I just got off the phone with an IRS representative that was very kind and took the time to help me.  As of today, there is NO RECORD of my electronic filing being recieved by the IRS for TT!!!!!!   This is unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone had this issue?    They ask that I not refile for 3 weeks, becuase if TT sends my return it will delay my return all together if a duplicate shows

I have used TT for 5  years, but never again.  I will chose another provider next year.
    To everybody who still haven't receive their taxes...IRS is no longer doing that rapid refund anymore due to the fraudulent that's going on. IRS is giving everybody a 3 week notice to receive any taxes. I know some of u have things to do and this delaying process is worst situation to be in. If u need to check ur wmr please call IRS. Don't follow the info that's on their website because its barely gets update. And the ppl who TT gave a DD date...sometimes its inaccurate. I recommend that u always call IRS for any questions pertaining to ur taxes. Those are the only ppl who will know about ur money.
    Hope everyone receive their money real soon and have a bless year !!
    • I filed my return on 1/31 and it was accepted within 15 minutes. Checked WMR and there is no information. Curious to see if TT will jump in and shed some light on this issue. I read the IRS was delaying some returns but it had corrected the issue and all returns filed after 1/26 were being processed on-time.
    • Actually, the IRS is discouraging people from calling. Read this:,,id=96596,00.html?portlet=106
    • Was accepted on the 31st and it was to be DD to my account. I don't have an update on wmr either. I have used Turbo tax for years and from reading other post from people who have spoken with agents. It appears the IRS is using a new system and at random refunds are being checked by the new and some by the old. I check every day to see if a new message appears but WMR has not changed, doesn't provide any info. Frustrated times 2!
    • I filed on the 16th and it was accepted on the 26th but the irs still has no record of me filing.
    I submitted mine on 2/1 and it was accepted the same day. It can take up to 5 days for it to post in the system for IRS - 72 hours is just a guideline. When you called in, if it is not in the computer system for the IRS they won't show it. Chill out. Taxes aren't processed over night and the IRS isn't known for being speedy. Give it  a couple of days, it will come up. It's not TT fault that the IRS computer systems are slow at registering and being updated.
    • I am getting the same thing from the IRS "Where's my Return" site.

      What seems to be the problem here?
    • Same here filed and accepted on 2-2-12 using TT and still nothing on the WMR site,granted it has not been a week yet the WMR site useally updates faster..
    • Same here.  Filed the night of the 31st and got an email that it was accepted within 30 minutes.  Still no record even showing we filed on the where's my refund site.  Hoping something changes soon!
    • your comment inspired me to call IRS as well since I also filed on 1/31 and WMR continues to show no information for my return.  Well, apparently, they also have no record of my return either.  IRS told me to wait and call back in a week to see if they received my e-file.  If not, I guess we have to re-file.  This is so frustrating.
    • well for ya all who are upset with filing on the 31st and no record try waiting from the 20th and no dd date
    • I also efiled taxes with tt on JANUARY 31, was accepted same day.  Irs still has no record of my taxes.  Im so pissed... For three hours during work I was on phone with irs and tt.  Each one blamed each other.  I just spoke to someone at tt, the wheres my refund link is suposedly not working anyway, so cant depend on that.  He told me to mail in my taxes.  I dont understand the point of buying the prog to efile, to get refund faster and then be told to mail in my taxes.    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHATS GOING ON???????
    • I spent around 3 hours just trying to get to a live person with the IRS.  Once I finally got thru I was on hold for an hour, to only be transferred and put on hold another hour.   It's been crazy
    • Yup, same problem here. Filed on the 31st, accepted instantly, and as of today, no record with the IRS. Please keep each other updated if it changes for you.
    • I just wanted to say that I filed with hr block on 1/31 and my info too cannot be found on wmr. Hr block said it was accepted but nothing st all on wmr. So I don't think it has to do with TT but with the IRS. I am just hoping for the best.
    • i CALLED THE irs YESTERDAY, AND THIS AM. i SPOKE TO A mR. sMITH, mRS. wONDERFUL, BOTH TOLD ME THEY CANNOT SEE IT. That not record can be found. I called them back minutes ago, and a Mrs. Young confirmed: it is being processed. She could actually see it. Woohoo. She also stated right now it wil take the 3 weeks to process it. And it should eventually show me a date on WMR. Hope this helps. Hecks, call the IRs and ask for Mrs. Smith. And please call 800 8290582 x 462.
    • FOLLOW-UP: I spent 2 hours on the phone with TT customer service and the IRS (2 calls, 2 different reps, and a supervisor). As of today, 2/7 still nothing on WMR. In my situation, I had filed and was rejected within minutes. Re-filed and accepted within minutes on 1/31. IRS first said no record of return except he was able to see rejected return on 2/1. He told me to call TT to verify filing. Called TT and they just flat out lied. Claimed they can look-up in IRS system and mine was scheduled for 2/9-2/13 no worries and my state return was OK as well. Only problem is I live in Washington state and we don't file state taxes. She insisted I did..HA HA!! Enough said they don't have anymore info then me and they just tell you what you want to hear.
      I called IRS again and spoke with another rep. She was able to see one rejected on 2/1 (they are not sure why it has the rejection date of 2/1 and they think this might be why it does not show-up in WMR) and one accepted on 1/31. Called her supervisor and they reviewed my return and filing and neither one has ever seen this....a rejection following the acceptance. Anyway, my return has not processed and she could not tell me a date. My return is in the new IRS system called MeF. This means I could get my return DD on any day.

