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my return was accepted feb 2,why havent recieved a direct deposit date

  • me neither. apparently the irs system keeps messing up and they dont even want people to call the 800 number.
The Irs refund chart says if return was ACCEPTED 2/2 your direct deposit date is 2/15 u can also call the bank turbotax uses to process refunds sbbt 1(800)717-7228 you'll need your ss#,filing status,& zip code
  • mine was accepted2/2 also and i don't have a dd date yet.........I am just gonna try to be patient hard when u really need the money :(
  • I submitted my taxes on the 21st of Jan and still have received them.  Not even an email from Turbotax about the delay. Hope to get something soon.
  • I don't think it is Turbo Tax.  I did mine on January 30 and IRS said I would get mine on Febrauary 7.  It  was in my account this morning.
  • Mine was accepted Feb. 1 yet I still have not even recieved an update........ nothing on wmr or phone and never an option on any 3 numbers I've called to talk to a live person.......
  • people who where accepted last week u need to wait a few wks b4 u start wondering lol
You should recieve it by the 15th, but most likely this week. That is just the latest that the IRS states the you will recieve them. Turbox tax deposits it about 5 to 7 days after the IRS accepts them. So be patient!
  • just wanted to let you guys know that i filed on 1/20 and got accepted on the same day and I had a direct deposit for 2/3 and that changed 2 days ago to the 6 weeks statues i checked this morning and there goes my deposit to sbbt bank i was so happy so i should get my money in my bank 2 morrow and now i checked the wmr website and it still says 6 weeks so have hope if yours say 6 weeks you will get your money this week by friday good luck to you all
  • You guys seem to have access to a magic chart that say's if your return was accepted ??/??/2012 you can expect your refund ??/??/2012 where can I go to see this chart?
  • (800)717-7228 . I called it and it gave me a time for direct deposit. Maybe something is happening cause I never got any email from irs saying this. Hope for the best.. Filed on 1/21/12 suppose to be deposited on feb 8
As you know, your IRS refund deposit has not reached your account as expected according to the normal IRS deposit cycle. We wanted to give you a little insight on what happens now since you may have a lot of questions of why the IRS did not deposit the refund on time. Our experience in the industry over a number of years tells us that a few things are possible when this happens:

1) The IRS may pay your refund on the next cycle. The IRS uses the Financial Management Service (FMS) to pay out refunds. When the money is sent out, they use the system called the Automated Clearing House (ACH) through the Federal Reserve Bank which can take 1 to 2 business days for it to post to the receiving bank. For orderly processing and since they pay out millions of refunds each year, it is paid according to a cycle. You can check the status of your refund on the IRS website at using the “Where’s my Refund” link*. They also have a document posted on their site called the IRS Refund Cycle Chart* you can view. When the IRS makes deposits on time, you can see the expected date on that chart. A large majority get paid out on time, but when they don't the next available disbursement is done on the next cycle, which can be up to one week later. Your deposit simply did not get disbursed during the normal cycle. If you call the IRS Customer Service, they may inform you that the refund was disbursed so that means that it is on its way and should be included in the next cycle.

2) Another branch of the IRS may have intercepted your refund for further review. When this happens, IRS Customer Service may tell you that the refund has been sent out when in fact it never reached your account. This is part of the IRS Revenue Protection Strategy and it insures that questionable information on a tax return is addressed before paying out the refund. If this happened in your case, you will get a letter from the IRS within the next few weeks to explain why your refund was withheld. They may need more information from you in order to complete the review and disburse your refund.

3) The IRS may have offset your refund to pay off an outstanding debt. If this happens, you will receive a letter from them within a few weeks explaining why they did this and what the debt was for.

