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do not file form not final

I need to Mail my Local  Detroit Taxes. D-1040(NR) when printed it is stamped all over it "DO NOT FILE FORM NOT FINAL". I reviewed it tons of times and i have not able to see what the ptoblem is. I went to city of detroit tax forms to see if there is anything wrong with the form and they are 100% the same.  What should i do.
The Michigan forms in many cases are not yet complete and ready to be used for filing.

See here for the dates when the forms will be complete and available for filing
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  • So do we just come back once the form is available? Will it update automatically?
  • Same issue with my Pontiac forms.  Do the forms update on their own?
  • Same here for Grand Rapids. I wish someone at Turbo Tax would answer this question!!
  • Same here from Detroit. The link said it would be open to recieve returns on January 28th, and now the forms are gone. This is really aggravating!
According to the link from Scruffy, the city forms aren't available until 2/14. Hopefully the process isn't too difficult to update the forms. Good luck early birds.
  • Same here for Battle Creek and Lansing...

    So, I guess we just wait and come back later?
Ok so now it's 2/16 and I have updated twice. My form for Pontiac taxes still has DO NOT FILE FORM NOT FINAL on it - when will they update the form?