can i file a tax my tax returns as well as another person's tax return

i want to use turbo tax to file my return as well as my fiance's return can i do that?
    Yes but you have to start with another account, user name and password and pay any fees again.  

    The online version is only good for 1 return. To do another you have to start over with a new account and user name and pay any fees again.  And the state return is extra to prepare, whether you efile or print to mail.  That's why if you have more than 1 to do it's better to buy the desktop version.  And in the online version you can not see or enter into the actual forms.

    With the Desktop version you can prepare unlimited returns and efile up to 5 federal for free (IRS limit). And it has what if scenarios and you can see and enter directly into the actual forms.  State is $19.95 to efile but it is free to print and mail unlimited returns.  If you buy the cd at the store the Basic version does not include the state.  And Deluxe is available both with and without the state.  Because some states don't have an income tax.  Look around for sales at stores, Costco has a $10 coupon until the end of January.  Or you can buy a cd or download the program here…..
    • I can't believe this answer....I feel ripped off.  I've paid for the on-line Home and Business and now will have to pay for the Download in order to do my own taxes, since I used the VERY expensive online version for my sister's return!!!!  VERY misleading of Turbo Tax!
    If you buy the desktop version you can probably get a refund of your online fees.  You can contact Customer Service here…..
    • I think it is highly unfair to not be able to file more than one tax return using the online version. If I had known that, I wouldn't have done it. I will never do it again for sure and will make sure my friends know this as well. It really wasn't that big a bargain to buy online if I can only do one return. I am very disappointed in turbotax for this. I have used this tax service for years and this is the first time they have disappointed me. Also, this was unclear when I bought online. Shame on you TurboTax!
    • I feel ripped off too, I have no idea or I would have downloaded Turbo Tax.  I just paid $139 for my business and state and I was going to do my friends 1099 business income and now it will not let me?  I would have bought the downloaded desktop version if I had known.

      You need to change this...
    It was the same way last year.
    • H&R here we come.  I've got access to 20 bulletin boards and facebook, twitter and 9-10 months to let everyone read a copy of this conversation.  Your pop-up during my return said nothing about a 1 time use as compared to the standard store-bought version.
    • I too feel riped off!!! Before I purchased the download version I asked the representative (from another country) if I can file for additional family members and she said yes, I can do 4 plus myself. I asked her several times to make sure and I even had her transfer my call to the States to verify it. NOT TRUE. After I filed for my son I tried to file for my daughter and I have to purchase all over again. I will never use Turbo tax again. Beside being costly, it is too time consuming. I can have a CPA do 3 returns for $200 and I won't need to waste 8 hours in front of a PC just to do 1 return! PS I bought the deluxe version.
    Goldengrl.....If you bought and installed the download version from Turbo Tax then you can do unlimited returns and efile up to 5 federal returns for free (IRS limit).  But it sounds like you are using the online version instead of the downloaded program.
    • I did not buy the Desktop Verision this year because for the past 2 or 3 years i was not able to download it to my computer. It kept stopping at like 85% and giving me an error code. After trying a dozen things to correct the problem with the online tech support people which none of it worked, they directed me to use the online verison. I have been doing this now the past 3yrs. I always got the 4 additional free returns that I used to do my kids tax returns on because they gave me codes to use seeing I already paid for the desktop one. I figured I would not waste time this year and buy the desktop when it most likely would not download anyway. So i went right to the online site. When I saw the price (actually slightly higher then what you can buy the desktop one for) i figured it would be the same as the Desktop verision and include the additional free returns. NO WHERE DID I READ IT WOULD BE AN ADDITIONAL FEE FOR EACH RETURN I FILE. I have to file 3 more returns and will have to pay 3additional times now. Unfair
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