Hope this shines some light on the subject... if you think you may have an offset the number is 1-800-304-3107 I find out...
  • I was supposed to receive my refund by direct deposit on Feb. 2nd and received a letter in the mail today saying the will mail it to me because they had to do some more processing. Now I'm on the phone with the 800 person and she did 30 min worth of researching and can't find a reason why I'm getting a check in the mail. Now I have to wait another 4 weeks for my money. Just great.  Oh ontop of it I will receive my paper check 3 - 4 weeks from the date of this notice. Today is 2/7/12 the notice date on the letter says 2/20/12???????
  • Mine was excepted 1/31 - As of a minute ago WMR has no DD date showing.
  • That 800 number on the top is a (profanity removed). Don't waste your time with it. Even when you file, it tells you that you have no status.
  • I filed mine on 2/1, it was accepted the next day. I have since found 3 different dates I should get mine... 2/8, 2/15 and 2/21. I am praying that it is tomorrow and I am not understanding why so many dates and what the problem is. I was really worried then read how everyone else is also having issues. I am sorry for those who have to wait and hopefully it will come soon! I will let you know if i find anymore out! Good luck to all!!
  • i filed and was accepeted 1/31. After days of checking wmr it has given me a date of 2/21!!!!
I filed on the 19th of jan. was processing the hole time never was in review but i was patient I knew they were backed up and I knew i didn't have any offsets or anything else that would hold up my return and it came in today... almost three weeks later and I got just the amount I was supposed to get so everybody be patient make sure you dont owe any debts by calling the offset number 1-800-304-3107 if you don't owe anything just know that the money is coming try not to have idle hands and the time will go alot faster...
  • filed 1/20 accepted same day, was given 2/1  date then changed to 2/7 now it says wait 6weeks...
  • same with dd and says make sure you entered info right...and i did enter it right ....????
  • I share my frustration with all of you wondering what ha happen this year with early submissions to the IRS. I have filed my tax return like every other year earlier than most. This year however, when I submitted my stuff thru TT on 1/31 i got a congrats you submitted message and 15 minutes later congrats it has been accepted message. All good until I noticed to this day there's no congrats ur money will be DD on ___ date. So I called on the IRS website and a very nice gentleman answered that in fact there was a glitch in the system and most returns are delayed for an additional week.... No need to panic. This is why we are seeing error messages "9001 or sorry we don't have your info" and so forth and so on. Stuff happens... I thank the person who posted the number 1-800-717-7228 because today I got my answer. My DD is set for 2/14. Just b patient.... Theres a lot of people asking the same questions over and over again... And lot of telephone numbers given. Just know that Turbo Tax and any other tax tool works as a link between you an the IRS and if there's a glitch with the iRS.... Well they can't help it.... Good luck.
  • I filed my tax return on the 28th of Jan, and still haven't seen it, it says 7days its 7dys now where is my refund!
    Lol, i'm patience, the IRS says there will be a delay on refunds.
  • I filed 1/18, was accepted 1/19, was given a refund date of 2/1, it then changed to 2/7, it then said wait 6weeks, now says it can't find me. Spoke to two IRS Operators that were just as clueless as the website.
  • mine was accepted on 1/31 and i'm getting the same msg as others....can't find my info, nothing on file when i type everything correctly into the WMR link. i even downloaded it on my phone thinking it would be so handy. just really frustrating. i want to throw my phone out a window every time i check that stupid link. so bottom line is, i've no idea what to do next....
  • Me too. Accepted the 2nd and nothing. I paid my fees up front which I thought would help but apparently not.  So as of today still no update on the website or 800 number for wmr. Irritating
  • I am dealing with the same problem. I filed on 1/31 and received an email stating the IRS accepted it on 1/31. After waiting the 72hrs I checked the IRS site to be told it did not have my information, I continued to try daily. Finally today I have a notice stating that I will not have my dd until 2/21. I find it very frustrating that we e-file to be able to get our funds faster, generally because we need them, to just have to be pushed back another 2 weeks from what the IRS DD cycle chart shows. I am supposed to have my dd tomorrow per the chart, I truly hope that still happens.
  • i was accepted the 27th, and wmr had by the 14th, then it went to no info, and it had a 9001 code....called them and rep said it was just still processing and it could take up to 3 wks from accept date
  • My return got accepted on feb 2th as well. And I go to the website and it's can't find my information. VERY FRUSTRATED!
  • My taxes where accepted on Feb 1st and I cant even get into the IRS system to get a clue where we are in the process
  • When the advertisement says "receive your refund in as little as 5-7 business days", that's what you tend to think would happen.  TurboTax should have included the IRS processing time before telling their customers they will have their money quicker than 15 days.  I think it's false advertising.  So the person who says "be patient, lol"- this statement is invalid.
  • Mine was accepted on Feb 1st as well and I never got a DD date. Looking at the refund cycle chart, I'm suppose to get it tomorrow but i know it's only wishful thinking.
  • Our return was filed AND accepted on 2/1/12, info from  the TT site.
    When I went on the IRS site there was no info about our return. But, according to the chart We should get it by 2/15.  Once I downloaded the app for my iphone, the phone said it was accpeted and  gave me the date range for DD of 2/11/12 - 2/21/12, again nothing on the  IRS site did it say anything. Nothing on the SBBT site either.

