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W-2 Box #14 abbreviations (PA)

In my W-2 Box 14 "other" two abbreviations are listed: PAUD and EMMSTX. I'm pretty sure the first is my portion for unemployment tax, but I don't understand the second. Any thoughts. I work in PA and reside in NY.
TurboTax doesn't recognize either one and is suggesting me to list "Other - Not on List Below"

Do  agree or will that mess up my return?

Many Thanks Live Community!

    Most local municipalities in PA charge a tax on all folks working in that municipality.  Through the years that tax has gone by different names.  At one time it was the "occupational privilege tax".    Then for several years it was the "emergency services tax".  The current state law calls it the "local services tax".    I strongly feel that your W-2 is referring to this tax.  The maximum that a municipality can collect is $52  per person.  If you have more than one job, both places of employment may try to collect the tax.  You can prevent your second job from collecting by proving that your already paying it at your primary job (should be able to use a pay-stub).   There are also procedures for requesting a refund if it's collected twice.

    Also, under state law, if you earned less than $12K from all your jobs, your not required to pay the full $52.  You would need to file for a refund or file an exemption form with your empoyer(s).

    It is a local tax not based on income.  It can be listed as other taxes paid for your Schedule A.