                          Current Status Details
                          The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.
                          • I think it is time to start putting names together for a class action suit against TurboTx/Intuit for false advertising
                          • "I think it is time to start putting names together for a class action suit against TurboTx/Intuit for false advertising"

                            Wow.  FAIL.
                          • I have an uncle (czar) in Russia he emailed last week... If I send him 5,000.00 he will send me the 35 million he left me.  He just needs bail money and tax help.  I need this money so I can be the heir to the thrown.  Please turbo tax....Please...Please!
                          • Mine is still pending as well.  What is going on?  It's 2-15-11
                          • How come I can go to and they are reporting NO DELAYS in processing e-file returns?

                            How can someone who had an itemized tax return submit it yesterday - and today it has already been accepted!!  I filed two weeksd ago and mine still says TURBOTAX received it, but thats a far as it has gone!!

                            This is BS!!!  I will be demanding a refund!!!
                          • I have been using turbo tax for the past 7 years. I have been completely satisfied with this program. I know we all need our refund. I need mine as well. It is no tt's fault that the government passed laws late last year that had thier system delayed to accepted our returns as soon as we filed. One should not express thier displaced anger at turbo tax. I think we can all agree that we used them because they are inexpensive and they get us the most money back. With that being said, We should not blame tt. The money is coming. We should all just have a little more patience. We have made it this far. So why can't we wait a few more days? Thank you Turbo Tax for a job well done and keeping us updated throughout this whole process. I appreciate a system that wants to work for you and is doing everything they can to guide us as smoothly as they can through this process. I pray that everyone has a spirit of peace and patience come over them unitl they receive their refund. Thanks again Turbo Tax and God bless us all.
                          • seems like if there was this much confusion and blame gaming between two co-workers, they would be fired!  all about a class action lawsuit... this is ridiculous.  same thing here... two friends did thier taxes last night through turbo tax and both have been accepted by the IRS this morning
                          • mine too??????
                          • "However, during the week of Feb. 14-18, the IRS is limiting the number of tax returns it accepts daily to manage their systems capacity and ensure successful filings of all returns.  The IRS has required that transmitters of e-filed returns, including Intuit, to stagger submission of returns from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18."

                            WHOA!!! Maybe we should take out a class action lawsuit against the IRS!!!!!!    

                            (oh wait..  that's 'us')
                          • It's Feb. 15th and mine is still pending.....wonder why ????
                          • mine says sent to irs or what ever. i filed mine on 1/10/11.
                          • Face it people, our government needs the money so by holding theses returns the interest they get is more than most of us make. We need a set tax percent for "ALL" Americans and this will be done and we "ALL" will pay our fair share. Tell your Congress man to start representing the "PEOPLE" not their wants.
                          What Turbo Tax should did when found out be delays in sending the returns to the IRS on the 14th  was have a chart of when your returns would be at least sent to the IRS everyone keeps talking about it takes 24-72 for the IRS to accept it. I just like to see mine at least ""sent to them"" not just siiting in Turbo tax file bank somewheres have no idea when they will even send it to them since there only allowing a certain amount daily but they won't give NO information out about how many daily..............
                            Huh, should have known.... found this information searching the TT site:

                            Note: Due to the high volume of returns being processed this week, there may be delays in updating the status of your return as well a change in the date your return is accepted by IRS. Your federal tax refund may also be delayed as a result. Returns received by February 17 are supposed to have refunds sent on February 25; however, due to the delays, we expect that most refunds will be processed sometime between February 25 and March 4.