    Now fast forward to TODAY and the IRS site updated, and it says I should get my refund BY 2/21/12, my phone still says 2/11/12-2/21/12. Everywhere I read it can take from 10-21 days to get back your refund ONCE it is accepted.

    The Illinois site says it eas accepted and  I should get my state within 7 days.

    Hope this helps.

    PS: Alot of people have been getting there refunds BEFORE the IRS site updates.
  • My refund was accepted Jan 19th and I still haven't received anything. From what I've heard it's suppose to post to my account tomorrow morning. So all of you pleople that filed at the end of January or early February better get in line and forget about if for a little while.
  • Mine was submitted and accepted 2/1.  The online system finally updated this morning and said I would receive my refund by 2/20.  I guess it will either show up 2/10 or 2/17.
  • I filled mine on January 26th and the chart says Feb 8th deposit. I also called 800-717-7228  and it said the same thing. Crossing my fingers!
  • This is my second year using Turbo Tax - use to use H and R block - after all this mess this year year I will be back to H and r block ... Filed my taxes on Jan 27 and accepted the 27  and says direct deposit on  Feb 8th -- don't believe it at all .............. very disappointed with Turbo tax
  • OK folks i hope this will help some if not all....... I to am in the same boat as everyone. I filed on 2/1/12 and was accepted the same day and have yet to see any info on my return. i have called the irs and Turbo Tax when i talked to the irs (3 times) they showed no record of my return. Today 2/7/12 i called TT and got alot of help. the customer service rep gave me my DCN # in which i called and gave it to an ajent with the irs and he had to dig hard but found my return and said it was in the early processing stages. He also told me that the reason for the delay was this new fraud software they have is not updateing returns like it should and i should see a status on the WMR site in 10 to 21 days
  • Good Luck to you all i was accepted on the 18th and just got a dd date on friday.
  • accepted on the 18     given a dd of 1-25   then 1-31     now wmr and automated just says    processing     tomorrow makes 3 weeks          this sucks
  • This refund delay has NOTHING at all to do with Turbo Tax. it is the IRS. there was alot of fraud last year and they got a new system. the refunds are only 1 week late if that (so FAR). i think everyone is jumping the gun, reading most of these comments it is just beyond the 7 day mark! If you read your tax software it says it can take up to 21 days! be patient guys, i too am still waiting on my refund, havnt got a direct deposit date or anything.
  • yeah but after 21 day mark then what
  • I did my roommates taxes the same day as i did mine 2/2 she recieved hers in 4 days through etax. Mine was accepted 2/3 and when i check to see when i am goiig to recieve it I dont get a date and when i called the 800 number she told me that because i had filed under a PO Box last year and not this year that might be holding it back. HOw many ppl really have NO changes in a year that is on there taxes. I just really need the money, most ppl bank on threre tax returns and wait to do alot of things untill it comes in. but I am glad at least i am not going through it alone, hopefully it all works out for all of us
  • the IRS is having problems this year.
  • Ok so I have read through all of these and Im confused as to what to do exactly because so many different answers. I filed on 1/31, accepted 15mins later per Turbotax to my email. No info on WMR, no info on the 800 numbers provided. I saw we should get it tomorrow according to the table but I want to find out more info. Who do I call now?
  • Mine was accepted on January 19th and the IRS just changed my date of dirtect deposit to tomorrow.  They have  changed my date twice.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  • last time i got my $ in 3 days. This will be the last time i use turbo tax. I cant even get an email about the delay.
  • I was accepted on the 19th was due for dd by the 7th. Then updated to within 6 weeks. Called irs last week and was told my dd was stopped for whatever reason and was sent a letter.  I called today and was told the tried to deposit but it didnt go through. I called the bank and was told they didnt see where a deposit tried to come through.
     Called irs and was told I was sent a Topic 53 letter stating a paper check will be mailed on the 14th. What is Topic 53?
  • The IRS is experiencing delays this year.  It isn't Turbo Tax it's the IRS.  I heard about it on the news 2 days after I filed.  You can get your exact date by going to and click on "Where's My Refund" on the right hand side.
  • Just thought I would point out that while when I go to the IRS site I get no info, and I get no info on turbo site either, I also downloaded the apps for irs, and turbo on my phone... the turbo app states when it was accepted which shows the 31st, IRS shows no info just like on the web page, but then I added the app for my turbo card and that one says tomorrow the 8th... so then I called the 1800 number for tubos bank which someone posted and that says the 15th... it is ALL messed up and not making much sense, but the bottom line is we are going to all just have to be patient... I have never seen things ran like this in all my years working with turbo... I don't think it is there issue but rather the IRS's so hopefully they will all come soon very frustrating... I am hoping that the turbo card app is right because my card is sitting here ready... I NEED A NEW CAR!
  • I have used turbo tax since 2004 and have never had an issue with them at all and this year will be the same...IRS wheres my refund link has never steered me wrong til this year when it says it cant find me however the 800 num,ber found me so like all of you I hope its deposited soon but IRS seems to be having issues and NOT TURBO TAX...Good luck to you all and waiting as patiently as I know how too :)
  • I filed mine on Jan 30 and was accepted that day the wmr website was showing at first I should have my refund direct deposited by the 14th of Feb and now I get error messages saying it can't find me or that I should expect my refund six weeks after it was accepted  by the irs.  I call the 1800 number and it says it should be deposited into my account tomorrow which is Feb 8th at this point I'm just really confused on what is going on.  My sister filed her's the same time as me and she got her's today which is Feb 7th.  I'm just praying that I get mine tomorrow cause I'm really banking on it this year.
  • What is Topic 53?
  • I Also am still waiting.....filed the 17th accepted the 19th had a WMR date of the 31st, now WMR says still processing so who knows maybe sometime this year :-)
  • this is all turbo taxes b.s saying how fast you will get your refund. remember this next year and use a different tax prep. its a joke, what does t.t. care they already got your money
