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Where is Box 'd' text on the W-2?

I'm at the page to import my W-2, and it's asking for my SSN, the text in box 'd' and the amount in box '1'; I can't find a box labeled 'd' on my W-2. The left hand size goes from 'b' to 'c' to 'e' to 'f', but no 'd'!
  • My spouses W2 has nothing in box d (control number). Without turbotax will not allow you to e-file. How do you obtain this number. Can not find much help on this. For this reason I may use a different tax service next year.
It is the Control number at the top (above the box with the Employer's name)
    On the official W2 box d is the Control Number right under the Employer's name box and right above your name.  So look for the Control Number.
    • Is it on the electronic version of the W-2 - becasue I don't see anything labeled as contron number.
    If there is no control number then your payroll provider most likely not set up for importing, you might want to call your company's payroll department for information on whether you can import your W2
      I also have no control number on my W-2's and it won't let me leave it blank...Hmm
      • Same here. Not much help from turbotax
      • You don't need box d or control number if you are manually entering your W2.  It's only needed when you import the W2.
      Look for a box that has some numbers along with letters (the letters may have a / between them)
      • I have spent 20 minutes trying to find this number in my electronic W2.  It is not there