                            State Returns
                            • Mine is pending too! Ugh!
                            • It is Feb. 15 and our taxes are still pending. WHY? When we chose to use Turbo Tax we were told that they would be filed on Feb. 14. I think next year we will use something else!!!
                            It has nothing to do with the IRS. A bunch of new tax laws were changed in December that affected our tax returns. Everyone filing an itemized return had to wait until February 14, not just turbo tax. I'm sure the IRS computers are trying to keep up with the transfers and it will take a day or two for their systems to accept our returns.
                            • Will Turbo Tax refund some money for the fact that there are people filing nd being accepted today.  I file the 16th of Jan and still pending.  I paid for the fast return and for what.  So what is Turbo Tax going to do for the customers who have been waiting and filed early!   This is uncalled for!!
                            • I usually am a lurker on these boards. But to find out that folks who filed in February are being sent and accepted before those who filed early is just plain wrong. Hopefully if enough of the quiet masses get on and post their disappointment in the way TT is managing this - we might get an apology or even a discount for next year - if you plan on using TT next year. I have used TT since 2004. Always been very satisfied until now. By the way - my return was submitted to TT on Jan 28th at 10:16am. Still pending!!
                            • Um I don't think it is Turbo Tax.   I don't think turbo tax indicates whether or not it has been Transmitted they only indicate if it has been accepted or rejected.  So this means that the IRS will determine the status after the 14th of Feb.  It will take up to 72 hours for them to process. Different taxes are processed differently.  So for people who say they know someone who filed yesterday and already got accepted their tax situation could be different.   Bottom line I don't believe it is Turbo Tax as they from my experience do not say Submitted, it will either say Rejected or accepted,  and this is up to the IRS.
                            Here is my recent online chat with Turbo Tax -
                            13_Nadiyah H: Hello Vicki, thank you for contacting TurboTax, please allow me a moment to read your question?
                            13_Nadiyah H: Thank you for holding Vicki. I understand you have a concern about the status of your return?
                            ME Yes, I have been reading the message boards and some of the posts are very concerning. I want to know if mine has been transmitted to the IRS and if not, when will it and how will I know?
                            13_Nadiyah H: You will receive an e-mail when you return has been accepted. The return affected by the update of the new tax laws are slowly being processed. This is the first week that these returns are being processed so there is a delay.
                            ME Will I be able to tell when Turbo Tax has transmitted my return?
                            13_Nadiyah H: The next status of your return will show either accepted or rejected(if for any reason information is rejected by the IRS).
                            ME: so my return could have already been transmitted and I can't tell?
                            ME I have seen many on the message boards say that their returns indicate that Turbo Tax has sent them but waiting on the IRS.
                            13_Nadiyah H: Yes, because these returns are slowly being processed. It should be processed sometime this week.
                            ME  By processed do you mean transmitted by Turbo Tax? Or do you mean accepted/rejected by the IRS?
                            13_Nadiyah H: By processed I mean reviewed then accepted/rejected by the IRS.
                            ME: Ok, just so I have this clear - by the end of this week Turbo Tax will have transmitted my return and it should be reviewed and accepted/rejected by the IRS, correct?
                            13_Nadiyah H: Yes, these returns are being processed between Feb 14-18
                            ME: Ok, thank you for the assistance.
                            • Is this a new law or an extension of current tax breaks?? I don't understand why the IRS needed to update anything that was already existing. Sounds like a lot of passing the buck to me.
                            • this is a typical move by our low class governmenteverybody is right if we owed money they would charge us late fees and fines its time our whole entire goverment resigns and give allpower back to the people
                            • the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer!!!meaning the!!!
                            • The delay is caused by the IRS - The concern I have is that I have talked to people who have showed me their acceptance emails from other tax software providers...they did not get a refund and they did not do an anticipation loan - they did itemize their deductions...Why is it that I file on 1/21 with TT and they file on 2/5 with HRBLOCK I am pending and they are accepted?  That is exactly my problem with TT...It is not that it is 2/15 and I am pending, it is that others in my same exact tax situation who used another provider are sitting pretty waiting on their refund scheduled 2/25
                            • For those of you who think that PENDING means turbo tax is just holding onto and has not submitted your returns yet.  I advise you to check your email. I have received an email comfermation stating my returns have been submitted as of 10 am yesterday morning and my returns say PENDING. I filled my returns on 2-13-11 at 11:30 pm. PLEASE DON"T LISTEN TO THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO CAUSE MORE FRUSTRATIONS OUT OF YOU! Just like in HIGHSCHOOL, there is a lot of BS in here. Also, HR BLOCK since yes I have used them before "only gives out loans, they give you about 35% -%45 percent less than what you would actually receive had you filed elsewhere and waited for your returns. "This information also came out of the mouth of a H&R Block manager. I hope this helps others! Try to have a wonderful day and check your email you provided TT with for your updates!
                            I think a lot of folks on this forum need to eat some cheese   ... as it goes well with "wine".  For all of you who think HR Block is not going through this to, read this at:

