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duplicate ssn a tax return with the same ssn has already been submitted

I tried to efile and it states that a duplicate ssn has already e-filed, this is not true this is my first time filing for this year. There is no record of my submission, yet I have a printed copy of my completed tax return. Anyone else getting this error, I hope it is a glitch. I tried speaking to someone on Turbo Tax chat, and they were of no help. Seemed like they had no idea what I was talking about..
    If I did not know better, it would appear as if Turbo Tax is not processing returns unless you pay the state fee.
    • I've been trying to submit my taxes for 2 days now and I'm getting the same message. Duplicate SSN has already been e-filed.  This is my first time filing this year and I'm single, ?.....Has anyone gotten to the bottome of this problem?
    I had the same error when sending Federal along with MA & RI states. Try to send one by one, it worked for the states and now I just need to fix the Federal. I hope this helps.

    Your Transmission Didn't Go Through
    We could not e-file your return for the following reason:

    Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same Social Security number has already been submitted - in other words, it appears you're trying to e-file the same return twice. If you need to change this return, you'll need to file an amended return on paper, by mail.
    • I have also been back and forth with Turbo Tax and the IRS about the same problem. I don't have any kids and this is the first time I file for the year. I have already paid Turbo Tax, too. It's kind of strange that so many people are having the same problem and no one seems to know anything about it. I'm about to send my printed return and I was wondeing if I have to print some kind of ammend form and a signature page?
    • I'm having the same problem.  Same error message.  This for a return with no dependents, so someone else couldn't have included the SSN in another return.  Would appear to be a TurboTax programming error.
    • I have had the same problem.  Was waiting then on phone forever.  Then no answer.  Went through the whole thing again and was told to go to the online turbotax web forms and it would be ok.  just finished with that and again I couldn't file due to "duplicate SS#).  This is crazy.  I am now on hold with the IRS trying to figure out what to do.  Turbo Tax has always been great but is horrible this year!  I can't belive there is no tech support to override their glitch!
    • same thing happened to me yesterday!!! any solution yet?
    • This is horrible.....I always file on Turbo and was to happy about my refund this year and now this duplicate SSN message shows....what  now??? What do I do?
    • Same situation from a previously satisfied TurboTaxer. Just got the message and now I have to wait until Monday until I can speak with someone at the IRS...this is beyond frustrating, thanks TurboTax.
    • This  happen last year 2011.  It was identity theft.  We owed a bundle. The their received a considerable refund electronically to a bank account that was closed after the money landed in it. Have to file a special form and mail in return and payment. If you are getting a refund you will get it but it will take a long time, I'm told:(  Now we can't e-file because the thieves info doesn't match ours when we try to get a pin or use last years AGI.
    This is actually the second largest reason for the IRS to reject returns.  Has nothing whatsoever to do with the software used, Turbotax or any other.  It doesn't even matter if you check with Social Security and they tell you everything is correct.  The data base the IRS checks against says differently.
    • Thank you posterpup, someone finally that has common sense. Thank you, hopefully that will put the whole duplicate SSN issue to rest. It has been mentioned lots of times on this forum a duplicate SSN rejection has nothing to do with the software but rather its on the receving end with the IRS.

      If you think our answer is not right do what posterpup did and try another tax provider, let us know what happens though.  I will bet money the same things happens since its not the software but the IRS.
    • April 16, 2011. Same error as the other messages here. It could be a turbotax problem, it could be an IRS database problem, a user error who made a mistake and used my number, my mistake, or someone did it on purpose.  Well, I know it is not my mistake. I have the proper SS number on my return.