  • Here is a link for 2012 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for Tax Year 2011.
  • if you have a smart phone , download the turbotax app, i also did mine on the 2nd, on the app it says i shall receive my refund between the 15th and 23rd
  • maybe if thousands of people weren't calling them.... we would get them faster.
  • I am very upset that TurboTax has not sent any kind of notifications regarding these delays, especially to their paying customers. What really upsets me is that they charged me $30 to use their "advanced" software and I didn't even need it. Instead of telling me that I did not need it, they took my money and hooked up with a bank that charges a rediculous fee for processing. I didn't really mind paying the extra money at first because I figured they would take care of me and process my return faster than the free customers but they can't even let me know that there are problems going on...THAT'S WHAT WE PAY THEM FOR!!! This is rediculous and I expect to see some kind reimbursement or at least let me use the "advanced" software for free next year. Unless TurboTax does something about this I WILL NOT USE THEM NEXT YEAR!
  • OMG! why is everyone freaking out!!!  This glitch does not just pertain to Turbo tax... this is everyone who E-filed whether it be through an accountant, H R block, Liberty or any other tax preparer that efiles for you... If you did not pay hundreds of dollars for rapid refund, cash now or HR refund loans then you have to wait.... This is an IRS problem.. It is really sad that people are flooding the IRS phone systems with all the "where is my money" phone calls. Maybe if they did not have to so many calls to attend to they could use those people and resources to help with "your money"  Ever think that maybe all your frantic phone calls to check on your refunds could be bogging down their systems?  It really is sad that people are acting so crazy over a few thousand about saving a few bucks through out the year and you wont have to act like crazy people when your tax refund is a few days late.....Just sayin!
  • I filed on 2/1 and the still states that they don't have my information.
Here's the link for the IRS refund cycle calender
  • If you need the exact date of your refund have your SS# ready and amount of refund due and go straight to the source:
  • I submitted my return 1/19, accepted on 1/21.  Check the WMR site and it says no information available.  Refund was suppose to be dispersed on 2/2.  Try to call the number and just get the automated system runaround.  I would really like to know what the delay is all about.
  • I submitted mine on 2/1, was accepted the same day.  Still no record of me at WMR and haven't received a DD date from Turbo Tax.  Don't know what is going on.  How many times can you access WMR before it locks you out of the system?
  • How accurate is the DD info with SBBT???
  • if you did yours in between 1/19-1/22 its gonna be delayed. mines got accepted 1/21 and i had a dd for 2/1 but still no deposit i called 1800-829-0582 ext 362 and the lady said people who filed around that time, their returns was lost but now they back on track nd i should expect a dd for 2/14. it sucks but u have no other choice but to wait. nd the people who filed now the dd listed for TT is false, and and go to WMR for your dd but its goona be almost 4 weeks later.
  • Accepted 1/19, supposed to be deposited tomorrow 2/8. Fingers crossed
  • Hi everyone I just called the toll free number above @ 1-800-717-7228 listened and picked my choices and according to them since I filed on Feb 3, 2012 I can expect my deposit in my account by Feb 15, 2012.
The tool on the IRS website says to check back on Wednesdays, so it looks like it may update everything then.  I'm just going to be patient.  There's really no need to panic.
I was accepted on 1/19 , recieved date of 2/7 then 2/8. Called my bank today and was told they had recieved today and would be availble tomorrow morning...finally!
  • It's obviously not Turbo Taxes problem as you can see the majority have a issue with the IRS. So sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. Running a company down because the IRS is slow is retarded.
According to statements by the IRS and several different tax services, this problem should really only be affecting people who filed early before Jan 26, and it should only be a week delay...that is probably just some bs statement by the IRS to hold us over but it IS an answer. Hopefully it helps, but it probably won't.
  • will mine was accepted on the 17th of jan  in i still don't have mine n it was post to be dd on the 31st
  • I checked the refund status on the irs website, it was saying refund by 2/14 but not its showing an error message 9001.  I called the IRS two days ago and she doesnt see it in the system!  I called sbt and they dont have any information.
    I did receive an email when I submitted on 1/27 that it was accepted.  I know my refund will be delayed but I am worried that my return has been "lost" if they cant even find it to give me info... The IRS sucks..Last two yrs I had to pay back and they were really nice because they were collecting monies and penalties now not so much.
  • For all of u people that have filed in the beginning of February, u can stand in line, I filed on the 12th accepted on the 19th and I STILL dont have mine. Spoke to a lady at the IRS and she said I would have it no later than today and still dont have it. And why are people talking about SBBT, Do u go through them even if u didnt pay turbo tax. I did the free edition and i think mine should just go on my card not through SBBT. I am being patient even though the WMR site says 6 weeks now. It changes all the time or it says it cant find it period. Its all a mess. I just hope it comes soon.
  • i filed on 2/6 and the irs accepted a hour later but right before that i got a email saying i would have my money on the 2/8 so just keep checking
  • You people are being impatient and stupid. Read the rules the first time around, gather your information before you file. I did my taxes and submitted them the 18th of January, got rejected for a minor irregularity, resubmitted the 20th, and on the 4th of February my Tax Return was sitting in my checking account. Give it the 72 hours before you even follow up with it. if its accepted, then you shall have to wait the 10 to 15 days like everyone else.
  • ^^^"impatient and stupid????"" Really??!! For most people, we efile to get the money back faster....when its advertised as getting a return in as little as 5 to 7 days, and in actuality it takes WEEKS, of course people are going to be upset! I was accepted 2/1, and according to the irs, I will be recieving my return on 2/21. This is the LONGEST time I have ever waited for a tax return.  And this is not all websites.  My friend filed through h&r block and got her state refund in 3 days, and her federal within a week. Ive used turbotax for about four years, and I feel very comfortable with it, but it absolutely makes me consider switching.  And to the person above me, everybody does not have the luxury of being patient when the money is NEEDED.
