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Why does the total year-end value of IRAs appear on the IRA worksheet? Does it have any bearing?

I don't see why Turbo Tax gathers the IRA year-end value.  When does that affect tax liability or the ability to make conversions?  I understand how that total might be needed for MDRs.
    This could be meaningful if you have a basis in your traditional IRA, that is you made some non-deductible contributions in the past (this was a advantageous thing to do back  before the ROTH IRA came into being).

    When you make a partial conversion of  your IRA, a portion of the conversion would not be taxable. That portion would be a percentage equal to the ratio of your basis to  the year end value.
    • I'm curious.  Suppose I have 4 IRAs, each worth $25K, but in one I have $20K in basis.  I take a total distribution of the one in which I have the basis and I convert it to a $25K Roth IRA.  I would have expected that I would pay tax on $5K (the distribution less the basis).  Now, in total, I had $100 K with a basis of $20K, so if the IRS insists on use of the aggregates, 80% of the $25K distribution would be taxable now rather than in the future.  And, presumably, I'd reduce my basis by $5 K to $15K.
    The 2nd scenario is the correct interpretation. 80% is taxable and you
    reduce your basis by $5 K to $15K.