      TurboTax, in the page where you tell users that we can't efile, how about additional resources like a sample message we could send to the IRS to report the potential error or fraud? Even better, a phone number to the IRS department that could help us?  You could also link to their page with info.  Long URL from

      Telling us that the number was used aready and to file by mail is not a comple answwer.
    • Same thing as everyone else.  Support from Turbotax is non-existent.  No idea if it's a Turbotax glitch, if someone else mistakingly used my SS# or if it's fraud.  First and last time ever using TurboTax.  It's ridiculous that this only comes up AFTER paying them.  I will strongly discourage everyone I know in every forum available from using TurboTax.
    The problem is definitely in the turbo tax app...  after having the duplicate ssn error come up multiple times I went to TaxAct and e filed with no problem at all.
    • I am having the same problem. I called TurboTax and told me I needed to contact the IRS. I did but the IRS says nothing is wrong with my SS or my wife's. I have never had this problem in previous years with TurboTax. There must be a problem with their system. I am very disappointed with TurboTax. If they can't fix it I want my money back.
    They call them Drops. You probably heard about this already, a serous problem in the surrounding Tampa Bay area and other parts of Florida. People get a hold to your personal information and file fraudulent income taxes with your information. The income tax is then direct deposited onto a direct deposit card the thief had set up in your name.When this is done, you are unable to file taxes because record shows you have already filed and received your money. You need to protect yourselves, information can be obtained just by you filling out a job application or ordering a pizza. We can protect your identity, keep identity thieves from using your information to open bank accounts or applying for credit under your name. we do charge a monthly fee, but I would like for you to try our service for free for 6 months. You get to try out features we offer for free, the same service our paying customers are getting, you will be receiving. Just call _(number removed)_ to try our service for free, after you call pass this number to someone else, lets stop making it easy for our identity to be _(number removed)

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      The State return will go through without a problem if you submit it by itself. The problem is with the IRS, that's why the Federal return is having a problem eFiling.
      • I just finished my taxes and had the same problem.  My husband passed away in 2010 so I thought it might have something to do with that.  I have used TT for numerous years and have never had a problem.  It's very disconcerting to think that no one has any idea what's going on!  I'm very glad I checked Live Community though.  You have saved me a lot of frustration and time!  I'm going to file via snail mail and hope for the best!
      • Same issue.  First time in several years of TurboTax use.   There is no duplicate filing and no duplicate ssn use.  It appears to be a TurboTax issue.  Interestingly, this is the first year I explored the State Tax filing option.  I then rejected it.  Someone else mentioned that they suspect that this is a factor.  TurboTax may be facing some legal liability if it does not resolve the issue since they ahve accepted payment for service that include e-filing.  I for one will be exploring this option if TurboTax fails to take action.
      • I had the same thing happen, so I tried a WHOLE different sight since my return wasn't processed. I went to the Free Tax USA sight and it did the exact same thing. I actually think now that its more on the side of the IRS data base or software that processes them. How likely is it that SO many people have the same issue?? Just thought I would add my two cents, will just mail mine in, I really think there is a glitch in the IRS receiving end of things, I mean, come is the government right:) Try for yourself, go to another sight and see if it does the same thing. I think that answers it when two sights did it with mine. And when calling the IRS no tax returns for us have been received.
      There are two different things in this thread.  One is a TurboTax error saying you have a duplicate social security number in your return, which means you need to go back through and correct the social security numbers.  The other is an e-filing rejection that comes from the IRS.  If the IRS rejects your return for the reason of a social security number already being used, you need to check that your numbers are correct and, if they are,  Then file on paper.  It doesn't matter what the IRS person tells you on the phone.  It's their computer system that's rejecting it
      • I just want to let you know that today I tried again and it worked.
      • This is INDEED a problem within Turbo Tax. Got the duplicate SSN message multiple times. Checked with SSA and IRS- nothing wrong there. Used another preparer (H&R) and everything went through just fine. By the way, when the IRS rejects a return, you get an error code, also. On the Turbo Tax error, the returns are not even being transmitted so there is NO error code and your status still says "You have not filed a return". When your return is rejected by the IRS, your status will say "Return rejected" and Turbo Tax will give you options to help fix your return. Don't really understand how Turbo Tax can continue to claim it's an IRS rejection when their own site tells you it's not. I've been a Turbo Tax user for years but am switching now. I don't mind if they have problems of some sort, but prefer to be told the truth and not lied to about it.
      • Hey Carla74, Did you use H&R's online software or go in?
      • I hate to tell ya'll this and this may not be true for everyone involved, but I had the same issue, so I waited a day and tried to resubmit my efile and I got the same error, so I tried H& R block and it worked at first, but them 3 hours later I got a message saying the same thing. I then called IRS Fraud Dept. ( only because it was the only way to get a live person ) and they told me that someone else did file using my S.S.N. I then talked to lifelock and they informed me that this is very common. They said identity thieves are now stealing peoples tax refund.

