Turbotax card refund Delay?

I have selected to use the Turbotax Card, this is my first time using it, I was thinking it would just be like using our Walmart Visa only it was specific to Turbotax so yea I decided to use it, well the "Where's my refund" and it says 1/28/11 it was deposited, I called the IRS and spoke with a very nice lady who had told me it was definately deposited on 1/28/11 so when I waited for my money on the TurboTax Card... it didn't get deposited on 1/28/11, and I mean when I had my Walmart Visa it was deposited on the day the IRS said it would be, but not this time.  So I call up the TurboTax Card and was told there was a delay, just wait a few hours, then another few hours went by, called back, told to wait longer, and longer and longer and it was just a vicious cycle, then I get told, there is no delay, the IRS must have done something to make the deposit go in late so you will have to wait til Monday,
I live in PA, my funds were direct deposited and cleared on 1/28/11 and they were not taken by any debt collector, I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm sadly disappointed by everything,
Has ANYONE gotten their refund for this card yet?
    TurboTax gives you an estimated date that you will receive your refund based on the IRS's Refund Cycle Chart. If you e-filed, your federal refund will typically be deposited directly on your card within 8-15 days from day your return is accepted by the IRS (6-8 weeks if you mailed your return). Once your refund is loaded on to your TurboTax Refund Card, you will be notified by email or SMS text message (if you requested to be contacted when you signed up for the card) that the funds are available.
    you can also login to your card account at: www.myturbotaxcard.com

    • But the IRS themselves, I spoke with another agent this morning said it was processed and cleared on Friday 1/28/11 and they even said the money should be on the card no later then this morning, Monday Jan 31st and says it's the Card that is holding the money, not them, that they no longer have any control over it, and the card people say there is a delay, I spoke with two supervisors this morning about that card and they both said it's a processing delay and should be there by noon this morning and yet it is not there,
      I mean it would help if we knew if anyone got their refund because the agents at the Turbotax Card said no
    • Like you, I received an email from TurboTax that my refund was placed on my card, but I haven't received the card yet!!!  They stated they were sending it via FedEx, yet due to extremely bad weather, FedEx has not delivered.  But I never received the first card, before it was cancelled, in the regular mail.  I just wish I hadn't opted to accept this Turbo Tax card now!!!
    • Again the question Jess560 asked is:

      HAS ANYONE gotten their refund on their Turbo Tax card yet?

      I'm beginning to be really freaked out after reading all these continued posts about people not receiving their turbo tax card and/or the irs swears the money is there and that the bank is just holding it (this did actually happen to me last year with the turbo tax card - but it was diposited at like 3am that day and was "pending" with the bank turbo tax used until about noon).

      But, see, last year, I received my card on time, before the money was deposited, like a day or two in advance actually. I had it activated and ready for the deposit. But now, after reading that practically NO ONE has received their card and refund on time to access it is really starting to trip me out. If this happens to me, I will never use Turbotax Card again. Honestly, I might continue to use Turbotax but I will opt for the check to be mailed, especially reading about how some people have had to pay $20 to have their card FedEx-ed in 3 days because the refund had already been deposited. That is absolutely uncalled for. If they guarantee a 7-10 business day wait, then after 10 business days, they better be flighing that card to you FREE OF CHARGE. I'm sick of being screwed around when I have bills to pay and are relying on that money. I REALLY REALLY hope this doesn't happen to me.. My refund is to be deposited this friday and that will also be the 10th day that the card should arrive by. It better be here. & I'll let you know. But in the meantime....

    • I recieved my State refund on my card but then my Federal was delayed. Turbo tax took all but $6 off my card (there was over $600 on it)  And now I cannot get ahold of an actual person to talk to
    • yes kristi i did receive my card in fact they sent me 2 but the lady is saying my money wont b available untill tuesday but the irs deposited it feb 25th it shoulda been there yesterday im so sadd...hope you can help me too...
    • OK me and my friend both did our taxes this year using the turbotax debit card as refund choice and we filed 1/30 and as of today I still cant find out anything from IRS or TURBOTAX about our refunds and we are stressing
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