Anyone's refund taking over 6 weeks to get?

I'm now on week 5 and getting more and more behind financially. Usually I can pay off extra bills racked up from year before without having to pay a ton of interest. Now instead of having things paid off I'm paying 2 extra months of interest. =( I have called them three times and told it's processing and not to call back till week 6. Is anyone still waiting on their return and it's been over 6 weeks? I'm so worried I'll be paying another month's interests.
    This link may give you some insight as to what's going on at the IRS on refunds: .  Note the refunds must affected are those for returns filed between February 2nd and February 7th.

    A more current article on March 5th indicates the problem has not been wholly resolved.  See
    • Yeh I know all about their excuses. Just wondering if anyone has gone over the 6 week mark for an unmended simple return.
    • I filed 2/8. So i'm only at 4 weeks.  I'll let you know when it's been 6 weeks, as I fully expect that i fall into that category.
    • Yeh from the march article "But the IRS has largely caught up and the number of refunds sent out is now on a par with last year, he said"
      Yeh right. Is that why so many are at their 4-5 week mark and people who file now are getting 6 week DDs? I wish they would just be honest FOR ONCE and say "Hey, were idiots. We didn't test the software. You shouldn't have e-filed for a faster return like we said. And yes, we are still drowning in returns hoping we get them all done by next years tax time. Sorrrryyyyyyyy."
    • YEAH, its sad that so many people scammed the irs that we have to suffer like this, and i think it would be easier for me if they were HONEST!!!! Or gave a phone call or something, I'd like to know how you get through to a representative because its been six weeks and two days for me and its suppose to leave you a number to call after that but its still just states that processing statement... blah blah blah...  good luck honey and please repost if you get yours and ill do the same! thanks
    • Finialy got a letter from IRS stating they are reviewing my return and it could take up to another 60 days. On the 9th I got another letter saying they still reviewing and it could take up to 45 days from notice date. Notice date was marked 12th. I guess now the IRS has the ability to send mail from the future. I don't know. Dumb.
    • I'm on week 8 and it still says "six weeks" when I check the "where's my refund" website.  I have tried calling a few times in the last couple of weeks, but have not had time to sit on hold for hours.  Bottom line, your not the only one.   I have been waiting longer than six weeks.  Wishing I would have just done it through the mail this year.
    • I also am waiting when I check the Where is my refund? It says accepted and processing but not date for the return?  Filed 2-8-2013 I should have mailed it to them
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