  • I totally agree u shouldn't count on that money..but it's nice to know what's going on w ur taxes.. It's nice having extra cash weather u pay debt go shopping buy a new car.. It's nice to plan.. So to everyone Iv talked to irs and the latest it would b postponed would b by a week
  • it has been 2 weeks for me and still no direct deposit! We have no choice but to wait but the sad thing is that the irs does'nt wait to take money from our pay! some ppl are very insensitive to others situations by name calling because there is no reason for that! when you work hard you expect to receive your money when they tell you! Everyone's situation is different so whether you're rolling in the dough or living check to check it does'nt matter we all expect to have our refunds when our tax preparer tells us.
  • Same thing with me, Mines was accepted Feb 2nd and still no update on when it's going to be deposit, and when I check on where is my return and put in the amount I'm suppose to get, it says error... Idk what's going on,but they need to hurry up... It's my money and I need it now!!! LOL
  • I just checked the status of my refund on WMR and it gave me a DD date of 2/21 and my return was filed and accepted on 2/2. Anyone else have this acceptance date and possibly get it earlier?
  • i did mine feb 1 and they were accepted the same night and i just checked irs site and they finally have a dd of 2/21. check wheres my refund today hopefully you have an update as well
I did my taxes on the 2/1/2012 and I just called the irs and it showed that it is processing but I will not see it until the 21 of feb. But when
I call the other number it say that I will receive it on the 15, so let's see who get theirs first that filed on 2/1/2012
  • There is no doubt that even if TurboTax communicated with me about the issues that the IRS is having, I would still be mad...however, the fact that they haven't given any answers and the only way I am finding out about this is from other customers on a message board. Of course, if they said that the E-filing system wasn't working then they would lose alot of business to their competitors who would try to convince us that they can get the returns done faster. I am really frustrated.
I submitted my taxes via e file through Turbo Tax on 1/17/12.  According to the Turbo Tax  refund table, my refund should have been deposited on 1/28/12.   I understand that the IRS is running a bit behind.  I received my refund on 2/1/12.  If you go to the web site,,id=96596,00.html, it will let you know that you should receive your refund by deposit 10 - 21 days after the IRS accepts your transmittal.  Also on the site, you can put in your social, your filing status and the amount of your refund and the site will give you a date you should receive your deposit.  Hope this helps!
  • In a perfect world many people would not count on this money,our world is far from perfect, I filed and was accepted on feb 3rd. Check Irs website they have no info regrading me, ask to make to sure info is entered correctly. The irs dd chart states a dd date of Feb 15, twelve days after i filed and was accepted. TT says on their front page as little as 7 days. You would figure with eveything the government is capable of, depositing a bitof money would be a breeze regradless of any new system,isnt that why they get all the big bucks?    Not happy about dd date, and no info on irs website. What can you do, nothing, because we are nobody.  Terrible..
  • I filled my taxes on Jan 17th and on the 19th got approved. and the irs said i would recive my refund on feb 1st. then feb 3rd, the feb 7th. then feb 8th. so what am i suppose to do if i still havent got it. its real hard to wait for my refund when i really need the money..
  • yay   just checked wmr and it actually says something it says to expect my money the 10th      i was accepted 1-18        at least it says something        yesterday nothing    its a little ray of sunshine
  • Mine was received on Jan. 30 & thats all the info I have. Maybe I should call my bank. I called the 800 # for the irs but no help
  • Ok.. did the taxes.. read all there is to read on the matter.. Where is my confirmation email? Where is my date of direct deposit? Where is my $? Why would it take the IRS over a month?
     TURBO TAX.. 7 DAYS... BS!!
     Those of you who say we should not rely on the money get you heads out of your butts.. Its already our money. I worked my ass off for it and that means its mine.
     The gov just takes it away and we try like hell to get a  small fraction back by jumping through a hoops!
     Every penny we make is absolutely needed.  
    Turbo Tax.. Get your story straight.( Fed returns do not get back to you in 7 days.) more like a month and a half.
    IRS.. you have no friends and everybody talks behind your back.
    Rich folks who dont NEED the returns.. Take a leap or give to the poor.
  • dang weRnumbers  you aren't playing    you serious about your money   he he     just glad i have a date 2-10   accepted 1-18      so I do hear what you saying
  • I filed the 12th of jan and got accepted the 17th of Jan and still no refund? can you say lol? but in all seriousness wow....
  • I agree with Sir F.
  • I was excepted on Jan 19th,my  date has changed 3 times, for the past 6 days it said i should receive mine by Feb7,checked today(feb8th) nothing now it say processing. i had one daughter had her taxes excepted Jan 18th( day before mine) she got hers Jan 31st and my other daughters was excepted Jan 20th(day after mine) and hers is supose to be in bank today. I called #  and it says i owe no taxes ect...Its been 21days today.
  • Well Turbo Tax lied to me... no money is in my account today as promised... They said to get the card it would make it faster.. I got the card, I didn't even file free this year I paid. As I thought about this last night... yes we know this is the IRS's fault in respect to where the money is coming from, but my issue is that if I walked into a grocery store and was told I would receive my bread for a dollar a loaf, and I get to the checkout aisle and its 5 dollars for that loaf of bread guess what I would expect my grocery store to do? I would expect that to be honored. TT made commitments to people and that too should be honored. So yes I am disappointed because what was made clear to me is not available but come on people don't sit and pretend like TT has no part in this because they surely do. When I check my TT card app it states your estimated refund is expected TODAY... and then tells me how I have $0.00 in my account. That is false advertising, and leaves me feeling there is reason for concern with using it again. If it's not going to be there for 2 more weeks fine but it is the responsibility of TT to remain up to date and inform you the consumer of what is correct.

