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I didn't get a 1098 from my mortgage company. How do I enter the interest paid?

I talked w/the IRS help line and they said I have to submit a Schedule A itemized deduction. I can't figure out how to do this in TurboTax. I have searched for schedule ai and clicked on it, but it still doesn't help me.
    Without a 1098 it is difficult to know exactly how much interest you paid on your mortgage. Did you get a statement showing interest paid? Sometimes you can access your 1098 online. To enter the interest, click on Tools then Topic Search. Type mortgage interest in the search box and click on mortgage interest in the drop down box and click Go. Enter the name of the lender and check the box that you did not receive a 1098. Enter the amount of interest on the next screen.
    • I did that, but it still asks for it in the 1098 box. So I put it & when I do the review at the end it says there's an error & won't let me efile b/c I entered the amt, but don't have a 1098. I'm so confused!
    When you enter the mortgage interest, it automatically goes to Schedule A along with all other itemized deductions which include property taxes, sale or state income taxes, charitable contributions, and medical expenses. If the total of all your itemized deductions are less than the standard deduction, you won't get any tax benefit from entering your mortgage interest.
      Call your mortgage holder and request they send another 1098. Find out exactly what interest will be shown on the 1098, enter it, and don't check the box that you didn't receive a 1098.
      • Is that really ok? I was going to do it that way, but the IRS guy said I had to fill out a Schedule A and potentially have to submit a paper return.