      PS - Both the IRS rep AND her Supervisor assured me that TT has no access to IRS files. They both guess that she looked at the e-file date and added 7-10 days. I will certainly be getting my TT fees refunded due to awful customer service and poor and completely false and mis-leading information.
    Did you get a messge from TT that your return was accepted? If it's rejected, yuo can fix anjy erros and resubmit.
    The problemsare with the IRS, not TT.  The WMR system has been down a lot and is slow to update, which is why it oftens shows that no info is available.  Please read this:,,id=96596,00.html?portlet=106
    • I actually spoke to a live person, and I have an accepted from TT.   It's very frustrating that I have pay for a service that I'm not recieving from TT.  NO SUPPORT AT ALL.
    • no i havent had that problem but i do have a problem that they have NO release date for me been stuck on by the 7th date.  Now the rep at the irs says call back next week still being processed WOW I would be angrier than i am not if they didnt recieve my return.  But do they consider the 72 hours part of the weekend or is it business days...It took forever before they recognized me also i think past 72 hours....I hope you get some resolution soon my heart aches for you

    I filed on the 16th of January and was accepted early on the 26th, but I have NOT received anything back. People who filed after me have already received their refund. Also when I go to the irs website to order a transcript it says they have no record of me even filing. This very upsetting. I will not be using Turbo Tax again.


      You can certainly go back and try to resubmit.  The program will tell you that you have no returns available to file, which means your return was indeed filed.  If it does go through, it means you didn't submit before or your return was rejected for some reason, meaning there's no possibility of a duplicate.  The fact that the agent told you not to resubmit because it might create a duplicate filing is not valid and just tells you that she didn't trust their system to be giving you the correct answer.
      • What is a number that you can call and speak with a TURBOTAX represenrative? I have a question about direct deposit...,
      • i was accepted on 1/31 and dont see anything on wheres my refund
      • The IRS is unable to process returns as fast as they projected.  The refund cycle chart that they provide is ONLY A PROJECTION.  You want to allow 3 weeks for processing from the date your return was accepted.  You may receive your refund before the 3 weeks is up but there's guarantee.

        If you filed with another preparer you would still have to wait...
      i submitted my return as well on jan 31st 2012 and checked wmr and it states no info can be gieven about my refund status
      • I also had my return accepted on 1/31/12 and it is not showing up in the IRS system. According to their schedule returns accepted before 11am on 2/1/12 should get their refund by 2/8/12. How is this possible when it does not show up in their system.
      • @mikek412... Mine was also accepted on 1/31 and nothing showing anywhere.  I know my state return was accepted, I had to call and do the anti-fraud survey this morning.
      • Totally agree, mine was accepted at noon on the 1st  of febuary and the irs has no clue as to when ill recieve my refund. I use TT because i get my refund quickly, this is not quick and i also will be looking into a new provider next year.
      • I think there is a huge group of people that filed the 31st that IRS has no record included!  It is 5 days later and nothing is on their website?  Suppose this is a Turbo Tax problem?
      • @LuvLeeLeebrah -- I disagree with waiting just as long with other tax preparers.  A friend of mine used H&R Block and filed the same day as me (01/31/12).  Her info shows up on the WMR site with a DD date of 01/08/12.  She didnt get any type of rapid refund, just the normal direct deposit.  How can we be sure this isn't a Turbo Tax issue?
      • I am sorry you are having this problem, I thought I might be the only one.TT shows my federal return accepted on 2/1/12 ant 10:46 am, but when I check where WMR it shows not record of my tax return at all. I knew there were system issues with the IRS so I was not that concerned  but after reading your post I am concerned that they might not have my tax return at all. This is very frustrating!!
      • filed an accepted on the 20 had a dd of 2/1 made vaca plans for the 2/12-2-16 because n the past always got dd on the date well its not 2/6 and nothing if we dont get fund by end of week where gonna have to cancel vaca plans n what sucks is took a week of vaca from work thinking we would have the funds
      • It seems that with the number of us that are having this issue, that TT would step in and see what they could do to make sure it was not a TT glitch to the IRS creating this issue.  There is a problem some where, I just don't have time for the delay or hassle this is creating.
      • Well I submitted my return on 30th it was accepted on the 31st... The WMR says my direct deposit date is the 8th... this status only changed a few days ago... before that it was the 14th... I hope this helps... will post back if the 8th happens...
      I used turbo tax ...filed on the 31st  .The WMR site updated on 2/3 to should recieve refund by 2/14.WMR updated on sunday 2/5 to your refund is scheduled for direct deposit on 2/8.I am having my fees taken out of refund and deposited on a turbo tax card. I hope this helps!! Good luck to us all !!
      • Just curious... I am the only person using DD that got accepted on 1/31?  Using the TT card and getting a response is interesting.....
      • I also was accepted on 2/1/2012. I called the IRS this morning and they have no record of my taxes. This bothers me since they say to check WMR after 72 hours. How can there still not be an update? This is nuts!!!!!!!
      • I filed on 1/31 with DD and both my federal and state are still pending... 7 days later!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      We have access to the IRS refund cycle chart and the agent was taking your acceptance date and applying that chart to it.
      • TurboTax Anita - First off, the entire planet has access to the IRS refund chart/schedule. That was not what I was calling about. Second, the customer service rep SPECIFICALLY stated she had direct access to the IRS system and her information was more accurate and updated then the IRS, since they only get updated information once a week. Still was not what I had asked her. Third, she tried to convince me after I told her at least 2x that Washington State does not have income tax, she then tried to convince me that Washington State keeps track of my Federal Tax filing. Still that was not what I called about.

