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filing married separate

If I check on box filing married separately, does that mean that i have to file for my husband and then open a new account with turbotax and file for myself or when i click on this button, it files for the both of us, but just separately?

We normally file married jointly, but seems like we get more money back this year filing separate?
  • we are still married but separated
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Filing "MFS" means that BOTH you and your spouse must EACH file a SEPARATE return (2 returns; 1 for you & 1 for your spouse).  When you use TTax on-line each USER-ID can be used for ONE and ONLY ONE return.  Attempting to use the same USER-ID account to prepare and file a second return will cause ALL PREVIOUSLY ENTER INFORMATION to be ERASED and OVERWRITTEN with the new information --such information will gone and lost forever leaving you with nothing to support your return if the IRS should question anything.

Except under unusual circumstances or residence in certain states, filing MFJ is usually the best approach for most marrieds.

Should you insist on filing MFS, you might want to purchase the desktop version of TTax which will permit you to file up to 5 e-filed returns for the purchase price of only one copy of TTax.  Additionally many retail merchants offer discounts on the CD version of TTax.
    Here's some things to consider about filing separately……

    In the first place you each have to file a separate return, so that's two returns.  Many people think they come out better when filing Married Filing Separate but they are probably doing it wrong.  If one person itemizes deductions then the other one must itemize too, even if it's less than the standard deduction.  And there are several credits you can't take when filing separately, like the EITC Earned Income Tax Credit.  And the tax rates are better for MFJ.

    Also to do it online you need to use two separate accounts and pay for 2 returns.  The desktop version can do unlimited returns and it has what if scenarios, you can compare joint vs separate,  and you can see and enter into the actual forms.

    With the Desktop version you can prepare unlimited returns and efile up to 5 federal for free (IRS limit). State is $19.95 to efile but it is free to print and mail unlimited returns.  And it has what if scenarios and you can see and enter directly  into the actual forms.  You can buy it here….
    • In our case (living in Ohio) the federal tax is a bit higher when filing separately, but the Ohio tax is enough lower to make it worth the effort... Several hundred.