    As for the rebate itself again I am disappointed and like it was said we work hard for that money it is taken from us with no discussion. When you are promised you will receive it you don't. This is their business both IRS and TT to provide up to date information and receive peoples checks as they are to come, it is there business to get paid when money is owed in... I don't see anyone saying there is a delay in that. But there is no reason that they state one thing and do another. This is bad business all the way around. I am not hard up for the money I have no huge plans I just feel that the principal of a thing should be honored and this is the worst display of that I have seen in a very long time. And it is very unfair because there is nothing we can do about the IRS... but I would have to say I think there is something that can be done with regards to TT because they are making false promises to the majority of their customers... Anyhow another week according to the TT line, and 2 more weeks according to the IRS site which just now for the first time today gave any information...

    Keep your head up people! One day we will get whats supposed to come to us
  • The info on WMR says it updates on Wednesday's, as of this morning neither mine nor my duaghters has been updated.  The IRS web site says it can take as little as 10 days, but could be 21 days to get a refund, and that is only if you filed correctly.  They say it is taking longer due to everyones return is being closely inspected for fraud. Oh well, will just have to wait and see i guess. The IRS used to deposit only on Fridays, does any one know if that has changed? Can they deposit on any given day, or is it just certain days that they issue deposits?
  • Well i got my Federal on date it was said but now my state tax hasnt been deposit. Does anyone know anything about the state?
  • Today is day 23 since Ive been accepted last Jan 17th with no direct deposit in bank account.
  • checked irs website this morning....was accepted 2/1....irs says should recieve refund by 2/21... :(
  • My return was accepted on 2/1, I just got a deposit date this morning of the 21st.  They seem to really be slowing things down at the IRS.  Oh well, it'll get here eventually.
  • @just me you must be blessed enough to have a good job where you can save money throughout the year to equal up to a "few thousand dollars"! That's great for you, but how about not being so snobby and recognizing that others may not be so fortunate! A "few thousand dollars" is a lot to some ppl! Maybe you should try not to judge and degrade next time before you try to tell others how to behave...smh btw, most ppl would have been fine with the delay if we just would have gotten some notice from TT or the IRS.
  • Today on "As the Tax Return Turns"-----