                            "I am very disapointed with H&R Block at no time during interview (online taxes) did it alert me that my refund would be delayed until Feb. 14 due to itemized deductions. I found out 4 days after I filed thru HR Block. If I had known about delay I would never have used HR’s online program. I think I will never use your company again. I paid $70 for quick turn around but could have e-filed thru IRS with same results for free. I am very disapointed and will reccomend that nobody uses HR Block. I am glad I did not pay for early return also that would have been worse. Your software should notify people of incovinence about IRS delay.
                            Submitted by Del Harman, on February 3, 2011 at 7:50 pm
                            Del, your frustration is understandable. However, if you open your return you will see the program does alert you to IRS form delays. This message is taken directly from the Schedule A screen, Itemized Deductions vs. Standard Deduction: “Due to late tax law changes, the IRS won’t begin processing returns with itemized deductions until February 14. If you e-file now, we’ll monitor the situation for you. Then, we’ll send your return to the IRS as soon as it’s ready to process it. This delay applies to all tax preparation services. Other tax preparers can’t help you get your refund faster.” Soon you will receive your monies from the IRS and hopefully we will see you next year! Thanks for choosing H&R Block, Karen
                            Submitted by HRBlock Karen, on February 9, 2011 at 9:22 pm "

                            Who wants some cheese?
                            • Those of you talking about the government doing this, remember that it is the Republican Party doing it. I am Republican, and they are making me sick, which is why I am changing to Independent. Remember that when you vote next time that it's the Republicans who want to give tax breaks to the rich. We are all frustrated because we anticipate this money every year, the rich don't care that we need it. Those who need this money for Chemo, hopefully you get it soon. Don't fight Obamacare because it will get you the Chemo you need, and won't be making you broke. I am lucky and have excellent insurance, but I would be happy to have a government plan for everyone because the insurance companies are the ones making it expensive in the first place!! As for TT, you are great as always, and I can't wait to come back next year. The other companies give you your "anticipated" refund ahead of time, you are paying a ton for it. basic economics, pay $500 to get money you didn't have 2 weeks before getting it for $30 at TT. If it takes 2 weeks longer to get it back, then you just saved $470, or $235 a week. To me, it's worth the wait. If you can't wait, go file with someone else next year and QUITYERBELLYACHIN!!!!
                            • In my opinion, not everyone has the discipline to save on their own, so they chose to have the IRS hold onto their money, so they can get a nice chunk of change at one time.  Most of us have that money already spent in different ways, whether it be to pay bills, pay medical expenses, fix your car, buy something you need or want, etc.  Everyone has their own circumstances of how they manage their money.  If you want the IRS to hold your money until tax time, then so be it.  If you want to get more in your pay check, then so be it.  That is your choice.   It seems that TT is following the restrictions put upon them by the IRS, no problem there.  My problem is that even though TT made us aware of the delayed filing dates, they lead us to believe that all back logged returns would be submitted on 2/14 (or mid February) and it was to our advantage to get our taxes filed and in the TT system to beat the rush, but that didn't happen.  I do feel misled by TT and feel that all they really cared about was getting our taxes filed with them and not go elsewhere.  They had no problem taking my filing fee out of my account immediately.  That is where I have a problem!!
                            • Wow Leeches?  really?  Grow up...  
                              The thing is not everyone is rich like you maybe.  Maybe we know every year at this time we get a refund so we do depend on it for things.  Leave it up to the government to screw us.  Just like everything else...
                            Well I fined the entire situation interresing! You think thje IRS is going to push %-15-2011 to pay TAX!
                            Think Not this was a scam to slow the entire process down so is they make som B/S.
                            The goverment slowed ther payments to most likley to pay for something George Broke?