        I called because the agent at the IRS informed me that there was no record of my return being accepted. The Turbo Tax rep. told me SPECIFICALLY that she was checking the IRS COMPUTERS to see if if my return was ACCEPTED. She without a doubt told me that she had direct access that was better then the IRS agent had access to.

        After calling the IRS a 2nd time, they told me my return was received but had not been processed yet.

        Do you really think I would sit on hold for 30+ minutes to have someone look something up on a refund cycle chart? I didn't call to find out if and when I was getting a refund. I was very concerned that it had been lost.
      • I submitted mine on 1/31.  The IRS has no record of it ever being submitted.  My friends submitted a day or two after me and already have their money.  I was very confused and disappointed, but I am glad to see that it wasn't just bad karma on my part.  Apparently many people are going thru the same thing.  I guess my only option is to print it out and mail it in.  Very upset that I paid for the software to e-file when I could not do so.
      • UPDATE: Just checked WMR and it said I should receive before 2/21. I hope this ends the drama for my refund!!!
      • Just wanted to add that on WMR mine also says its processing and if there are no delays I should expect it by feb 21, 2012. This just updated today.
      • Just got mine updated from the Wmr site and it states the 21st for me also which is unacceptable cause they accepted it last Tuesday. So it better be in my account Friday cause of all the money I paid to e file. So I would not have to wait a month to get my refund..I ideally have it within 2weeks
      • Yup, mine is finally precessing as well. Tells me the 21st also. Is this the last update we will get, or will there be one more with an actual deposit day ?
      • I got an acceptance on 2/1. I should be getting a dd on 2/8. Yesterday I checked WMR and it said I should get it by 2/21. Now today I checked WMR and it says that there is no information about my refund. I called the IRS and they told me that ALL tax refunds take 3 weeks to process!! DD and efile customers get it earlier. I am hoping that my deposit will be here by this Saturday or at least by next Wednesday. The IRS also told me that they deposit every day of the week. Not just on Friday or Wednesday. Anyone else have a similar situation?
      • I checked mine this AM on WMR  and gave me a dd of 2-21-12 I was accepted on 2-1-12..Now when I go to check it tells me my info is incorrect I think the WMR site is messed up.. According to the IRS refund calender I should have my deposit today the 8th if I was accepted on the 1st..So yea IRS got something really jacked up...
      • When you check the IRS refund cycle chart it says that if you were accepted on 2/1 BEFORE 11:00am then you will get your taxes on 2/8. I have been checking since this morning and no deposit yet. I wonder if that time is Eastern time or Pacific time because Turbo Tax goes by Pacific time. This is all very confusing!!
      • Mine is now saying 2/21 on the WMR site.  Thats just crazy!
      • Update:  WMR now says that it is scheduled for 2/13.
      • Filed 2/1 before 11am. Accepted... have had all the same issues as everyone else - no answers - the website is NOT updating and then it says your entering your info wrong.. so decided to Call the IRS where is my refund number - FINALLY have a deposit date of 2/13 - CALL - 1-800-829-4477.... there is alot of talking - just listen thru it all and it will get to the Enter your info.. says its the same as the website BUT ITS NOT - so stay on the line and listen to the blah blah blah stuff it will get to the enter your info.. and it will give you answers that the website won't..... good luck everybody... hope they can give you some relief and answers so many of us have been asking for.
      • ok same story 1/31 hadnt shown up in system when i called irs... lady checked like 4 systems and finally found it... today checked said dd to tt card on 2/13... just went to check wmr and now it says it can not be found... this is no acceptable i will be calling tt and getting my money back... irs lady said it was somthing with the way i submitted is why it was so delayed... i used efile on tt deluxe...i am a first time and last time user of tt!!!!
      • Just wanted to let everyone know that my refund has been deposited and is now being processed by my bank.
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