        I hope this isn't the case for you, but you should call IRS Identity theft dept. at 1-800-908-4490.

        Lifelock will help you even if your not a member. They charge $300 bucks, but they said they can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get your refund back if this happens to you.

        Just because this happened to me though doesn't mean this is what happened to you. other people said they got theirs to work by just resubmitting it at a later date. I will be a lifelock member forever now.

        Good Luck you

      • I'm having the same problem as everyone else here. an illegal alien named Barry is probably using mine
      • My husband and I filed yesterday using TaxAct Software, as we have used for about the past 9 years without incident. First our Federal was rejected do to "our pin being used by a retern filed previously"... Then we "thought" we fixed the error, re-submitted and rec'd a nice error message regarding our California return being rejected due to "an accepted return already filed with our SSN".  We were immediately in a panic, tracking down our SS cards to be certain they hadn't been stolen resulting in identity theft.  Now I find we were among MANY with the same issue.
        There is NO doubt this is a software glitche, being that the idea that this year suddenly people became more typo prone when entering that all-important SSN is purely REDICULOUS.  But, I do agree that it is a software glitche on the end of IRS, not Turbo Tax, given the fact we are having the same error message filing with Tax Act software (which is completely unaffiliated with Turbo Tax as far as I know...).  We will now sleep easier knowing there is no identity theft and simply MAILING in our returns with a copy of the rejection notice AND our Social security cards for good measure.   
        Having said that, this is a very serious error that needs to be fixed sooner than later, but here were are now at "later' with not even a footnote on the IRS site. Thank a bunch!  I think all the IRS custormer support should have been informed about the issue so they can  quit sending poor folks on a path of FUTILITY telling them to notify credit depts, police, and such....
      • My husband is in Afghanistan and I just move back from Hawaii. Seems I filed too late because some idiot thief stole my husbands identity and already filed for him! Now I've been told they got our refund:/ This is a complete nightmare and now I wish I had been with life lock! Not sure how long it will take to fix or to get our return at this point!
      • There is no issue with the software, nothing to fix. The fact is you are a victim of identity theft. Now do something about it and call the IRS identity theft unit, so they can do something about it. You guys can whine,moan and complain all you want but I am 100% certain its not a software issue and I can guaranate Turbotax is aware as well thats its not a software issue.Its a clear cut case of identity theft.
      • Aaron 1, how do you know this isn't a Turbo Tax issue?
      • Because I am a security expert, and software engineer by trade.  I know for a fact because I know how turbotax was programmed and how its designed. The duplicate SSN message you recevie along with about 9 other common efile rejections message related to wrong SSN, name or DOB all occur because of 1 of the following reasons:

        1) You accidentally mistyped a Social Security number on your return;
        2) The last name or date of birth entered in TurboTax doesn't match IRS records for that Social Security number;
        3) A former spouse claimed your dependent on their return, and filed before you did;
        4) Someone else filed their return using your or your spouse's Social Security number.

        There simply is no other explanation. A very common thing that happens every year is people accidently type the wrong SSN, now this in and of itself wouldnt cause your return to get rejected if not for the fact that there are people out there with your same name and DOB and with similar SSNs and they make mistakes when typing in information. We are only human after all. Identity theft is also at an all time high, as we speak there is probably someone trying to use smoeone elses SSN to file a false return. I will be the first to admit having worked with software most of my life, no program is perfect but there are some things in programs that simply cant be wrong and this is one of those things. The only way this message comes up is if someone has efiled using your SSN already on a return using Turbotax. Behind the scenes there is a large database, it tracks who has already efiled. Because SSNs are unique and no 2 should be the same, once a return has been efiled using that SSN, thats it. It cant be used to efile any longer.

        But dont take my word for it, Turbotax has already posted many articles on its support website that address this. So obviously someone at Turbotax agrees with me.

