Will the IRS deposit tax return before the "wheres my refund" date?

The answer is YES! So many people ask this question and I want to clear this up. For instance, my deposit will be made on Jan 25th. However, wheres my refund on the IRS site says by January 31st. The reason the website always says a later date is because the IRS doesn't want millions of people calling the day after the direct deposit dates, and they want to allow a week after it was supposed to be deposited to show up. Some banks will hold it for a few days, or other things could happen.

So to make it clear, 99% of people will receive the direct deposit about 6 days before the wheres my refund site says!

Thank you and hope this clears up any confusing.

The first direct deposit date is January 25th. This is for taxes submitted by Jan 19th 2012. Originally it was by the 18th, but IRS systems were down most of the day the 18th, so they extended it by one day!
  • K lets make 1 more thing clear, it has to be accepted by the 19th 11am est, not submitted, correct??? Let of ppls refunds were submitted before than but I believe you mean you would have had to been accepted,  not acceted but not acknowledged, its not the same. Instead of you status saying PENDING it needed to say ACCEPTED by the date you specified??
This was posted by another member of the Live Community last night. I do not take credit for this, but thought I may pass on the information because I feel it is credible according to info I read in the IRS manual online. Also felt it was very interesting if, in fact, this is the way IRS is processing the returns this year. If anyone has any info into whether or not this is accurate please share your insight.

The IRS has changed to a system that posts transactions daily rather than weekly. However, some accounts are still processed weekly. Here are some issues that would make it a weekly account:

1. An ITIN rather than a SSN
2. Foreign Address
3. Campus Address
4. Identity Theft Indicators
5. Prisoner File
6. Related MFT 31 Account (i.e, a joint account has been split due to bankruptcy, Offer-In-Compromise, Installment Agreements for only one party, Innocent Spouse)
7. Criminal Investigation Activity
8. Civil Penalty Account (MFT 55)
9. Tax Module History (two years prior) with Criminal Investigation, Exam or Collection Activity.

A direct deposit should be issued four business days after the tax return posts. Here are examples for a daily account:

Return is accepted on the 17th and posts on the 18th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 24th.

Return is accepted on the 18th and posts on the 19th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 25th.

Return is accepted on the 19th and posts on the 20th. The DD would be 4 business days later on the 26th.

The refund cycle chart is based on weekly processing. Here are some examples for accounts subject to weekly processing:

Return is accepted between 11 a,m. on the 18th and 11 a.m on the 25th. It is held for posting until the 26th. DD would be 4 business days later on the 1st.

Here's a word about "Where's My Refund." WMR initially shows a "receive by" date that is the Tuesday following the week that the DD is actually made. Once the return posts, the date is changed to the actual DD date. Since the posting date varies, its possible WMR may be updated after you actually receive the refund!

Bottom line: Be patient. You should receive the DD by the date shown on the refund cycle chart--but you very well may receive it earlier.
You are correct Mickey.
  • So I have read this same answer to this question over and over but my sister checked wheres my refund and hers says January 25th, mine was done the same day we got the same email from turbo tax saying January 25th and my wheres my refund says January 31st, There is a problem, I think I and all the other people will be getting theirs the following week. I heard that irs computers where down for awhile and that put off a bunch of deposits until the following week.
Yes Mickey! Sorry about that, I meant accepted, not submitted! I apologize. Heather99, if it says 1/24 then you should have it on 1/24. I found out last night that deposits started sunday evening for people with a netspend card, as netspend doesn't hold deposits but makes them available right away, which would explain people getting there money sunday night as ACH is sent 2-3 days early! Also allow time if your refund is sent to SBBT first to take out your payment to turbo tax!
  • I am so sick of seeing this. THE IRS DID NOT EXTEND ANYTHING! There is NOWHERE on the IRS website that says anything to this effect. The refund cycle chart, last rev. 11.2011, is the proper one to go by,,,and it states you must have your return ACCEPTED by 1/18 at 11 am EST in order to be in with the first batch of deposits. However, the IRS is using a new system to process returns this year, which will allow for returns processed by that system to update on a daily basis. There is no way of knowing if your return was processed by the new system or the old system. The best thing to go by is the IRS refund chart that I stated above, and you just might get it earlier than that as long as there are no issues with your return.
  • I'm not going to go back and forth on this, but they did in fact extend it until the 19th due to systems being down. CALL THE IRS and ask them and they will tell you YES! I have a friend that works there and on top of that IRS rep told me this! :)
  • Oh yeah, and just because the IRS website doesn't say it, doesn't mean it didn't happen! Just like the Wheres my refund site doesn't give you a correct day for deposit :) I just got my tax refund posted to my greendot account about 30 minutes ago :D
  • Well Irs says 31, i filled 17 SSBT says 25 and wmr hotline says by 31, so I am not expecting ti this week ,I think it will be another week..Or I would at least have a dd date
  • Well Nick, if that were the case, I would have mine today too seeing as I was accepted on 1/18 at 7:30 pm. But, I don't.
  • Nickalatte... my fed was accepted jan 19 at 1:42 AM. if the deadline was truly extended until 11 am on the 19th, i would have made the cutoff time for dd on the 25th.  however, tt says feb 1, sbbt - feb 1, irs chart - feb 1 and wmr - feb 7.  i have talked to several agents at the irs, not one said it was extended.  i was told by 3 of the 5 agents, that the wmr does add approx 6 days to the actual date to allow time for your bank to post it to your acct.  so i am expecting mine on the 1st. i was told by 2 agents that IF my return is being done by the new system, i could have it between jan 26th and jan 31.

    Hope this helps everyone.
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