TurboTax 2011 Windows 7 64 bit Fails to Run

Purchased, downloaded and installed TT 2011 today per letter notification from Intuit.  TT 2011 displays splash screen and then exits.  Have previously installed TT 2010 & prior on Windows 7 32 bit with no problem on other computers.
  • Having same problem, looking over site seems TT was having this same problem last year!! My pourchase was the disc not the download but same problem, it will not install, tried all available information on site, still not working , as long long timw user of TT this is very un nerving. Not being a computer software or hardware tech. is one of the reasons for purchasing TT.
  • this is still happening and TT tech support does not really have a good fix 2012 Premier and Home and Business failed to create a new return - just hangs - transparent or missing splash graphic is seen - also clicking on help:about crashes. 6 hrs on tech support and they suggest i find an old XP machine or work online version! Further after all the efforst 2011 that was working now has the same failure and cannot open an existing return nor create a new return
  • Check out Microsoft support instructions at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976982/en-us  Takes a bit of time, but it solved my problem in 2011.   I had no issues with the 2012 install and creating a new return.   Also can still open older versions 2009-2011 to look at old returns without any issues.

    I cleaned out all old .net versions and then installed the latest .net 4.0 framework as per the instructions.   I think it is also a good idea to also follow BWusesTT suggestion to make sure you have the latest 32 and 64 bit versions of Java installed.

    I'm running Win 7 64-bit and have .net 4.0 and Java 7 installed.  All versions of TT work and no issues with installs or starting new returns ever since I followed guidelines in the Microsoft support note last year.
TurboTax quickly shows splash screen and exits (Windows 7 64-bit)


1) uninstall turbotax 2011; Uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile; Install via dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe; reboot ; Install w_turbotax_1040_prm_2011.08a.0102.exe (NOTE: you end up with "Extended" installed, not just "Client Profile" had originally)

2) Windows Update (Note that the .Net effort above will lead to reapplying software updates for security fixes and the like)

3) Using a non-aero theme (suggesed in other web postings)

4) fonts (suggested in other web postings)


Ensure have most-recent versions of BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit instances of Java.
  • OK....not sure this will work but....after weeks and days of messing with this issue, and not getting any answers from TT, I started shutting off applications one by one to see what's what.  After trying one app and finding out if it changed the behavior on TT, I would then re-enable the application.  I eventually worked my way to Air Display.  ONce I disabled Air Display (a program designed for remote viewing of desktops onto mobile devices such as Android or Apple).....TURBO TAX OPENED!  IT WORKS FOR NOW AND I AM CROSSING MY FINGERS.  



  • Has anyone received anything like an apology from Intuit?
  • I'm having the same problem. I've got 24Gb of ram and have 6 monitors connected so maybe Intuit has fixed some of the problems but hasn't tried my specific configuration.

    I tried the updates suggested by BWusesTT. I found that the 32 bit one was already installed but the 64 bit one was not. After update though, TT still fails. Tried uninstall/reinstall of TT - still fails.

    I didn't try any of the more involved suggestions made by others - doing my taxes is painful enough without spending hours just trying to get the program to work.

    The fix that does work for me and may work for some of you is to use a Virtual PC. A virtual PC is a free part of Windows 7 but is not included by default. If you go to the start menu and type in "Windows XP Mode", it will start you on your way. Not a trivial task but is mostly following prompts, etc. I already use several virtual PC's to run my business so this solution was a no-brainer for me. May be a bit more daunting for those that are not familiar with them.

    Windows XP is essentially a fancy program that will run on your Win7 box, but it can run XP progams and make them believe they're running on XP, not Win7. Once Windows XP mode is running, you can then install TT on it and run it there. A bit round-about but for me, it gets the job done just fine.

    Very surprising that this problem still exists, if as sinbad46 suggests, they've been having it since last year. I've been using TT since 2002 and have been very happy with it but that goodwill can only go so far if they allow problems like this to persist.

    Here's hoping they've got this fixed before next year!
  • It looks as if TT 2011 fails when .NET 4.5 is installed after TT 2011.  The fix is to uninstall .NET 4.5 and then either install the .NET 4.0 Framework again or uninstall TT 2011 and reinstall it.

    After that it works fine.

    Note that if you reinstall .NET 4.5 or an application that needs/installs it TT 2011 will fail again.  The latest Visual Studio release installs .NET 4.5 but there are probably other apps that install it and will thus be incompatible with TT 2011 until they release a fix for it.
  • My understanding is that .NET 4.5 is a developer preview at this point.  Microsoft is aware that this developer release is causing problems for TurboTax.  The public release of .NET 4.5 should be compatible with TurboTax.