        Here are some resources on the support site for you to look at:
      • My mom was a victim of identity theft and she submitted it since February and when she spoke to someone from the IRS identity theft department they stated they did not start working on it till March and she still have has not gotten her refund yet they told her it will take 90 days to respond.  My question to anyone that is going thru this is did anyone get their refund yet?
      The IRS has just published a report saying that their new security initiatives have resulted in their delaying 2.6 million returns so far this year.  Thety also noted that number was already over a month old and that the number has increased very significantly since then.  They origianlly suspected this fraud occurred mostly in the beginning of the season but have now discovered it continues throughout the filing season so they are continuing their security checks, resulting in many more incidents of delayed refunds for this purpose.
        Redrock - if the IRS already has a tax return in it's system with your SSN you can continue to resubmit, but it just won't take.  The solution, unfortunately, is to file the return on paper and hope that next year the IRS gets it's database straightened out.
          A duplicate ssn means that a social security number in your return is on your return twice or it has already been used on another return already filed probably by mistake. Check under personal info and make sure each ssn is only used one time. Maybe you entered one twice.   If you don't find it in your return you will have to mail your return and let the IRS sort it out and determine who is entitled to claim that ssn.  They will send you both letters.

          See this for error 0507 Dependent's SSN can not be used twice…….

          See this for error 0515 Your SSN can not be used twice…….

          See these posts from people who filed using the wrong ssn.  They may have typed YOUR ssn by mistake…

          • Same message, same problem as all of you.  I think we all need to request a refund from Turbo Tax for the fees we paid for e-filing since we can't do that now.
          • Hello all! Spent an hour on the phone with the IRS, with a not so friendly woman. I explained my situation about the duplicate ssn and she told me that my tax return was filed by someone else and on a different date than mine. She advised me to file a police report get a copy of it, then attach form 14039 identity affidavit from the website, along with two forms of ID. They have 90 days to investigate the claim, and in the mean time I can still submit my tax return via email.. What a nightmare!
          • Yes I am doing my sons and it is giving me this message. I had him on our return but removed him but I have not submitted my return yet ???
          • We could not e-file your return for the following reason:    Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same Social Security number has already been submitted - in other words, it appears you're trying to e-file the same return twice. If you need to change this return, you'll need to file an amended return on paper, by mail.

            I'm getting the same error....and no one is here to help
          • Yet another story of this happening - someone already used my ssn and I am single with no dependants. When I called the TurboTax helpline I was told (via automated system) that they nor the IRS show that my ssn had filed yet. This is a turbo tax error not irs. The turbo tax error not the irs. I have now paid to do double work and extra frustration. No more turbotax for me or my family. I will definitely discourage people from using!
          • I am also getting the same message.  The sequence of events for me is as follows:

            Step 1) I finally finished my Fed & State returns with Turbo Tax  (a product that I have used for a number of years), and I got through to the last step where I hit "Transmit Returns Now".

            Step 2) I then got a message saying that it was needing to review my return one last time, and I am presented with my K-1 form, and am being told that I need to respond to a question in "K1S Addl Info 2" form that deals with disposition of shares sold, but I did not sell any shares

            Step 3) I then deleted the "K1S Addl Info 2" form since it was not appropriate for my return

            Step 4) I went through the process again to get me to where I can e-file, and re-hit the "Transmit Returns Now"

            I then get the "Duplicate Social Security Number: A tax return with the same Social Security number has already been submitted..." message.

            Step 6) Since it is telling me that  it is already submitted, I then went to "Check e-file Status", and am told that "We notice you haven't e-filed a return yet..."

            One part of TurboTax seems to think that I've already submitted my returns while another part of TurboTax tells me that I haven't submitted them.

            Please help!
          • Multiple people have asked the same question but it seems as if no one has actually read the responses.  Its not a problem with Turbotax. The error means exactly what it says, someone else has filed a return with your SSN already, either by mistake or fradulently. More than likely by mistake after all who would be stupid enough to file taxes using someone elses SSN on purpose since that can be easily tracked back to the source by the IRS. But their are stup[id criminals out there. In event the solution is the same you cant efile and will have to mail in your return this year.