    Filed: Jan. 19th, Acecpted: Jan. 23rd......Up until yesterday Where's My Refund had a by date of Feb. 7th. As of today it says my return has been received and is being processed. No date!
  • just a note. i was accepted on 2/1 and finally got a message that my return is finally bein processed... dep day 2/21 if no problems...
  • I filed mine also on Feb 2 super early in the AM and I just finally got a status on WMR......says on or before 2/21 to receive my refund ;)
  • I've heard several times that the IRS is inspecting closer for fraud.  However, the most reliable source that I've depended on for years is the IRS Refund Cycle chart.  So far, it always been accurate about the DD date.  Also, your return has to be accepted by a certain time on a certain day to be included in a certain cycle.
  • I am in the same boat. the IRS recieved my return on Jan 21. I was given a refund date of Feb1. The IRS WMR site said Feb 7.  Checked on the 7th and it said it said six weeks. Checked again and it could not find my information.
    Checked this morning and it is back to the six weeks notice. It would not be so bad if they could give me one straight asnwer. But all these changes makes me think the whole system is screwed. But there is nothing anyone can do but check you bank account everyday to see if they finally paid
I filed married/joint on 1/31.  Accepted on 2/1.  Original note on said to expect refund by 2/14.  Looking at with my ssn it now says that there is a 9001 reference number and no DD date.  Looking at with my husbands ssn shows expected return of 2/14.  I called IRS on monday.  They said the delay was part of the new security issues and it would be another week.  I called IRS back today and this person said she had no reason for the delay but that I had to wait 4 weeks from acceptance date.  The IRS staff gives dif answers every time you ask.  So any answers listed on here are not reliable.  Nothing is reliable with IRS
  • filed and accepted 2/2/2012, The IRS website says to check 72hrs after the e-file was accepted. The IRS couldn't locate me in the system and THEN ASKS ME FOR A FILING DATE:

    "Refund Status Results

    We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

    It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund."

    I checked the irs website today because I read that the system updates every WEDS. I entered my information only this time it DIDN'T ASK ME FOR A FILING DATE and still get a:

    "Refund Status Results

    We are sorry, we cannot provide any information about your refund.

    It can take up to 3 weeks to process your return. Please wait at least one week before you log-on again to check the status of your refund."

    The website says to wait 10-21 days (3 weeks) so I will be patient. I still have confidence that i'll get my DD as scheduled on the 15th per the IRS refund schedule as that would be the 14th day, well within the timeframe.