                              Wait until next year.  Obama is talking about getting rid of our mortgage tax credit.
                              • I have filed itemized returns for 2 different people yesterday. Both with other major companys. Both have received acceptance status today. Something is not right. Mine does not even show transmitted. I know the wait is due to the irs. But tt is not handling this very well.
                              • Turbo Tax screwed us all
                              • mine still pending ! I know I wont be using turbo tax next year. I've learned my lesson!
                              • It is now Feb 15th and almost 7am. My return still says "PENDING"  so, when does transmitting and accepting begin? Like everyone else I NEED my money back as quick as possible. It would be nice if we got the interest on our money as well. Exactly how much longer do we wait to see if our Return is accepted and how much longer will we have to wait to get our Direct Deposit?
                              • It's Feb 15, why is my return still pending.  I got that email over the weekend stating IRS has started processing.  WHAT HAPPEN, and where is my money, I got bills to pay
                              If people are curious WHY there is a delay, and not just interested in thrashing TurboTax go to and search "IRS to Start Processing Delayed Returns on Feb. 14".
                              People with itemized deductions on Schedule A, Higher eduation tuition and fees deduction on From 8917 and educator expenses deductions are the ones affected. That means about 9 MILLION returns are affected. That's a lot of returns to try and plow through. If you are unhappy with this situation then you can thank your Congress for changing tax laws at the last minute.
                                The democratic lame duck section was very late setting tax lags while they where trying to get last minuet grabs before they left office.

                                • this is getting more ridiculous by the day.
                                  irs said they would be submitted on feb 14.

                                  mikeyn is right.  you guys owe us a refund.  rapid direct deposit?
                                  this would have been done over two weeks ago if laws had not changed.
                                  you advertised the immediate deposit.  you charged us for that.

                                  we need a refund or free filing next year.  this is unfair.
                                • i have did my taxes at the end of January why is it still pending?  the IRS is suppose to start on 02/14/2011, why is my pending still i need my money now
                                • Do I need to do anything else, or will the system take care of it since I already submitted prior to 2/14
                                • I am so upset with turbo Tax. They are lying to their users..I just went on the IRS web site. And on it , it clearly states that any delays are not due to IRS. That delays are due to softwares like Turbo tax that save up their users returns and then wait to efile them with the IRS. For turbo tax to say it is the IRS that is delaying the returns, its a blad face lie. This will be the end of turbo tax. They have lost me, I will use a different tax sysytem next year
                                I hope this help.. I just contacted turbo tax representive and was told that they are submitting returns to the IRS by first filed.  I gave him my filing date of Feb 2 and he said according to the date, I could see something happening tomarrow.  Good luck.. I will provide an update tomarrow.
                                  • when will i know that it is an my acc
                                  • Waiting on my daughters retrurn as well. We filed hers on Jan 24th. She is a single mom and desperately needs this money. The thing that irritates us the most is the fact that Anyone who filed with H & R Block got there money with in 7 days. I personally know a dozen people that filed with H & R Block. I want to know why they are processing all returns whether online or in person. I have done my entire familys taxes online with Turbo Tax for about the past 7 years. Each year it gets worse. If the situation with the government was truely a real issue, then everybody would be affected buy these new changers not just turbo tax customers.  Someone explain that to me. Other than by saying the same old things.
                                  • I have been waiting as well.  My daughter and I filed at the same time, she already has her cash, direct deposited Friday, while mine is still pending :o(
                                  • This is very strange!!!  I e-filed mine on January 20th and itemized so my return was supposed to be held till today February 14th, I did my brother in-laws this morning with itemized deductions similar to mine and his has already been accepted today!  Mine still says pending...pending doesn't mean that it was sent to the irs yet!!  For those of you that is saying that you are incorrect!  Read what the status says...if it was sent to the irs it would say pending acknowledgement from the irs, not just pending!
                                  • Mine is still pending too. Unfortunately our friends in Congress waited until the last minute to pass the tax bill. This means we all get to wait! As I understand it, the returns should be submitted in the next day or two.
                                  • Yes, why?   Which company is likely to get ALL of the business from Turbo Tax next year?   There may be an investment opportunity here.
                                  • It is 10:09 pm EST just got an email that our return was accepted!!
                                  • Any one that used H&R Block or really anyone that has their refund already, has a refund anticipation LOAN! They got a loan based on what their refund will be. The tax prep services are sneaky about making you think you got your refund but its a loan. H&R Block will get the refund when it  does come in.
                                  • It should say transmitted - waiting for acceptance from IRS - Mine also says pending. It appears as if they have not transmitted yet - must be a problem with turbo tax. I have done my taxes for years on this site - I have never seen the status of pending before. Pending means it has NOT been transmitted yet.
                                  • I am seeing some great comments on here from all the people supporting TT, and at the same time I am seeing some completely ignorant comments from some people who obviously cant read or didnt read that the IRS would start "processing" today 02/14! It said nothing about your return being accepted by the IRS on the 14th when you paid for your return to be filed! To the people who have defended TT, I salute you! I realize how frustrating it is to see all the people whining about why they havnt gotten their money yet, but the simple fact is no matter how many times you repost the same information over and over again, IT WILL NEVER SINK INTO THEIR HEADS! Anyways, thanks again and come on people its Valentines Day, show Turbo Tax some love!
                                  • do not know
                                  • TRAVE2146..when did you file? Give us all a date, so we have an idea as to where they are in the line.
                                  Well I fined the entire situation interresing! You think thje IRS is going to push %-15-2011 to pay TAX!
                                  Think Not this was a scam to slow the entire process down so is they make som B/S.
                                  The goverment slowed ther payments to most likley to pay for something George Broke?