            Here is what the support article on the Turbotax website says in refernce duplicate SSNs: (SEEMS PRETTY CLEAR TO ME) If you try to e-file a tax return that contains an incorrect or duplicate social security number, the IRS will reject it.

            The IRS e-file servers look for a match between the social security numbers on your tax return with numbers that have already been filed. If they find a match, the IRS rejects your tax return.

            Two main reasons these rejections occur:

            Someone else (such as an ex-spouse) already claimed the same dependent on their return;
            The social security number was entered incorrectly, either on your return or on someone else's return.
            For example, if another taxpayer with a social security number similar to yours accidentally enters your SSN and files their return before you do, your return will get rejected.

            How to resolve social security number rejection codes
            The procedure for fixing these types of rejections is basically the same:

            For incorrectly entered social security numbers on your return, simply correct them and resubmit.

            For incorrectly entered numbers on someone else's return (they used your social security number, claimed your child, etc.), you can either contact the IRS or file a paper return. Once the IRS receives and processes your paper tax return, they'll notice the discrepancy and work with both parties to resolve it. Due to privacy regulations, the IRS cannot disclose who used your number or claimed your child.

            For social security numbers that you know are correct, but are still getting rejected, you'll need to contact the Social Security Administration. The IRS gets your social security information from them.

            Bottom Line if you get this rejection notice then you will most likely have to mail in your return to the IRS, as you will not be able to efile.  You can of course call the IRS and ask them if your unsure, they will tell you the same thing, Mail you return.
          It's not even an IRS problem.  It is, indeed, because someone else has already filed with those numbers.  Most of the time people discover it was someone else in their family.  But often times, another filer quite simply made a mistake when they entered their numbers.  Increasingly, it's also a case of someone else illegally using social security numbers to increase their own refund or identity theft
            The rejection comes from the IRS, not TurboTax, sot he IRS already knows they've rejected your return and why.  
            This is the number two reason for rejection by the IRS, and our support cannot help you with it at all.  Your solution is to print and mail your return.  If you looked through this Community, you would see many posts from people who entered social security numbers incorrectly.  Most likely, your rejection stems simply from someone else's incorrect entry, but many people also find that someone they know did claim them or their children.  This rejection is shared by all software companies.
            • I find it hard to believe that so many people have incorrectly entered someone else's SSN.

              It's no good to call the Social Security phone line, as you'll just get automated blahblahblah. I know it is not my mistake. I have the proper SSN on my return.

              TurboTax, in the page where you tell users that we can't efile, how about additional resources, like a sample message we could send to the IRS to report the potential error or fraud? Even better, a phone number to the IRS department that could help us? You could also link to their page with info. Long URL from Also, TT should give a discount for incomplete e-file.

              Now I have to schlep my loooong return to Kinkos on a USB drive, print out the returns/forms (with DO NOT FILE stamped all over each page), write out checks, and mail. (I'll be d------d if I'm going to copy all of that info to new forms.) I owe a ton of money and can't afford even one day's interest or penalties for late file.
            • It is virtually impossible that so many people are having this particular problem with Turbotax this year. This is simply a glitch on Turbotax software. Extremely disappointed.
            • It is all turbo tax. My friend works there and they know about it but cant fix it. they owe all of us some $$$$$ Shame on Turbo Tax and the lackeys they have on here scaring people into thinking its identity theft. Even the IRS knows Intuit Screwed up.
            That  information is not correct.  We do not have a problem and, if we did, we would fix it immediately.
            • I'm having to agree with everyone else here.  Same problem while e-filing yesterday about the duplicate social security number.  I had to call IRS and they are saying just send in your paper return with an extension of time to file.  Luckily I called Turbo Tax this morning and asked for a refund on the e-file.  They issued one and I should see it in 7-10 days.  Perhaps Intiuit and IRS need to research this a bit further.  I'm still going to double check against identity theft.
            • You know with the amount of time you guys spend complaining about this error that has nothing to do with Turbotax you could have pinted out your return, jumped in your car and took the darn thing to the IRS bought a stamp and mailed the return.  In the end no matter the amount of times you post the same compaint the result is always going to be the same, read the other posts, the error means exactly what it says.  In the end you either fix the error if its on your end or you have to mail the return because someone else has either by mistake or on purpose used your SSN.