    I have not attempted to call the IRS automated system, so maybe I will sooner or later to see if I can get more up-to-date information.
  • when i checked around 4am it said my dd was 2/21 also. just now, NOTHING! it went right back to no info. really?. as far as thE debate over turbo tax/  TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.
  • my federal was used to pay off a debt but now im waiting on my federal it said dd date is for today but there is nothing in my account what to do?
  • So I filed 2/1 got accepted 2/1. 800 number says I don't exist. IRS states oh yes you do but you won't get your refund until 2/21.... BUT in the paragraph above this information, it does state that electronic filing takes about 3 weeks to get refunds deposited.  And the 2/21 date is 3 weeks after my 2/1 file date. SO..... I can only hope that this is all worse case senario and I get my refund in the next few days. That would be oh so helpful!!
  • My Federal return was accepted 2/2, just checked WMR and it gave me a DD of 2/21. So it looks like the the dates are being pushed back a week.
  • maybe his could help i did mine on 1/31 got rej b/c had the wrong ag num got acc on2/1 when on the wmr and said no info monday called the irs they said they only see my rej app and didnt see my acc but to call back wed if the info on wmr was not updated when on wmr today and said 2/21 called the irs back today and the said dd is 3/13 so i hope the is correct hope this helped
  • It looks like they are pushed back a week as mine was also accepted on 2/2 and the date finally showed up today as 2/21 that it should be refunded and dd. Really bites as I was hoping for it to be here by next week .
  • @# fantaasia
    no you cant last exact date I had was the 1st than it said by the 21st than it jumped back to by the 7th now it dont give any date just says processing will b 3 wks on friday
  • Mine was accepted Feb 2nd as well, It was just now updated to expect a deposit by Feb 21. Not sure why it is taking so long....
  • I filed and was accepted on Feb.3rd...There was nothing on WMR until this morning,and it's saying my return has been processed and I can expect my direct deposit Feb.21st...the past few years ive always gotten it back in LESS than a week. I know that WMR is just giving you the "latest date" but wow...hoping for the best though...Good Luck Everybody!
  • I also got accepted on February 2, I just viewed Where's My Refund today and it states I should receive funds by February 21st. However, when I called 1-800-717-7228, it told me February 15th, so which one should I go by? I'm lost as well.
You might check the WMR, today.  I files on the 31st and was accepted, but could never find out any info on the WMR until this morning.  It is now showing a DD of 2/21.  Good Luck!  :)
  • Good morning all,
      I am please to say I filed on 1/31, was excepted on that same date minutes after filing. 24 hours later I checked WMR and they gave a dd date of 2/8. Yesterday 2/7 I checked SBBT, they said my refund was sent to the bank. This morning I had my refund in my account. Those of you who have a credit union, our money will get there fast, credit unions always are fast and on point. I've read so many post, and I hope you all receive your money just be patient and know your money is coming.
Filed and was accepted on 02/04. WMR has no record of me. called (800) 717-7228 - has DD date of 2/15. Phone number was the only place I could get a answer..
    • My return was accepted on 2/2/12. There has been no updates on turbo tax. I'm not even sure when it will be direct deposited. Thanks 4 everyone comments it really helped. I honestly think its the It's and not turbo. I have been using this for 6yrs. and no problems. Keep praying, it will be here soon. Thanks,
    • i filed 2/4 saying on 1800 number dd should be 2/15 fingers crossed last yr irs messed up so bad didnt get til june yes june!!!!!!!!!!
    • I  submitted our joint filing on the first of February and it was accepted the same day but I did not get a dd date either.  I have been checking both the sbbt  website and wmr site as well.  I just checked today again and after getting the same messg as you for numerous days I finally got a mssg saying we would get our refund by February 21,2012.  I am grateful to finally get a date, but would have like a much sooner date.  Perhaps we will be blessed like some other people on here and get our money before that date.  Check the wmr website again and you should see something today.  On a side note-sbbt site did not have anything on a refund yet, but I figure they won't until we are closer to when they actually get the money.
    • I'm in the same boat.  I filed Feb 1st and was accepted Feb 1st and WMR doesn't have any of my information yet.  Still getting the generic message of taking 3 weeks to process.....Lame....
    • I'm experiencing the smae thing about my refund I filed on the31st and suppose to get it on the 8th and noting. I called the 188 number and it says the 15th. I've been calling different 1800 numbers and it's the same ole same ole.