                                  • My friend filed 2/05 and has already recieved an acceptance email from TT. I filed Jan 20 and mine is still pending. I don't understand why she has already recieved it. I thought it was on a first in first out basis.
                                  • u know there is no more question, just accoutabliity issues. turbo must step up next yrs returns with promise to cover secured loans if business is to continue. it is extreemly surprising how people had to be punished due to so called new laws when all they did was work hard last year. not mention trying to make ends meet this year, only be let down by new laws and tolerate an broken promises. The US President did to surrender his office over this.
                                  E-filing Customer Service Message History
                                  You have an important customer service message:
                                  February 14, 2011   09:46 PM PST
                                  Important Information About Your Return: Currently the IRS is working through its backlog of tax returns as quickly as possible. You may not see a change in your e-filing status until the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!
                                    All they said was that Feb 14th was when they would START processing returns.  That did not mean that they would magically process the millions of returns that have been submitted.  It will take time.  Maybe a week or two to do all of the ones that have been submitted up to this point.  Turbo Tax is at the mercy of the IRS and the IRS is at the mercy of the US Govt.  There is nothing Turbo Tax or any other online income tax software provider can do!  Relax people!!!!
                                    • 30 day has past,still penting.
                                    • Do you realize how many people use Turbo Tax? I filed a few weeks ago myself and nowhere did I read that everyone who has filed would be completed on the 14th. I read that they will START processing on the 14th. Millions of people have submitted their income taxes. You will have to be patient, it may take a week or two to process even all of the people who have submitted up to this point. Mine is still pending too. Turbo Tax is just as fast as any other service out there. Turbo Tax is at the mercy of the IRS and the IRS is at the mercy of the US Govt. RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    It was TT that decided not to transmit untill today. IRS would have taken the returns and waited untill today to start processing, i. e. if you had mailed it in........DUH! Hopefully whoever had the bright idea not to transmit untill today will be FIRED!
                                    • I know it feels bad to pay up front an not get the response you were looking for, I just don't feel it's Turbo Taxes fault. We all new when the IRS said it would not take returnes until Feb, 14th that they were going to have 8million returns sent in one day. So it's hard to be the one to wait. Big smile now... Your not alone.LOL
                                    • I fully understand that the IRS has made the changes, and that most delays are likely from them BUT, what upsets me is the fact TurboTax made written direct statements to me that stating "Your return will be processed on Feb 14".  That was NOT the IRS making that statement that was TURBOTAX....  TURBOTAX made the statement and advertised it - and that "official" TURBOTAX statement is false.

                                      BUT, Because of that statement, they received my business, my taxes and my payment - NOT THE IRS....  and THEY not the IRS have failed to keep their obligation to assure it was submitted to the IRS on Feb 14.
                                    • you can not get mad at Turbo Tax it is the federal gov  fault. They are the ones that have held this process up. It will come soon. dont be mad with turbo tax.
                                    It's amazing these people on here can even type a response or question because they obviously can't READ!!!!  It has been ALL OVER the news...including the internet about the IRS getting all the paperwork straight because of last minute changes by the US Congress in they extended the Bush tax cuts!!!!!!  I've tried the other electronic services and Turbo Tax is the best of them all and gets you the most refund....should you be entitled to one.  Even in a normal year it takes the IRS several days to send an acceptance of your return.  You people need to go turn on the TV and watch some more of your relatives on Jerry Springer
                                    • I want to thank all those people who have legit answers to the question. Last I checked, pending meant that turbo tax has your information and they are just waiting to submit. It is unreasonable to assume that everyone will be submitted at  the same time.