              The end result is always the same for this rejection, you will have to mail in the return to the IRS.
            • Same problem here, have been using turbo tax for years and this will be my last time. This is annoying. We the users know what we are entering ... for goodness sakes. Come on turbo get it together! I am seriously unsatisfied and I want my money back!
            • Its not a turbo tax glitch, Irs is having problems with their computers, I filed at Jackson Hewitt and it was an e-file and i was told the same thing, Call the irs. 5 hours later and very mad i was told that i had to send it in by mail
            If someone else claimed you or your dependent child inappropriately, whether accidentally or on purpose, and if they file first, the IRS will reject your return if e-filed.  You would then need to file a return on paper, claiming the dependent if appropriate.  Shortly (up to a year) thereafter, the IRS will correspond with both of you to determine which should be allowed the exemption.
            • Same thing happened to me tonight, I can not seem to get any help....I did not submit any other return !!!! What is going on ? what do we do ?? is this identy theft ???
            • Same thing happened to me - I contacted the IRS and was told there is nothing under my ss# - so no one has accidently claimed me or used my number.  This is definitely an error on turbotax.  They claim the IRS is denying the tax return but when I spoke to the IRS, completely different story.  I've been satisfied with turbotax up until this point...
            • Yes the same happened to me,and it was my first time filing my return on here. I called the IRS and they told me that i would have to mail my return in and that they didnt think it was identity theft.
            • same thing desk tried everything, told me to call social security administration....who will not answer the phone....called the IRS, got a live person, who took my info, SSN's AGI's, passwords..and said there is no problem with them.  We are in our 50's and always had same SSN...its going to come out i bet that somebody had a computer failure...I feel ripped off...25 dollars for a 1040ez i  should have just done myself...and H and R block advertising free returns right and left.
            • same thing with mine also duplicated ssn, i justtttttt got my w-2 form thursday, right away i filed, i did read something about this being a site problem that your tax return did infact go through it's jus saying it didnt, they said to check in 3 days after filing (72hrs) ... records of our ssn should be in the system already if u have filed here b4, the system should know better,,,, so im guessing it is a site problem so dont get all stressed give it a few days then go to "" www. "" and click "where's my refund"
            • Wow I  am relieved and yet very sorry for everyone else that has been going through this. I also got the message in one of the message boards stating this was an error, but the return went through that it was only a glitch on Turbo Tax. I sat with a chat representative yesterday who I tried to help on this matter and told me to call the IRS, that there was nothing they could do. I am just worried that if the IRS says the error is not theirs, and turbo tax wants to take no responsibility, how do we know if we should file an amend since I still have not received a conformation. My fiance did hers last night on Turbo tax and it was fine, even received confirmation back from her state and federal. This is very frustrating..
            • What is going on? I am very concerned! I tried to efile and it said that there is an alternate ssn and that i can't efile. Is this just a turbo tax glitch or how do I know if its identity theft? I have never had any conplaints with Turbo tax until now. What number do I call for the IRS? This is the first time I tried to file. Why did turbo tax allow me to go through the whole tax return, pay them and then tell me that it could not be processed? If there was a duplicate number wouldn't they have caught that before I even got to that point? Please give me some advice. It is a Sunday night and I have no number to call. I can't even call Turbo tax without paying them 30.00. Please help!!!!!
            • I am having the same problem, this is the first this has ever happen to me on Turbo Tax, I have used Turbo Tax in the last 3 years.  Something must be wrong with the software.
            • I have the same situation.  I believed that the problem was another claiming the same dependent, however, when I got another error for duplicate social security number for the filer, I immediately concluded that Turbo Tax has a record of a duplicate filing.   As others, I cannot get any help from Turbo Tax.  I have been using this software for over 12 years and I am very familiar with it.
              I have confirmations for 2 E-files, however, I see that the software believes that I have submitted 3 E-Files.  (By stating the file needs to confirm "E-File Status" that I had never submitted.)
              Help desk will not "confirm or deny" this situation.