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1099-Misc Forms

I need to create 1099-Misc forms and was told that the TurboTax Quick Employer Forms feature is no longer available.  How do I use TurboTax to create my forms?
    If you are using TurboTax 2011, please update so that you can access the latest Quick Employer Forms.
    If you are using an earlier version of TurboTax, access to Quick Employer Forms is now only available in 2011 TurboTax Business or

    TurboTax Home & Business. One can access QEF only through 2011 TurboTax Business or TurboTax Home & Business going forward and not

    directly through
      This year you have to prepare the W2s and 1099Misc online and efile them.  So you will not get a printout of Copy A of the W2.  See this new article…

      BUT……There is now a work around to prepare W2s and 1099s on your computer instead of online.  Per TT Tyson……

      I discovered a bit of a hidden feature today. It turns out the offline W2/1099 creator hasn't been completely removed, yet.

      Instead of clicking the 'Start a New Return' button on the TurboTax home screen, select New Tax Return from the File menu.
      You'll see a small window asking if you're creating a 1040 or w2/1099s. Select W2/1099.

      It will then take you to the offline W2/1099 creator that was there in previous years. This works in both Windows  H&B and Business.

      If you're using a Mac and trying the link in the front of the program, we know that doesn't work. There is another link in the Schedule C interview on the screen titled Pay Any Employees and that link works.

      Info on using Turbo Tax Business or Home & Business to prepare W2 & 1099 forms…..

      Here is a long list of commonly asked questions about Quick Employer Forms…
      • This has been a huge hassle.  I've spent two days trying to get the online 1099misc to upload my files from last year so I could fill out the forms for this year.  I am still having problems with the online program..  I may not use turbotax again after this.  I have been using turbotax for 8 years and this is the fist time they really messed things up!