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Where do I fill out 1099 MISC in Turbotax for Business for people who worked for me?

I need to get this 1099 MISC form filled out for every person who worked for me...where is it???
    This year you have to prepare the W2s and 1099Misc online and efile them.  So you will not get a printout of Copy A of the W2.

    BUT There is now a work around to prepare W2s and 1099s on your computer instead of online.  Per TT Tyson……

    I discovered a bit of a hidden feature today. It turns out the offline W2/1099 creator hasn't been completely removed, yet.

    Instead of clicking the 'Start a New Return' button on the TurboTax home screen, select New Tax Return from the File menu.
    You'll see a small window asking if you're creating a 1040 or w2/1099s. Select W2/1099.

    It will then take you to the offline W2/1099 creator that was there in previous years. This works in both H&B and Business.
    This year, two ways to produce Form 1099-MISC and Form 1096
    Both ways produce either the 1096 or eFile its equivalent

    Turbotax has changed the process in Business and Home & Business this year.
    Explanation is here if you want to read:

    You start the H&B or Business program. New this year instead of seeing the "Tax Reporter" as an option under "New File" there is a totally different window.

    Look below the "New Tax Return,/ Continue, / Amend"
    See "Prepare Employee & Contractor Paperwork"    now known as Quick Employee Forms
    Click Prepare W-2/1099

    Now here is the next leap - as you will be taken from your desktop out onto Intuit servers and a new web page in a browser where you will have to either log in with an established Intuit log in or else create a new one. Then several more browser windows later you can start. It is all done in the Cloud and not on your desktop.

    The Copy A is obviated [but that means you do not get a copy of Copy A!] since being in the Cloud online, instead of printing everything, you will now eFile the 1099s or W2 and not need to create transmittal letters such as 1096. The IRS wants to move to everything being online submitted.

    This also means all your employee data is on the Intuit server.

    HOWEVER, if you do not want to use eFile, [remember the IRS wants on RED Copy A and Form 1096],
     in TurboTax BUSINESS [desktop product] or Home&Business [desktop product]
    do the following:
    Here's how

    Click FILE on menu bar
    Click Start a new return
    then, as illogical as it sounds,
    despite seeing the screen "Work a a tax return - start a new return - Employee & Contractor Paperwork"
    Now Click File - Start a new return AGAIN!! Yes a second time!

    You will get a popup window and the third of five selections is the Prepare 2011 W-2 and 1099-MISC and 1096