I installed (and run) TT 2011 from a download on Windows 7 64 bit with no problems.  Turbotax support may be able to help.  Go to https://turbotax.intuit.com/support/contact/index.jsp?msid=int_hp_call, select a topic and subtopic, and you will be provided a telephone number to call.  (Telephone numbers are provided during Turbotax's business hours, which are in the Pacific time zone, Monday - Friday.)
  • Well, I performed all of those proposed tasks as listed in the aforementioned TurboTax URL.  Non of them resolved the problem.  I guess I will cancel my TurboTax subscription and find a system that "installs" and perhaps "works".  It seems that now both Quicken 2012 and TurboTax 2011 are pretty much worthless.
  • I purchesed TT 20-11 yesterday spent 3 hours with tech support to no avail. I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and after 3 hours I was told I should wait for a patch to come out.  good grief.
  • 04Dec2011 I join the chorus of TT users with problems relating to my Windows 7 64-bit , Ultimate operating system and it's supposed incompatibility with the 2011 Turbox Tax software.  I gave TT $59.95 on Nov 6.  On Nov 12 I updated my account.  On Nov 19 they said the TT software was ready for download.  I tried downloading 4 times (1 hour download due to my slow internet connection). Contacted the TT representative online.  They said I had several accounts (one account must have had user id while another had a userid in the form of email address. I was assured that my download problem was resolved but I knew it wasn't because the rep said that they don't support Windows XP anymore.  I have received 3 requests to complete the survey so I could evaluate their stellar assistance.  And now, I remembering that this happened to me last year as well.  So, all I can say is I will be so happy when we get our government to taxes on a simplified basis and not pay $60 and waste countless hours trying to meet our tax obligations. Ugh. Palmer 04Dec2011
  • I am sorry if there was some confusion regarding TT support on XP SP3 and Windows 7 64bit, so I would like to clarify that TT is indeed supported on both those Operating Systems.

    What I'd like to do is to connect to your computer and diagnose the problem. If you're open to this, then please email me your phone number and the best time(s) to call (I'm PST). Please address the email to TTax@intuit.com and add to the subject line "TurboTaxFirani".

  • For TTFirani, I received all of the TT support I can stand over the past 45 days.  An end user should not have to to this to make a product work.  That is not a part of good "customer service". I have already canceled my subscription and as a matter of fact have received the TT reimbursement; that was the easy part.  I will go elsewhere.
  • I had similar issue, both when testing as a beta tester and again with the final product.  (Mine would show splash screen, get to the second comment and freeze, locking up one of the 4 cores for 4 minutes.)

    I actually found the guidance from the link that webill2 got from turbotax support quite helpful.   I've had issues with other programs and with all the different versions of dot net that get installed with other programs.   I used the recommended microsoft method 2 but selected to clean up all versions of dot net.   After the automatic reboot, I installed the latest dot NET 4.0 framework from Microsoft, started up TurboTax and it works like a charm.    

    I'm hoping my now new and clean dot NET install will help with other programs too.

    Thanks for documenting the hint and so happy to have it working.
  • I have this exact same problem when I loaded TT 2011 on my 64-bit windows machine. Since I didn't see any solutions here, I loaded it on another PC (which  is on XP) & didn't have any problem on it. Workaround that many probably don't have.
  • Well, I'm back.  While at Staples yesterday, I decided to take advantage of a discount on TT 2011 and try one more time. (I really liked TT in the past). Attempted to install on Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 7 32 bit laptops.  It failed on both machines with Windows 7 reporting TT 2011 as an incompatible application.  Attempted to install on my wife's Windows 7 64 bit desktop...IT WORKS.  Also, restarted and old Windows XP 3 laptop to try too, but did not install, as one working TT 2011 is enough.
  • Web,

    What's the exact error message ?

  • For the two failures on installation on Windows 7 64 bit on the two laptops, there are NO error messages.  The splash scrreen appears for a few seconds and then nothing.  TT 2011 is not running.  So far so good on the Windows 7 64 bit desktop.  Copied last years files to TT 2011 and the transfer was completed correctly.  Will begin the 2011 processing shortly.  Hopefull there will be no crashes.
  • I can't speak for all the possible problems, but on my system I had installed the Visual Studio 2011 Developer's preview which installed the .net framework 4.5.   I managed to get turbotax running by uninstalling all the .net 4.5 and 4.0 entries. I then reinstalled turbotax which installed the .net 4.0 framework.  I did not uninstall turbotax or reinstall turbotax.  Once the .net framework was installed turbotax worked fine.
  • I too have Visual Studio 2011 DP installed on the laptops.  As I now have TT2011 on the desktop (no VS on it) and it's s working, I use it there.  If I get ambitious, I'll try what you did. However, I must say that an end user of TT2011 should not have to make arbitrary adjustments to make a major product such as TurboTax work. That's just plain wrong.
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