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on my 1099-SA, who is the Payer?

Turbo Tax is asking for "payer's Name" and Address.  I don't know who the "Payer" is... Me?  My employer?  I have the form, it has a Fed ID #, but nothing that says who the Payer is... I know that I am the recipient... who is the Payer that Turbo Tax is asking for?

    Trustee and Payer is the same. The Bank who holds your account is the payer and the bank's Fed Id should be used. Hope this helps :-)
      These are issued by the bank that holds your HSA account and which gives you your medical payments on that account.
      • I have not recieved a 1099-sa form, who do I get it from???
      • Who is payer?  Does TT not help with questions like this?
      I have the same question.  My 1099-SA has Recipient information and Trustee Information.  Who is the "Payor".  

      Just saw the previous comment which stated that the Trustee is the Payor.  Thanks for that input.