return accepted but no refund date

My federal return was accepted on 1/31 however when I go to Where's My Refund it doesn't show any information for a date that I should be receiving it.  Any idea why?
    Once IRS “accepts” your return in its electronic filing system, it takes IRS 72 hours to update the Where’s My Refund (WMR) online tool on to reflect your refund status.  Even though IRS has been having some issues with WMR, it's a little odd IRS can't find it after more than 72 hours -- but maybe not.  Several people seem to be having this situation.  

    As background, here’s a support article that might help you understand the situation.

    Also, if you haven't done this already, I'd go online at to confirm that TurboTax has your return and it's been accepted by IRS. Go to  But, it sounds like you've done this.

    If TurboTax is reporting that IRS has accepted your return, then you should have a Declaration Control Number (DCN), which is assigned by IRS.  Here's some more  background.

    Then, I'd check WMR in a few days and, then, try to call IRS again if it doens't show up there.   Wish I had a simpler approach, but it's important you stay on top of it -- just as you already are doing.  Hope this helps.
    • I'm having the same problem. Federal was accepted on the 1st.  WMR can not provide me any information or estimated direct deposit date. I tried calling the refund hotline also, and they said they dont have any info either
    • I'm having this problem this year.  I tried going to, but since I did my return via an installed version of TurboTax Premier, I couldn't figure out what to click on to do the check you recommended in the 3rd paragraph above.
    Let me correct one point.  IRS is running two electronic filing systems in parallel as they modernize their systems.  One of the systems does not issue a "Declaration Control Number" so you wouldn't get one if IRS routed your return through that new one.    That has no impact on whether your return was accepted.

    The key is whether TurboTax is advising you that IRS has "accepted" your retunr.
    • I filed on the 31st and was accepted the same day. 72 hours later I checked wmr and saw it's been accepted and being processed, I should receive it by the 14th. Hopefully sooner. Still saying that so let's be hopeful.
    • I filed my return on 3 Feb and it was accepted the same day.  No information on WMR and no help when you call the automated hotline.  If Turbo Tax is awre of the problem why is it not posted on your front page instead of get your refund in 7 days?
    • Mine finally show up and is due to be deposited to my account on 2/21.
    • ok I am not the only one, then. I filed on the 4th, according to turbo tax it was accepted the 4th, but when going on WMR it doesn't doesnt give me any info. UGH!!!!
    If you have submitted your return after 1/25 then there is a delay in your tax refund. The IRS updated their systems from an old system to a new one. This caused a "glitch" in the system and many tax refunds are being delayed.
    • An article in USA today said that the returns filed AFTER the 25th weren't affected by the "glitch".  Hmmm....go figure.  I was accepted on the 31st of Jan, also, and WMR has not updated with any info. Hopefully, we will both know something after the Wednesday update. :-/
    • I hope I find out something soon and you too srhultberg.
    • glad to see lots are in the same boat as me, i was scared for a moment! i too was accepted on 1/31 but im not able to get any info at all on where is my refund. i understand its the irs and not turbo tax, but it would be nice to get a percentage back of what we paid for them to do our taxes online. we did after all pay for a service.
    • I filled and was accepted on Feb 1st.  Stil no date on WMR, so I called IRS and spoke to a real person who said yes they did have it but did not give me a DD date. She said it was going thru the way it should and to wait it out.
    • i was accepted on the 18th and wmr just says still processing. I called the irs and they said they could not give me any info. I dont get it.
    • I feel better that I'm not the only one. Thanks for all the responses.  I'll wait it out and hopefully have some information in the next couple of days.
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