signon to sharebuilder is invalid

Trying to import 1099 from Sharebuilder: 1. Logged into sharebuilder. 2) try to import using account  and document ID in Turbo Tax. 3) get message :ShareBuilder - ING DIRECT investing: Signon Invalid. Any ideas?    I did download the 1099, got the information to enter into Turbo tax directly from the form.   I followed the same instructions that are on the Sharebuilder website?
  • Agreed.  I am having the exact same issue.
  • I, too have this message.
  • I also have the same issue.
  • Same issue
Open Turbo Tax; go to file, then import, "financial Institution"; type in "sharebuilder" under the "I'm looking for" then follow the directions.

For Sharebuilder :     
*** Make sure you download and save the file from sharebuilder where you can find it (desktop?) *** before trying to import. You will need your "account number" (ALL of it) and the "Document ID" when importing  - this information is on the 1099.

TurboTax imported my file; however; some of the information was not correct; I had to go back and fix it - this is the reason that I would suggest that you download the file, print it out and then compare. Don't rely on the import to be perfect, I imported mine several times with the same errors.
  • Same problem with TD Ameritrade.  The comments indicate that this has dragged on too long.  Fix it very soon, Turbotax, or I'll want a refund.
  • I'm having a similar type problem importing 1099B data from UBS, and I've heard others say they have problems importing data from other institutions.  In my case, TurboTax's instructions are simply WRONG, and the folks at UBS told me they get many calls from TurboTax users frustrated that they can't import the datra -- because TurboTax is giving them the wrong instructions.
  • it has been over 60 days and still cannot download TD Ameritrade or UBS 1099 information.
    Are you guys ging to fix this, or do we move to another provider?
  • If the dash in the document ID is required for import of the 1099 there isn't room on the form for it- it's one character short- if you at "TT" would increase the field by one it might work. I can't get it to go either, and I suspect this the cause. I don't updates on this issue- did you give up? I was so excited when I saw the option for inport from sharebuilder this year, please fx it- thanks. Kat
I'll mention this to TT to see if they know why it might be occurring, or whether they think it might be an issue at Sharebuilder.

In the meantime, are you all entering in the format shown at the Sharebuilder site?

Account No. 0000000000
Document ID No. 0000000-000

If so, why not try the Document ID without the dash/hyphen and see what happens.  Or if you didn't put the dash, put the dash.  In other words, see if either of those variations works.   Please report back.
  • I have tried entering the document ID with the dash and without the dash, I have also tried the account number with the leading zeroes and without, and I have tried every combination possible.  I still get the "Signon Invalid" message.
  • same issue I'm having, what gives?
  • I've submitted it to TT.  They should be aware of it before long.  

    In the meantime, have any of you Sharebuilder users checked with Sharebuilder to be sure that everything is dandy on their side?
  • Same thing has been going on when I go try to import.... What gives TurboTax???
  • Thanks epo39b.  All appears just fine on the ING Sharebuilder side.  Looking forward to hearing the TT response.
  • I've also tried every combination of account # and doc # I can think of (with & without leading zeros, with and without dash, with and without last three digits of doc #) and can't get it to bite.  I've sent an e-mail to support at Sharebuilder, but things don't seem to be hanging up on that end.  

    Really don't want to have to enter all that data!!
  • Same issue as others are experiencing.  Tried every combination of Document ID and Account Number.  Very frustrating.
Hi there folks,

We have reported this to our developers to look at and resolve. Please hang tight while we wait to hear back. We will let you know as soon as we have an update.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I contacted Sharebuilder, and they said they are currently updating their systems to work with TurboTax.  They couldn't give me an exact date of when it would be available, but just that they are working on it.  Guess we can only keep trying until it works :(
  • I have tried as well with the hyphen, without the hyphen, while being logged into my Sharebuilder account in another tab, and even tried using my login information in TT. Thanks for the replies all. Now I know it is not just me having a problem. I will check back until the issue is resolved. I was looking forward to this option this year. I suggested the past few years to add them since manually inputting all that information in the past was a real pain.
  • I have my doc from sharebuilder as well, and I can't import them to turbotax
  • It is now 1:15pm on Tuesday.  TurboTax has known about this problem for hours now.  The lack of communication is frustrating.  Fortunately, there are other tax prep companies I could use.  You hear me TT, competition does exist!  Get this HUGE error corrected quickly, otherwise my business is going elsewhere!
  • roccoz:
    There is a post from a TurboTax Moderator Carrie  2.5 hours ago.   

    Also, It hasn't been announced yet which side of the fence the problem is on--TT or Sharebuilder..  Refer to User  jdforbes post at 8:39 AM.
  • I just tried to reimport, and TT just informed me that the documents will be ready for import on Feb 16, 2012... so looks like the problem is being worked
Sharebuilder announced that the uploading of form 1099 will be available on FEBRUARY 16!!!
  • OK, It is Feb 16 and I am still getting signon failed. ideas?
  • yeah, this is nuts. Make it easier! I may just enter this all in manually - but then why am i paying for this tax software. Come on turbotax!
  • I am having the same issue here..Has anyone heard on when/if they are planning a fix for this?
  • I am seeing the same issue for my Ameriprise account.  TurboTax engineering - please make sure this is resolved for Ameriprise as well!
  • It's now February 26, I've never used Turbo Tax before but I'm reading all of these posts about not being able to import Sharebuilder data...the last post being 6 days ago...and the same thing has happened to me...I've tried using my sign on and password, tried using the account # and ss#.....nothing I assume there is no answer to this issue and I just need to manually enter it?  Nice first impression.....
  • same problem here, can not seem to login to get access so I dont even know if the import function works....cant get that far and based on the posts I dont think I ever will
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